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Optical Express were simply brilliant. Everything from the warm welcome of the counselling staff (shreeya Mistry), consultation with Pretti Khakhar to the treatment with the surgeon was seamless. Throughout the process I felt tota ... Read more

Optical Express has grown to become one of Europe’s leading providers of laser eye surgery with over 200 clinics, of which 100 are specifically designated laser consultation clinics and 54 are laser treatment clinics. With locations throughout the UK, Holland, Germany, Ireland, France and Croatia, Optical Express has carried out over one million laser eye surgery procedures worldwide and over 99% of patients would recommend Optical Express to their friends and family.

Optical Express uses world leading technology and their laser platform, the VISX S4IR is proven to deliver safe, accurate and precise results. They are the only multiple provider to invest in the iFS150 intraLASE in each of their clinics – the same technology that led to Nasa approving laser eye surgery for astronauts in 2007. In a study carried out in June 2011, over 99% of Optical Express patients achieved 20/20 vision or better following treatment.

As well as laser eye surgery, Optical Express offers a full range of glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and intraocular lens treatments so patients can be confident they will receive the best advice for them and their visual requirements.

Free comprehensive consultations at Optical Express are available now.

Optical Express is featured as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, find more information here


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10 Aug 2018

I’ve been a glasses wearer for over 30 years due to a Astigmatisms, on numerous occasion my opticians suggested Laser surgery would not work for me.

However I decided to look into the procedure myself, I visited Optical Express in Preston in late May 2018, the advice was really clear and concise and I decided to go ahead.

The procedure was done at St Johns Street in Manchester on the 12th of June and I have to say the staff and the surgeon made the whole process easy to understand and 60 minutes later I was heading out of the Optical Express with 20/20 vision. A week later now that the misty vision has subsided and I can see perfectly, better than I was expecting.

I would recommend this to anybody who is suitable and considering the surgery as an alternative to wearing glasses.

Darren Turner

03 Oct 2017

I had my treatment in 2013. The service and outcome was fantastic. However in April 2017 I developed posterior capsular opacity ( a known problem that generally occurs within the first year!!!! ) I was told that this was easily solved with laser treatment, and advised to ask for an NHS referral from my GP. I did this and was given an appointment for July. As I was finding the problem debilitating I asked for a private referral through Optical Express at a cost of approx £500. I was advised that I would be contacted by their head office with an appointment date. This never happened. Despite contacting my local branch an customer services, and being reassured that I would be contacted, I am still waiting that appointment contact. I have since been successfully treated by the NHS. Optical Express were fantastic in arranging my initial surgery, and prompt at taking my money. I was followed up for a year, but once that year has passed, they don’t want to know. I have been left very dissallusion do with their after care.

28 Jul 2017

After my first consultation with Demiti where he explained all my options and the best outcome for me, we talked about my expectation and what to expect in the weeks to come, I left full of confidence and returned the following week, getting to London three days running was a bit of a bind but my Granddaughter loved the shopping experience.
Three weeks on and all is well, my vision gets better each day and has exceeded my expectation. The team in London were very professional and looked after me well.

Thank you All

21 Jun 2017

I want to write a review whilst it’s all fresh in my head as I received laser eye surgery on 17th June 2017.

Just over 2 weeks ago I thought about getting laser eye treatment. I filled a form online and within minutes I was getting called from a lasik company. They referred me to Optical Express who were the closest to provide in my area.

I was booked in for a pre-consultation and it’s a very hard sale. They almost force you into deciding there and then so that you can receive a £500 discount. (Here’s where many others have written bad reviews as if you change your mind apparently it’s hard to get that money back.)

I had some issues at this point as I have unusual working hours and you need to speak directly with the surgeon prior to treatment and my slot was missed (not by me) and the lady who was dealing with me didn’t seem to be getting the job done so that I could get my surgeon telephone appointment. She also confused me over where I was having post operative consultations. I spend forever on the phone to an 0800 number trying to get it all sorted, which was a royal pain in the bum, and ended up calling a number that had called me which turned out to be the Meadowhall branch. Vicki from Meadowhall was fantastic and got everything organised there and then for me.

For whatever reason I live in York but had to get the laser eye surgery in Leeds and then had to go to Newcastle the following day for the post op, which was a bit frustrating, but I have wonderful family who were happy to take me to and from appointments.

When you read all the information about the surgery and all the possible outcomes it is VERY daunting, and you literally feel as though you’re signing your life away. However the team at Leeds were both calm and had lovely humour so really put me at ease before ‘going under the knife’. The surgery itself took about 10mins and completely painless. (I’m a wuss and it was absolutely fine!). Once it was done my vision was blurred but I could see!

I’d say the worst bit is about an hour after surgery where you literally can’t open your eyes as they’re just streaming (imaging chopping super strong onions for 4hours… that’s what it’s like). My mum had to guide me around the house just because I physically couldn’t open my eyes. I took some paracetamol and went to sleep for 2 hours. When I woke they were still watery but I could open my eyes! After another couple of hours I was doing some sewing!

Basically now (on day 3) my eyes can see wonderfully. They’re very dry, but I had dry eyes anyway so I’m used to this feeling and the eye drops certainly help.

I would absolutely recommend the Lasik treatment, and I figured 10years worth of contact lenses amounted to the same as the laser eye surgery, so whilst it seems expensive, if I don’t need to buy lenses again I’ll be saving in the long run.

Obviously there are people who have had undesired results (and I’d say they’re the one’s who tend to write the reviews) but the surgeon will tell you what percentage chance there is of things going wrong. Of course it’s not guaranteed and I was lucky as everything went according to plan (at least so far). So if you’re thinking about it but are hesitant, and perhaps the reviews you’ve read are negative, from my experience I’d say go for it. 🙂

14 Jun 2017


06 Jun 2017

After being turned away from Optimax for having dry eyes (which I dont) I was worried that this might be the case and was very clear about my skin and was informed after checks this wasn’t an issue. The procedure may have been more expensive as my prescription was -6.5 however the results were clear even that night.

There were problems with the laser, however the team taking care of us were quick to transfer us to Glasgow (we were originally in Dundee). Train fair was covered and I have received the promised cheque covering the amount for a ticket for my flatmate. Having built it up and become more nervous with the travelling I had to do everyone was very reassuring and the procedure itself was very quick and although not without discomfort, completely painless.

I followed what was suggested to the letter, although probably as a result of adrenaline and possibly the drugs I was very full of energy after the procedure. I was told at my follow up appointment my eyesight was improving better than expected. It is now 10 days post op and I find myself trying to take my glasses off a few times a day. As someone who was completely reliant on glasses this is such a life changing thing, and being only 21 I hope to enjoy this new sight to the fullest.

Thank you to my surgeon David Teenan and June from Optical Express in Dundee.

05 May 2017

I can highly recommend Optical Express for Lens replacement surgery. They are very professional and the procedure was pain free. The best thing now is I can see very well without glasses and it was only done 3 weeks ago.

05 May 2017

Bottom line top job, I could could go into detail but I no longer require glasses at all and although there are some side effects (explained prior to surgery) but my only regret is not to have had it done years ago, many thanks, Barry.

I had my surgery yesterday and today. Mr George is a wonderful surgeon. I was a very scared patient, but I needn’t have worried. All the staff are excellent and Matthew, anaesthetist made me feel very relaxed and calm. They are so thorough and I really appreciate the care they gave me. I am recovering very well and can already feel the benefit of sight just since yesterday. Thank you so much

21 Apr 2017

I am so happy I put my trust into Mr Dimitri Kazakos he is amazing when you have a consultation with him, he is up front and honest about risks and glasses may still need to be worn in some cases. I had my lens replacement at the weekend and what can I say .. I am amazed that I can see so clear, even had to put my font on my phone to a size a lot smaller as it was too big!! I could just about see it before. The team at White City are all lovely I felt comfortable whilst there. But thank you Mr Dimitri Kazakos you are a truly wonderful surgeon whom I would recommend anyone to see and have the procedure done by. You gave me my sight back god bless you xx

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