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Like Many others, if not all, I was Tired of wearing Glasses from the Moment I woke till going to bed. A Good Friend Suggested FOCUS. Having this Surgery is one of the Better things i've done in my life, It has changed everythi ... Read more

FOCUS Clinic is a well renowned, prestigious specialist laser eye clinic based in the London Harley Street medical enclave. They have recently been named as the European Centre of Excellence- a fully merited award.

As a consultant led clinic, our UK- trained consultant surgeons combine the most advanced surgical skills with the specially selected laser systems and are 100% commitment to achieving 20/20 vision for all our patients.

We only invest in the very latest laser technology and diagnostic screening equipment possible for the treatment of near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism and reading vision correction.

Focus Clinics has led the way in terms of technology advancement over the years and was the first clinic to perform reading vision correction using CK radio waves. Our chief surgeon Mr David Allamby performed more CK procedures than any other surgeon in the world.

Our chief surgeon Mr David Allamby is also the first surgeon in the U.K to pioneer and perform the first Z-Lasik Blended Vision (treatment for reading glasses) and remains at the forefront of specialist surgeons for presbyopia in the U.K. It is hardly surprising that Mr David Allamby has provided surgical training to visiting surgeons worldwide and is the surgeon of choice for numerous celebrities.

Our standard procedures are Z-Lasik, Lasek and PRK. All our procedures come with wavefront as standard- as only the best will do for our patients.

All patients who come to Focus Clinics can be rest assured that we are 100% committed to achieving the best visual results in the UK, and that their surgeon has access to the most advanced technology.

FOCUS Clinic features as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, which you can find here.

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Focus Clinics Reviews

Rating Date
20 Nov 2018

Like Many others, if not all, I was Tired of wearing Glasses from the Moment I woke till going to bed.
A Good Friend Suggested FOCUS.
Having this Surgery is one of the Better things i’ve done in my life,
It has changed everything, I Cannot Recommend this procedure enough,
the results are Brilliant.
During the Op I felt Absolutely nothing at all.
Mr Allamby, Ritu and all the Staff put me at ease Immediately and were beyond Helpful thru out.
I have better than 20/20 Vision now, that speaks for itself.

14 Dec 2015

I came to Focus knowing that I’m coming to the right place, I had booked several consultations just to witness the services with my own eyes.

Focus beat all of them by far in terms of their standard and approach and the way everything was dealt with. Having worn glasses and contact lenses for 12 years I wanted to make the right choice when finally deciding to get rid of them.

Mr Allamby was delightful and helpful all the way; treating me like an individual unlike most other clinics where you’re viewed merely as a business deal.

If you want to the best treatment and assurity, visit for yourself and you will know straightaway. There is no selling involved it’s all solely up to you and but everywhere else you will receive a call back pressuring you to go forward.

10 Dec 2015

I cannot recommend David Allemby and his staff highly enough. David is just outstanding. I have gone from -4.50 with astigmatism of -1.75 to perfect unaided vision. David is reassuring and calming and guides you through the whole process perfectly. I fel I have a new lease of life now and thank you so much for this David. I’m 37 now but I can see better than when I was a teenager. If you are in any doubt at all, don’t be – David is the very best there is and his equipment the most advanced available. You are in the safest hands. The fact that he invests in the latest technology shows his commitment to safety – the laser he uses removes the least possible amount of tissue – and the laser flap-cutting is wonderfully accurate. Being able to see when you wake up in the morning and on wet days on the golf course is truly incredible. 1 week on, all perfect, no dry eyes, no discomfort and I am reliably told by David 20/15 vision.

10 Dec 2015
No Rating

Great results, the next day I had better than 20/20 vision. I had a couple of consultations and Focus seemed like the most professional place. The clinic itself is a lot more luxurious than Optical Express for example, which looked like a glorified opticians.

Im amazingly happy with it!

09 Dec 2015

I had a CK procudure on my left eye nearly 2 years ago and have returned to the clinic several times during this period for further treatment, including laser. My eye is almost the same after all this time no improvement, lots of discomfort, inconvenience and financial loss for no gain.

01 May 2015

From the moment I stepped into Focus, I felt very comfortable and well looked after. Everyone was very friendly and attentive. The level of care throughout my experience and aftercare was professional and personal. The results were life changing for me and I would happily recommend them to anyone. Thanks!

17 Feb 2015

Excellent service and better than 20/20 vision!

23 Jan 2015

Where do I start… My two brothers (Andrew and Kris) and I decided to have laser eye surgery – referring each other. Mine and Kris’ glasses prescriptions weren’t too bad (around -1.25) but it was bad enough with an astigmatism that I couldn’t see clearly without the need for glasses. Andrew was blind… well not really blind but his vision was a lot worse than ours (-6.0). After a lot of research we decided Focus Clinics was right for us. Even though we are from the North East we thought the travel and expense was worth it – our eye sight didn’t seem a sensible place to cut corners.

I felt that wearing glasses was restrictive. I didn’t like wearing them at all and I never got used to wearing them. I felt as though I couldn’t fully enjoy participating in sports and found them a real pain on holidays such as at the beach and going in the sea. Having had the surgery this is no longer an issue.

The surgery was a bit of a daunting experience but the expectation was worse than the reality. I couldn’t believe how quick the process was, the efficiency of the team really showed here which was reassuring.

We would say to anyone that is considering surgery to go for it, but do their research first! Chances are if they do they will end up here. All three of us wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Focus – we have all achieved better than 20/20 vision with no post surgery issues experienced.

Many thanks to all the team at Focus.

I can highly recommend the Blended Vision treatment at FOCUS.

My prescription was -1.75 (distance) and + 1.50 (near vision) – I have been wearing glasses since I was 22 and contact lenses for about 20 years. I was nervous but very keen to have the procedure done.

From start to finish the team at FOCUS come across as very professional but also warm and friendly and helpful and above all, very thorough.

FOCUS don’t do work that is unnecessary to do, so as I am in my 50’s where my near sight will continue to deteriorate over the next 5-8 years, they recommended that I only have my right eye operated on to improve my distance vision at this time. They explained that if I had the treatment on my left eye at this stage that I would only have to have the procedure repeated later in my 50’s and also assured me that operating on right eye would also allow me to have a better mid range which would help my near sight anyway.
This also meant that my recovery time would be quicker.

I met David Allamby on the day of the operation (I could have met him before but opted to meet him on the day). We had plenty of time together to review all my results and discuss the procedure in detail. He also explained that his percentages for eye correction are higher than his direct competitors (I believe he achieves 98% to 20/16 – which is better than 20/20 vision!- amazing!). He made me feel like I was in really safe hands and was sympathetic to my pre-op nerves.

The operation only took 3 minutes as I had only one eye treated. It didn’t hurt and I had 20/20 vision back within 5 minutes and took the train home. My eye was a little sore for the afternoon but I was able to watch TV and use my phone and iPad later that day.
The follow up care is very good, with plenty of checks and clear instructions for do’s and dont’s.

I am very pleased with the improvement to my distance vision and also how easily I have got used to blending the sight of both eyes for doing everything.

In summary I have been totally delighted by the whole process and I am currently recommending David and the team at FOCUS to all my friends who are considering laser treatment. It really is worth that little bit extra to know that you have the one of best surgeons in the world performing your operation.

Thank you David and all the team at FOCUS!

24 Nov 2014

I cannot thank all the staff at FOCUS enough. I had my laser eye surgery done in October 2013 and now one year on I can honestly say (apart from marrying my wife and having our children) Its the best thing I have ever done. I wish I had done it a few years ago !

As a driving instructor I rely on my vision so much, but as my eyes deteriorated with age (52) I was reliant on glasses all the time. Since having laser eye surgery, I now realise how much better my peripheral vision is, and driving in the bright sun, or dark and rainy conditions is no longer the constant nuisance it was before.

Life is easy now, no messing about with expensive glasses.

The surgery was painless and the process was so quick and easy. I felt really cared for and the staff make you confident right from the start. When I arrived for the first consultation I knew instantly that this was the best place for me. Throughout the whole process including the actual treatment day and subsequent follow-up appointments, I was completely satisfied.

It’s a big step putting your trust in someone. I thank my lucky stars I trusted FOCUS.

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