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I had Laser treatment in the early 1990's I was pleased with the result as it cured my Myopia and I had clear distance vision something I'd never had before, However when I got to my early 50's I needed reading glasses that was no ... Read more

Review of Optimax

Optimax is a UK laser eye treatment specialist. Founded in 1991 they have performed over 350,000 treatments and currently have 28 clinics nationwide.


As well as offering LASIK and LASEK, Optimax also offers Wavefront / IntraLase®Femtosecond, Cataract surgery / RLE, Keratoconus and ICL.


Optimax provides a free and comprehensive aftercare program to regularly check and monitor your vision at each stage of the recovery process.

Laser and lens eye surgery clinics

Optimax offers a range of clinics nationwide. They also host open days, where patients are able to have a free assessment, take a tour of the clinic and speak to specialist consultants.

What their customers think

Optimax sadly does not make our lift of the best-rated laser eye surgery providers in the UK – you can read why in their customer reviews below.

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Optimax Surgery Prices

An initial consultation at Optimax is free, the cost for Wavefront LASEK and Wavefront
IntraLase® LASIK is priced at £1,695 per eye. On finance with would be as little as £50.30 per month.


Optimax Reviews

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10 Aug 2018

I had Laser treatment in the early 1990’s I was pleased with the result as it cured my Myopia and I had clear distance vision something I’d never had before, However when I got to my early 50’s I needed reading glasses that was no surprise as I had been told this would happen however I needed to revert to wearing spectacles again for distance vision as my vision had become long sited. Ok I had 8 good years of non aid d distance vision however I now have the rest of my life with impaired distance vision. Also since the procedure I have suffered with painful dry eyes. On balance had I known about the distance vision problem I would not have had the procedure done.

03 Oct 2017

I had LASIK with Optimax (aka Ultralase) in May 2016 and they have ruined my eyes.
I was encouraged by Optimax to have this surgery and told I was an excellent candidate. I had nine weeks of blurred vision, lost my sight for five days and have been left with extremely painful eyes and poor sight. I have corneal neuralgia from damaged nerves in my eyes. This pain NEVER goes away and has changed my life. I believe that I wasn’t suitable for this surgery and that I should have been turned away. The aftercare from Optimax is appalling and they are not helping me.
Please do your research before having any surgery on your eyes as there are many many people like me. This industry is unregulated and seen as cosmetic.

06 Jun 2017

I’ll make it clear I never had treatment…by optimax anyway. I had everything booked, however on the day of the surgeon consultation I was turned away for apparently having dry eyes, something which I have never been diagnosed with and still haven’t.

My review isn’t to criticise the actual surgery, it’s to explain how I was treated after I was turned away. I have eczema and always have, which makes my skin very dry, however it is quite controlled currently. The surgeon quickly decided not to go ahead, and stated even if he was to do it in the future it would be the version that would take much longer to heal. This was devastating to me, as someone who thought they were only a week away from life changing surgery, also with my skin only a year ago I was hospitalised and have seen my skin as something which is ruining my life, this only seemed to confirm it. The staff at Glasgow were nice in dealing with me being so upset but I was definitely made to feel like a part of a convener belt by the surgeon himself.

To add insult to injury very soon after I received an email telling me I had cancelled my surgery and suggesting I book it again. When I responded, still upset and furious for them suggesting that I cancelled something I had wanted for years it was claimed I was diagnosed as having dry eyes, which I don’t.

The happy ending is I am now 10 days post op and so happy with the results achieved by Optical Express. I mentioned several times my skin condition and was checked over a few times before my surgery and no issues were spotted. I have also had no issues with dry eyes since the surgery and although of course I have eye drops provided my healing I have been told is better than expected.

05 May 2017

lens replacement went well. Following that I needed remediation treatment on one eye – lazer treatment. I was asked back a total of 8 times to review my eyes but was not explained anything about what or why I should have dry eyes. treat ment for that was hardly explained and I returned many ties without any further treatment scheduled, nor with any explanation of how they would proceed. after a year almost to the day I was given lazer remediation treatment. On the day all the proper tests were carried out before the treatment. However I overheard that my data had crashed to computer which instructed the lazer what to do. Finally after 3 and a half hours someone came to me and said they had solved their”little ” problem and work would now commence. I was really scared by the time I sat in the chair for my eye to be lazered (!) and had to say to the doctor that I just had to trust his expertise that he would not proceed if anything was wrong.
Terrible after care service and lack of information. I wrote complaining to them on March1st (I think) and still have had only an acknowledgement, but no reply to my complaiint. Outrageous! Would not reccommend to anyone.

05 Jan 2017

My first appointment with Optimax in Hove was for a brief consultation. The morning, 22nd August, of the appointment they rang and cancelled just as I was about to leave the house as the optician hadn’t turned up.

The next appointment went as planned (26 September) and then I was booked in for the full assessment on 21st October. The appointment was for 8:45 in the morning and the optician eventually rolled in at 9:30, by which time other patients (victims) had started to arrive.

I have previously had laser surgery, around twenty years ago, and also had a cataract in the right eye. It is only the right eye which needs treating.

At the end of the appointment the optician said that he would have to contact the surgeon to find out if it was going to be possible to carry out the further treatment on the eye and he would be in touch in a few days. As I was leaving I asked one of the receptionists to confirm the cost of the treatment and she said that it was £395 per eye.

After three weeks I rang to find out why I had not had any contact regarding the date of the operation. At this point the receptionist told me that if I wanted to pay the surgeon direct I could do so and not have the operation through Optimax. Amazing! This woman is sitting in Optimax, Hove, and stealing the clients away from the company as she and the surgeon have their own little scheme running.

I asked about the cost and she said that the Optimax price is £1600 per eye (so where did the £395 come from?) She also repeated that if I dealt direct with the surgeon it would be cheaper.

I am still waiting for her to ring back – 29th. November 2016!

14 Jan 2016

I had both eyes done at Optimax in Manchester over 20 years ago. I was supposed to return for aftercare treatment but each time I phoned they told me they could not make an appointment for me as the computers were out of action. I never received the after treatment I was promised. They kept telling me their computers were down. I would like my eyes done again but don’t think I would go back there.

14 Dec 2015

I got my eyes lasered in the Hove branch in February and was really pleased with the results. Six months later I have perfect vision. My eyes are still a bit dry when I wake up in the morning and at night I still have some halos around bright lights, but that is very manageable. I was a strong prescription -7 so being completely without glasses and contacts is really extraordinary. The procedure was well explained and the surgeon was really fantastic I felt in very safe hands. However I found the instructions for after-care a bit rushed. There were 4 or 5 of us getting our eyes done that day and I didn’t think it was good to explain the after-care to all of us at once. The lady in the Hove branch was patronising and confusing. That was thankfully however, the only reason I give it 4 stars rather than 5. Every other part of their customer care, and patient care has been excellent. I would definitely recommend.

14 Dec 2015

The worst thing I ever did. My life is completey miserable. I have had poor vision since the surgery and have been in pain every day.

The company tell lies before the surgery. They are a complete pile of bast**ds who don’t give a fu*k and just want to make money.

10 Dec 2015

This clinic was top class in everything from the personal advisor to the surgeon even the waiting room was great. I highly recommend optimax if you decide to go ahead with treatment. Dr Qazi in Belfast and all the girls thank you so much

10 Dec 2015

i had my eyes treated this month and wow!!!! what a difference i cannot believe how much i have been missing out on. if anyone is considering have laser eye surgery then optimax would be my definate recommendation, service is great, price is cheapest on the market and if you do manage to find one cheaper they do a price match!!!!!! not to mention an interest free credit plan. at least go and have the free consultation, they do take a deposit for the appointment but if you dont want it done then they refund it to you! 10 out of 10 for service and results 🙂

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