Cheap Laser Eye Surgery

Is There Such A Thing As Cheap Laser Eye Surgery?

Cost and location are the two main factors people consider when deciding whether or not to have laser eye surgery. But a quick online search for laser eye surgery providers reveals a wide range of clinics providing a number of similar treatments. So where should you start?

Our comprehensive eye surgery clinics database enables you to make an informed choice based on user reviews, costs and patient feedback. In addition, our UK-wide ‘locate an eye clinic’ map gives you current information on where to find laser eye surgery providers locally.

What Factors Alter The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is generally undertaken privately rather than through the NHS, meaning that the cost of a particular intervention can vary from clinic to clinic. Our eye surgery pricing guide provides a comprehensive overview of the things you need to consider when obtaining quotes.

Take current prices for the latest generation Wavefront LASIK¬†surgery. If you have a quick browse online you’ll notice that even though a number of clinics offer the same technique, their prices vary quite significantly. Why?

As with any marketing, many clinics advertise rock bottom prices to entice potential laser eye surgery customers. In reality, however, the final quotation rarely matches the advertised price. This technique is known as “up selling” and the only way to be sure that you are getting a price best suited to you is to search and compare different providers.

Laser eye surgery technology is not cheap. And with ongoing scientific advances in the field, equipment needs to be updated every 2 or 3 years to meet patient safety guidelines. That cost is, of course, ultimately passed on to you, the patient.

Most importantly, the surgeon’s technical expertise can have a big impact on the final cost of surgery. Legally, no specialist qualifications are required to perform eye surgery other than being registered with the General Medical Council¬†(GMC), so expect to pay more for surgeons with significant experience in their field.

Choosing The Right Eye Surgeon

At Lasik Eyes we can help you to choose the right surgeon to provide you with the right treatment. Our user-led database of laser eye surgeons provides reviews and feedback from patients who have already received eye surgery.

In many cases, you may not meet your surgeon until the actual day of surgery. As a consumer, though, you need ensure that you are fully armed with information about the surgeon and their background before committing to any treatment. You should always ask the following questions as part of your initial consultation:

  • Details of the surgeon’s training
  • Qualifications
  • Length of practice
  • Full and impartial advice about potential complications including the surgeon’s operating results.

A Clear Future

Laser eye surgery should not be undertaken lightly nor without proper research. With Lasik Eyes’ fully searchable database of eye clinics and eye surgeons, you can be sure of having all the most relevant and up to date information.

Ultimately you, as the consumer, have the power to make informed choices about when, where and with whom you take those first steps towards perfect vision.

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