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Mr Jonathan Carr

jonathan carr optical express

18 Reviews

Dr J Carr is a pro. I was happy that Optical Express provided such a great surgeon. I felt confident that he was perfect for the job and I was right. I was calm all throughout the procedure and he really helps you. I am grateful t ...Read more

Mr. Carr is an experienced Ophthalmic Surgeon who specialises in laser vision correction. In his 13 years of refractive surgery experience, he has performed over 11,000 LASIK procedures. His sub-speciality fellowship training is in corneal diseases and refractive surgery.

Before joining Optical Express, Mr. Carr was Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Emory University School of Medicine and a full-time LASIK surgeon at InView, the internationally renowned refractive surgery centre in Atlanta, USA.

He was a Clinical Investigator in many of the early United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trials of PRK and LASIK and has continued his FDA clinical trial commitments for over a decade.

Plus, he has given over 60 presentations at the world’s most prestigious academic meetings and his work appears in seven leading textbooks on refractive surgery. As a result, he serves on the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Refractive Surgery, and reviews research work for several other leading peer reviewed ophthalmology journals.

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Mr Jonathan Carr Reviews


08 Dec 2015

Dr J Carr is a pro. I was happy that Optical Express provided such a great surgeon. I felt confident that he was perfect for the job and I was right. I was calm all throughout the procedure and he really helps you. I am grateful that he persevered when we couldn’t get suction for the intralase flap creation. I was keen to get it over and done with and did not fancy having to go in on another day. So i thank God that worked. Perfect balance between showing interest in you and keeping focused on what he is doing. He also told me that he spend time in Atlanta Georgia in the USA which shows in his approach. I loved him and highly recommend him. Top surgeon. Book him if you can. Very happy with the result!

08 Dec 2015

Had my surgery yesterday with Jonathan at Optical Express in Kingston and was made to feel at ease and had 100% confidence in him and his team!He explained the procedure thoroughly before hand. During the procedure he was calm and talked about things we both had in common as well as informing me of what was happening.I couldn’t have wished to be in better hands!Great results! Thanks Jonathan!

16 Apr 2013

Jonathan Carr is a brilliant/amazing/fantastic eye surgeon. Not only is he brilliant with eyes but also with people. Prior to the treatment, he answers any of your concerning questions with a smile and clearly explains the procedure he will carry out on your eyes. During the actual treatment, he explains exactly what's happening and what's about to happen so there are no surprises. He explains exactly when he wants you to stay calm and stay still while the laser is doing its job. I was so calm that we ended up having a small conversation whilst I was having the treatment and before I knew it, it was over. Long story short - just relax, once of the best possible eye surgeons is treating you.

09 Apr 2013

Very poor standard of care. After my first treatment I still had a remaining refractive error and was told repeatedly at all of my follow up appointments that my vision was not stable enough to have my next treatment. Optical express also refused to provide me with contact lenses prior to my second treatment which I had been assured was part of their standard care if the treatment was not entirely successful. Quite frankly to me the Harley Street branch seemed like a factory. Furthermore follow up care was clearly not a priority as there was no financial gain.I was fortunate enough following this experience to have a second opinion from Mr Pillai at Advanced Vision Care who did my follow up treatment straight away and now my vision is perfect.

22 Jun 2012

Had my surgery done at the Harley Street clinic yesterday (22 June 2012). Amazing surgeon, put me at ease. Too early to recommend doing surgery, but if you're going ahead, book Jonathan Carr (not to say other surgeons aren't good, but I would definitely recommend him. I also mentioned about the scene in final destination 5, he hasn't watched it but kept me comfortable and relaxed. He explained the whole procedure to me beforehand, and talked me through the surgery. Also spoke to me throughout the whole surgery, and before I knew it, it was over. What a legend!

08 Jun 2012

I had my Lasik in Dec 2011 at the Tottenham Court Road surgery and everything went smoothly thanks to Mr Carr and the team. He explained the procedure beforehand and it was so simple we were actually having a conversation during the surgery! I had it done at about 3.15pm and was ready to go at 3.45pm. Amazing. Six months on I still have perfect vision and I wish I had done it years ago!

25 Mar 2012

Had my LASIK 23rd March 2012 at Harley Street.Dr Carr put me at ease from the word go! A true pro and any nerves were quickly dispersed . Nice to see a Welshman do my eyes. Diolch yn fawr! I Recommend him

25 Nov 2011

Awful not trusting

17 Oct 2011

I went to Optical Express at Lakeside in Essex to have both my eyes lasered and i must say its the best thing i have ever done. My eyesight was -2.50 in both eyes which isn't that bad but the thought of wearing contact lenses and glasses for the rest of my life was really depressing me. I had been wearing contact lenses for 20 years when one day i got an ulcer in my left eye caused by a faulty contact lens. This was the reason why i decided to have laser eye surgery.I went to see the consultant who said i was suitable to have the treatment, i then booked the surgery for a few weeks later. On the day of the surgery i was very nervous but i shouldn't have worried as the Optical Express staff were very friendly and helpful and the surgeon was also very friendly and made me feel at ease. I had the surgery which took 10 mins and was painless, i had a slight discomfort in my eyes for a few minutes after the surgery but with the eye drops given to me they were fine a few hours after. I had to wear sunglasses for my journey home as the bright lights made it a bit uncomfortable, when i got home i went to sleep for a few hours and when i woke up my eyesight was better then 20/20. I had to use 2 different types of eye-drops for 6 months after the surgery to help with the dry eye i was having, which was normal. Good luck with your treatment, Dave.

23 Aug 2011
No Rating

I had IntraLase Wavefront Lasik completed by Mr Carr on Monday 22nd.I felt Mr Carr was very informed about about my eyes and the prescription and had taken the time to read and re-check all my measurements.My appointment was for 9am and I arrived at Bluewater early. Be warned, if you are taking a loved one with you, the other shops don't open until 10!I had my measurements re-confirmed at just after 9am and at 9.45 I was called in by Mr Carr to review the treatment, talk me though it and any questions I had. With that done I was given a 15 minute warning.I realised afterwards that whilst talking to you his assistant is preparing the person in front of you.10am came along and I went into the treatment room. The anesthetic drops were applied and at about 10.05 Mr Carr entered the room. He talked me all the way through the treatment and counted down from 15 whilst the IntraLase was doing it's job. This for me was the worst part of the entire procedure. There was sufficient pressure on my left eye to make me think it would burst! Obviously, it didn't. I was told to concentrate on a ring of lights and as the Intralase did its job, these lights disappeared and all went dark except for a little dancing light show. My vision returned once the rings had been removed.I was then gently swung to the next station and the laser applied. I was told to concentrate on a red/orange flashing light which was very difficult to focus on through the flap, and was counted down from 13 and 9 respectively. The procedure was over at 10.15.Immediately afterwards I was fine but by 1030 the stinging hit. This lasted about 2-3 hours afterwards and was accompanied by severe watering. I was unable to open my eyes and had to be driven home with a cloth over my eyes. Once home I sat in a completely dark room and even the light under the door hurt!This subsided by about 3pm and my vision improved greatly over the afternoon/evening.At my 24hr checkup I was found to already have 6/6 in both eyes and can apparently expect this to improve.36hrs out now and I can see as well as I did with my glasses with only a little hazing around lights. Overall I am very happy with the procedure and would probably do it again now I know I don't need to panic with the pressure on my eye!Recommended.

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