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I had worn glasses/contact lenses since my teens and required cataract surgery in both eyes in my early fifties which left my eyesight rather better than it had been for thirty years, but not good enough to live without glasses an ... Read more

Review of Moorfields Eye Surgery

Moorfields Private enjoys a reputation for providing world-class laser eye surgery treatment to patients from the UK and the globe over.

Moorfields Private is the private arm of the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and offers ophthalmic care to patients seeking a vast range of treatments for common as well as some of the most complex eye health conditions.

Today, Moorfields has clinics around London in the City, West End, Bedford and Croydon.

What makes Moorfields Private different?

Moorfields is one of the oldest and best reviewed eye hospitals in the world, and admits approximately 5,500 patients a year for surgical procedures.

It has spent over 200 years researching and providing the latest laser eye surgery and implantable contact lens treatments, thanks to highly skilled consultants and state-of-the-art equipment.

In addition to providing high quality treatment and aftercare, many patients like to know that the profits from Moorfields Private are used to fund the Moorfields Eye Charity, which supports critical new research and quality eye care for children and adults.

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Moorfields Eye Hospital claims its ophthalmic surgeons and consultants are some of the best in Britain, and six Moorfields Private surgeons were recently named in the Daily Mail’s top doctors list.

As one of the most estalished eye hospitals in the world, a recent Moorfields report even shows that over half of all registered ophthalmic surgeons in the UK received their training at this hospital.

Moorfields hosts some of the top-rated laser eye surgeons in the UK, based on customer reviews which you can see below.

Technology and facilities

Moorfields Private is a flagship location for laser and implant manufacturers. Their surgeons are therefore able to choose from the latest state-of-the-art laser eye equipment.

Safety record

As with all surgeries, surgical eye treatments do carry risks. However, Moorfields’ Annual Review shows a remarkably high success rate, with very few patients suffering either mild or severe complications.

For your peace of mind, here are the complication rates for refractive lens surgery performed at Moorfields Private:

  • Tissue healing complication needing minor laser correction: 1 in 10 patients
  • Suboptimal visual improvement requiring further surgery: 1 in 100 patients
  • Permanent eye damage: Fewer than 1 in 2,000 patients

What their customers think

Moorfields consistently receive fantastic customer reviews making them one of the highest rated laser eye providers in the UK. Click here to read their customer reviews below.

Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic is also featured as one of Lasik Eye’s best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK.

Laser Eye Surgery Treatments

Moorfields Private Eye Hospital provides over 100 vision correction treatments for adults and children of all ages.

Here are some of the most requested types of laser eye surgery treatments:

LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK is the most commonly performed laser eye treatment, and is used to correct eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Moorfields Private Hospital uses two types of lasers for this surgery: the first creates a thin protective layer over the corneal tissue which can then lift back, and the second reshapes the cornea before the flap is replaced.

LASIK is a safe surgical procedure, and most patients see well enough to work and drive a car the day after surgery.

Surface laser treatment (LASEK and TransPRK)

LASEK or surface laser treatment is suitable for patients with thinner corneas, or those who would prefer to avoid any incisions.

Moorfields Eye Hospital offers two types of LASEK surgery: in TransPRK, a laser removes the skin layer of the cornea, and in LASEK a surgeon performs this same step. A laser then reshapes the cornea to correct the vision.

Most people need a week off work after this procedure, since it takes a few days for the skin to grow back and one to four weeks for the vision to reach the driving standard.

Laser cataract surgery

Moorfields Private Hospital’s cataract surgery is called refractive lens exchange (RLE), which is an option for those in the reading glasses age group.

RLE surgery or cataract surgery work by replacing the natural lens with a multifocal lens implant. This is a common treatment for longsightedness, and Moorfields consultants tend to recommend leaving a week between treating each eye.

This type of surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, and recovery is quick.

ICL implantation surgery

Phakic Intraocular Lens (pIOL) is the most common procedure for younger people who are outside the recommended age range for laser eye surgery, or patients with medical dry eye conditions.

Moorfields uses a type of pIOL called ICL (intraocular collamer lens) implants, which are similar to contact lenses, and placed within the eye between the natural lens and the iris.

ICL implantation surgery usually takes around 15 minutes under local anaesthetic, and patients can generally return to work the next day.

Moorfields Private Hospital usually performs laser sight correction surgery to both eyes on the same day, but with cataract surgery and ICL implantation most surgeons prefer to leave a week between operating on each eye for their patients’ comfort.

Moorfields Eye Surgery Prices

While NHS treatment is free, private consultations and surgeries do carry costs. An initial consultation at Moorfields is around £150, and treatment prices start at £2,000 per eye for common laser eye surgery such as LASIK or LASEK, rising to between £3,000 and £4,000 per eye for more complex procedures including cataract surgery.

Just note that since the laser eye consultants are employed by Moorfields, the fees each one charges will vary.

Consultation costs

  • Consultation: £150 – £200

Patients considering laser eye surgery usually book one to two consultations prior to receiving treatment, and you can book your first appointment on the Moorfields Private website.

Treatment costs (per eye)

  • LASIK or LASEK eye surgery: £2,000 – £2,500
  • Refractive lens exchange (RLE) or cataract surgery: £3,000 – £4,000
  • ICL implantation surgery: £3,000 – £4,000

Other costs

In addition to these costs, you may also need to consider covering your potential stay in the hospital for private treatment. Moorsfield Private hospital fees tend to range from £900 to £1800, depending on the procedure.

However, recovery times vary, and many eye treatments allow you to leave following the surgery. Naturally, there are no hospital fees for NHS patients.

Other options?

Moorfields Private Hospital offers some of the latest laser and implantable contact lens treatments performed by world-class consultant eye specialists, and these prices reflect the clinic’s high standards.

However, if these costs are outside your budget, or you would like to compare them with other leading laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, click here to fill in a few details, and talk directly to a trusted clinic to compare their quotes and services.

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Paying for treatment

Opting for laser eye surgery is a financial commitment for most people, and Moorfields offers three ways of paying for your treatment:

  • Private Medical Insurance – If you are covered by private healthcare, Moorfields asks that you try to verify these details before your first appointment, and obtain your pre-authorisation number.
  • Self pay – Many patients pay for their own treatment, and no private insurance is needed.
  • Third party sponsorship – If a third party such as your employer has agreed to settled your account, make sure you acquire a letter of guarantee along with a deposit.


Moorfields Eye Hosptial Reviews

Rating Date
04 Dec 2018

I had worn glasses/contact lenses since my teens and required cataract surgery in both eyes in my early fifties which left my eyesight rather better than it had been for thirty years, but not good enough to live without glasses and with a significant astigmatism. I therefore decided to go to Moorfields for refractive laser surgery; opting for monovision with the aim of avoiding the need for glasses at all. The whole process at Moorfields was simple and efficient and all the staff were friendly and helpful. I went ahead with the surgery (IntraLASIK) and have been delighted with the results. With my right eye (corrected for distance) I can now read the smallest line in the chart! With my left eye (corrected for reading) I’m able to read the smallest print on the test page. I can also read a computer screen easily. No issues with the different focus between the eyes, with almost perfect vision from 60cm to infinity (slight, hardly noticeable, soft focus at about 1.5m where neither eye is perfectly in focus). Immediately after the surgery I experienced a halo around lights at night, but after 3 months this has gone completely. Occasionally my eyes are a little dry, but better than when I was wearing contact lenses previously. All in all a great outcome and no more glasses!

10 Aug 2018

I am very pleased with the results of my cataract surgery. It has made a huge difference to my quality of life. Julian and his team are fantastic – professional, efficient and caring. Every step of the way, everyone was up to date on my case and fully engaged with my care and addressed any questions or concerns I had. I highly recommend their services.

22 Jan 2018

Julian Stevens has enabled me to see. I had bilateral lens implants done in October 2017
The result is nothing short of miraculous, having used glasses and contact lens from the age of 13. I use over the counter spectacles for small print, otherwise I can see everything it’s amazing.
I am full of gratitude to Julian and everyone I encountered at
Moorefields private eye clinic and hospital, a lovely caring competent bunch of highly skilled people.
If you are considering having this procedure or another eye procedure done, look no further -book a consultation with Julian Stevens, I highly recommend him, for me it’s been life changing.
Lorna Fountain

07 Dec 2017

With Mr Stevens at Moorfields you are in great hands, he is the best in his field and really cares about his patients. I had LASEK after Mr Stevens explained that this procedure would be best suited to me. He answered any questions that I had and made me feel confident with my decision. I had LASEK in March of 2017 and I now have better than 20/20 vision. The procedure was painless ,the aftercare was amazing! Couldn’t recommend Mr Stevens and his team more!

07 Dec 2017

For years I thought that if ever a genie popped out of a bottle to grant me one wish, I would wish for perfect vision.
Well, it turns out that Mr Julian Stevens is my genie!
Pre op: I had very bad eyesight and wore varifocal glasses all the time.
Post op: My vision is not quite perfect, but its not far off!
I was told that, if successful. I could, reasonably, expect to have good long sight, but would probably need weak glasses for reading and computer work. Well, as its turned out I’m not wearing glasses at all! Yippee!
Its now one month since I had the procedures, and Dr Stevens has told me that my vision should continue to improve. Wow!
I cannot say how happy I am and grateful to Dr Stevens and his team.
I would urge anybody, who is considering treatment for their eyes, to contact the clinic and arrange an assessment.
My thanks to all at Moorfields.

21 Nov 2017

I had Hypermetropic LASIK in April 2012, followed by a Flap Lift Refinement in January 2017; both procedures were carried out by Professor Gartry. I found on both occasions that a good range of appointments were available, the staff were very helpful, efficient and knowledgeable and the aftercare was excellent. As for Professor Gartry, well I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is an extremely gifted and talented surgeon, who is always very thorough, explains everything clearly and gives as much time as you need. After years of failing eyesight and eventually needing glasses all of the time, I now have 20:20 vision in both eyes and only need a mild prescription for reading glasses – all thanks to Professor Gartry and his amazing team. The difference to the quality of my life has been enormous and I am very grateful. What an incredible talent Professor Gartry has!

21 Nov 2017

Surgery was completely painless. Felt slightly apprehensive before the operation but the staff at the hospital were fantastic. Recovery time was much quicker than I thought. Would recommend Mr Wilkins to anyone.

13 Nov 2017

I initially had RLE surgery completed by Professor Gartry which was a great success in reducing my prescription drastically from around 9+
I followed this up after about 2 years with Lasik surgery to ‘fine tune’ and although I still need reading glasses I never thought I would see the day when my vision would be so much better without the need for contact lenses or glasses.
Many thanks to Professor Gartry and his staff.

13 Nov 2017

I had the treatment with Mr Stevens just before going on a big trip to Mexico. The results have been truly amazing, really life changing. Thank you!

13 Nov 2017

So wonderful so be living with perfect vision now – no hassle and really convenient. Thank you!!

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