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Lens Replacement Surgery Reviews

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The world of lens replacement surgery can be something of a minefield for prospective patients. Every clinic claims to be the best place for lens implant surgery – but what do their patients have to say?

To help find the right eye lens replacement surgery for you, we’ve tracked down the nine best-rated clinics in the UK, based on over 8,900 independent reviews left on our site since 2002.

We’re here to dish out the good and the bad, as well as the average prices you can expect to pay, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. If you want to find out which of these top-rated clinics are close to you and receive a tailored quote, save time with our tool here.

1. Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic

Great level of care. I felt that they really cared at all stages – through the consultancy all the way to the surgery, and then the aftercare. I was able to call anytime if I had a problem. Perfect vision.” – Taharul Islam

“As most people would be when thinking about having eye surgery, I was really worried about side effects. However, Ms Saw put all my worries to rest, while at the same time being very informative and professional.” – Mark Glock

“Doctor Allen and his staff were amazing at every stage of the process! The operation was painless, and in less than 3 days I was back to my everyday life.” – Alessandro Noceti

2. Optical Express

I am tremendously grateful to Dr Jan Venter and the team at Optical Express. Kind, patient, and most importantly, a perfectionist who gave me eye-sight better than I was born with. Bless you all. What you have done for me is beyond words – thank you so very much.” – Gordon Ash

I can highly recommend Optical Express for lens replacement. They are very professional, and the procedure was pain free. The best thing now is I can see very well without glasses, and it was only done 3 weeks ago.”Elaine Gibson

I had my lens replacement at the weekend, and what can I say? I am amazed that I can see so clearly. I even had to put the font on my phone a size smaller, as it was too big!” – Lesley Smithers

  • Average lens replacement surgery cost: £1,995 (per eye)
  • Eye lens replacement treatments: Refractive lens replacement, phakic IOL, YAG laser capsulotomy, cataract surgery
  • Read 1,806 Optical Express testimonials

3. Optegra

From my first consultation through surgery and aftercare, my experience at Optegra was of the highest quality. All the staff were the most efficient, friendly and professional I have ever come across, and I am thrilled with the results! Thank you.” – Alison Clegg

“I am absolutely over the moon with the results! I never thought I could have it done as I am a coward, but the procedure was painless, quick, and very relaxed.” – Emma Varley

Good clinical treatment. Otherwise rubbish. Do not expect good treatment from the front office – they are useless.” – Peter Jones

4. Optimax lens customer reviews

I had my surgery in Optimax Glasgow. Excellent clinic and surgeon (Dr Tariq Saboor). I strongly recommend.” – Ana

“I had my eyes lasered some time ago. It was the best thing, and changed my life from day one. I have recommended it to everyone I know. I was lucky not to have pain, or any problems. I could not recommend Dr Patel at Optimax more highly.” – Eve Martin

“My lens replacement went well. Following that I needed remediation treatment on one eye – laser treatment. I was asked back a total of 8 times to review my eyes, but no one explained anything about why I should have dry eyes. Terrible aftercare service and lack of information.” – Julia Dawkins

5. Advanced Vision Care

“All the treatment I’ve received has been excellent. I still can’t believe I can see. It’s been the best and most life-changing thing I’ve done, and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.” – Kiki Davis

“I had ICL toric lens implants. Not much to say – I was very happy with all aspects at the initial consultation, the surgery and aftercare. Everything was really well organised. Only improvement I can think of is to provide some of the post op documents before the day of surgery.” – Alan Mosely

I had eye lens replacement surgery based on the reviews seen on this website. Though I was very pleased with the surgery itself, the aftercare customer service I received was terrible. On several occasions, I had to wait over 40 minutes for my scheduled appointment, and the level of aftercare as offered in the brochure was seriously lacking. Overall, I was happy with the surgery, but disappointed with the customer care.” – Eliot

6. AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic

The end result has been far beyond my expectations. I can see further than I have ever done. I still read food labels in poor light, and colours are much brighter. The freedom from juggling lenses, glasses and tired eyes is marvellous.” – Jane Emery

“I wanted to wait a full year since I had my laser eye  with AccuVision to review them, as this is the minimum they recommend for the eyes to fully heal and settle down. I can safely say that it is one of the best purchases and investments I have ever made. I am extremely happy with the outcome and service I was offered.” – Tom

“They made me so comfortable from the start – and I now have 20/20 vision after just one week. The price was excellent, too.” – Carl Adams

7. FOCUS Clinics

“From the moment I stepped into FOCUS, I felt very comfortable and well looked after. Everyone was very friendly and attentive. The level of care throughout my experience and aftercare was professional and personal. The results were life changing for me, and I would happily suggest them to anyone. Thanks!” – Giang

Having this surgery is one of the better things I’ve done in my life. It has changed everything. I cannot recommend this procedure enough – the results are brilliant. During the operation, I felt absolutely nothing at all. Mr Allamby, Ritu and all the staff put me at ease immediately, and were beyond helpful throughout. I have better than 20/20 vision now – that speaks for itself.” – Alan R. 

“I had refractive lens exchange on my left eye nearly two years ago. My vision is not quite 20/20, though better than it was. Overall, I am not happy with the results, but I guess there’s always that risk.” – Keith Henry

8. Centre for Sight

I did not think I would be able to have lens exchange, let alone expect this outcome. It is a relief and joy to feel such healing in my vision and my peace of mind.” – Elizabeth Henderson

I would recommend Centre for Sight. I’d dwelt on surgery for 10 years since my initial consultation, and I was lucky that I did wait because technology has advanced so much. I’ve had no symptoms since, and it’s a miracle to be able to look around the room and see now.” – Natalie

I had replacement lenses in March I had very poor eyesight in both eyes, and the beginnings of cataracts. All the staff are amazing. The only complaint I have is that I was encouraged to have multifocal lenses, after being advised that I was a good candidate. I was not given much information on them beforehand, just shown a video on how they would enable me to read without glasses. None of the pitfalls were pointed out to me.” – Valerie Pask

  • Average lens replacement surgery cost: £3,499 (per eye)
  • Eye lens replacement treatments: ICL surgery, lens replacement, cataracts, keratoconus, glaucoma, floaters, YAG laser capsulotomy
  • Read 723 Centre for Sight patient reviews

9. Ultralase

“The ICL surgery was completely painless and very quick. Wish I had this treatment before. Would recommend it to anyone.” – Michael Stacey

I am absolutely delighted with the replacement lens surgery, results and aftercare from Ultralase. My awful sight was really affecting my lifestyle, and I feel like a new woman since the treatment. The procedure was painless but felt very odd. I was really nervous.” – Sarah Duncan

“After a lifetime of poor eyesight, I am absolutely thrilled with my permanent contact lenses. My vision had deteriorated badly over the last few years, and at 60, being able to see without spectacles – and waking up being able to see – is wonderful. The staff are excellent.” – Barbara Eddleston

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6. Should I get lens replacement surgery abroad?

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