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Best ever. Super happy with not only the results but also the customer service. Dr Patel from Parsons Green clinic is extremely professional and a excellent doctor. Also 5stars out of 5 to my surgeon. Excellent team. Would recomme ... Read more

Review of AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic

Established in 2001, AccuVision is one of the UK’s leading for laser eye surgery. They currently operate in 5 cities nationwide; London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle, and have successfully performed over 40,000 treatments.


As well as laser vision correction treatments, such as LASEK and LASIK, AccuVision also treats Presbyopia (CK), Monovision Correction, Intra Ocular Lens Implants, Implantable Contact Lenses, Cataract Eye Surgery, Keratoconus Stabilisation and Treatment and Amblyopia (Lazy Eye).

Technology and facilities

AccuVision’s world class Wavefront Technology includes the Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer laser (fastest excimer laser in the world) and the WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q 400 Hz (custom excimer laser).

What their customers think

AccuVision has hundreds of positive patient reviews, making it one of the most popular laser eye clinics in the UK. You can read the independent patient reviews below.

Accuvision Laser Eye Clinic also features as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, as well as featuring in our list of the best laser eye surgery in London for reving customer reviews about its professional staff.

Or, if you would like to go straight to getting a tailored quote for your laser eye treatment, just click here to talk directly with any other top-rated clinics near you for you to compare with AccuVision.

AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic Prices

  • Consultation Price: Free for initial consultation
  • Lasik Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • Trans-Epi Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • C3R Treatment Price: Average cost £2,000 per eye


Accuvision Reviews

Rating Date
30 Jun 2017

Best ever. Super happy with not only the results but also the customer service. Dr Patel from Parsons Green clinic is extremely professional and a excellent doctor. Also 5stars out of 5 to my surgeon. Excellent team. Would recommend to family and friends.

05 Jan 2017

I wanted to wait a full year since I had my laser eye surgery with Accuvision to review them as this is the minimum they recommend for the eyes to fully heal and settle down. I can safely say that it is one of the best purchases and investments I have ever made. I am extremely happy with the outcome and service I was offered.

Why Accuvision? They seemed very trustworthy and understanding from the first consultation. They were happy to answer any questions, fears or doubts about the procedure or practice. The whole team from the receptionist through to the surgeon we’re very friendly and attentive and the price they quoted was very competitive too.

The surgery itself went very well and at worst was only a little uncomfortable which was to be expected. After 3 days I felt great and could see perfectly. The after care was excellent and thorough and I always felt in capable hands.

Now a year on I couldn’t be happier with the results and service. If you’re considering having it done, don’t delay, at least go for a consultation and see for yourself.

19 Jun 2016

Out of 3 clinics i visited i choose Accuvision and what a great choice it was.
They made me so comfortable from the start and i now have 20/20 vision after just one week.
The Price was excellent too.
Don’t waste time going anywhere else for an examination like i did.
It’s like gong from Digital TV to 4k.
Thank you to the great team at the Solihull Branch, especially to Johann.
Thanks Again.

15 Mar 2016

I’ve just had Lasik Laser Eye Surgery at Accuvision in Fulham (Parsons Green) and can’t fault the service I have received. Every single member of staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed at all times – from the initial consultation to the actual surgery.
On the surgery day in the treatment room there was 3/4 people in the room talking to me the whole way through – each making sure I was okay and also explaining to me what was happening and when. Straight after my treatment a different surgeon even came over to check I was okay and to offer his advice while I was waiting for my drops to take home. I had the treatment on Friday 11th March and have 99% recovered already by Monday 13th March.
I considered going to Optical Express but when I went for the consultation I felt like I was just being treated like another number and was being sold to the whole time – where as at Accuvision I felt like they cared a lot more.
I would be more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have about my experience!

14 Dec 2015

Can’t see my old review on here, but I had the treatment at Accuvision 9 years ago and still have 20/20 vision. Seriously worth doing. Don’t go for the cheapest option, you only have one pair of eyes. Save up and go for the best. Had friends finally have the operation, universal response is ‘should have done it years ago’. Huge amounts of both time and money saved since then in putting in/taking out and cleaning lenses, buying them, glasses, cleaning fluids, opticians appointments etc.

01 May 2015

I had my laser eye surgery at the London (Parsons Green) clinic 8 days ago, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s truly liberating especially during the small things in your daily routine such as opening your eyes first thing in the morning and being able to see.

The guys at Accuvision have been excellent at every step – from the very first phone call with the receptionist, to the aftercare.

I had been to 3 consultations at different places but I chose Accuvision because I wanted a small, reputable team. I did not want to go with a company who has numerous clinics and numerous surgeons. I wanted to know exactly who I was getting and what their experience and success rate was.

When I went for my free consultation, I knew I could trust them. I could tell they were a professional outfit. They answered (my huge) list of questions very well and honestly. And of course, the reasonable price helped.

On the day of the surgery, I was nervous but the team put me at ease. The surgery was over in 5 minutes, everything went well, and I was on my way home an hour later! I went for my one-week after care appointment yesterday and the tests show that I have 20-20 vision.

Deciding to have eye surgery is a big deal. And yes, you have to do your research. But if you’re seriously thinking about it, my advice is to just do it.

So Joan, Nick, Darius and team – thank you. Money well spent. It’s been life changing.

I was treated two years ago and the vision I have today is the best I ever had. I was shortsighted and mostly used contact lenses to see. It was always difficult when I was swimming in the sea. So I wanted to be free of contact lenses. The treatment lasted a few minutes and there was no pain at all. I was very nervous before it but I could see very clear immediately after the treatment. There was no reason for being nervous before the treatment as the team were really nice to me. After 2 years no one can see that my eyes have been treated including my optician. The cornea is perfect. It was well worth doing the treatment and I am very happy.

I had I had a consultation for laser eye surgery about two years ago but couldn’t afford the treatment at the time. Recently, I have planned to travel to Australia and did not want the hassle of glasses or contact lenses while I was out there.

I went to a few different clinics for a consultation but some of them were not able to help me because of my drier than normal eyes and they thought I would have ‘corneal cracks’ after surgery. I came back to Accuvision and they said I could try their alternative treatment called Trans-Epi or Trans Epithelial Surface Ablation or TESA. This is an advanced procedure that Accuvision have been offering to patients since 2005. It would not eliminate the dry eye condition but would certainly minimise the impact of laser eye surgery on the dry eye condition.

The consultation was very informative and unpressured. and on the basis of what they told me in great detail I felt confident to book my surgery with them. I booked my surgery at the Parsons green clinic for Friday the 3rd October 2014. The day of surgery was fine, I came in with my dad and everyone was good to me. The surgeon, Mr Prashant Jindal was lovely. I was aware of what was going on but it was completely painless. During my follow up appointment the next day I was told the healing was delayed as my tears do not have as much oil as normal tears. But I was expecting that and by using the drops I have been able to manage my recovery well. I was given some more drops for the night and at one stage around midnight I got confused with the drops and called their ‘out of hours’ number to leave a message, but it was picked up straight away and my mind was put at ease. They even called the following Monday to check I was OK. I was quite surprised by this especially when reading the reviews regarding poor follow up. I found the staff at Accuvision to be incredibly friendly and I was followed up quite closely, especially as my epithelium was healing from scratch. It was really appreciated.

Since the surgery a month ago I can’t believe the difference to my life. I was on Putney Bridge earlier and I could see the bus all the way across, I am sure I couldn’t do that, even with my glasses.

It feels so weird not wearing glasses anymore, especially not having to constantly take them off and clean them every time it rains. I would recommend laser eye surgery with Accuvision to anyone. Australia is going to be so much easier to enjoy, I’m looking forward to it even more now!

24 Nov 2014

Very happy with the result, great service

24 Nov 2014

Really happy. I was nervous before hand but they were so professional they put me at ease. They were friendly and explained everything thoroughly. The procedure was quick and easy and I got good support afterwards. My vision is great now and so happy not to be with my glasses anymore.
Would definitely recommend.

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