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Mr Dimitri Kazakos

Mr Dimitri Kazakos

116 Reviews

As a rule, I don’t write reviews, however, Dimitri Kazakos will be getting word of mouth referrals from me for the rest of my life. He does not oversell, he professionally imparted the information I needed to manage my expectati ...Read more

An experienced ophthalmic surgeon, Mr. Kazakos has specialist interests in cataract and refractive surgery, cornea and external diseases. He is at the forefront of modern refractive treatments and he has performed more than 40,000 procedures. He is an expert in Laser Vision Correction procedures with i-Design, Wavefront, Intralase, LASIK, LASEK, PRK, flap lifts, complex case management  and intraocular procedures including complex cataract surgery,  Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange, Phakic Intraocular Lens, premium intraocular lenses (multifocal, accommodating and toric) IOL exchanges, complex case management and astigmatic incisional procedures. Through this comprehensive range of refractive procedures and with the use of latest modern technology, Mr Kazakos is able to offer to his patients the most suitable treatment for their eyes. He is registered with the Medical Councils in both the UK and Greece.

You’ll also find Mr Kazakos on the list of the 10 best eye surgeons in the UK, based on thousands of patient reviews since 2002.

Mr Kazakos is a board certified, fellowship trained corneal eye surgeon who has undergone additional specialist training in laser refractive surgery and is in private practice including Optical Express. He is an active member of various affiliated bodies and societies such as the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the United Kingdom and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. Mr. Kazakos attends International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) conferences and is annually assessed by this board. The panel consists of several of the world’s most eminent refractive surgeons including Mr. Steve Schallhorn, former Head of Ophthalmology for the US Navy, and Dr. Jan Venter, a world leading ophthalmic surgeon.

Mr Kazakos graduated from the prestigious Marmara University of Istanbul, Turkey in 1997. His ophthalmic residence was at the Oxford Eye Hospital, Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, Essex County Hospital, Ipswich General Hospital, Bristol Eye Hospital and Southampton Eye Unit for a Fellowship in Corneal and External Eye Diseases. He then returned to his native Greece where he completed his higher surgical training and received a Refractive Fellowship in the University of Crete with Prof. Pallikaris, the inventor of LASIK. Additionally, he has attended mini-fellowships in Refractive Surgery with some of the world’s most distinguished ophthalmologists including Prof. Richard Forster (Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Florida, USA) and Prof. Theo Seiler (Institut für Refraktive und Ophtalmologische Chirurgie, Zurich, Switzerland).

His dedication to his profession and patients is evident from his clinical experience, patients’ feedback, involvement with research and continued attendance at seminars and conferences as both speaker and delegate.

Professional Memberships:

  • General Medical Council (GMC) – Member
  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) – Member
  • Greek Medical Council (Iatrikos Sylogos Athens) – Member
  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) – Member
  • The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) – Member
  • The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) – Member
  • United Kingdom and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (UKISCRS) – Member

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Mr Dimitri Kazakos Reviews


22 Aug 2017

As a rule, I don’t write reviews, however, Dimitri Kazakos will be getting word of mouth referrals from me for the rest of my life. He does not oversell, he professionally imparted the information I needed to manage my expectations.
He took the time to ensure I knew exactly what to expect at all junctures of the procedure, pre, during & post-operative.
He did, however undersell the effect this surgery would have on my life, words cannot express my gratitude to Dr Kazakos. The whole Optical Express experience was consistently excellent, whether it was at Eastcheap, Harley Street or Westfield.
If you’re thinking about having this procedure, go ahead NOW!! This is the only investment I have ever made, without an ounce of buyer’s remorse.

14 Jun 2017

I had natural lens replacement (NLR) in January 2017 and thought I would wait a little while before offering up any review. It has been nearly 5 months since the operation and I am just as delighted now as I was immediately after the procedure.

I had been severely short-sighted for more than 50 years and could hardly remember a time when I could manage without spectacles and, latterly, contact lenses. It now feels like I have young eyes again!

Mind you, it was not without some trepidation that I decided to investigate NLR. It was only when I met Mr Kazakos that I had the confidence to make the final decision to go ahead. He explained everything very clearly and was very careful to manage my expectations. In particular, he explained that some compromise on vision was necessary and I felt I was properly assisted to make the right decision on the type of lens most appropriate to my requirements. I chose multifocal 80/20. Although there is some glare (and halos), I am able to drive confidently at night and, under reasonable lighting conditions, reading the newspaper is no problem. I am perfectly satisfied.

The actual procedure was quick and painless. All the staff were very considerate and understanding – I can’t praise them enough. In addition, the aftercare was excellent.

I am not sure when this technology became available but I wish I had had the procedure done long before now.

28 Apr 2017

I had my lenses replaced in May 2016. From the initial interview/consultation I knew I was dealing with a highly trained capable staff. Everything was explained to me in the clearest detail before the operation. The operation itself was amazing. 20 minutes for each eye and the operations on each were a day apart. I could see instantly each eye was done.

The aftercare was friendly and efficient. I went for my last Optical Express checkup on 21 April 2017. The optomotrist described my sight as ‘phenomenal’.

One drawback was the fact that I had to stay in London area hotels which added a further £600.00 to the cost. I would have had no chance of getting to the appointments if I had to travel from home as they were very early morning.

I can only say that although expensive I would thoroughly recommend the procedure. It is great not having to worry about taking cumbersome glasses with me everywhere. At £350.00 for new glasses every year, I guess I will quickly recover the cost of the surgery. Thank you to all concerned. Great job.

21 Apr 2017

I had worn contact lenses for 30 years without any problems. However, in the past year I have found them more and more uncomfortable and had to resort to spectacles. My natural lens replacement procedure has been an unqualified success. I am thrilled with the result. Freedom from spectacles both for reading and long distance. I had complete confidence in Mr Kazakos – he was stern – but committed to making sure I understood exactly what I was letting myself in for. I did not experience any pain or discomfort either during or after surgery. I would have no hesitation in recommending both Mr Kazakos and the procedure.

05 Jan 2017

I had the replacement lens procedures carried out in March this year and it has been a great experience. I knew nothing of the procedure before looking into laser correction, which turned out to be unsuitable for me. The information was very clear but the best part was being able to meet Mr Kazakos before proceeding and have him explain the details.
He took great care to make sure I was fully aware of what the procedure was and likely outcomes and to be realistic in my expectations.
During the procedures his expertise was evident and I felt very confident that I was in good hands. I would definitely recommend his services to friends and family based on my experience. Many thanks.

14 Aug 2016

Can’t quite put into words how amazing this whole experience has been. From the consultation to the end result. I never thought it was possible for me to have this surgery as I have many other eye problems. Dimitri put my mind at rest from the moment I met him. I have Ocular rosacea, dry eye and Sjogrens (before my surgery a prescription of -10 in both eyes). I have been short sighted since age 13.) Wearing very thick lenses. I am 50 yrs old. I had the multifocal Technics symphony lens fitted. I had my second eye test earlier today at Optical Express, white city. I was told I now have 20/20 vision. Before this I could not see any letters including the largest on the eye test and now see every line even the smallest line of all. Also I can read small print better than was expected. This has been life changing for me, something I never would have dreamed possible. I was also surprised by the fact I had no discomfort whatsoever during any stage of the surgery or after. I can’t thank you enough for making this possible for me Mr Kazakos, something I will never take for granted. Also my husband had the surgery three weeks ago and is also just as over the moon as I am with his new sight. A fantastic surgeon.

06 Aug 2016

I’am 47 years old and like my sports. I’ve needed glasses for driving and seperate glasses for reading for the last 17 years. I felt my eyes were deteriorating especially reading and close up work, i also really didnt want to start wearing glasses for mountain biking and snowboarding. I made a decision to visit opitical express and discuss my eyesight requirements, after my consultation i was advised to have the natural lens replacement procedure on both eyes, using a multifocal lens. I signed up and got my date for my pre-op sugerons discussion. You have a lot of information to read and understand about the procedure, so by the time i had my discussion with Mr Dimitri Kazakos i had a lot of questions and queries, and still wasn’t sure whether operating on my eyes was right.
The meeting with Dimitri was very good, he’s a man that dosent believe in grey areas, he’s straight talking and honest and really does put the patients needs first. Dimitri told me all about my current eyesight and answered all my questions before i had asked them. Dimitri was also very clear with regards to the slight compromise with using the multifocal lens. ( light split, lens doing two jobs )
The 15 minutes i had with Dimitri made my mind up to go ahead with the surgury.
I had both my eyes operated on two days ago, the results are better than expected and will improve as the eyes heal. My vision is so clear and the small print reading is first class. I have got slight cloudy areas in the corners of my eyes and the eyes do get star bursts in the same area in bright light, but this will improve as the eyes heal and the brain adapts to the new lens.
The whole team at Optical express in White city were fantastic, and couldn’t do enough to help me and all my fellow patients that shared the same experience over the 3 days.
Last but not least, speaking to the Optical express team over my 3 days and also what i experienced is that Mr Dimitri Kazakos expects nothing but 100% from himself and his team. I know first hand that they wouldn’t swap him for anyone else. I dont think there’s a better recommendation !

25 May 2016

Mr Kazakos initially came across as quite dour and appeared to be very keen to stress the risks associated with the surgery and the possible idea of my expectations not meeting reality. However, after numerous confirmation checks at the Clinic I decided to take the plunge. And I must say the outcomes of the surgery have been superb – I have better than 20/20 vision for reading and working on my PC – both short and long distance. My vision has been enhanced dramatically, and all post operative checks have gone without a hitch. The underlying comments from the ophthalmologists that conducted the post surgery check-ups, is that the surgery done to replace the eye lenses is almost untraceable and the healing process has been absolutely seemless. This can only down to the superb surgical skills of Dimitri Kazakos.

04 Mar 2016

I had my surgery last year several months ago now. I was extremely nervous and anxious about risking corrective surgery which I initially thought would be laser treatment. But in the end I had natural lens replacement.
I arranged to see Mr Kazakos before committing to any surgery. It was the best idea as I came to realise I really didn’t understand much at all before our meeting. Mr Kazakos explained everything in enough detail and was very patient with conveying the information to me. He was more than happy to answer any of my questions. I left with a much clearer understanding. I understood why he had proposed the prescribed corrective treatment for me. It was based on my eye measurements and my lifestyle needs. I hadn’t realised that for every correction you also take away something else. So it was about not compromising too much on my eye strengths. I was clear what would happen before during and after the procedure. I was clear on the different risks their respective probabilities and importantly the procedures that would be available for their correction if they arose and it seemed that they were fairly simple low risk procedures. Everything was also backed up in writing that I could take away and refer to. It was all so thorough but that is exactly what I wanted. I was satisfied I had enough to make my decision. Lastly but not least Mr Kazakos had the human touch as well. That’s so important too when if you were as anxious as I was! and it’s your eyes after all. I could see Mr Kazakos is an expert in his field but also he cares about people too. I would highly recommend you go and have an advance consultation if you are contemplating surgery to put your mind at rest and know you are in capable hands. I remember Mr Kazakos said that for each person the prescription is individual the healing is individual we are all different and even each of my eyes healed at different rates. However the experience end to end was really positive. It’s made such a major difference to my everyday life and I could ‘see’ the difference almost straight away. The outcome ended up being more improved than expected so No Regrets only High Recommendations from me.

25 Feb 2016

I would just like to say big thank you for the procedures you carried out on the 17/2/16 and the 24/2/16 . From the moment we met , I was put at ease by your calm and professional approach , and on each subsequent visit I was dealt in a carismatic and direct manner .
On my first check up I have better than 20/20 vision and I am overwhelmed at the results .
They say you put your hands in the skill of the surgeon , and I am glad I put mine in yours .
Thank you very much indeed .

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