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Mr David Allamby

Dr David Allamby laser eye surgeon

61 Reviews

If you ever decide to have laser eye surgery, Focus Clinic is the place to have it!First of all, I am not paid to write this review. I only decided to pen down my experience having seen some less distinguished practices elsewhere. ...Read more

Mr David Allamby specialises in LASIK, LASEK, Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) and other laser eye treatments at Focus Clinic, which he himself founded, and where he now works as the medical director.

Mr Allamby also happened to be the first surgeon in the UK to perform CK for long-sightedness (presbyopia), helping to free his patients from reading glasses. He also stands out as one of the only laser eye surgeons in the UK to focus solely on refractive laser treatment full-time, making him a leader in this field.

For these reasons and many more, David Allamby sits proudly in the list of the 10 top laser eye surgeons in the UK, based on thousands of patient reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

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1. Qualifications

Mr David Allamby, FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth graduated from Sheffield University Medical School in 1987, and has specialised in ophthalmic surgery since 1989. He became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and then a fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in 1993.

David Allamby has worked at some of the United Kingdom’s leading eye centres, including Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

As you would expect from a leading laser eye surgeon, Mr Allamby has published work – in ocular scar formation – whilst at the University of Manchester, which received funding from the prestigious Wellcome Trust grant.

2. Experience

Mr Allamby peforms the main types of laser eye surgery: LASIK and LASEK laser eye treatment, and CK radio eye correction – an innovative treatment for age-related vision issues – using state-of-the-art technology.

He works closely with each of his patients to determine which procedure most suits them, believing in the importance of his clients’ active participation through a process of full informed consent, so they can decide together which option is best.

In addition to clocking up more than 3,000 LASIK and LASEK laser surgeries to date, Mr Allamby has performed over 2,000 CK radio eye treatments, as well as providing CK surgery training to visiting consultants from countries around the world.

His particular expertise lies in the enhanced ‘light touch’ CK technique (a technique now adopted as standard by surgeons across the globe), which he partly pioneered at FOCUS Laser Vision and has more experience in than any other doctor in the world.

As a thought leader, David also runs a new informational blog for anyone wanting to learn more about LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery. It includes general information for UK patients, polling on key topics (currently on LASIK prices), informational videos and PDFs including watching live LASIK eye surgery and of course the opportunity to post your replies to blog topics, ask questions and request blog postings on subjects of interest.

3. Focus Clinic

Mr Allamby is the Chief Surgeon at Focus Clinic, a renowned Harley Street eye clinic. Focus enjoys a reputation as the go-to for celebrities, and claims of a 99.7% success rate for standard surgeries.

What makes it different? As you would expect from any independent eye clinic, it’s the consultants who led Focus Clinics, which means you’re unlikely to face hard sales strategies to use particular equipment, or accept a specific treatment.

Is there anything to look out for? As always, when choosing the right laser eye surgery provider for you, you don’t need to feel pressured into paying than you are comfortable with. With no finance options, and some of the highest laser eye surgery costs, this clinic won’t be for everyone.

4. Mr David Allamby Review: The Verdict

So, is Mr Allamby the right eye surgeon for you? Of course, that all depends on where you live, which treatment would suit your prescription, and what your budget is.

David Allamby is the medical director of one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in London, so if you live in the capital you may like to arrange an initial consultation with him to discuss your options.

That said, you’ll find cheaper laser and lens replacement costs elsewhere. If your optometrist diagnoses you with uncomplicated eye health, common procedures such as LASIK have a high success rate wherever you go, so you don’t have to feel pressured into paying more than you would like.

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Mr David Allamby Reviews


09 May 2019

If you ever decide to have laser eye surgery, Focus Clinic is the place to have it!First of all, I am not paid to write this review. I only decided to pen down my experience having seen some less distinguished practices elsewhere. Naturally I understand the results of taking un-calculated risks especially that my work entails risk management in a large bank. I had been to two other consultations elsewhere, one who supposedly housed a top Lasik surgeon but I found the connectedness lacking. Risks were dismissed altogether in the other clinic.My consultations with Focus Clinic brought a different dimension to this. I chose Focus for a variety of reasons, chief of them were:1. Good size set up which means there is more connectedness with patient, unlike larger franchises. I had 3 per-operative consultations (and 4 sets of scans) because I want to understand more about Lasik risks and the staff and surgeon were very accommodating. Even judging from post-operative care, they couldn’t have done much better- a good acid test of whether Focus was more interested in customer care above simply closing a sale. 2. Great surgeon. To sum up my thoughts about him- has a wealth of experience in Lasik, answers questions with depth and foremost has an unshakeable faith in helping you assess whether Lasik is best for you.3. Provides me ample time to read through the consent form and encouraged to ask as many questions as I wish which were then either answered by the optometrist who attended to me and by Dr Allamby himself.4. Very thorough consultations which live up to their promise of treating good candidates only. Depending on how you view it, I find this a good measure of risk mitigation.5. There is no persuasion whatsoever to close out your sale. There is not one single mention in my pre-operative consultations that I should go ahead with the surgery or urged to book my surgery as soon as possible. Focus appears to be neutral whether I decide to go ahead with Lasik and with them or not which can only mean that they do consider the well being of patients first, unlike other commercial set ups or franchises.5. Lifetime aftercare guarantee. Although I hope never to need this, but it does bring a peace of mind. This distinguished Focus from the entity housing my previous consultation with a top Lasik surgeon where aftercare is only limited to 12 months.6. £30 of every treatment goes to a charity foundation. In brief, I was served well by a great team of staff lead by Dr Allamby. Many thanks to Malisa, a brilliant patient care coordinator who had always attended to my calling and who is my first contact person for Focus. Both Caroline and Ritu did an excellent job examining my precious set of eyes pre and post-surgery.If you are reading this, please do not take this review as a guide that Lasik is best for everyone. After that, it is an elective surgery. But based on my experience, if you ever decide to go for Lasik, then Focus Clinic is highly recommended!

11 Feb 2019

What a fantastic experience…been mulling this over for a long time and finally decided to get it over with. I can hardly say this was even uncomfortable, certainly not painful. The team make you completely at ease, and the results are undeniable, absolutely fantastic. Perfect vision now. I can wholeheartedly recommend FOCUS! Mr. Allamby was absolutely brilliant and I can’t fault the pre-op or aftercare. would recommend to anyone.

02 Dec 2018

In one word, “Brilliant!”

Definitely recommend Focus to family and friends. Very professional from stage 1 to finish. Also top surgeons, that know what they are doing when it comes to laser eye surgery.

If in doubt, don’t be, visit FOCUS!

02 Nov 2018

I was recommended by a friend who had also had her eyes corrected through Focus, although I was still very nervous about making the decision after wearing glasses and contact lenses for over 30 Years, after my consultation I was very satisfied with the checks and friendly staff and therefore took the option to have my short sighted corrected.
The Team at Focus are excellent from Emma who took me through all the process to Lisa on reception who is always smiling and helpful on all my check ups to Hannah who took me through with her colleague and David Allamby who conducted the procedure.
I am very pleased with the First class service that you have provided, to a great team!

I would highly recommend Focus to any of my friends and colleagues as right from the start to the aftercare you are have been fantastic.

10 Jul 2018

Having had Z-Lasik has been one of the best decisions of my life! The whole experience has been like being born again! I must admit I was skeptical about having it done, so I did my research. Having it done at Focus gave me the courage (we only have one pair of eyes!). Everyone was so friendly and explained things well. The day of the treatment was a mixture of excitement and anxiety! But again, the staff at Focus made me quite comfortable and provided the reassurance I needed. Waking up the next day was A M A Z I N G! Since then I have experienced the freedom of swimming, driving, walking in the rain, amongst other things, without the worry of contact lenses or glasses! A BIG THANK YOU to all at Focus and an extra special THANK YOU to Mr D Allamby for this life changing experience!!! I highly recommend the Clinic!

02 Jul 2018

Good vision is required for the work that I do and my eyes did not take well to contact lenses. A friend of mine recommended FOCUS, he said how great the team was and how they put your needs first and take great care of you.

I booked a consultation and was thoroughly impressed from the moment I arrived, the checks they carried out were detailed not just practically involving my eyes but in identifying my lifestyle needs, as a result of this due to the activities I undertake I was advised that LASEK would be best suited. Everything was fully explained to me from the procedure to the aftercare, what to expect on the day of surgery right up to the 12 month check up afterwards.

No decision was asked of me during consultation I was advised to think over what had been discussed and they would contact me in a couple of days after I had time to think to ensure I was not pressurised into making any decision.

The day of surgery I was naturally nervous, however the team were very professional and caring and put me at ease they explained to me and my partner what drops to take and when to take them and made sure I was happy with the information I had received. The whole procedure itself lasted less than than ten minutes and the time the laser was in contact with my eye was only seconds.

I was advised for the first few days I would feel discomfort prior to returning on the third day for the contact lens being removed. I did not feel any pain during the recovery phase as anticipated and when I had the lens removed on the third day my eye had healed over.

Within a week my vision was fantastic I could read number plates on cars and street signs at distance. The team at FOCUS continued with their excellent care on my follow up checks even to this day 12 months after surgery. My vision is perfect which makes work and life so much easier.

I would thoroughly recommend FOCUS to anyone, if you are considering laser eye treatment you will find out everything you need to know at consultation.

21 May 2018

So glad I chose to have the treatment. Having worn glasses for about 35 years, it feels great to be able to see clearly without them. My vision is now 20/16, better than with my old glasses.
The service, professionalism and care I received at Focus was outstanding and I have been recommending them to many friends every since.

08 May 2018

I would highly recommend focus for laser eye surgery as my experience has been great, wonderful staff and surgeon which have given me fantastic vision. I cannot believe I never have to wear glasses again, from day 2 my eyes have felt great. Thank you focus!

02 May 2018

Seven months in, a fantastic result in every respect. Left eye 20:12, right 20:16. The difference is visible when comparing by closing one of the eyes. A fantastic eyesight any time of the day is what I have now. No complications whatsoever, no irritation whatsoever, perfect night vision. The treatment itself took around an hour and a half in and out of the clinic. It is uncomfortable and didn’t feel that well for 2 hours after the treatment. After the initial two hours never felt better. Have had around 4 post-treatment check-ups so far, was told all is well. Last check-up coming up a year from the treatment.

Was told that it is nearly impossible for the flap to shift during your lifetime, that chances are over 99% of people’s myopia stays stable throughout lifetime post op and all life activities can be resumed in full.

Would likely do it again in a heartbeat as liberation from contacts and the quality of new sight is nothing short of remarkable. Now lets hope it stays that way.

08 Apr 2018

Focus have provided outstanding customer care from start to finish. The explanations at each stage have been clear and reassuring. The actual procedure for me was painless with an end result that is amazing and instant! I would and have recommend the procedure and Focus to anyone. My only regret is not getting it done sooner!

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