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When I visited my optician for the regular glaucoma test she did my eye test and said she had not seen my lenses before. She was very impressed and said “You wouldn’t get those on the NHS”. Aftercare could be better, but ove ... Read more

Optegra Review

Why Optegra? Optegra is a leading provider of laser eye surgery and lens replacement surgery in the UK, and often receives independent five-star reviews from its customers.

What makes Optegra special? Optegra specialises solely in eyes, so you can feel safe in the hands of ophthalmic experts (not cosmetic surgeons).

Who doesn’t like Optegra? Based on our reviews, a few patients have been disappointed with the level of customer service at Optegra.

Optegra Prices

The cost of eye surgery at Optegra ranges between £1,795 and £3,495 per eye, depending on the type of surgery you require, the lens you choose, and the experience of the surgeon. As with many eye clinics, the initial consultation is free.

Here is a full break-down of costs for the most popular treatments at Optegra:

TreatmentCost (per eye)Description
LASIK / LASEK£1,795The most common laser eye surgery.
SMILE£2,495More complex laser eye surgery.
Lens Replacement£3,495Cataract treatment.
ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses)£3,495Permanent contact lenses.
Presbyond£2,495Treatment for presbyopia (long-sightedness).

The good? Pay monthly finance options are available, meaning you can get lens replacement surgery for £131.06 a month over 12 months – and if you pay the full cost back within 12 months, it’s interest free.

The bad? Surgery at Optegra’s central London clinic costs around £100 extra for most treatments.


Optegra offers a wide range of laser eye treatments, from laser eye surgery to lens replacement surgery (including cataract surgery), which you can see reviewed below. Here are the main ones:

Hospitals and clinics

Optegra has a range of eye hospitals and clinics nationwide that vary in standards. The most recent reports from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated Optegra’s clinics in Birmingham, Surrey and Yorkshire as “good”, but the London, Manchester and Whiteley branches “require improvement”.

Optegra stands out for opening its doors: it hosts regular open evenings, where prospective patients can meet consultants, ask questions about the procedure and take a tour of a specialist eye hospital.

Technology and equipment

Optegra works with world-class manufacturers and suppliers of ophthalmic equipment and instruments.

Optegra Eye Sciences is a separate non-profit research division, that is dedicated to the development of eye sciences and advocating the latest innovations in eye care.

Optegra Surgeons

Optegra only hires Fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCO) who are experienced in hundreds of eye surgeries. Each consultant specialises in an area of laser eye or lens replacement surgery, so you can expect an expert in their field, and the right treatment for you personally.

  • NHS trained
  • RCO approved
  • Years of experience

Optegra Rating

Optegra features as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK for its surgeons, but for value for money and top-notch customer care, you may want to look elsewhere.

To see if there is a better rated laser eye surgery hub near you, just click here to complete our simple quote tool, and get a tailored quote from a clinic you can trust.


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Optegra Reviews

Rating Date

When I visited my optician for the regular glaucoma test she did my eye test and said she had not seen my lenses before. She was very impressed and said “You wouldn’t get those on the NHS”. Aftercare could be better, but overall a good experience.

13 Dec 2018

Recently I had a cataract operation at the Optegra eye hospital in Guildford. I would like to say that I am very happy with the results. The care I received from everyone was just excellent.

I had a cataract operation at Optegra at 7.40am and was home by 10.30am. Throughout those hours I remember the best of care, consideration and 'you are special' treatment with no pain or even discomfort, I can say it was the best ever investment in the future. My eyesight is so precious and glasses are going to the Third World - Thanks Miss Gilvarry!

07 Dec 2018

Good clinical treatment . Otherwise rubbish . Do not expect good treatment from the front office they are useless . If the managers don’t sort out their service they will suffer losing patients. This company is chasing money not care of patients.

I have waited several months before reviewing my treatment as I wanted to digest the whole treatment.
From the beginning until today I feel I had a very positive experience. The team around Ali Mearza were kind and competent.
Ali Mearza exudes confidence and is in complete control. He knows exactly how to usher one through the whole experience. At all times I felt I was in very able hands. He is very experienced.
I will definitely give his name to my friends when the time comes for them to be seen for problems related to their eyes.

04 Dec 2018

Giving consent to any surgeon, even one so highly qualified, experienced and recommended, to ‘chop’ into one’s eyeball is rather daunting; but the courtesy, care and competence of all the personnel at Optegra and their expert handling of start-of-the-art equipment at the pre-operative assessment convinced me that my sight was in safe hands, and that I could face the two Clarivu procedures with total confidence. As a physicist I knew what the books said about the effects of Cataracts on the transmission and scattering of light, but to personally experience the restoration of visual activity, true colour perception and wide peripheral vision was amazing.

13 Nov 2018

The service was impeccable, the staff are all so welcoming and helpful. Dr Rob Morris is one of the best and nicest surgeons I have ever met. I am thrilled and marvelled by the results. Thank you.

07 Nov 2018

Impressed with the professional approach – unlike one of their competitors there was no hard sell and provide treatment which would have been unsuccessful in treating my condition. Admired their honesty.

14 Sep 2018

I feel that I have been re-born I can see again with perfect vision - colours are colours again - Wonderful!

13 Sep 2018

I have been very pleased with the results of my eye surgery and the exceptional level of care that I received before, during and after surgery. Knowing I could contact Optegra at anytime and come and see Mr Morris was very reassuring as was his willingness to listen and answer my questions. I would highly recommend Mr Morris and his team to anyone considering Laser eye surgery.

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