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The 10 Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinics in London

London is home to some of the UK’s best laser eye surgery clinics, as well as world-renowned eye hospitals. It’s easy to see why so many people flock to the capital for their vision correction.

But which are the best laser eye surgery clinics in London? Of course, the right place for your eye surgery will depend on your budget, the treatment you want, and where you are willing to go.

To help you decide, we’ve used over 8,900 independent reviews left by real patients since 2002 on Lasik Eyes to find the 10 best eye surgery clinics in London. We’ve looked at what you told us matters most: clinic standards, surgeon communication, surgery experience, value for money and aftercare.

Read the full list: Check out the top-rated places for laser eye surgery in London below, including who these clinics are best for as well as the odd negative reviews where they cropped up.

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The 10 Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinics in London

London ClinicBest forRead reviews
1. Optical Express London Harley StreetValue for money
1,805 Optical Express reviews
2. Moorfields Eye HospitalRenowned surgeons
296 Moorfields Eye Hospital reviews
3. AccuVision LondonProfessional staff
801 AccuVision reviews
4. Advanced Vision Care LondonHonest expectations
744 Advanced Vision Care reviews
5. London Vision ClinicAttention from staff
472 London Vision Clinic reviews
6. Centre for SightCustomer care
723 Centre for Sight reviews
7. Focus ClinicsFriendly staff
194 Focus Clinics reviews
8. Optegra London Eye HospitalStress-free surgery
120 Optegra London Eye Hospital reviews
9. St Thomas' HospitalKeeping patients happy
39 St Thomas' Hospital reviews
10. London Eye HospitalGreat aftercare
3 London Eye Hospital reviews

1. Optical Express London Harley Street

Best for: Value for money

optical express logo

Fast results: “I can highly recommend Optical Express for Lens replacement surgery. They are very professional, and the procedure was pain free. The best thing now is I can see very well without glasses and it was only done 3 weeks ago.” – Elaine Gibson

Great patient care: “I was a very scared patient, but I needn’t have worried. All the staff are excellent and Matthew, the anaesthetist, made me feel very relaxed and calm. They are so thorough, and I really appreciate the care they gave me.” – Gaynor Wisniewski

Honest consultations: “I am so happy I put my trust in Mr Dimitri Kazakos. He is amazing when you have a consultation with him – he is up front and honest about risks and glasses may still need to be worn in some cases.” – Lesley Smithers

Dedicated staff: “Dimitri Kazakos and the team at Optical Express Westfield Shopping Centre are first class, as are the team at their Shaftesbury Avenue centre where I had the initial consultation and subsequent post-op check-ups.” – Bob Griffiths

  • Average cost of surgery: £2,432
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, corneal cross-linking, cataract surgery, lens replacement
  • London locations: Harley Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, Monument, Westfield White City
  • CQC rating: Good
  • Read review: 1,805 Optical Express reviews

2. Moorfields Eye Hospital

Best for: Renowned surgeons

Moorfields Private Eye Hospital logo

Pain-free surgery: “Surgery was completely painless. Felt slightly apprehensive before the operation, but the staff at the hospital were fantastic. Recovery time was much quicker than I thought. Would recommend Mr Wilkins to anyone.” – Gregory MacKay

Easy process: “So wonderful so be living with perfect vision now – no hassle and really convenient.” – Antonia Boney

20/20 vision: “Amazingly efficient, effortless and secure process, with outstanding outcome.” – Jean-Philippe Verdier

Pricey but worth it: “Excellent result from surgeon Alexander Ionides. Expensive, but I reckoned it’s not worth taking risks with my eyesight so chose Moorfields.” – Jeffrey Stark

  • Average cost of surgery: £4,528
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, glaucoma / cataract surgery, age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • London locations: City Road, Wimpole Street, Bath Street
  • CQC rating: Good
  • Read review: 296 Moorfields Eye Hospital reviews

3. AccuVision London

Best for: Professional staff

accuvision london logo

Professional staff: “My vision is perfect: a very well managed clinic, with a very capable team of surgeons.” – Debbie Cowlard

Stress-free surgery: “The whole process was as comfortable and caring as I could have expected, and their honesty and patience made me feel very at ease.” – Nick

Great results: “The surgery at AccuVision was highly successful and now I have close to 20/20 vision.” – Sumit Bhagat

Reasonable price: “The consultation went very well, and I as offered a very good price (I think) of £700 per eye.” – Chris

Off-hand surgeons: “The fact that I was being given very vague instructions during the procedure and that the surgeon herself hardly spoke at all made me very stressed. I even had to raise my voice during the surgery to ask exactly what I was supposed to be doing.” – Chris

Poor aftercare: “I think Accuvision is about numbers and sales targets rather than long-lasting patient satisfaction.” – Gabriela Sijer

  • Average cost of surgery: £2,361
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, cataract surgery, amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • CQC rating: Checks incomplete
  • Read review: 801 AccuVision reviews

4. Advanced Vision Care London

Best for: Honest expectations

Top patient care: “From start to finish an excellent service was provided, all staff were friendly and helpful.” – Shirley Russell

Caring staff: “I am so grateful to Miss Saw for her expert advice, guidance and care resulting in surgery which has greatly improved my vision and allowed me the joy of discarding two sets of spectacles. My thanks also to the team whose warmth and kindness were much appreciated.” – Penny J.

Transparent consultations: “They offered clear and precise explanations of just exactly what the treatment and surgery entailed and answered any questions and concerns with consideration.” – Chris Gray

Limited aftercare: “I thought Dr. Pillai had little compassion. And they don’t provide a lifetime of aftercare, as their website claims.” – Robert Tomkinson

  • Average cost of surgery: £3,798
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, implantable contact lenses / lens exchange, cataract surgery, keratoconus
  • CQC rating: Checks incomplete
  • Read review: 744 Advanced Vision Care reviews

5. London Vision Clinic

Best for: Attention from staff

Positive surgery: “The treatment process was lovely, easy and friction-less – from my initial consultation in July through to my surgery in August. I suffered no pain and only the very mildest of irritation for a few hours.” – Martin Dower

Caring staff: “LVC was the first place where all staff were friendly, competent and patient with my questions. They gained my trust and the service they have provided after the operation has been fantastic.” – Scott S.

Decent support: “A pain free experience with aftercare second to none. I always recommend London Vision Clinic as the best around.” – John Daffin

Too expensive: “No indication of price was mentioned at the time. It wasn’t until I requested a confirmation of the price that they revealed it was going to be £6,300. I was shocked, and I’ll be going somewhere else.” – Mr Davidson

6. Centre for Sight

Best for: Customer care

Good patient care: “Better than expected. Excellent treatment and very well looked after. All was explained very well before and after. I now have a better quality of life, through this treatment.” – Shaun Carey

Worry-free surgery: “The procedure was far easier than I expected. Very swift and pain-free. I was very pleased, and I had both lenses replaced on the same day. Excellent.” – Julia Hilden

Impressive surgeons: “Difficult to criticize as overall experience was extremely positive. I was extremely nervous when I first embarked on this journey. I feared the worst – however, Mr Daya has proven that he is exceptionally good at what he does.” – Debora Partridge

Attentive staff: “The courtesy, care and level of professionalism shown to me by all the Centre for Sight staff was outstanding.” – Kevin Hornsby

  • Average cost of surgery: £4,499
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, implantable contact lenses, cataract surgery
  • CQC rating: Good
  • Read review: 723 Centre for Sight reviews

7. Focus Clinics

Best for: Friendly staff

First-class care: “Mr Allamby was delightful and helpful all the way. He treated me like an individual, unlike most other clinics where you’re viewed merely as a business deal.” – Afifa Nasir

Professional staff: “From start to finish the team at Focus come across as very professional but also warm, friendly and helpful and above all, very thorough.” – Gillian Halverson

Personal service: “The service afforded me by Focus has been excellent. From initially making contact through to the aftercare I have nothing but praise for all the staff, who are always willing to help in any way they can.” – Steve Gill

Results not as expected: “My eye is almost the same after all this time no improvement, lots of discomfort, inconvenience and financial loss for no gain.” – Keith Holloway

  • Average cost of surgery: £2,324
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, refractive lens exchange / cataract surgery
  • CQC rating: Good
  • Read review: 194 Focus Clinics reviews

8. Optegra London Eye Hospital

Best for: Stress-free surgery

Caring team: “From the beginning until today I feel I had a very positive experience. The team around Ali Mearza were kind and competent.” – Ingrid Van Wagner

In-depth consultations: “Mr Morris and everyone at Optegra Solent were so informative and reassuring, and made everything as stress-free as possible. I am now recommending Optegra to everyone I know.” – Gaynor King

Excellent results: “I am very happy with the results. The care I received from everyone was just excellent.” – John Harris

Poor customer care: “Good clinical treatment. Otherwise rubbish. Do not expect good treatment from the front office, they are useless.” – Peter Jones

9. St Thomas’ Hospital

Best for: Keeping patients happy

Honest information: “Mr O’Brart zapped my eyes to cure my short-sightedness many years ago – about 1997, I think. I’m 47 now and still have excellent vision. He gave unbiased advice, warning me of the slight variability in results and how my sight will always deteriorate with aging.” – Tony L.

Reassuring surgeons: “I am glad I opted for such a professional surgeon who put me at ease at every stage – even though it meant travelling in a car for 4 hours after the operation.” – Ali Sawle

Happy patients: “Being able to see the world clearly after years and years of not being able to see it at all without constant aid is a life-changing experience. I would recommend David unreservedly and wholeheartedly.” – Anjali Menezes-Fonfreyde

  • Average cost of surgery: £4,500
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, implantable contact lenses, cataract surgery
  • CQC rating: Good
  • Read review: 39 St Thomas’ Hospital reviews

10. London Eye Hospital

Best for: Great aftercare

Pleased patients: “The improvement in my sight is amazing and I never believed I would be able to live the rest of my life without wearing glasses. I would recommend Mr Khan to anyone.” – Michael Adshead

Welcoming staff: “Extremely pleased with the kindness and friendliness of all staff.” – Yvonne Fair

Results beyond expectations: “I was very reassured by Dr Perera and found his manner professional and comforting. My sight is excellent, better than I expected.” – Sarah

Decent aftercare: “From the initial consultation, I felt that they were rigorous in their safety practices and this is true of the actual surgery and the aftercare.” – Fiona

  • Average cost of surgery: £4,470
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, implantable contact lenses, cataract surgery
  • CQC rating: Good
  • Read review: 3 London Eye Hospital reviews

Do I need to go to London for decent eye surgery?

The good news is, no you don’t. With more than 15,000 people in the UK getting laser eye surgery each year, there are now thousands of clinics up and down the country. Now, are they any good?

Since 2002, patients have been leaving independent reviews on Lasik Eyes to help you decide for yourself. Based on over 8,900 reviews, the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK include popular chains such as Optical Express and Optegra, which are based all over the UK.

In fact, because most clinics will recommend having someone accompany you home after the surgery, it is a good idea to go to a clinic near you.

Especially if you get laser eye surgery (rather than lens replacement surgery), your lenses will be sensitive after the procedure, and a long train ride home (driving will be out of the question) surrounded by air that could be cleaner will do you no favours.

Is London more expensive for laser eye surgery?

The short answer is yes, but only slightly. There are two main reasons for this. Some nationwide clinics such as Optegra will charge a tad more for treatments in their London practices as a rule, though usually it is only around 2% or £100 extra.

Then there is the fact that most of the renowned eye clinics and hospitals in the UK happen to be London-based, and you can expect surgery in these places to cost more.

This is to cover the higher costs of clinic space (Harley Street is not cheap) and surgeon salaries in the capital. That said, the need to compete with more eye surgeries (compared with smaller towns) can help to drive the price down a bit too, so you can often find good value for money in London.


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