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Mr Waseem Aziz

waseem aziz

11 Reviews

Very good service. Surgeon Mr Waseem Aziz was brilliant. I saw him 20 minutes before the surgery (Birmingham branch). He answered all the questions I had plus I made him aware that I like to as a hobby contact sports, he advised m ...Read more

An experienced Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mr. Aziz has performed more than 30,000 laser procedures including LASIK and LASEK. He is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and is a fully trained Ophthalmologist who has undergone additional specialist training in refractive surgery.

He is an Ophthalmic Surgeon for Optical Express and has gained vast experience in a wide range of specialities. He is an active member of various affiliated bodies and societies. Twice every year, Mr. Aziz attends International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) Conferences and is annually assessed by this board.

The panel consists of several of the world’s most eminent Refractive Surgeons including Mr. Steven Schallhorn, former Head of Ophthalmology for the US Navy, Dr. Jan Venter, a world leading Ophthalmic Surgeon, and Mr. Jeffery Machat, co-founder of TLC Vision, one of the largest laser vision correction providers in the world.

Mr. Aziz began his medical career as a Senior House Officer in the Accident and Emergency department at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in 1993 after graduating from Aberdeen University and completing his postgraduate qualifications. He progressed to a position within the Blackburn Royal Infirmary as a Senior House Officer where he began to work in all aspects of eye care and general eye surgery.

As well as extensive operative experience, he gained vast clinical experience and a keen understanding of each patient’s requirements and expectations. He became an Honorary Research Fellow at Manchester Royal Infirmary and at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital in the Department of Ophthalmology.

Mr. Aziz has made presentations in different countries about laser surgery and regularly attends conferences relating to the field of refractive surgery allowing him to stay abreast of all developments in the advancing field of ophthalmology. He is actively involved in undertaking research projects relating to laser refractive surgery and is a regular lecturer on the teaching circuit.

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29 Oct 2015

Very good service. Surgeon Mr Waseem Aziz was brilliant. I saw him 20 minutes before the surgery (Birmingham branch). He answered all the questions I had plus I made him aware that I like to as a hobby contact sports, he advised me to change my procedure to Lasek instead of lasik which was cheaper (recovery is slightly longer then lasik and can be painful for the first few hours after surgery but it is worth it. It also means the flap on the iris does not have to be cut and lifted for the laser to do its thing as it is with lasik. This means chance of any violent impact to the eye will not dislodge the flap as a cut was never made). I received the difference in money 28 working days later. I will be going back soon for my 3 months post operation check up. All is great. No contacts or glasses required any more. Do not listen to fake reviews on how things went bad for people and if they did I am sorry but the chances seem very slim. Hope all stays well.

13 Apr 2013

All went as described great service from al staff

16 Feb 2013

Anyone considering using this Company should first visit the website have suffered disastrous results from surgery that should NOT have been performed. I am still wearing bifocals 3 years later. My vision is blurred which cannot be corrected with spectacles because the laser has damaged my cornea and the constant pain from extreme dry eyes leaves me unable to sleep, function or work. Please DO NOT use this company. The failure rate is MUCH higher than their advertising states. I will be on lifelong medication and suffer impaired vision for the rest of my life thanks to OE. I had surly at The Trafford Centre Manchester and my solicitor who is pursuing the clinical negligence claim is now being told that this branch has gone into administration and therefore relinquishes any responsibility for my care. What a scam!

11 Sep 2012

The way the Optical Express process works you do not actually meet your surgeon until the day of the operation, so at the time you form your opinion of him you are in a nervous state, well at least I was. On the day of the operation you are prepared by other members of the team before your pre-op consultation with Mr Aziz which takes approximately fifteen minutes. During this time Mr Aziz makes sure you have been fully informed about the procedure and carries out his own final checks. As mentioned, I was fairly nervous at this point but I was reassured by his direct but very polite and calm manner. During the operation the team in the operating room were very friendly and clearly well practiced in their roles. The reassurance I got from the running commentary from the lady assistant made a massive difference to me. Both she and Mr Aziz explained exactly what was happening and what I should be seeing during the process. This gives you the confidence everything is going to plan. Within a very short time both eyes were done. I could not believe how painless it had all been, a visit to the Dental Hygienist causes more stress. Highly recommended.

18 Jan 2012

Mr Aziz was my surgeon at the Leeds branch of Optical Express. I had LASIK with intralase wavefront on 14 January 2012, and I was overall very happy. As is the case at Optical Express, I only met Mr Aziz a few minutes prior to my surgery, but he was both friendly and professional. Throughout the surgery Mr Aziz spoke to me, explaining the procedure, and reassuring me that everything was going well. The process was very fast and straightforward, and with Mr Aziz I felt I was in very safe hands. Afterwards Mr Aziz went through my check and I left feeling very confident in the job he had done. I now have better than 20/20 vision and only very slight problems with glare at night.

17 Sep 2009

Mr Aziz was fantastic, I was extremely nervous and as well as his experience I chose to have my Surgery completed by Mr Aziz on recommendation, as his patient manner was so fantastic, he put me at ease by chatting all through the procedure, it was over in no time.My results have been fantastic, I was -3.00 in both eyes, it has now been well over a year (I was treated in March 2008)and I still have better than 20/20 vision. Thanks Mr. Aziz.

05 May 2009

I cannot thank Mr. Aziz & his team enough, they made me feel so at ease.They kept me informed throughout the whole process about what was happening.I was surprised at how many other people were there waiting for laser surgery but I was never made to feel like I was on a conveyor belt. Thanks again, you've changed my life:-)

18 Jan 2009

I had Lasek with Wavefront performed by Mr Aziz at the Optical Express branch in the Trafford Centre in November 2008.As is standard practice at Optical Express I only met Mr Aziz on the day of operation. I couldn't honestly say he was oozing charisma but all that matters to me is how well he does what he does. He answered my questions before hand and performed the surgery with complete professionalism. The results are excellent so I can't think of any reason not to wholly recommend this surgeon. Thank you Mr Aziz and team for doing a good job on my eyes.

11 Jul 2008

Dr Aziz was brilliant. The first time i met him he put me at ease about the procedure and the operation was a complete success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and his team at the Optical Express Manchester branch. Thank you guys and keep the hard work.

14 Jun 2008

Mr Aziz is brilliant, felt completely comfortable during the procedure and now 24 hours later my vision is perfect. Can't say thank you enough. Mr Aziz is totally professional and I would recommend him to anyone!

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