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I was told, by several consultants, that my prescription (-11, with astigmatism) was too high for corrective laser eye surgery. A friend recommended LVC. After researching websites, initial enquiries, receipt of extensive informat ... Read more

Since London Vision Clinic opened our doors in 2002, we have sought to provide the highest possible standard of clinical and patient care in the field of laser refractive surgery.

We provide an expert, personalised service for every patient, including one of the most rigorous and detailed screening processes anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on being specialists in laser eye surgery, and our surgeons, Professor Dan Reinstein and Mr Glenn Carp, are internationally renowned. We strive to remain at the forefront of technological developments; Professor Reinstein helped to develop the Artemis™ – the world’s most accurate corneal scanner – and we own one of the only models.

London Vision Clinic specialises in treating patients with complicated or unusually high prescriptions, including many people who have been turned away by other clinics. We use pioneering techniques, such as ReLEx – an innovative ‘flap-less’ treatment for short-sightedness – and Laser Blended Vision – a revolutionary new treatment, which can eliminate dependence on reading glasses for many years.

  • We are the inventors of Laser Blended Vision, with the most extensive experience of treating presbyopia by this method in the world
  • We helped to develop the Artemis™ – the world’s most accurate corneal scanner – and are able to safely treat far higher prescriptions than other clinics
  • We have a very large staff to patient ratio and pride ourselves on a highly personal service, which is dedicated to optimising the patient’s experience at every level
  • We have world-renowned surgeons, sought after for their extensive experience in complication management
  • We have an excellent safety record and the highest level of pre-operative and post-operative testing in the UK
  • We understand the importance of total 100% transparency when discussing risks; and if surgery isn’t right for you, we’ll be the first to say so

London Vision Clinic features one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, which you can read here.

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London Vision Clinic

Rating Date
10 Dec 2018

I was told, by several consultants, that my prescription (-11, with astigmatism) was too high for corrective laser eye surgery. A friend recommended LVC. After researching websites, initial enquiries, receipt of extensive information and answers to my queries, I made an appointment and paid £500 deposit. I attended the clinic 2 months later. I was given a questionnaire to complete and about sometime later underwent initial screening. I was informed that ‘everything seemed ok’ and would be seen by the surgeon, who made a very thorough examination. I was at the clinic for 4 hours.

When I was told that my vision could not be fully corrected without more invasive surgery (costing an additional £4k) I was so disappointed that I could not take all the facts on board.

A couple of days later, I requested a summary of findings and recommendations. Two months have passed since making that request, and I’m still waiting.

14 Nov 2018

Incredible life change handled by the best in the world! I initially went for consultations from the more low-cost “highstreet” style laser eye correction clinics and did not get a very good vibe. Having almost given up on having the surgery done I went to London Vision Clinic and immediately got a fantastic impression. Now, 3 months post surgery my eyes are perfect! And having the latest SMILE procedure meant I had zero discomfort and an almost immediate return to normal life! Best thing I have ever done. Hands down!

25 Aug 2016

I wish I had done this earlier. My near vision has deteriorated over the last few years and I’ve found myself having to adapt my life to such a point that I seemed to live in my reading glasses – without them I felt disabled.

The treatment process was lovely, easy and frictionless – from my initial consultation in July through to me surgery in August. I suffered no pain and only the very mildest of irritation for a few hours.

Only a week after surgery and I’m seeing better than I have for the last 20 years. My near vision is brilliant and my distance vision is settling down nicely.

Highly recommended!

29 Jul 2016

Last month I had cataract and natural lens replacement surgeries.
I am 81 years of age and have worn glasses for 38 years. But my vision
got a bit blurry. I found it difficult to thread a needle and needed a magnifying
glass to read even with my glasses on.
Then, after my annual eye examination, when the optician told me that I have
cataracts, I contacted Optical Express to find out about laser eye surgery.
After very comprehensive eye examinations I met Mr Kazakos who explained
the procedure in detail and answered all my questions.

I was very nervous on the day of the first surgery, but quickly Mr Kazakos
and the team re-assured me and put me at ease. The surgery took only
minutes and was completely painless. After a short recovery period and in receipt of a bagful of eye drops, with instructions how to use them, I could
go home. I experienced absolutely no discomfort or pain after both surgeries
and my vision has improved dramatically. To read even the smallest newsprint
is no problem. My long vision is still slightly blurry , but I am told that this
will improve with time. The aftercare is excellent.

I am very happy that I chose laser eye surgery and would not hesitate to
recommend it to anyone.

Thank you Mr Kazakos

09 Jun 2016

I had my lens replaced in 2010 by professor Jan Venter at the Westfield Centre
Today I am better than 20-20 and today when I had an eye test at my opticians I read the smallest print on the test card and the second from bottom row on the wall chart and half of the bottom row. I am 82 and I am delighted with the result I have had and would recommended it to anyone.

10 Jun 2015

I cannot recommend this clinic enough! If you have any fears or doubts rest assured there is nothing to worry about. The procedure is easy and straight forward. For me i had no pain after treatment or during.
Dr Glenn Carp was extremely helpful reassuring and professional, and it was a pleasure meeting him.
That also goes for all the of the staff at The London Vision Clinic. I am extremely greatful to all that helped me throughout this experience. I can now appreciate the beautiful scenery around me without the need for glasses.
I owe my new eyes to Dr Carp.
Thank you

23 Jan 2015

After a lot of research and recommendations I chose to have corrective laser eye surgery (LASIK) done at London Vision Clinic. From the moment I picked up the phone to make the initial enquiry I was extremely impressed. Every member of staff was very professional and courteous. The initial screening and ophthalmic examination was very comprehensive and the optometrists were superb. My surgeon Mr Glenn Carp was excellent, putting me at ease from the very beginning so that on the day of surgery I had no concerns at all. The aftercare has also been brilliant and I now have excellent vision. I have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending this clinic and Mr Carp.

20 Dec 2013

30 years of spectacles gone in 15 mins

I have been looking at getting laser eye surgery for the last 10 years. I was declined surgery in 2004 due to wide pupils so I gave up looking. I recently found myself becoming less tolerant to contact lenses (gave me headaches after 6 hours of wearing them) and my glasses were a pain to put on underneath a motorcycle helmet.

I started looking again at laser surgery mid 2012 and started researching all the companies within the UK. People did suggest I go abroad as they are cheaper and even ‘better’. But I thought if I have any complications, its highly unlikely that I will be able to return to an ‘abroad’ surgery with ease.

I ruled out all the high street laser offers; optimax, ultralase, optical express etc as there were too many negative reviews about the service and/or surgery. I only have one pair of eyes so I need to find someone who I can place my trust in. Eventually I chose 4 companies; Center for Sight, Advanced Vision Care, Accuvision and Focus. After numerous tests at all of these clinics which made me feel welcome and seemed to be run efficiently and professionally, it turns out I still have wide pupils (8mm) and now thin corneas which limits the amount of treatment I can have and also astigmatism.

All the companies said they could do it but I could suffer from night vision issues such as halo’s and starbursts around lights. One surgeon even said that I shouldn’t have it done anywhere as I will get issues due to my cornea thickness and pupil size.

So with all that information, I resigned myself to a lifetime of glasses 🙁

I ruled out London Vision Clinic some time ago as they wanted £500 just to do the tests. All the other companies were happy to do the testing for free. But after reading all reviews of LVC and their experience of dealing with people with wide pupils, I decided to go for the test. The £500 would be taken off the end price if I decided to proceed with the treatment if i was found suitable. I went through all the usual vision tests along with some more eye scanning machines. I was told again of my issues with thin corneas and night issues. I was even shown a simulation of how bad the night star bursts could potentially be. Its like having slightly smeared glasses which, from the image i saw, was tolerable to me. But all end results depend on how you heal, and everyone heals slightly differently.

The surgery is based on Harley Street and is run very professionally, so I should hope so based on how much they charge!! After the testing, I was told I fall into the high profile surgery due to my high prescription; -6 in both eyes with astigmatism in the right. This meant my treatment would cost me £6300. I talked to the customer advisor and even tried to haggle or check for any discount vouchers online, all to no avail. The price is what the price is unfortunately.

So after a few more days of research, I decided to book the surgery.
Monday morning, got to the surgery at 10.30. Was taken to a consulting room by a nurse and discussed the eye drops that I would need and any pain killers that may be required. Was given a small cocktail of tablets to take prior to surgery. Then had a little hair net put on me and some plastic shoe covers and was taken to the operating room. There were two large machines in the room and a padded bench for me to lay on. There were probably about 4-5 people in the room.
There are two processes to the treatment.
1. Make the flap
2. Laser the cornea
From start to finish, each process takes about 10 mins. The actual time the machines are actually on is probably about 20 seconds. This is the time you need to keep looking at the green light.

And thats it. I was taken to a quiet dark room to recover for 15 mins. Unfortunately I started to suffer from a bit of pain and had to be given some more anaesthetic. I was one of small minority that this happens too. Most people that came in for surgery, they were on their way home 20 mins after surgery.

The day of the surgery, I was putting in eye drops every 15 mins to keep my eyes lubricated. The next day, I had another appointment with the surgeon to check on the healing process. We went through the usual eye tests and I could see 20/20. I was told my vision may fluctuate over the next few days and weeks.

Night vision; very slight star bursts 🙂 Have got a bit of dry eye but am continuing with the eye drops every couple of hours.

So to summarise 4 days after surgery, LVC will look after you and your eyes. Ask any questions you may have, I asked loads!!!

22 Jan 2013

I had looked around for a while at various options but there was always something about the clinics that I visited that made me hold back. LVC was the first place where all staff were friendly, competent and patient with my questions. They gained my trust and the service they have provided after the operation has been fantastic.

22 Jan 2013

I feel very confident and take on more activities as I don't have to worry about contact lenses or glasses. It is an indescribable feeling of amazement and joy.

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