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Almost(!) painless-after wearing glasses for about 25 years a new window had been opened. Very good Staff, very good after care very worthwhile ... Read more

The first Ultralase clinic was opened in January 1991 at the Clatterbridge Hospital near Chester. At the time, all treatments performed were Photorefractive Keratotomy, or PRK, until the Lasik procedure was introduced in 1995.

With the introduction of Lasik, and the clear advantages it demonstrated for certain patients, Ultralase went through a period of dramatic growth through 2002.

2003 Ultralase introduced the revolutionary UltraPlus treatment with Wavefront technology, giving patients visual outcomes far surpassing those of standard laser treatments. Ultralase became the first provider to have all treatment outcomes verified by independent audit.

In March 2009, the commitment to clinical excellence led Ultralase to become the first UK provider to have all Great Britain surgeons certified in Laser Refractive Surgery by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth).

Comprehensive Aftercare

Your care doesn’t stop after your treatment – Ultralase provides you with all necessary aftercare and also monitor your vision at every stage, free of charge, until you’re discharged.

Every effort is made to deliver optimal vision however, this does not cover natural changes to your eyes or any complication or diseases not connected to your surgery.

Despite positive reviews, Ultralase does not feature as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK due to problems many patients received with lifelong aftercare (as exposed by the BBC’s Watchdog in 2015).

You can find the eight clinics that are more reputablehere.

To see how other eye laser surgery clinics compare with Ultralase, just click here to complete our simple quote tool, and get a tailored quote from a trusted clinic that ticks your boxes.


Ultralase Reviews

Rating Date
10 Dec 2015

Almost(!) painless-after wearing glasses for about 25 years a new window had been opened. Very good Staff, very good after care very worthwhile

10 Dec 2015

Excellent service. I could see great after few hours and given the all clear to drive the next day. I would recommend Ultralase to anybody who is thinking about getting their eyes treated.

10 Dec 2015

Eye eye I can c u!! Well done to all at Ultralase for my treatment at Manchester on 1-7-06. The staff were wonderful and overcame the earlier problems in the day showing that’s why they are the best. Thanks.

10 Dec 2015

Waking up in the morning and looking out the window with the realisation that “have or haven’t I got my glasses on” a total revelation and fantastic explaining.

10 Dec 2015

Amazing. I now have perfect vision. Ultralase have been fantastic from start to finish and the result excellent. I wil land have recommended Ultralase to anyone. why didn’t I get it done sooner?!

10 Dec 2015

Excellent professional service. All my concerns were dealt with and the results are fantastic. Getting up in the morning and being able to see individual leaves on trees is amazing!

10 Dec 2015

Very professional, excellent aftercare and terrific results. would recommend Ultralase to anyone.

10 Dec 2015

This has made a tremendous difference to my life. It is brilliant not having to grovel for glasses on a morning. The care and attention I have received has been first class.

10 Dec 2015

Cannot thank all the Ultralase staff and my surgeon, Mr Perera, enough for freeing me from glasses. Everything was explained thoroughly and the aftercare has been superb. I just wish I’d done this ages ago.

10 Dec 2015

Before treatment I wore glasses everyday and contact lenses for sport and going out. My eyes would get very tired from my lenses being in for a few hours. I went from -3.5 in both eyes to better than 20/20 within 48 hours of treatment. Aftercare has been excellent and I was at ease due to the excellent professionalism of the specialists and surgeon during my treatment day – the best thing I ever did and money well spent!

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