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Julian was very knowledgable and his staff were equally capable. Very happy with the service and outcome. Better than 20/20 at the 4 month follow up - having been short sighted and having an astigmatism in both eyes. ... Read more


Julian Stevens won a scholarship to study Medicine at Merton College, University of Oxford, where he was then awarded a Postmaster scholarship. He graduated top of his year in 1980 and was awarded the Oxford University Prize in Medicine for the top First Class Honours Degree. He continued his clinical medical training at Clare College, University of Cambridge and at the Cambridge Medical School. Higher training was undertaken at the Oxford Eye Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

After completing his general ophthalmic surgical training, he undertook two years of sub-specialist training, with Fellowships in Lens, Corneal and then Refractive Surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Mr Stevens was appointed as Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital in January 1996. His main interest is laser refractive surgery. He has been involved in the development and application of wavefront refractive surgery and has personally performed over 10,000 wavefront procedures. Mr Stevens was the first Director of Refractive Surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Mr Stevens is an examiner for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and holds the Certification of the Royal College in Laser Refractive Surgery. He is an advisor to the British Society for Refractive Surgery and is on the Board of the International Society of Refractive Surgery. He has won prizes from both the American and the European Societies of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. He is the recipient of the 2007 American Academy of Ophthalmology (ISRS/ AAO) Lans award for innovation in refractive surgery.

Internationally recognised as an expert opinion leader, Mr Stevens has published peer reviewed papers on refractive surgery and is regularly invited to deliver keynote lectures at national and international ophthalmic meetings. Mr Stevens trains Ophthalmic Surgeons in advanced refractive and cataract surgery. He founded the Moorfields basic and advanced IntraLASIK courses and the Moorfields wavefront training course for Ophthalmic Surgeons.

Mr Julian Stevens Reviews

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22 Jan 2018

Julian was very knowledgable and his staff were equally capable.

Very happy with the service and outcome. Better than 20/20 at the 4 month follow up – having been short sighted and having an astigmatism in both eyes.

22 Jan 2018

The surgeon Mr Julian Stevens is off the scale, he gave me my sight back a few years ago and since then have had various operations with him.
Truly remarkable genius and will only ever recommend him.
So happy with the excellence in procedures he has performed on my eyes.
A very well done to him and his team they are all really lovely people.

22 Jan 2018

Terrific result, first class treatment by all members of the team, thank you so much.

22 Jan 2018

Very professional pre-op, operation itself was painless and quick and within 3 months had perfect vision. Best medical decision I’ve ever made and glad I went with the best! Mt brother also had his eyes corrected here and both of us agree Dr. Stevens and his team are experts in their field and show genuine dedication to what they do. Thank you!

22 Jan 2018

The treatment was incredible. I went from being very short sighted to better than 20/20 vision in a few months. Everything happened very quickly and was extremely professional. I have nothing negative to say about any of the process. I work in photography and being able to see perfectly has changed my life.

07 Dec 2017

With Mr Stevens you are in great hands, he is the best in his field and really cares about his patients. I had LASEK after Mr Stevens explained that this procedure would be best suited to me. He answered any questions that I had and made me feel confident with my decision. I had LASEK in March of 2017 and I now have better than 20/20 vision. The procedure was painless ,the aftercare was amazing! Couldn’t recommend Mr Stevens and his team more!

07 Dec 2017

I’m very impressed with the treatment that I received and how much my vision has improved!!

I love not having to wear glasses and my eyes recovered very quickly, the surgery was painless and Mr Stevens was very professional and gave me amazing results. I could not have asked for a better result!
I’m very happy and would recommend the surgery to everyone who is thinking of doing it! I’ve told my friends and family members to come and book in with Mr Stevens. With my vision post surgery I could fly a jumbo jet if I wanted to ! Thank you Mr Stevens!

07 Dec 2017

Great experience with Julian Stevens and his team. Very efficient and thorough. I’m delighted with the results. Thank you!

21 Nov 2017

My results have been exceptional, beyond what I was expecting. Although the recover period was long it was well worth the wait. I now feel like I have perfect vision.

21 Nov 2017

Before consulting Julian Stevens I talked to friends who had experience of ophthalmic surgery. They each said that he was one of the very best, that I could not be in better hands. And they were right. Julian Stevens, as well as giving me expert guidance, answered my many questions fully, and made plain that I had a fair risk of complications, in part because the cataracts in both my eyes were particularly dense. With the Premium aspheric multifocal lens he implanted in my right eye on Tuesday 24th October and the lens he adapted for enhanced near vision and implanted in my left eye on the 28th, I now have in-depth distance, middle and near vision focus. Amazing! I can not remember ever being able to see as well as this. No need for glasses. I am so very grateful to Julian Stevens – and to his excellent team.

Dorothy Sharp
6 November 2017

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