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Doctor Jan Venter

dr jan venter

4 Reviews

I had phakic intraoccular lens implants by Dr. Ventor 2 weeks ago, and just wanted to put a quick review of the surgery here. It was hard to find too much information on IOLs online, and would like to share my experience with othe ...Read more

Doctor Venter is a world leading Ophthalmic Surgeon renowned for performing laser eye surgery and intraocular treatments. He has performed more than 62,500 procedures, including LASIK, Epi-LASEK, PRK, Phakic intraoccular lens treatment, as well as Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange treatments and is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). He is a fully trained Ophthalmologist who has undergone additional specialist training in refractive surgery.

He is a full time Ophthalmic Surgeon for Optical Express and Clinic Director of the Optical Express international Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) and is a member of various affiliated bodies and societies, such as the British Society of Refractive Surgery and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Twice every year, Doctor Venter attends the IMAB Conferences where he sits on a panel along with some of the world’s most eminent Refractive Surgeons including Mr. Steven Schallhorn, former Head of Ophthalmology for the US Navy and Mr. Jeffery Machat co-founder of TLC Vision, one of the largest laser vision correction providers in the world.

Born and educated in South Africa, Doctor Venter qualified from Pretoria University in 1973 and over the years progressed to become Head of the Ophthalmology Department at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

1993 saw him introduce excimer laser and ambulatory cataract surgery into South Africa, making procedures available to the wider public there for the first time, and from 1993 to 1996 he served as President of the Ophthalmological Society of South Africa. In 1998 he was awarded the highest honour the Ophthalmological Society can bestow when he received the DJ Wood Medal.

Doctor Venter has published and presented over 100 academic papers and has made presentations about laser vision correction and intraocular lens treatments in seminars across the UK, in South Africa and throughout the world.

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08 Dec 2015

I had phakic intraoccular lens implants by Dr. Ventor 2 weeks ago, and just wanted to put a quick review of the surgery here. It was hard to find too much information on IOLs online, and would like to share my experience with others. The doctorand his team are all really friendly and keep you well informed throughout the process, from initial consultation, to the aftercare. I really felt like I knew the risks from the surgery before I signed my eyes away – but I felt really comfortable knowing Dr. Ventor’s previous track record and results. Whilst the risk is unavoidable, by choosing a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Ventor, I felt like the risks were low enough – I trusted him and his team fully. The actual surgery itself was a breeze – I met the doctor in surgery, and he spoke to me throughout the 10 minute procedure. When he had finished, his last words were “that went very well, see you tomorrow” I returned to the clinic the next day, with 20/20 vision…and a week later, had my second eye done. The day after that, I returned for a check up, to find that I had better than 20/20 vision – 20/10! I’ve had no problems with either eye, other than slight discomfort immediately after surgery (like sand, and a pressure headache) and some blurriness from the eye drops. All in all, amazing, and i would definitely recommend Dr.Ventor and his team. Email me if you have further questions, I’ll be happy to answer!

14 Dec 2012
No Rating

Ive been turned down for surgery before so I told them at my consultation and they said in would be fine. They told me I can speak to the sugeon at my second consultation at harley ST. but I must pay £500 for this. I was assured that I would get it back if the surgeon said I wasn't suitable. I didn't see the surgeon on the second consultation and had the same tests as the first consultation. They brushed over the fact that I had been refused sugery before and said I would meet the surgeon on the morning of my operation who would decide whether surgery would go ahead. They wanted me to pay the rest of the money prior to this which made me feel a bit uneasy so I cancelled the surgery and asked for my £500 back. I waited the 28 working days but still no money back I phoned them and was promised my money would go out in the next batch but it never did. I was promised call backs but never got them. I think it is a sale tactic to get the money from people so they can hold on to it so they can get interest on it. They tell everyone they are suitable , take the deposit and hold on to it as long as possible to acrue interest. It is a scam to make money out of people who are already upset by the fact that they can't have their surgery. They are mis informed about their suitability for treatment and then made to pay money up front so the company can make money from it. It is appalling. Don't pay any money up front to this company as you will have to fight to get it back.

25 Apr 2012

The entire process from initial telephone contact right through to my being able to see without glasses and all the follow up visits/checks was painless, and handled with extreme courtesy and professionalism. For the first time in over 18 years I have 20/20 vision and cannot thank all the people involved enough. I would recommend this procedure and Optical Express to anyone who is thinking of having corrective eye surgery.

08 May 2011

So so so happy with my results - best investment I've ever made! Went for my initial consultation at the Cheapside Branch (central London) which was a bit shabby but the Optometrist was genuinely brilliant, he was very honest about risks and pain (he'd had it done) and offered up useful info that I hadn't seen despite my extensive internet reading! I was quoted £395 per eye (£790 total) but opted for the intralase on top (extra £600) as there is significantly less risks and healing time is quicker - however I used a money off voucher which I got from Ebay! Optical express were happy for me to use it even though i'd already paid my deposit and I only advised them of it 2 days before my surgery.I had dry eyes so was given free treatment to take for 2 weeks.I then had an interim appointment for dry eyes at St Albans branch which was very professional and then went for my Surgery at Harley street a week later with Surgeon Jan Ventor.He and all the staff were brilliant - I was very nervous and they were very patient (and allowed me to ask all sorts of daft questions). Surgery itself was over in 10mins - the pain after was not nice and you will need someone to escort you home - however I had my surgery at 3.40pm and by 7pm (after an hour sleep) I had no discomfort! my eyes are now able to read the lines that are 2 below 20/20 vision - like I said before it was probably the best thing I've ever done for myself!

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