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From initial consultation to final check up the whole process was amazing - the procedure was quick and totally pain free I had no problems at all following the procedure and my sight just kept improving on a daily basis it was wo ... Read more

Bruce Allan qualified in medicine from Cambridge in 1985 and was appointed as a Consultant Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital in 1998 after advanced specialist training in the UK, South Africa, and Australia. He was appointed as the Service Director for Refractive Surgery at Moorfields in 2012.

With a strong track record in surgical innovation and over 60 publications in international medical journals, he is one of the UK’s leading academic refractive surgeons.

The good news? Mr Allan comes high up in the list of the 10 best laser eye surgeons in the UK, based on thousands of patient reviews since 2002.

More information can be found at

Current professional activities include:

• NHS practice specializing in cataract surgery and corneal transplantation

• Private practice specializing in laser eye surgery and implants for vision correction

• Regular presentations at international research meetings, press, radio and television comment on developments in laser eye surgery, cataract and corneal transplantation

• Peer review for international medical journals and research grant funding bodies

• Specialist advice for NICE and MHRA

Current research interests include

• Multiple regression analysis to enhance accuracy in wavefront LASIK

• New techniques of corneal endothelial tranplantation for Fuchs dystrophy

• Non-transplant interventions for keratoconus

Clinic name Moorfields Eye Hospital

Qualification MD FRCS FRCOphth

Address Moorfields Eye Hospital, 162 City Rd, London EC1V 2PD

Area Central London

Mr Bruce Allan Reviews

Rating Date
14 Aug 2016

From initial consultation to final check up the whole process was amazing – the procedure was quick and totally pain free I had no problems at all following the procedure and my sight just kept improving on a daily basis it was worth every penny – i don’t need glasses at all. Would highly recommend Moorfields Private clinic for anyone thinking if having this done they are the best. Thank you Mr. Allan.

13 Jul 2016

If I could give higher than a 5 rating I would.

Bruce Allan was absolutely brilliant from my initial consultation onwards. He answered all my questions in a calm and reassuring manner, which made me feel immediately at ease.

He talked me through all the benefits and the drawbacks of the procedure, in a highly professional manner, which made me feel like I was in very, very, safe hands.

The day of the surgery he was a constant reassurance and made the atmosphere, in the room feel at ease, rather than tense, which really helped me on the day of the procedure.

I would recommend Moorfields and Mr Bruce Allan to anyone I know. I would personally not go to anyone else but him.

It is a life changing procedure and to know you are in such hands with a fantastic and calm man, with such knowledge and expertise, you really can’t go wrong.

Thank you Mr Allan

11 Jul 2016

Excellent result and no longer need glasses for reading and writing with eyes getting better every day. Would thoroughly recommend Bruce and the process from start to finish was outstanding.

01 Jul 2016

Aged 66 and a devout coward..! Fed up with reading glasses and having them hanging around my neck..! It was the last straw when I had to wear specs to see what I was eating. Bit the bullet and thought if I’m going to let someone burn my eyeballs it had to be the best of the best. Hence Moorfields and a quick survey led to Mr. Bruce Allen. True professional; extremely kind; a gentleman and an immediate bond of trust – most important.
A very thorough work-up by his team and the consultation I needed/wanted – i.e. I didn’t want any of the gory details, just needed to know the outcome.
The procedure at my own convenience and over within 25 minutes for both eyes. Zero pain and only minor discomfort which was a feeling of pressure, which I can liken to rubbing your own eyes when you’re a bit tired. Improvement almost immediately, while sitting in the waiting room, which continued for the rest of the day and beyond. Sent home with a huge carrier bag of medication, drops etc. Comprehensive instructions, and contact details if needed – I didn’t need.
Follow up appointments perfect and the final result is I don’t need reading glasses – at all now…. oh, deep joy…! Occasional bleary eyed moments but they are decreasing. Apparently tears take a while to correct themselves. Three months down the line and things are improving even now. Typed all of this without specs!! Thank you Mr. Allen. No hesitation in recommending this clinic and the professionalism of this gentleman.

02 Mar 2016

Mr Allan and his team are extremely professional – I was very impressed by everyone I met during the process.
Mr Allan put me at ease and explained everything throughout. It makes such a difference when a surgeon has a nice kindly manner and smiles a lot! Having eye surgery is a very nerve wracking for a lot of patients – your eyesight is very precious – I knew I was in excellent hands with Mr Allan and would definitely recommend him to my friends and family if they wished to have the same procedure.

20 Dec 2015

background: high myopia (-10 both eyes) and for over 12 years wore bi monthly soft contacts. During the past 3 years, I had been suffering from recurring infections\inflammations in both eyes, apparently from overuse of soft contacts.
2 years ago, I started using hard contacts but didn’t get along with them at all as I have very dry eyes. I did not fit the Lasik due to my thin corneas but was recommended for the ICL transplant by Dr Bruce Allen.
After a long research I went ahead with it and 8 months after the procedure I can comfortably say that this is a life changer and I am grateful for this every morning!! I would have never let anyone besides Dr Bruce Allen do this procedure !!

15 Dec 2015

Dr Bruce Allan is the person I was recommended by a Dr at Moorfields Eye Hospital when I got an infection in one of my eyes and could not wear my lenses for at least a month. I never minded the look of glasses, you can get some nice styles now, however, always hated wearing them, swimming was a pain, lying on the sofa on your side I found irritating in glasses and overall I just found them overly uncomfortable. I had booked in for laser eye surgery twice before and had been skeptical so cancelled (neither bookings had been with Dr Allan) Dr Allan made me feel so comfortable and has a very reassuring/ ‘non pushy’ informative approach that I felt confident proceeding!! It is the best thing I have ever done: day of surgery went swimmingly, there was some discomfort the day of surgery but a migraine is much worse in comparison if that helps? With the SMILE technique, recovery is not instant ie your eye sight is not immediate, however, approx 3 days after surgery you are able to see amazingly well and then ever increasing as the days go on… Overall I would highly recommend Dr Bruce Allan and his team they are all fantastic! No gimmicks or pressure to book in: I have never looked back!

09 Dec 2015

I am pleased with the outcome. I was able to return to work within two days of surgery and I no longer require glasses. The level of care was very good and I would certainly recommend Mr Allan and his team.

01 Dec 2015

I had been considering laser eye surgery for years and was very apprehensive about it. I did a lot of research and ended up finding Mr. Allan at Moorfields. I went for my consultation and that day booked in for my surgery the following week! Being very anxious about the procedure Mr.Allan and his team made me feel very at ease. They talked me through the whole procedure and it was all over and done with within 30minutes. I can’t thank Mr. Allan enough, as the surgery has really changed my life. You can tell he is extremely knowledgable and passionate about what he does. I would definitely recommended Moorfirlds and Mr.Allan if you are choosing laser eye surgery.

29 Oct 2015

All treatment very good, and Mr Allan was a good and clear communicator about what was happening and when. The actual process was quick and professional. Only negative comment would be the waiting time for the pre-operation and post-operation appointments. Would definitely recommend Mr Allan.

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