Finding the Best Laser Eye Surgery in the UK

It’s estimated that more than 30 million people have had laser eye surgery so far. With such a large market, our independent reviews site will help you to make an informed opinion. We have over 8,900 customer reviews for laser eye surgery clinics and surgeons throughout the UK. Take a look at the UK’s best laser eye surgeons and clinics below:

Best Laser Eye Surgeons

Based on thousands of independent customer reviews, here are the best-rated laser eye surgeons in the UK:

Surgeon Clinic Customer rating
Mr Dimitri Kazakos Optical Express (read reviews)
Mr Manek Patel Optical Express (read reviews)
Mr Rodney Blumenfeld Optical Express (read reviews)
Dr David Teenan Optical Express (read reviews)
Mr Ali MearzaFocus (read reviews)
Professor David S Gartry Moorfields Eye Hospital (read reviews)
Mr Alexander C W Ionides Moorfields Eye Hospital (read reviews)
Mr Romesh Angunawela Moorfields Eye Hospital (read reviews)
Ms Valerie SawAdvanced Vision Care (read reviews)
Mr Allon Barsam Focus (read reviews)

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Surgeon?

Deciding on the right surgeon to perform your laser eye procedure is extremely important, so it is important that you ask them lots of questions to ensure that you are happy with your final choice. Questions you should ask include:

  • What qualifications do they have? All laser eye surgeons working in the UK must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). You should ask them where they were trained and how long for, how many years of experience they have had performing laser eye surgery and whether they have continued to keep up with training and the latest developments in eye surgery since obtaining their qualifications.
  • Do they have a good reputation? Ask about their success rate, what their former patients have said about them and whether they have any before and after pictures of their surgery.
  • How many surgeries have they performed? Find out about their history of performing laser eye surgery. The more surgeries they have carried out, the more skilled and experienced they are likely to be. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists awards certifications to members who have carried out a minimum of 300 procedures over a two year period, so you should ask your surgeon if they have this accreditation.
  • How long is their waiting list? You may not be able to have laser eye treatment straight away, as your chosen surgeon may have a number of patients already scheduled. If your need for laser eye treatment is time-sensitive, determining if there is a waiting list is important. A surgeon with a long waiting list is usually a good indication that they are well-known and trustworthy.
  • What pre-operative checks do they offer? They should offer tests to check relevant details, such as corneal surface thickness, as well as pupil size and any other factors that may have an impact on your surgery. During this time, you must be able to ask any questions you might have.

Once you have asked these questions and feel comfortable with the responses, you can begin comparing these between surgeons to decide upon the best clinic for your laser eye treatment.

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Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinics

Based on thousands of independent customer reviews, here are the top rated laser eye clinics in the UK:

Clinic Example of procedures Customer rating
Optical Express LASIK / LASEK / Corneal cross-linking / Cataracts / Lens replacement  (reviews)
Moorfields Eye Hospital LASIK / LASEK / Glaucoma / Cataracts / Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) (reviews)
Optegra LASIK / LASEK / SMILE / Lens replacement / Cataracts (reviews)
Advanced Vision Care LASIK / LASEK / Implantable contact lenses / Lens exchange Cataracts / Keratoconus (reviews)
Optimax LASIK / LASEK / Lens replacement / Cataracts (reviews)
Accuvision LASIK / LASEK / Cataracts / Amblyopia (lazy eye) (reviews)
Centre for Sight LASIK / LASEK / Implantable contact lenses / Cataracts (reviews)
Focus LASIK / LASEK / Refractive lens exchange / Cataracts (reviews)
London Vision Clinic ReLEx / SMILE / LASIK / PRK / LASEK (reviews)
Ultralase LASIK / LASEK / Cataracts / Implantable contact lenses / Refractive lens exchange (reviews)

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Clinic?

Choosing the right clinic to carry out your laser eye surgery is an important decision and one that is very personal. What may have been a good fit for a friend or colleague may not be the best choice for you. Your optician will be able to provide you with some initial suggestions regarding local clinics, and you can continue your research from there. You should compare several different choices before making a selection.

There are a number of factors that you should take into account when choosing a laser eye surgery clinic that is best for you, including:

  • What types of laser eye surgery do they perform? Not all clinics offer every type of laser eye procedure, so you should check that they perform the surgery you need to correct your visual problem.
  • Is it accessible? You may be happy to go further afield to have surgery, but choosing a clinic that is easy to travel to is advisable. After surgery you will not be able to drive, so you will need to find a clinic that has good public transport routes or is easy for someone else to get to in order to pick you up.
  • How new is their laser technology? Whilst newer technology can drive up the cost of your surgery, it can make the procedure quicker, more accurate and less uncomfortable. This is likely to improve your overall experience and reduce your chance of developing any complications following surgery.

male at an eye surgery clinicTo find the answers to the above and other questions, you should book a consultation with the clinic. Most clinics will offer a free, no-obligation meeting during which you will be able to ask as many questions as you like and have the procedure in question explained to you. Make sure to book consultations with many different clinics so that you can compare the results, and be alerted to anything that doesn’t seem quite right.

You can also do your due diligence by searching online to find out more about the clinics you have chosen. You can read impartial reviews and conduct more thorough research to make sure you are completely comfortable with your choice.

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Laser Eye Surgery Prices

The cost of laser eye surgery in the UK can range from just £595 per eye up to £2175 per eye, depending on the type of procedure you have. The table below shows the price of the most common types of laser eye surgery, based on prices from the UK’s best laser eye surgery clinics. Specialist treatments such as Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) typically cost more.

Type Of Laser Eye Surgery Price Per Eye
LASIK From £595
LASEK From £795
PRK From £2175
IntraLASIK From £1195
EpiLASIK From £800
Wavefront Technology From £1495

There are some factors that can affect the cost of your laser eye surgery treatment, including:

  • The eye condition being treated
  • The severity of your prescription
  • The size and location of the clinic
  • The sophistication of the clinic’s technology

Because the price of treatment can be high, many clinics also offer finance packages. This enables you to spread the cost of your surgery over a period of 6-48 months using small financial instalments. Many clinics offer interest-free finance options meaning you will only need to pay back the total cost of your surgery. You will need to put down a deposit however, in order to secure a date for your surgery.

Unfortunately, it is rare that laser eye surgery will be offered on the NHS. A patient must have been diagnosed with a medical condition that could cause blindness in order to qualify for free surgery on the NHS. The most common conditions include Cataracts, Wet Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy.

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Consultation And Aftercare

Laser eye surgery is generally a quick procedure with a short recovery time. However, no patient should ever be treated as just another statistic or rushed in and out of surgery.

With some clinics, a short consultation only takes place on the day of the surgery itself and there is no real opportunity to go away and think things through or to raise any less immediate questions or concerns. Patients should therefore select a clinic where they can have a consultation a few days prior to the procedure – and with the surgeon who will be carrying it out. They should also ensure that should there be any follow up questions, this same surgeon answers them.

The package should also be examined carefully to see what form of aftercare is offered and at what price (if any). Ideally, there should be a few follow-up appointments offered and preferably with the treating surgeon. It should also be clear what liability is carried by the clinic in the rare event that things do not go as planned.

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