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What We Do and Why

Laser eye surgery has been around for longer than you might imagine. Since 2002, Lasik Eyes has given over 8,900 people (and counting) a platform to read real reviews and understand all the costs of surgery from a trusted and impartial source.

We started as a small forum and have grown to become the UK’s largest collection of independent laser eye surgery reviews, featuring 70 clinics across the UK and over 300 qualified surgeons.

With laser eye surgery becoming safer and more affordable than ever, we’re on a mission to make it even easier to find a surgeon or clinic you can trust – and pay the best price.

Who We Are

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We at Lasik Eyes are passionate about helping you find the best laser eye surgery for you, at a price that makes sense. Our devoted team, based in Kentish Town, London, knows that getting vision correction surgery can be a daunting prospect, but as an independent company, we are there to help you make the right choice, without pushing you into anything.

If you are a surgeon or clinic we have not yet reviewed, we invite you to get in touch to help more people find out about you.


Ask the Experts

When we first started researching laser eye surgery all those years ago, we were surprised by how hard it was to find basic information on clinic websites – and not much has changed today.

That’s why, in addition to honest reviews left by people just like you, we work with surgeons and clinics to make sure the important information you want prior to surgery is easy to get hold of and easy to understand, so you can compare everything you need to know from one place.

Plus, we know laser surgery technology can move fast, so we enlist medical professionals to write and review all our articles to ensure that our information is as up-to-date, jargon-free, and comprehensive as possible.

Get Involved

Reading reviews from real patients can be invaluable, especially when considering surgery. Our community is here to help you make an informed decision about when, where and which treatment you may like to opt for.

By leaving a review after surgery you can help guide others that may have had the same pre-surgery nerves, worries and questions as you. Plus, telling us what laser eye surgery cost you gives others a better of idea of what they are likely to pay.

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