What’s The Age Limit For Laser Eye Surgery?

What are the upper and lower age limits for laser eye surgery?

The Lower Age Limit?

Laser eye surgery is considered to be a procedure available for most people from the age of 18 onwards. In the UK, if you are younger than 18 then you are unsuitable for laser eye surgery as this is the country’s minimum age. The minimum age limit is in place because it is important that a potential patient’s eyes have finished developing. In fact, some clinics have raised their minimum age for the procedure to 21 to ensure this is the case. In some circumstances people aged 18 may still not be suitable if they have an eye prescription that has not been relatively stable for at least the last 2 years.

Is There An Upper Limit?

In terms of an upper age limit there isn’t one. Instead of relying on age once past the age of 18, whether or not you are suitable for laser eye surgery depends solely on whether or not your eyes are in a healthy condition. An appointment with a consultant can give you an expert opinion on the condition of your eyes and tell you if you are suitable for surgery. As as long as you are 18 or over and have eyes in a suitably healthy condition then there is no upper age limit and you are eligible for laser eye surgery.

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