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MDA Clinic

mda clinic

42 Reviews

MDA Clinic provided an excellent service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. All of the staff are very professional, helpful, and polite. The surgeon, Mr Khatib, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and seemed to take pride ...Read more

The MDA Clinic was established 6 years ago in Cardiff. Using state of the art technology, the MDA Clinic offers a new life to people with sight problems.

Today, millions of people worldwide have been treated with refractive surgery, and it has been proven to be safe, effective and convenient. Before the MDA Clinic started, the people of Wales had to travel elsewhere in the country and sometimes abroad to have their eyes treated, which was more expensive, inconvenient and less reassuring.

If postoperative problems were encountered, it would be necessary for them to make the journey back to the clinic where treatment had been carried out. Being available in Wales, the MDA Clinic offers a unique opportunity for the people of Wales to have their treatment carried out by an experienced consultant, who is contactable 24 hours a day if people experience problems postoperatively.

The clinic treats people with long sightedness (hyperopia), short sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. People with a high degree of short sightedness, whose corneal thickness is not suitable for the standard LASIK (Laser In-situ Keratomileusis) treatment, may be suitable for an alternative form of treatment called LASEK (Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis), in which the flap is much thinner than LASIK and the results are very favourable.

For people with a very high degree of hyperopia who would not benefit from LASIK surgery, an alternative treatment called Refractive Lens Exchange is available, which is similar to cataract surgery, where the lens inside the eye is replaced with a new multi focal foldable lens, so that the patient will no longer need to wear thick glasses.

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MDA Clinic Reviews


14 Dec 2018

MDA Clinic provided an excellent service and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

All of the staff are very professional, helpful, and polite. The surgeon, Mr Khatib, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and seemed to take pride in his work. There was no hard sell or pressure to proceed with the procedure, and when the initial examination revealed a factor which may potentially have increased the risk of an adverse outcome I was actively encouraged to obtain a second independent opinion from another consultant before proceeding.

The surgery itself was painless and over fairly quickly. The evening after the surgery Mr Khatib phoned to ensure everything was alright, and he provided his own personal contact details so that I could get in touch with him at any time, day or night, in case there was a problem after the procedure. Clear aftercare instructions and warnings were provided, along with the necessary eye drops and eye guards for use while sleeping.

I am very pleased with the final results, and, after a lifetime of being very short-sighted, my vision is now nearly perfect.

12 Nov 2018

I had LASEK surgery a week ago with Mr Khatib at the MDA Clinic, Cardiff. My vision was -8.50 and -9.50 and I had thought that my eyes would be too bad to fix. I was wrong, I could not be happier with the result of surgery and I thoroughly believe that such a positive outcome of the surgery is a testament to Mr Khatib’s experience and skill. I was very impressed with the whole experience from start to finish and have recommended the clinic to colleagues and friends.

28 Aug 2016

My experience at the MDA clinic has not been a pleasant one. The MDA clinic did not seem to want to help me and they did not seem to care about my welfare. I rung the clinic asking for help and even had the phone put down on me. I was forced to seek help elsewhere by myself.

I was also concerned when I discovered that my records were recorded incorrectly stating that I refused a particular sort of treatment but this I know for a fact was not true.

I felt I had to put a review up to warn others about this clinic. I have felt very hurt and let down by the lack of aftercare demonstrated by this clinic.

27 May 2015

I would recommend the Mda clinic to anyone thinking of having LASIK eye surgery.

I was very nervous when deciding where to have my eye surgery but was completely at ease once Dr Khatib went through the procedure in detail explaining everything. The staff as well as Dr are very kind and friendly making you feel at ease. The after care was also excellent.

Wish I made the decision sooner LASIK eye surgery has completely changed my life!

Amazing results would definitely recommend the Mda clinic 100%!

01 May 2015

From the very first point of contact with MDA Clinic the experience has been superb. I felt well informed before making the decision to proceed with the procedure. During the actual procedure I was made to feel at ease and during the days afterwards, making contact with the clinic was very easy. Dr Khatib provided exceptional after care. One year on, I have just had my annual check up and have no problems at all.

The results have been incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone who does not feel comfortable wearing glasses. I can now enjoy swimming and see! The work Dr Khatib does is amazing and I cannot thank him enough.

16 Apr 2015

Having done a lot of research and a lot of talking to people the MDA clinic came up several times for its care and results. I didn’t think twice about contacting the clinic for a consultation since I believe personal testimonies speak volumes. The welcome is very warm and Christina does an excellent job at putting nervous clients at ease. The clinic is quiet and welcoming. Dr khatib further extends that warm welcome by meeting his clients in the waiting room and walking them into his exam room. I had extreme confidence in his abilities and went on to book a procedure date. Dr Khatib is very easy to talk to an extremely calming man. On the day of the procedure the environment was kept very calm and put me at ease and the professionalism was second to none. I am currently almost 2 weeks post procedure and my recovery has been exactly as explained it would be by Dr Khatib. My vision is brilliant although I’m still in the recovery process and hope to continue to see improvements. I am now completely without glasses and better than driving standard. The clarity wavers throughout the day but my research shows that is typical of the type of procedure I had. I would not hesitate to contact the clinic should I have any worries as I know they take their patients care extremely to the highest level. Very happy and look forward to my 3 month check with Dr Khatib. As a further note during my consultation Dr Khatib picked up on a retinal hole and instructed a letter be sent off to my GP for further examination. His duty of care to me was very comforting. Christina sent off a letter without hesitation and gave me a copy.

26 Nov 2014

I decided to look into my options as I’ve never gotten on with glasses and I suffer with dry eyes so contact lenses never really agreed with me either. I wanted to find an independent clinic rather than go to a faceless brand where there is little accountability for the Surgeons. I came across the MDA Clinic pretty quickly and was very impressed by Dr. Khatib’s C.V. I booked a free consultation and was seen very quickly.

Dr. Khatib explained that I was an eligible candidate for surgery and we discussed my surgical options. I went with the WaveFront Custom Ablation.

I had the surgery within a fortnight and the staff were fantastic. I didn’t have to wait around, I was given the eye drops to start putting into my eyes after I arrived and completed the relevant paperwork. Once these started to take effect I was taken into the operating room which was very clean with all the top equipment. I was aloud to take a family member in to put me at ease.

I was made to feel very comfortable and Dr. Khatib spoke to me throughout. The surgery was totally pain fee with the only slightly uncomfortable part being the instrument that cuts the flap of skin and it was only the pressure that was uncomfortable during this part, I could not see or feel anything else. The surgery was very quick and I was able to go home straight away.

I could not see very well immediately after and I felt like my eyes were sensitive to light. I stayed indoors in dim light for the rest of the day. When I woke up the next day I could see, it was amazing! Everything was crystal clear with a slight haze, which cleared in the coming weeks. I visited Dr. Khatib the next day for my post op consultation and everything was fine. I used the drops as instructed and one year on everything is perfect.

I’ve never looked back, if your thinking about it just do it!!

16 Sep 2014

Do not go to this cow boy clinic ! Cheap for a reasson! I got conned and dissapointed ! The truth is this clinic does not have the right teqno to correct high myopia ! I booked a consultation and on same week booked surgery ! Day b4 surgery I got called to go and see an eye specialist ! ( how unprofessional ) booked another day went for another consultation had to cancel it got eye infection from the dirty equipment ! Was forced to tell another person why I want surgery like I was a school kid ! On top of that I got the go ahead from the specialist which I paid for only to get an email 5 months after to say they will not operate when I wanted treatment ! Bull shit business ! Howver I cannot fault the surgeons kindness he is very kind ! Save a bit more and go to London eye clinic on Harley st london

09 Dec 2013

I would 100% recommend this clinic and it’s staff to anyone who is interested in having a laser treatment. The staff are extremely professional, kind and reassuring at all times. I was not pressured into making any decisions and felt that I could trust Mr Khatib with something as precious as sight. I was extremely pleased with my how my procedure went and its outcome, Mr khatib was very caring and supportive before, during and after the surgery. He also rang my house personally the evening of my surgery to see how I was feeling. He is a very genuine and respectful human being and surgeon who I would highly recommend.

05 Dec 2013

I did extensive reasearch before seeing Mr Khatib, he was a gentleman takes great pride in his work, no sales pressure, before during and after suregery, i was made to feel safe unique, and confident that I made the right choice.
He rang me at 10pm the day of surgery to make sure i was ok.
I have had no problems, and am delighted I have 20-20 vision, and no longet need glasses.
Donot hesitate to go and see Mr Khatib, you will be in very safe hands. Thank you to Both Mr and Mrs Khatib for looking after me.

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