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Pain free operation, follow up excellent. 20-20 vision in eye. Glad I used Ms Saw. ... Read more

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Advanced Vision Care (AVC) is an independent surgeon-led clinic. Founded in 2003 by Dr Pillai on Harley Street, London.

Dr Pillai has over 25 years of ophthalmic experience and is one of the few surgeons to have fellowships for both refractive laser surgery and cornea.


Advanced Vision Care offered a range of eye treatments, including LASIK, LASEK, Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL), Lens Exchange, Cataracts and Keratoconus. Read their patient reviews below.

Technology and facilities

Advanced Vision Care houses the only transparent laser theatre in Europe. Their Alcon Refractive Suite is the most advanced non-laser theatre in the country – treating Cataracts, Clear Lens Exchange and Implantable Contact Lenses.

Why Chose AVC?

  • Offer laser and non-laser treatments for vision correction
  • Network of independent clinics enables patients to have aftercare check-ups closer to home
  • Care Quality and Healthcare Commission, ISO 9001 Quality Management and Investors in People accredited
  • Partnered with the UK’s leading insurance providers (AVIVA, Simply Health, WPA, Allianz, Cigna, Bupa and AXA)

What their customers think

Advanced Vision Care consistently receive a 5-star rating from their patients. Read the reviews below.

Advanced Vision Care Prices

An initial consultation at Optimax is free, the cost for Wavefront LASEK and Wavefront
IntraLase® LASIK is priced at £3,995 for both eyes. AVC also offer interest-free finance plans, repayments could be as little as £50.30 per month.


Advanced Vision Care Reviews

Rating Date
10 Aug 2018

Pain free operation, follow up excellent. 20-20 vision in eye. Glad I used Ms Saw.

A 5-star experience with Ms Saw. She is very thorough with pre testing and explaining the procedure. After care was excellent and I obtained a great result. The only regret is not doing it sooner.
Thanks again!

10 Aug 2018

Valerie’s care and expertise have been incredibly reassuring right through from the initial consultation until today (one year post-op).
I was specifically drawn to Valerie because of her expertise in dry eyes. I was nervous about the idea of laser given my dry eyes, and Valerie confirmed that ICL would be more appropriate given my dry eyes, high prescription (-9) and astigmatism.
The surgery was very quick and calm, and I attended the second eye on my own, having seen how straightforward the first eye was.
Valerie’s after-care was incredible. She saw me at very regular intervals and answered all my questions.
I still cannot believe how sharp my eyesight is – I had very poor vision out of my glasses and could not tolerate contact lenses. The surgery has absolutely changed my quality of life and confidence.
I am so grateful that I came across Valerie and her incredible expertise.

The treatment was completely successful. Great to be able to drive without glasses and to buy sunglasses without having to get expensive lenses. Wish I’d done it sooner, best money I’ve ever spent!

10 Aug 2018

I found Valerie very informative prior to having my eye implants. The aftercare was first class. I would not hesitate to recommend Valerie to any of my friends who were thinking of having this procedure.

22 Jan 2018

I am so grateful to Miss Saw for her expert advice, guidance and care resulting in surgery which has greatly improved my vision and allowed me the joy of discarding two sets of spectacles. My thanks also to the team whose warmth and kindness were much appreciated.

21 Nov 2017

It’s been a year since my surgery and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! My vision was -7.00 with astigmatism and I needed a bit of a fine tuning treatment which was explained to me by the surgeon as higher chance with my type of prescription. After the retreatment I can see better than 20/20. The surgery was so easy I wished I just had it done earlier. I did suffer from a bit of eye dryness but I understand that this is quite common of eye surgery. AVC had been very attentive and professional throughout the aftercare and looking after my dryness.

I’ve even recommended AVC to all my friends. Would highly recommend!

21 Nov 2017

I had treatment with Advanced vision care 3 years ago and could not be happier. I went to them as one of my friends had recommended them after having treatment there himself a few months before. I had been toying with the idea for some time. I had been to other clinics in the past but never really felt comfortable as I felt I was being pressured into having treatment with them. AVC never pressured me into anything. in fact, the patiently answered all my questions and made sure I was aware of all the facts. The consultation lasted about 2 and a half hours and was very thorough. I met Mr Pillai on the day of the consultation who told me that I was not suitable for laser as my prescription was too high, and that implantable contact lenses would be better for me. Dr Pillai was very upfront about all the risks that I may face due to my high prescription. He took the time to show me why I was not suitable for laser and explained why he would be happier if I had the ICL treatment. Dr Pillai even asked me to go to a specialist for retinal opinion first. Even though there was a risk I was confident that I was in the safest place. Even though he had patients waiting to see him he made me feel like I was his only patient and that he was there to make sure I was happy.
I have had some issues but they have all been dealt with with the utmost care. since I have had the treatment I have recommended 6 people who have also had treatment with AVC. Compared to the other clinics I went to for a consultation I am so happy I had treatment with AVC as the whole team really look after you.

31 Oct 2017

I am delighted with my lens replacement surgery. I was apprehensive at first however Valerie and her team are amazing I can not praise her as much as I’d like to. I had my lens replaced on 14th and 15th February 2017 right eye 1st then the following morning other eye. and my Vision could not be better.
A few weeks of eye drops after surgery and all good the thing I noticed more is haveing a shower and seeing what was the shampoo bottle.

If you are thinking about it 100% do it as they is no pain what so ever it just nerves and Valerie and her team make the the nervousness go away I’m pleased to say.

31 Oct 2017

I was 26 when I unfortunately met Dr. Pillai. His team said I was 100% compatible with no issues of dry eyes or astigmatism, just mild short sightedness at -4 in each eye.

My first operation saw my eyesight increase to -1 but I was still short sighted, so I needed a second top up. This worked as I was better than 20:20 but had terrible night vision, halos and starburst, even in the day time, and dry eyes.
6 months later Dr Pillai recommended a 3rd operation called a lift flap and clean to address those issues, which were probably caused by the dryness. I regret taking his advice as this operation made my vision worse, with both eyes deteriorating to less than 20:20, the original issues prevailing and now my eyes have been bloodshot for over 2 months. Note I’ve followed his advice on drops, gels and supplements to the letter.

I was foolish enough to trust AVC due to their branding of being a Harley St. clinic but in reality, having been their customer/experiment for over 18 monts, I know that Dr. Pillai has little compassion, they struggle with high staff turnover, don’t have multiple surgeons as their website claims and most importantly don’t provide a lifetime of after care.

Please think twice about choosing this company. I regret the day I stepped foot in their office.

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