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Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

30 Reviews

My surgery was just over a year ago at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital clinic and, having taken some time to reflect, I am very happy with the results. I take my new eyes for granted and cant remember what it was like not waking ...Read more

The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is owned by LaserVision, and run by the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

This eye hospital provides a full range of refractive surgical procedures and refractive errors, and treats them with laser eye or lens replacement surgery.

Patients choose the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for its cutting-edge technology – the clinic specialises in the use of the Wavelight Allegretto laser with wavefront diagnostics and guided ablations, which is one of the most advanced lasers available.

In this review:

  1. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital review
  2. Laser eye surgery price list
  3. Treatments available
  4. Surgeons
  5. The verdict
  6. Independent patient reviews

1. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Review

So what makes it different? The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is renowned for offering up-to-date laser eye surgery treatments for people of all ages. The hospital stands out for its:

  1. Hospital based care: All consultations and treatments are performed in leading NHS and Private Hospitals.
  2. Expertise: All the surgeons are experts in eye surgery, and all check-ups are Consultant-led.
  3. Full range of treatment: As well as laser eye surgery, this hospital provides lens surgery, implantable contact lenses, corneal segments, and Wavefront technology.

Read reviews: Check out the independent reviews left by former patients below.

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2. Laser Eye Surgery Cost

The cost of your laser eye or lens replacement surgery will be between £900 per eye and £1,950 per eye. The two-hour consultation costs £75, which is deducted from the cost of the surgery. Prices depend on your prescription, and the treatment you are suitable for.

Here are the eye surgery prices you can expect:

TreatmentCost From
(per eye)
Cost To
(per eye)
LASIK / LASEK surgery£900£1,950
Lens replacement surgery£1,250£1,950

How do these prices compare? The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is a mid-range clinic – it’s more expensive than leading high street clinics such as Optical Express, but cheaper than other eye hospitals like Moorfields Private.

Most clinics do not publish their price lists, so it can be hard to get a true price estimate for your eye surgery. However, based on the thousands of reviews real patients leave us, we can tell you the average cost of treatment at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital:

  • Average LASIK / LASEK surgery cost: £1,250 (per eye)
  • Average cost of surgery: £2,673 (in total, based on 28 reviews)

At your initial consultation at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, the eye expert will carry out tests to help you decide which procedure would be best for you. Laser consultations take place on a Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, while surgery takes place on a Wednesday afternoon.

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3. Treatments

The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital offers the following laser eye surgery treatments:

  1. Blade free IntraLASIK is the most advanced laser eye surgery there is, and delivers excellent results and unmatched safety.
  2. LASIK is the most popular form of laser vision correction – it’s quick, pain free, and promises almost instant vision correction.
  3. LASEK is a quick and safe form of laser eye surgery that can treat people with thin eye surfaces and high prescriptions.
  4. SupraLASE is a no touch laser for correcting astigmatism.
  5. Wavefront technology is a personalised treatment that uses a smooth pane of light.

In addition, you have the choice of these lens surgery treatments:

  1. Implantable contact lens surgery / Phakic IOL
  2. Lens replacement surgery / Refractive lens exchange
  3. Cataract surgery

4. Surgeons

Experienced Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons lead all consultations and post-operation visits, and have expertise in every aspect of refractive surgery (laser, corneal and intra-ocular implants). When choosing a surgeon, always check they are a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

5. The Verdict

The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is one of the best laser eye clinics in the UK as well as a top place for laser eye surgery in Manchester, based on over 8,900 independent reviews left on Lasik Eyes since 2002. Patients rated it:

  • Good for: Wavefront technology
  • Poor for: Parking

But is it the best place for your eye surgery treatment?

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Want a tailored quote? The cost of your laser eye or lens replacement surgery will depend on the clinic you choose, the experience of the surgeon and the treatment you go for. That means the only way to get an accurate quote is to go to a free consultation, have free eye tests (worth £800) and talk through your options with an eye expert.

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6. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Patient Reviews


04 Jan 2019

My surgery was just over a year ago at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital clinic and, having taken some time to reflect, I am very happy with the results. I take my new eyes for granted and cant remember what it was like not waking up and seeing clearly unaided.

Mr Brahma and his team were excellent and I have been well looked after.

LASEK is quite demanding in the first few days after and it was definitely unpleasant recovering in the intial stages. This was all to be expected and they provide, in the post-op documentation, a very accurate after-your-surgery-guide (and drugs!).

The only real after effects I suffer are slight dryness in the mornings which is due to de-hydration. Drinking water solves it relatively easily and its a very small price to pay for not messing around with contacts or glasses.

20 Dec 2018

I underwent LASEK at the end of 2013 with Laservision in Guildford and I couldn’t be happier with my experience and results.

Excellent standard of care and a great team, who were so professional, friendly and reassuring. I really felt at ease throughout the whole process. And the most important thing for me was that I genuinely felt that Mr Tappin had my best interests at heart and really took the time to talk me through everything before, during and after the procedure.

Great aftercare and better than 20/20 vision- I couldn’t ask for more!

07 Dec 2018

I would like to say a huge thank you to Dr Arun Brahma and the rest of the team at The LaserVision Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

Having worn glasses and contact lenses for most of my life (from the age of 6, now 46) the laser treatment has been life changing for me.

I did a lot of research and had a few consultations in different clinics and found I felt most confident, comfortable and at ease at Laser Vision even though the other clinics were cheaper.

The treatment I had was the LASIK, my eyesight prescription was +4 – longsighted and I have astigmatism.

I was told during the consultation what to expect and was fully explained the treatment. On the day of the treatment I was very anxious, nervous and was put at ease by Dr Brahma. After being prepped for surgery I was taken through to the theatre room where Dr Brahma and his team were there (radio on – relaxing atmosphere) Dr Brahma did the treatment and talked me through what he was doing. I did not experience any pain, slight discomfort; all in all the laser treatment took around 15-20 minutes. I was given eye drops, two nights worth of sleeping tablets and painkillers and aftercare instructions– what to do/not to do. After the anesthetic wore off, eyes felt gritty and uncomfortable and very sensitive to the light. I could definitely see the improvement of my eyesight that evening and the next morning it was amazing opening my eyes and being able to see clearly and not reaching for my glasses – Wow.

My sight has been fluctuating, this is to be expected – takes a few months for it to settle. I have been using eye drops for dryness. I will eventually need glasses for reading.

The aftercare check-ups have been regular –day, two day, week, month and now two months after, my vision is checked and I have chat with consultant.

In summary I am very pleased with the outcome of the LASIK – I no longer wear lenses or glasses – my eyesight is as good if not better than when I used to wear lenses though slightly less in the night time/when its dark but all in all great results and it’s all thanks to Dr Brahma and his team at The LaserVision Manchester Royal Eye Hospital – highly recommend it.

08 Aug 2018

Friendly, helpful staff at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital who seemed very confident in their abilities. Got an excellent outcome with LASEK from moderate short sightedness and astygmatism to almost no detectable prescription.

05 Jan 2018

I had Lasik eye surgery on both of my eyes in September 2016 with Laservision at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital under Mr Brahma and his team. I received excellent care and all the staff were extremely friendly. It was carried out on a private ward which was excellently maintained. My care both before, during and after surgery was faultless and extremely thorough. My vision has now settled down and is amazing. I wish I’d had it done years ago! I would highly recommend Laservision UK with Mr Brahma and his team.

03 Oct 2017

From the very first point of contact to the point of being signed off, the whole experience has been wonderful. Every member of staff here are fabulous, caring, friendly. There is never any pressure to go through with any procedure, everything is clearly explained as to what treatment you have so you know exactly what is in store for you. They are very thorough with all eye tests prior to treatment, during recovery, and have regular follow up visits and eye tests/scans to make sure everything is as it should be. I cannot fault the care I have received from the team at the Manchester Eye Hospital. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about laser eye surgery to see the team here. They truly do care .
I am so happy with the results since my surgery. It’s great not having to wear glasses as soon as I get out of bed, or for driving and general daily life. My eye test show dramatic improvement and has continued to improve over the last few months as well.
I’m so glad I had it done, I’ve been thinking about having the surgery for a few years and finally plucked up the courage this year to do it.
The surgery itself is painless , yes a little discomfort afterwards but the results are well worth it.
Thankyou again to the whole team, I’m so glad I chose you for the procedure.

22 Jul 2012

great clinic and very professional set up. This place is a hidden gem, they should advertise more and i only found it following a recommendation from friend's mother who had her lens implant surgery there by Mr Brahma. The Eye Hospital is a safe place to have it done and it is reassuring that i had the back up of the Eye Hospital if there was a problem. i have now been discharged by Mr B and he is due to see a couple of my friends soon. Slightly more expensive than the high street clinics but then you only have one pair eyes and you are a seeing top surgeon! So worth the money and I can finally wear my Gucci sunglasses for my holidays.

01 Jul 2012

I was extremely long sighted (+11 and +12) with a very dominant right eye and a lazy, rather useless left eye. My optician was very pessimistic about my being accepted for surgery because of this, even though I was willing to take the risk. I wrote to Mr Brahma to explain my situation and he was more than happy to operate and insert toric lenses as I had an astigmatism. It was ABSOLUTELY amazing! I went back for my review yesterday and I now have 20/20 vision in my good eye. My left eye is good too although I was not expecting any miracles there! I know it wasn't cheap but ohhhhh the pleasure to wake up and be able to see!!! The whole experience was a joy from start to finish so THANK YOU ALL - ESPECIALLY ARUN BRAHMA!

26 Feb 2011

I want to thank the team at Manchester Centre for Vision and Khalid Ikram for working his magic - he is a diamond!!! The professionalism and after-care has been second to none!!! I opted for the Lasek Wavefront surgery - the treatment was painless and quick.. I now have an extra 10 mins in bed and can wear make-up without any irritation.. The results have been amazing - better than the 20:20 vision that I wanted. If you are considering laser surgery then 'his the man'!!!

15 Dec 2010

I am now 2 years after surgery and delighted with the results. I was very short sighted (-9, -6) with a complex prescription and I now have no need for glasses at all. I had the lasek procedure which meant a few days of discomfort, and I now have slightly dry eyes which is easily remedied by some over the counter eyedrops once in the morning. My only negative would be the difficulty of car parking at the site but that is a small price to pay for being at a centre with great clinical expertise and back up in case anything goes wrong.

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