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St. James Laser Vision

St James Laser Vision

82 Reviews

At James Laser Vision changed my life. I have been fully dependent on thick glasses and contact lenses my entire life, and had been told By 3 or more surgeons that due to my young age and very high prescription, (+6 along with a s ... Read more

Laser eye surgery directed by surgeons, not corporations, overseen by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

There are many good reasons to choose St. James Laser Vision, including the medical leadership behind the services we provide, the reassurance provided by the high standards within the NHS Trust, and the expertise of our surgeons.

Mr. Andrew Morrell and Mr. James Ball, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons perform laser eye surgery at St James Laser Vision under the governance of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Both Mr. Morrell and Mr. Ball are NHS consultant ophthalmic surgeons with advanced training and experience in laser eye surgery.

Pricing is for all suitable prescriptions, inclusive of all appointments, customised wavefront treatment, medications and the surgeon’s mobile number in case of emergency. The initial consultation costs nothing and there is no obligation to go ahead. All patients are offered 0% financing to cover up to 100% of their investment in treatment, making surgery as affordable as £41.66/eye per month.

St James’ Laser Vision Clinic doesn’t quite make our best-rated laser eye surgery providers in the UK – you can read their customer reviews below.

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Rating Date

18 Feb 2020

At James Laser Vision changed my life. I have been fully dependent on thick glasses and contact lenses my entire life, and had been told By 3 or more surgeons that due to my young age and very high prescription, (+6 along with a slight astigmatism) that surgery for me was not an option. Dr James Ball was polite and friendly from the get go, he agreed to do the surgery with no fuss to my astonishment! He was confident with his equipment and expertise and so was I. I had my surgery just after new year 2018 and literally said goodbye to a lifetime of bad vision, it makes me emotional. Now I can see in such detail I couldn’t achieve with glasses or contact lenses! I spent days smiling looking at raindrops or the hair on my arms and all of the fine details I had been blind to. I will be able to see now until my eyes degenerate with age in around 30 years and you can’t put a price on that. I’m now due with my first baby and can’t wait to see every detail of his little face, I appreciate my eyesight every single day. Thank you!!!

07 Dec 2018

Cannot recommend St James Laser Vision or this surgery enough. Mr Morrel was so kind and reassuring and the surgery itself was very simple and straight forward. It has been life changing and I will never take perfect vision for granted. Best decision I have ever made. I would urge anyone who is thinking about it to do it !

07 Dec 2018

I had outstanding service from my consultant Mr. Andrew Morrell. The rest of the staff were also brilliant – very professional, efficient and caring. I went from a vision of -5.75 and -5.25 to almost perfect vision. My left eye still has a very slight prescription but not enough to warrant wearing glasses. As an active person who likes to run and walk outdoors, it has changed my life. The extensive and attentive follow-up for over 12 months afterwards was also brilliant.

03 Oct 2017

I had my surgery under the care of Mr Morrill and simply cannot thank him enough for his unbelievable commitment and care. I suffered with dry eyes as i worse contact lenses for 20 years daily. For 18 months I was advised not to have surgery until my tear film had improved. After I stopped wearing contact lenses completely for 3 months I was able to undergo surgery. Mr Morrill knows exactly what he is doing and advises you properly every step of the way so you are fully aware of the procedure and how your eyes will heal after surgery. The after care I received was amazing Mr Morrill saw me straight away after I was experiencing irritation he changed my medication and prevented me from getting any infections. I would highly recommend him and can say this was the best thing I have done.

14 Jul 2017

Brilliant result my eyesight is better now than it ever was with glasses and contact lenses. The staff at St James were really re assuring, and the after care superb. I would highly recommend this clinic – life changing best thing I have ever done!

05 Jan 2017

I couldn’t recommend this clinic enough. The initial consultation was very thorough and all my questions were answered.

I was treated by Mr Ball. Despite my nerves he put me at ease and talked me through the whole procedure.

My aftercare has gone fairly smoothly. When I had some concerns about eye dryness and discomfort and turned up at the clinic unannounced,Mr Morrell was able to see me and reassure me. I was given cream and drops and my eyes were much improved.

Yesterday I had my 2 monthly check. I can almost read the bottom line of all the eye charts and my vision is better than it ever was with glasses or contact lenses. I am booked in for another appointment in October 2017,but can call the clinic at any time should I have questions.

I have already recommended the clinic to several people at my work!

Thank you to Mr Ball and the whole team for your expert treatment and for guiding me through the whole process so effortlessly.

30 Aug 2016

An excellent result, so much so that I now take my new sight for granted, it\’s as if I\’ve never worn glasses.

28 Aug 2016

Fantastic, caring, friendly service from St James’ laser vision. Very thorough with information & answered any question (no matter how silly).

Medical procedure was quick, pain free & I saw results within an hour. Best decision I made!

I recommend the surgery but you have to have it at st James laser vision as their medical care is just st brilliant.

19 Aug 2016

Very well looked after from start to finish.
Every question answered and never rushed.
Excellent service and would highly recommend.
I was extremely short sighted and this has completely changed my life.
Thank you!

09 Jul 2016

Had lasik surgery at the beginning of June due to having astigmatism, from day one I felt comfortable with the staff everything was explained any questions i had were answered fully felt completely safe.the procedure lasted 15 mins for both eyes never felt a thing the surgeons reassure you throughout leaving you feeling safe and calm. Could see straight away the difference had been amazing!! Only had it done 4 weeks ago.Would highly recommend st James laser vision. Thank you

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