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Only wish I'd done this sooner! It is a truly life changing operation - my vision is clear and sharp. Mr Danjoux and Karin Anderson led me through the process at Sunderland Eye Infirmary and it was all very easy and painless. Huge ...Read more

Site for Eyes utilises excimer laser technology capable of treating myopia up to -15.00 dioptres in conjunction with moderate levels of astigmatism. They benefit from having the full diagnostic and therapeutic facilities of a dedicated eye hospital. Additional assessment facilities include corneal topography, corneal specular microscopy, autorefraction and corneal photographic facilities.

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28 Jul 2017

Only wish I’d done this sooner! It is a truly life changing operation – my vision is clear and sharp. Mr Danjoux and Karin Anderson led me through the process at Sunderland Eye Infirmary and it was all very easy and painless. Huge thanks to the whole team.

05 May 2017

I could not have asked for better treatment from Mr Danjoux and his team. I encountered some difficulty following an accident shortly after surgery, however Mr Danjoux went above and beyond to care for me and my vision is still perfect. I feel if I had chosen a different clinic this would unfortunatly not be the case. Because of this I could not recommend the clinic enough to anyone considering laser eye surgery. By far one of the best decisions I have ever made.

15 Aug 2016

Absolutely fantastic service from Site For Eyes. The care received before, during and after the surgery is first class. All of the staff are very helpful and attentive and I really felt as though I was in safe hands.
If you’re considering laser eye surgery I would highly recommend Site or Eyes.

07 May 2016

I received excellent treatment and aftercare from Mr Danjoux and his team throughout.

I had a very high prescription -7.50, but now have 20/20 vision. (Even better in one eye). I wish I had taken the plunge years ago.

A bit more expensive than high street chains, but in my opinion it\’s worth every penny to get the best possible care. My wife went to a high street outlet about 5 years ago and the levels of service or care do not compare.

Very highly recommended. I wouldn\’t go anywhere else if living in NE England.

10 Mar 2016

The best decision I have ever made following a consultation with Mr Danjoux. His skills were highly recommended by a friend and previous working colleague, coupled with his excellent care. The service is fantastic with good after care follow up and clinical advice – nothing is a problem. Mr Danjoux is renowned for high clinical expertise and his commitment to improving wellbeing for all under his care.

06 Mar 2016

I’ve worn glasses for short sightedness for the past 15years and had a prescription of -5.00. Following a recommendation from a friend I decided to go ahead with Zyoptix LASIK treatment in both eyes.
There are some different payment options but I chose to pay over a 10 month interest free period.
I was very nervous about the procedure but Mr Danjoux talked me through what he was doing and the nurse held my hand throughout the procedure. It was quick and painless.
The treatment was successful and it is amazing waking up and being able to see my alarm clock without reaching across to bring it closer to my face.
I would love to thank Mr Danjoux and his team for the top class service I received. The aftercare I received from everyone was above and beyond the normal. I had regular checkups following issues with inflammation for almost a year, during this time I was provided with all of the steroid eye drops and lubricating drops needed without any additional charges.
I felt like more than just a customer and received a higher standard of care than I could ever have imagined. I strongly recommend Site for Eyes for exemplary procedure and aftercare. Thank you very much.

11 Feb 2016

Fabulous service from start to finish. Would recommend Site for Eyes to everyone!

09 Dec 2015

the best money spent ever.

23 Jun 2015

Great result for me,-10.25, -8.00 (classed as complex vision) to +0.5,0.0 correction. Very helpful and professional service throughout.
I would thoroughly recommend to anyone

16 Mar 2015

I have worn glasses or contact lens since being 5 years old. My eyes have gradually deteriorated until I was wearing +8.0 and +7.5 soft contact lens. The optician said I really needed a higher prescription, which were not available in the high water content lens. This would mean either glasses or having poor vision.

Site for Eyes was recommended by two friends who had already had treatment there. As my prescription was too high for laser my option was refractive lens replacement. I must say that Mr. Danjoux and his team were excellent, particularly Andrea Stephenson who provided exceptional service.

I had the first eye done in October and the second in November and now have better eye sight than I have had before with 20/20 vision. No more contact lenses or glasses for me! It was well worth the money. I threrfore have no hesitation in recommending this clinic.

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