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Only wish I'd done this sooner! It is a truly life changing operation - my vision is clear and sharp. Mr Danjoux and Karin Anderson led me through the process at Sunderland Eye Infirmary and it was all very easy and painless. Huge ...Read more

Site for Eyes utilises excimer laser technology capable of treating myopia up to -15.00 dioptres in conjunction with moderate levels of astigmatism. They benefit from having the full diagnostic and therapeutic facilities of a dedicated eye hospital. Additional assessment facilities include corneal topography, corneal specular microscopy, autorefraction and corneal photographic facilities.

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04 Jun 2013

I am writing this review 6 days after my treatment and all I can say is wow. I had my one week check today and have 20:20 vision in both eyes. I have had no complications so far and no infections and have recovered very quickly and almost pain free.

The surgery was far less scary than I thought and was over in 20 minutes. My surgeon was calm and clearly explained what he was doing. There were no bells of whistles he just got down to his job is a confident and professional manner.

The only downside was that there was a delay and I waited 2.5 hours to be seen after my original appointment time. No one came to apologise or explain the delay. This long wait caused me a great deal of added anxiety sitting waiting and sadly I ended up having my surgery at almost 7.30pm at night when I was tired and worrying about the babysitting of my baby who was with grandparents. Other than the delay however, i am very satisfied and would recommend site for eyes 100% – let’s hope I continue to recover well and get the all clear at my 1,3 & 6 month checks.

Thank you to all at site for eyes.

29 May 2013

Since my treatment (August 2012) my eyesight has got better and better. One eye had been over prescribed with glasses and so took longer to adjust after being lasered. Eyesight is brilliant and so good not to have to pick up glasses first thing in the morning. Yes it's pricey compared to others (which I visited) but it's worth paying more for the extra expertise and facilities. Whole process was pain free and carefully talked through (like being at the dentist really) and after care has been brilliant. I've been very impressed and would recommend Site for Eyes to everyone!

02 Apr 2013

I would highly recommend this clinic to everyone as the treatment, patient care and service I received were outstanding. I am truly delighted with the result from the surgery. Thanks to the exceptional skill and expertise of Mr Danjoux and his team I have 20/20 vision and no longer have to suffer from the miserable side effects of wearing contact lenses.

10 Mar 2013

My age is 62 , problem was age related presbyopia [ long-sightedness ] combined with very early cataract formation of which I was essentially unaware . I have just thrown away all my glasses , what a joy !!!. I now have better than 20:20 vision in both eyes thanks to Mr Danjoux ,who was superb . He and all his staff were outstanding in the excellent care I received , I cannot thank them enough . My results are a testament to the skill and expertise I witnessed , meticulous attention to detail combined with a relaxed and stress free environment , knowing you are being treated in a centre of uncompromising excellence .

12 Jan 2013

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Danjoux and the Site for Eyes clinic to anyone considering laser surgery. I am 47 and have worn contact lenses and glasses since I was 15. I had always thought that laser surgery was not for me, just the thought of it was frightening, but in the summer of 2011 I thought it wouldn't hurt to do a bit of research. I had consultations with 2 clinics in Newcastle, before seeing my optician who recommended Mr Danjoux by name. The thing I most liked about Site for Eyes was that the initial consultation was with Mr Danjoux himself, he gave clear, unbiased advice, advising that I could expect 'quite a good result' with lasik surgery, but also explaining all of the risks. So I decided to take the plunge and had lasik treatment on both eyes in November 2011. On the day of the surgery I was very nervous, but also really excited. As expected, the surgery wasn't painful at all, just uncomfortable, only taking about 20 minutes. My vision seemed perfect after the surgery, I couldn't believe I'd actually done it! Over the next few weeks my vision regressed slightly, due to my age and reasonably high original prescription, and Mr Danjoux suggested I had more treatment, but to 1 eye only. So I had more surgery to my left eye in July 2012. The aftercare I have received since my original treatment in November 2011 has been excellent. I have been back several times for checkups and sight tests, the last being on Wednesday 9th January. My original prescription was -4.25 plus astigmatism in both eyes.I now have overall 20/20 vision, with my right eye remaining fractionally short sighted so I won't need reading glasses for the forseeable future. I am over the moon with the results, and appreciate my new vision everyday. Thank-you to Mr Danjoux, Anita and the rest of the team at Site for Eyes.

04 Dec 2012

I has my right eye done in April, 2012, and then the left eye in May, 2012. From my initial consultation with Mr Danjoux, the eye surgeon, to the date of discharge I could not fault the customer service provided by the team and Mr Danjoux, himself. I was given detailed information, both printed and verbal regarding the procedure, possible side effects and instructions of what to do before and after surgery. I was pleasantly surprised that the actual laser treatment only took about 15-20 minutes at the most, which included anaesthetic drops, etc, so that I didn't feel a thing. I had quite a strong prescription; -7.25 in right eye and -6.50 in the left, but the result is even better than I anticipated at 20/20 vision! I was a little worried that I would possible need reading glasses, due to my age of 42, but thankfully, for the moment I don't. Mr Danjoux and his team were recommended to me by an optician who said that they would not have it done anywhere else than Sunderland, as they put right the "bodge jobs". I have now been discharged from follow up, November, 2012, but I would not hesitate in recommending Site for Eyes, Sunderland Eye Infirmary, to everyone who is considering laser surgery.

22 Nov 2012

I cant praise Site for Eyes and their staff enough. I have been very short sighted since my early teens (-10) and needed my glasses from the moment i woke up until i took them off to go to sleep. Not anymore!! my vision is brilliant, and i dont even need glasses for driving...what a difference. I need glasses for reading but can get by without when out and about. From start to finish the treatment i received from Mr Danjoux and his reception staff was second to none. The procedure is relatively pain free and you can see straight away. The only aftercare needed was drops, no pain relief at all. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend the treatment to anyone.

22 Sep 2012

What’s particularly good about Site-for-Eyes is that you feel they’re not out there for a quick profit, they’re there to advise you what is considered to be the most applicable correction for your particular needs. It’s just that years back I sought a consultation with Mr. Danjoux and back then techniques wasn’t so hot, Mr. Danjoux found I had large pupils (I think that was the case) so he pointed out all the risks in performing the procedure then, the underlying message though (he couldn’t specifically tell me, just offered lots of advice) was hang on and don’t get it done just yet. Ten years later and another consultancy and he informed me that techniques had advanced to now fully cover my weird eyes, anyway cutting to the chase the procedure went brilliantly without a hitch, I now have better than 20/20 vision in the one eye I had corrected. Supporting my claim again I was advised to have only one eye corrected as monovision is the new thing for people my age and although a loss in cashbox takings for SFE it is the most appropriate treatment for me. I can confidently say I’m fully confident of the full team – surgeon to office – they have an extensive range of techniques available, they’re honest, skilful and just really excellent. Many thanks.

26 Jul 2012

I would like to thank Mr Danjoux and his team for my treatment and the care shown to me both before, during and following surgery. The results are fantastic. My sight is amazing. The procedure is painless and remarkably quick for such incredible results . Thanks again to all the team.

24 Apr 2012

I am extremely grateful for the advice, treatment and aftercare received by Mr Danjoux and all his team. I have had a refractive lens exchange to both eyes and Lasek excimer laser to the right one.I am no longer wearing contacts or glasses. It has changed my life !

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