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Only wish I'd done this sooner! It is a truly life changing operation - my vision is clear and sharp. Mr Danjoux and Karin Anderson led me through the process at Sunderland Eye Infirmary and it was all very easy and painless. Huge ...Read more

Site for Eyes utilises excimer laser technology capable of treating myopia up to -15.00 dioptres in conjunction with moderate levels of astigmatism. They benefit from having the full diagnostic and therapeutic facilities of a dedicated eye hospital. Additional assessment facilities include corneal topography, corneal specular microscopy, autorefraction and corneal photographic facilities.

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04 Feb 2004

Surgeon was Mr Danjoux..... My eyesight was pretty bad before I had my Lasik treatment (-8.0 in both eyes). However after having had the treatment and now being able to see fine without glasses/contacts etc. I can give nothing but praise for both Mr Danjoux and his clinic. I opted to have my eyes done separately, rather than on the same day but that was completely my decision. Mr Danjoux was very good in that he explained carefully the procedure to me and made me feel completely at ease. My treatment was totally pain free on both occasions and all I had to do was spend the rest of the day lying down in a darkened room after my ops. The next day I returned to the clinic to have the plastic shield removed from my eye (although I had been able to see quite well from the day before). I could easily have returned to work 2 days after the op. My reasons for going to this particular clinic was because I felt that as it was located within Sunderland Eye Infirmary, I was in the best place should anything go wrong. My final comment is that excellent is not a high enough rating for how I feel about my treatment and aftercare which has been second to none.

05 Jun 2004

Basically I am blind as a bat, with a very strong longsight prescription of +10 ish in both eyes. After much deliberation and research I have finally took my first steps towards being able to see properly for the first time in my 26 year old life! I had a clear lens extraction carried out at the clinic last week by Mr Danjoux, top surgeon, top bloke and I am absolutely amazed with the results so far. For safety reasons only one eyes is operated on at a time and I am currently typing this e-mail using my "fixed" eye only, it's a miracle! Don't get me wrong my eyesite is far from perfect, visually things are quite swimmy, my eye is sore and red and my reading vision is poor, however when I compare this to my previous uncorrected vision it is a 1000% improvement, I can now see further than I've ever hoped. The great thing about Site for Eyes is the advice I have been given, even though I am experiencing some difficulties at the moment I have been told that this will settle down in the very near future and that any further treatment needed (such as lasik to "fine tune" everything) comes as part of the whole overall treatment and price. It will be a long drawn out process to get my eyes perfect or near perfect, however my advice to those with severe prescriptions or any one who has been turned down for laser is: 1. Don't give up. 2. Research, research, research. 3. Get more than one opinion. 4. Dont expect miracles overnight, expect further treatment and some difficult times in the initial weeks. 5. Go to a top hospital surgeon where not only the surgeon but all of the staff provide the best care possible. My second eye is due for treatment in July - after my initial experience I have upmost faith in Mr Danjoux and his team! Good luck to anyone who has been in the same boat as me, personally it's the best thing I've ever had done.

16 Aug 2004

I had reading implants inserted into one eye in October 2003 by Mr Danjoux, Unfortunately they did not work from the onset. Despite being told my eyesight would improve over the following weeks and months this did not happen - in fact one of the four implanted actually started to come out of my eye and subsequently had to be removed. Overall I am very disappointed with the results as I was told there was a very good chance of success, bearing in mind that my reading vision only required mild reading glasses. I have subsequently had CK treatment at the Horizon Eye Centre with, so far, excellent results.

23 Mar 2005

Follow up from last posting...I have now had "touch up" LASEK on my left eye to give me some reading vision and resolve a small amount of residual longsight. Results are perfect, LASEK painless (uncomfortable in bandage lenses for a few days though!). Mr Danjoux has perfomed what I would class as a miracle, from a +10 to no glasses or lenses whatsover has completely turned my life around. The aftercare has been amazing, the staff are very helpful and you couldn't be in safer hands. It might be a bit more expensive than your high street conveyor belts, but remember, it's your eyesight and you only get one chance! Having LASEK on my right eye after I return from an extended holiday, so hopefully the result will be even better! Cheers and good luck Paul

25 Aug 2006

I have been incredibly(-8, -9) short-sighted since 13 and have worn contact lenses for 30 years. Things seemed to be deteriorating so I decided to go for corrective surgery. Why the Eye Infirmary? Because they are one of the top eye hospitals in the UK and Europe, so if they don't know or can't do it, it can't be done. Mr. D'Anjou ensured that I knew everything there was to know, including the risks, before the op. and I had both eyes done at once. Sore and uncomfortable, but only for 12 hours and then amazing! I could see well even when going for the following day's checkup. Mr. D'Anjou recommended that he "under-do" them and then they could be redone if necessary. I have had the right eye "topped up" and now have such fabulous vision that I only very occasionally need to wear very mild reading glasses. It's changed my life and I wish I had done it sooner! Mr D and the whoel team are to be recommended for their expertise, expereince, friendly approach and constant concern for the best for you. Yes, it's expensive, but you get what you pay for-all the followups etc. repeat treatment are all included in the one price-and you only get one pair of eyes. I had it done Nov. 2005 and they are still tracking me to ensure that all is well. Many, many thanks.

18 Aug 2007

Mr Danjoux and his staff were incredibly professional and caring. The whole experience was made as easy as possible and everything was explained to me including the possible risks. My vision is now briliiant I can't thank you enough.

27 Aug 2007

Best Clinic - Best Surgeon - Best Result.

01 Sep 2007

Have just been told about this website and had to add my comments about the excellent service I received from site for eyes.

01 Sep 2007

I too experienced the professionalism of site for eyes, along with my wife Jean, and had to add my comments too. I would not hesitate to recommend site for eyes and Mr Danjoux. The great asset was all potential complications were explained thoroughly. Thank you.

14 Sep 2007

No pain and excellent results - well worth the money - wished I had plucked up the courage earlier! Thanks Mr Danjoux.

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