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Only wish I'd done this sooner! It is a truly life changing operation - my vision is clear and sharp. Mr Danjoux and Karin Anderson led me through the process at Sunderland Eye Infirmary and it was all very easy and painless. Huge ...Read more

Site for Eyes utilises excimer laser technology capable of treating myopia up to -15.00 dioptres in conjunction with moderate levels of astigmatism. They benefit from having the full diagnostic and therapeutic facilities of a dedicated eye hospital. Additional assessment facilities include corneal topography, corneal specular microscopy, autorefraction and corneal photographic facilities.

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26 Jul 2012

I would like to thank Mr Danjoux and his team for my treatment and the care shown to me both before, during and following surgery. The results are fantastic. My sight is amazing. The procedure is painless and remarkably quick for such incredible results . Thanks again to all the team.

06 Jun 2010

I hated the idea that I would be dependant on glasses for the rest of my life. That was until I visited site-for-eyes and met Mr Danjoux. He explained lasik to me and went through every possible outcome and side effect then left the decision to me, he was very thorough and professional as were his whole team. I had both eyes done at the same time, the procedure was slightly uncomfortable, only because my head was strapped to keep my head still the actual lasik treatment was totally pain free. My eyes watered for 1 hour after the procedure but that was it, no pain and no side effects. I went from needing glasses for everything to having better that 20/20 vision. My life has completely changed. No more messing around with lens or hunting done glasses. I am able to go on holiday and only take sun glasses, not having to balance glasses, lens, sunglasses if wearing lens or prescription sun glasses if not. I can go swimming without worrying about losing my lens or glasses in the pool or swimming into peolpe because I can't see them. If anyone is undecided go for it, it is absolutley brilliant and worth every penny. You won't regret the decision.

09 Dec 2015

the best money spent ever.

11 Oct 2007

Highly delighted with service and results. I chose the 'site for eyes' clinic after my sister recommended it following her laser correction a couple of years ago. From the initial contact to the routine follow-up, the staff have been very helpful and professional. I was kept well informed via telephone enquiries, printed information and consultations with the staff. The consultant was very thorough in explaining the procedures and the possible complications that may be involved. The procedure has a level of discomfort for a short period of time, but wasn't painful, and although I was told that there may be pain in the couple of days that followed, I had nothing but a 'gritty' feeling in the eye. I had right and left eyes treated, on seperate occasions, with lasek. I had moderate levels of shortsightedness and astigmatism, and both eyes now have excellent vision - as good if not better than I had with my glasses/contact lenses. I would definitely recommend using 'site for eyes' to anyone wanting to enquire about laser vision correction.

15 Jun 2010

Would absolutely recommend to everyone. Surroundings are "understated" but my initial consultation with consultant Mr Danjoux gave me every confidence to proceed. He explained everything patiently and clearly and I had no questions. My own internet research beforehand helped enormously. I was extremely short sighted (-9) and I had both eyes done at the same time. The right eye needed retouching 4 months later to leave me with excellent sight in that eye and slightly poorer sight in the left - with the result that long distance vision is good and reading vision is good. An absolutely excellent result. Friendly and caring staff made the (horrible) experience bearable and I cannot praise Mr Danjoux's skills enough. I was right to pay more to have the very best machine and consultant. My previous consultations with Ultralase and Optimax made me very uneasy given my poor eyesight. I would give the clinic the highest rating.

11 Feb 2016

Fabulous service from start to finish. Would recommend Site for Eyes to everyone!

23 Mar 2005

Follow up from last posting...I have now had "touch up" LASEK on my left eye to give me some reading vision and resolve a small amount of residual longsight. Results are perfect, LASEK painless (uncomfortable in bandage lenses for a few days though!). Mr Danjoux has perfomed what I would class as a miracle, from a +10 to no glasses or lenses whatsover has completely turned my life around. The aftercare has been amazing, the staff are very helpful and you couldn't be in safer hands. It might be a bit more expensive than your high street conveyor belts, but remember, it's your eyesight and you only get one chance! Having LASEK on my right eye after I return from an extended holiday, so hopefully the result will be even better! Cheers and good luck Paul

22 Nov 2012

I cant praise Site for Eyes and their staff enough. I have been very short sighted since my early teens (-10) and needed my glasses from the moment i woke up until i took them off to go to sleep. Not anymore!! my vision is brilliant, and i dont even need glasses for driving...what a difference. I need glasses for reading but can get by without when out and about. From start to finish the treatment i received from Mr Danjoux and his reception staff was second to none. The procedure is relatively pain free and you can see straight away. The only aftercare needed was drops, no pain relief at all. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend the treatment to anyone.

07 Jul 2010

Would recommend to everyone. The treatment was well explained. I had a problems with my left eye which required a different procedure due to the size of the socket but this was sorted out as soon as it healed. The procedure was painful (mainly the clamps to keep the eye open) but once completed I had no side effects at all. The staff were friendly and put me at ease. I wish I had it done earlier.

06 Mar 2016

I’ve worn glasses for short sightedness for the past 15years and had a prescription of -5.00. Following a recommendation from a friend I decided to go ahead with Zyoptix LASIK treatment in both eyes.
There are some different payment options but I chose to pay over a 10 month interest free period.
I was very nervous about the procedure but Mr Danjoux talked me through what he was doing and the nurse held my hand throughout the procedure. It was quick and painless.
The treatment was successful and it is amazing waking up and being able to see my alarm clock without reaching across to bring it closer to my face.
I would love to thank Mr Danjoux and his team for the top class service I received. The aftercare I received from everyone was above and beyond the normal. I had regular checkups following issues with inflammation for almost a year, during this time I was provided with all of the steroid eye drops and lubricating drops needed without any additional charges.
I felt like more than just a customer and received a higher standard of care than I could ever have imagined. I strongly recommend Site for Eyes for exemplary procedure and aftercare. Thank you very much.

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