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Almost(!) painless-after wearing glasses for about 25 years a new window had been opened. Very good Staff, very good after care very worthwhile ...Read more

The first Ultralase clinic was opened in January 1991 at the Clatterbridge Hospital near Chester. At the time, all treatments performed were Photorefractive Keratotomy, or PRK, until the Lasik procedure was introduced in 1995.

With the introduction of Lasik, and the clear advantages it demonstrated for certain patients, Ultralase went through a period of dramatic growth through 2002.

2003 Ultralase introduced the revolutionary UltraPlus treatment with Wavefront technology, giving patients visual outcomes far surpassing those of standard laser treatments. Ultralase became the first provider to have all treatment outcomes verified by independent audit.

In March 2009, the commitment to clinical excellence led Ultralase to become the first UK provider to have all Great Britain surgeons certified in Laser Refractive Surgery by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth).

Ultralase Prices

Ultralase comes in second place in our list of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK for price, just after Optical Express. That’s because this clinic offers the full shebang: transparent prices, 0% finance options, free consultations, and competitive prices.

The cost of eye surgery at Ultralase ranges between £1,1695 and £2,995 (per eye), depending on the treatment type that you agree upon in discussion with a surgeon. These prices are in line with the average cost of eye surgery, but not quite as low as Optical Express.

Treatments Offered

You can count on Ultralase for the main laser eye and lens replacement surgery procedures. These include: LASIK and LASEK with Wavefront options, as well as refractive lens exchange (RLE), implantable contact lenses, and cataract surgery.

Is Ultralase Right for You?

With nearly 3,000 overall positive reviews from independent customers in the UK, Ultralase is one of the best-rated laser eye surgery clinics by patients. People value this clinic for its:

  • Friendly prices – Fixed and reasonable prices help you know what to expect.
  • Nationwide clinics – Ultralase has 20 clinics in the UK, including in London, Reading and St Albans.
  • Decent aftercare – Ultralase provides free aftercare – one check-up and drops for the first three months.

Despite glowing reviews, however, it’s worth reading the fine print if you do choose Ultralase. In 2015, BBC’s Watchdog exposed the problems countless laser eye surgery patients have experienced accessing their lifelong aftercare.

Most user reviews on Lasik Eyes show happy experiences, but then again most people never need to take advantage of their lifetime guarantee. If you would like to find out whether Ultralase is the top-rated laser eye surgery clinic near you, we’re here to help.

Still, Ultralase features in several of Lasik Eyes’ lists of top-rated eye surgery:

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Ultralase Reviews


10 Feb 2002

Three weeks now, and my vision is excellent, better than 20/20. very pleased with this side of things. I had trouble with the drops and a lot of discomfort and streaming eyes, which I wasn't told about as an after effect. Ultralase told me that I probably was allergic to the drops. Further confusion about how long to stay away from activities, I was told one month before the operation, but spoke to a consultant the other day who recommends three months.

11 Feb 2002

Had surgery on 19th Jan in Bristol. Op was fine, best to relax, can't go anywhere after all! The surgeon, Farouk Iram, found it easier to apply the suction thingy by holding my eyes open manually as there wasn't room for the retractor and suction together. Vision was -4.25 R and -3.75 L, now it is 6/4, 6/5; better than 20/20 which means I can read the bottom line on the chart and more! I had some discomfort until the eye drops finished because I am sensitive to preservatives. I found my vision and comfort improved when I reverted to my contact lens comfort drops - Refresh by Allergan - because they are preservative free unlike most artificial tears. Happy to provide more detail if e-mailed.

17 Feb 2002

I had the surgery done 5 days ago at Chester. It was quick, painless and above all successful. At the checkup the following morning I was able to read the bottom line of the chart with each eye (20/20 vision!) Initially after the laser surgery I felt disappointed as I expected to see everything and in focus immediately but it did take a couple of hours for my eyes to settle down. My subscription was quite mild compared to some (-2.5r,-1.75l) but still bad enough to need glasses all day every day. The staff and surgeon were fantastic and it was without a doubt the best £1700 I have ever spent. The only down side is I now get comments from my children and 'friends' that I looked better with my glasses!!

20 Feb 2002

Leeds clinic - good but average at keeping appointment times

22 Feb 2002

I was treated at the Tottenham Court Road clinic, and consider that the treatment I received was very friendly and professional, and I was not kept waiting at all. I now have better than 20/20 vision, and am thrilled with the outcome. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

23 Feb 2002

Had the treatment 2 weeks ago and things are going well. Right eye treated fine but some difficulty applying the suction ring on the left eye but may be due to me having small eye sockets. Was slightly worried about vision being hazy straight after but was told normal and next day great improvement. I can now read the next but last line on chart and am a lttle disappointed as others seem to be reading the bottom line no problem. Tear film not sorted yet but can take up to 2 months so fingers crossed. On the whole well worth it to be without glasses for driving etc.

24 Feb 2002

I had my post-op (6 weeks) check up at Tottenham Court Road, London and my eyesight has improved since my first check up: I can now see the bottom line of the chart (6/5 in both eyes)! Excellent results and thoroughly recommended!

04 Mar 2002

I had my consultation last Saturday. The staff at Ultralase were very helpful. Unfortunately I am not suitable for treatment, my eyes are pretty bad (-7 in both eyes) and I was told my Cornea was too thin to treat.

If anyone else has had this problem and managed to get some other form of treatment I would be grateful for any information.

04 Mar 2002

The hospital and staff were all very friendly and seemed very professional. The problems that I have experienced after LASIK surgery are very typical I have subsequently discovered. These being haloing, flaring and a degree of double vision but only in my weakest eye -4. The consultant Mr Gupta was at all times very reassuring but constantly amazed at my symtoms telling me my eye would be 'spot on'. It is not. I have had months of pain and dry eye and I do not have 20/20 spot on vision as promised. After the operation I had to spend two weeks in a darkened room in what can only be described as agony and blindness. Far from the rosy picture of being able to drive home from the clinic. I have subsequently discovered that most of the problems were caused by old scarring on my eye and combined with large pupils I was not a suitable candidate for laser surgery. I was not warned of this in any consultations and it was brushed over after my surgery as if I should have known of my unsuitability. I got the impression that the consultant who performed the initial suitability examination was inexperienced. I have become resigned to the failings in my eyesight and have given up hope of seeing properly. Corrective surgery is not an option I couldn't go through that again.

17 Mar 2002

My comments are average as I have not been to the Birmingham Clinic yet. I was told I must wear glasses for 7 days before an appointment to let my cornea return to a "normal" shape which has annoyed me. I have to now purchase glasses and wear these for 7 days so far this seems the worst thing!! Other than that the lady I phoned seemed helpful & friendly. I will let everyone here know how things progress. Ray, Dudley, UK

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