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Almost(!) painless-after wearing glasses for about 25 years a new window had been opened. Very good Staff, very good after care very worthwhile ...Read more

The first Ultralase clinic was opened in January 1991 at the Clatterbridge Hospital near Chester. At the time, all treatments performed were Photorefractive Keratotomy, or PRK, until the Lasik procedure was introduced in 1995.

With the introduction of Lasik, and the clear advantages it demonstrated for certain patients, Ultralase went through a period of dramatic growth through 2002.

2003 Ultralase introduced the revolutionary UltraPlus treatment with Wavefront technology, giving patients visual outcomes far surpassing those of standard laser treatments. Ultralase became the first provider to have all treatment outcomes verified by independent audit.

In March 2009, the commitment to clinical excellence led Ultralase to become the first UK provider to have all Great Britain surgeons certified in Laser Refractive Surgery by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth).

Ultralase Prices

Ultralase comes in second place in our list of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK for price, just after Optical Express. That’s because this clinic offers the full shebang: transparent prices, 0% finance options, free consultations, and competitive prices.

The cost of eye surgery at Ultralase ranges between £1,1695 and £2,995 (per eye), depending on the treatment type that you agree upon in discussion with a surgeon. These prices are in line with the average cost of eye surgery, but not quite as low as Optical Express.

Treatments Offered

You can count on Ultralase for the main laser eye and lens replacement surgery procedures. These include: LASIK and LASEK with Wavefront options, as well as refractive lens exchange (RLE), implantable contact lenses, and cataract surgery.

Is Ultralase Right for You?

With nearly 3,000 overall positive reviews from independent customers in the UK, Ultralase is one of the best-rated laser eye surgery clinics by patients. People value this clinic for its:

  • Friendly prices – Fixed and reasonable prices help you know what to expect.
  • Nationwide clinics – Ultralase has 20 clinics in the UK, including in London, Reading and St Albans.
  • Decent aftercare – Ultralase provides free aftercare – one check-up and drops for the first three months.

Despite glowing reviews, however, it’s worth reading the fine print if you do choose Ultralase. In 2015, BBC’s Watchdog exposed the problems countless laser eye surgery patients have experienced accessing their lifelong aftercare.

Most user reviews on Lasik Eyes show happy experiences, but then again most people never need to take advantage of their lifetime guarantee. If you would like to find out whether Ultralase is the top-rated laser eye surgery clinic near you, we’re here to help.

Still, Ultralase features in several of Lasik Eyes’ lists of top-rated eye surgery:

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Ultralase Reviews


20 Mar 2002

Went to Ultralase clinic in Manchester in December 2001 for an initial consultation.There is no surgery in Manchester yet but I was told that the plan was to open in Spring 2002. My prescription is quite strong (-6 in both eyes) but my problem was that the corneas were not thick enough to allow surgery. However they did state that new technology was expected soon which would cater for such conditions so I haven't given up hope. All in all found the staff to be very helpful. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has faced the same problem with corneal thickness.

20 Mar 2002

I have been for a consultation at Boots and Ultralase and on the whole I have been more impressed with Ultralase,the staff are v friendly and answered all my questioned,I have booked up for treatment on Thursday 28th March with Niel Marshall and will spend the next week crapping myself im sure. I will post how it all goes but would be glad to hear from anyone who has used this surgeon.

22 Mar 2002

I had treatment by Neil Marshall on 20th March 2002. The treatment was painless but there was a mild discomfort when the clamp and the suction ring were put in place. I left the clinic with milky hazy vision (which I was warned about). After the aneasthetic wore off I could not open my eyes for a few hours so I just lay in a dark room chillin' out for a bit!
The next day was fantastic. My distance vision was excellent, the pain had gone, but my vision within a five feet radius seemed to take a long time to focus. I went for my post examination and it appeared that I was slightly long sighted and I was told thatit may correct itself over the next few days.
Today, (2 days after treatment) my vision is excellent and the focusing within 5 feet is quicker and sharper...however my left eye is stinging slightly and my right eye is slightly bruised....apart form that....I can see....who cares about the bruise!!
I will write more next week after my weekly checkup.

28 Mar 2002

MUCHO EXCELLENTE!! I had the treatment this morning at the Birmingham clinic, I could not recommend the clinic and staff more! The staff are all "real people" & have sense of humour (but very professional) as I am mad and zany!! The machine that makes a spinning spiral pattern is great, reminds me of Ibiza I would pay for that experience again!! Up front I was err Mr. Macho but inside terrified, so much that for once I was SPEECHLESS as I was terrified!! The "eye sucker" was the scariest but painless. I had 5mg sedative but they can give you up to 10mg of the sedative, I thought for the money I might as well have some FUN. The sedative was excellent not so much for the procedure but for when I got home as it felt like onions and grit in my eyes, now I can see down the bottom of the road. I recommend the sedative as when you get home you can SLEEP for about 3 hours as your eyes feel like you have been in the sun to long!! Oh yah I was blind as a bat at -7.95 each eye, my mother always said doing that would make me go blind, I had to laugh when they said don't "rub" (they mean the eyes!!) for 4 weeks!! hahahahaha!! I made them laugh when I said which "eye" do the drops go in!! All in all thanks go to the Birmingham staff. I have got like a mild "tooth ache" in my eyes, the lids are sore and the eye looks blood shot. All I can say is GO FOR IT!! Oh yah in case your wondering they say don't wear perfume or aftershave on the day it's because it affects the laser not because so they can smell if you are on fire or not!! Oh I nearly forgot they give these mad eye shields to sleep with and some clear glasses that are included in the (current) price of £895 per eye. The eye shields are hilarious I would rather wear those than the glasses that make you look like a total knob. At least the shields give you sympathy with the birds innit!! Contact me if you are are scared, I have had worse experience at the dentist and when I was younger worse experience from hangovers!! (PS I went on my own and travelled home by taxi as the little Mrs. had a training course, yes you can see after the procedure but it's milky) Ray!! Best money I have spent I guess now the new carpets will have to wait!!

29 Mar 2002

Had LASIK yesterday,now I'm wondering what all the fuss was about. Yes it was uncomfortable but no more than when you go to the dentist and the staff were all excellent which helped me relax.
The results are nothing short of amazing,I had treatment at about 6.45 last night and by 11pm the milky haze had gone and my eyesight was nearly as good as it had been with my glasses,and only a minor irritation reminded me that I'd just had an operation.
This morning it was even better and the irritation had completely gone. I went for my next day check up and I have 20 20 vision so I'm well chuffed.
If your thinking of having LASIK then I say Go For It snd you won't go far wrong with Ultralase.
Feel free to contact me if you want more info.
PS my surgeon was Niel Marshall(very nice chap)

29 Mar 2002

It has been 10 days since the operation...I called in to the clinic on Saturday as I had a slight irritation with my left eye, I expected to have a "don't worry about it" or "on your way , it is supposed to feel like that" but I was there for 2 and a half hours while the optometrist frantically tried to contact a surgeon for advice!! I tried to remain calm but I was slightly concerned when he mentioned going to see the surgeon again as I had a small but deep corneal Idea what that was so I just nodded away agreeing with him.
To cut a long 3 hours short....I was told to double the anti-biotic drops and they sent me on my way and said to call back on monday.
Monday came....saw a different optometrist...same answer again...continue the drops come back Saturday.
My vision is 20/20+ in one eye and 20/20 in the more grittiness but I will let you know more after tomorrows visit.
The results have been amazing but every time I wake up in the morning I think that it is getting worse due to the sodding plastic eye shields.....only 4 days left to wear them...and counting them down.
At present....night driving is still a bit of an adventure....many bright 4th of July on acid!!

29 Mar 2002

See my comments (Ray L) previous at Birmingham Clinic!! 24 hours now and...amazing my vision is (tested) 6/5 which means it is better than 20/20!! Worth every penny and no halos or pain!! I was previous -7.95 each eye. I saw various testimonials at the Birmingham office and one lady had -10 eyes and was treated with success to answer somebody else here!!

30 Mar 2002

Just to let you know....tested is 6/4 which is amazing.....this is about 20/10

04 Apr 2002

I had my eyes treated at Ultralase in Birmingham. I was long sighted in the left eye and had a bad sitgmatism in the right eye. Mow, after 8 weeks, I can rwad most type, other than the very smallest in poor light, without te aid of the spectacles I have worn for 35 years. I haave had very few after effects, other than occasional watering in bright sunlight.

I am 59 years old and delighted with the treatment

Dave Lathan

05 Apr 2002
No Rating

See my previous 2 comments! 8 days on: excellent! Just like I have always had "normal" eyes. No halos or complications etc!! Just perfect vision.

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