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Almost(!) painless-after wearing glasses for about 25 years a new window had been opened. Very good Staff, very good after care very worthwhile ... Read more

The first Ultralase clinic was opened in January 1991 at the Clatterbridge Hospital near Chester. At the time, all treatments performed were Photorefractive Keratotomy, or PRK, until the Lasik procedure was introduced in 1995.

With the introduction of Lasik, and the clear advantages it demonstrated for certain patients, Ultralase went through a period of dramatic growth through 2002.

2003 Ultralase introduced the revolutionary UltraPlus treatment with Wavefront technology, giving patients visual outcomes far surpassing those of standard laser treatments. Ultralase became the first provider to have all treatment outcomes verified by independent audit.

In March 2009, the commitment to clinical excellence led Ultralase to become the first UK provider to have all Great Britain surgeons certified in Laser Refractive Surgery by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth).

Ultralase Prices

Ultralase comes in second place in our list of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK for price, just after Optical Express. That’s because this clinic offers the full shebang: transparent prices, 0% finance options, free consultations, and competitive prices.

The cost of eye surgery at Ultralase ranges between £1,1695 and £2,995 (per eye), depending on the treatment type that you agree upon in discussion with a surgeon. These prices are in line with the average cost of eye surgery, but not quite as low as Optical Express.

Treatments Offered

You can count on Ultralase for the main laser eye and lens replacement surgery procedures. These include: LASIK and LASEK with Wavefront options, as well as refractive lens exchange (RLE), implantable contact lenses, and cataract surgery.

Is Ultralase Right for You?

With nearly 3,000 overall positive reviews from independent customers in the UK, Ultralase is one of the best-rated laser eye surgery clinics by patients. People value this clinic for its:

  • Friendly prices – Fixed and reasonable prices help you know what to expect.
  • Nationwide clinics – Ultralase has 20 clinics in the UK, including in London, Reading and St Albans.
  • Decent aftercare – Ultralase provides free aftercare – one check-up and drops for the first three months.

Despite glowing reviews, however, it’s worth reading the fine print if you do choose Ultralase. In 2015, BBC’s Watchdog exposed the problems countless laser eye surgery patients have experienced accessing their lifelong aftercare.

Most user reviews on Lasik Eyes show happy experiences, but then again most people never need to take advantage of their lifetime guarantee. If you would like to find out whether Ultralase is the top-rated laser eye surgery clinic near you, we’re here to help.

Still, Ultralase features in several of Lasik Eyes’ lists of top-rated eye surgery:

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Ultralase Reviews

Rating Date

05 Mar 2010

I have been very impressed with the entire process and the results have been better than I ever expected. The procedure was easy and pain free and I would recommend it to everyone!

05 Mar 2010

I’ve worn glasses and contact lenses for 17 years, and the morning after my treatment I could already see better than driving standard! I was nervous before my treatment but the staff were fantastic. Every member of staff I’ve had contact with was exceptional. My eyes were sore and uncomfortable for about 8 years but it quickly passed, and was entirely worth it. Having laser treatment is a big decision but I would recommend Ultralase to everyone. I was dependant on my glasses and lenses for most of my life; my new eye sight means so much to me.

31 Mar 2010

The whole experience was amazing. From the first phone call with Ultralase to discharge i was given the confidence to move forward from glasses and have perfect vision. I owe a huge thank you to the team at Northampton for all their help to making me more confident about myself and the ability to do all my sports, glasses free! Thank you.

07 Apr 2010

Life changing, literally life changing. Operated on the Friday 20/20 by Sunday. I cannot recommend Cardiff ultralase enough. Just wish i had it done years ago. Thank you for my sight.

26 Apr 2010

Initial consultation very thorough and gave me the confidence to go ahead. The procedure all went well – needed kind nurse to hold my hand though! No discomfort afterwards and healing well. Vision is brilliant; i am so pleased with the results i have to tell everyone. Follow up consultations have also been very thorough. Excellent all round.

10 Dec 2015

I am very impressed with the whole package, the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. As soon as I went into the recovery room after my surgery I could see everything. I would recommend Ultralase to anyone thinking of having corrective surgery done.

10 Dec 2015

My experience to Ultralase has been very good and professional. My distance sight is almost perfect and with lot less reliance on glasses for driving, watching TV and general day to day activities. All in all good choice.

10 Dec 2015

From the moment I contacted Ultralase to the treatment and aftercare I’ve been impressed and felt well looked after and informed.
My treatment was much easier than I feared and the results fantastic so glad I get to wear those trendy shades at last!
Thanks very much, money well spent.

10 Dec 2015

Excellent treatment wonderful results. Staff pleasant and professional made to feel at ease.

10 Dec 2015

It was the best thing I have ever done. Now I can experience the freedom of not wearing glasses. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking having Ultralase treatment.

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