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St. James Laser Vision

St James Laser Vision

82 Reviews

Cannot recommend St James Laser Vision or this surgery enough. Mr Morrel was so kind and reassuring and the surgery itself was very simple and straight forward. It has been life changing and I will never take perfect vision for gr ...Read more

Laser eye surgery directed by surgeons, not corporations, overseen by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

There are many good reasons to choose St. James Laser Vision, including the medical leadership behind the services we provide, the reassurance provided by the high standards within the NHS Trust, and the expertise of our surgeons.

Mr. Andrew Morrell and Mr. James Ball, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons perform laser eye surgery at St James Laser Vision under the governance of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Both Mr. Morrell and Mr. Ball are NHS consultant ophthalmic surgeons with advanced training and experience in laser eye surgery.

Pricing is for all suitable prescriptions, inclusive of all appointments, customised wavefront treatment, medications and the surgeon’s mobile number in case of emergency. The initial consultation costs nothing and there is no obligation to go ahead. All patients are offered 0% financing to cover up to 100% of their investment in treatment, making surgery as affordable as £41.66/eye per month.

St James’ Laser Vision Clinic doesn’t quite make our best-rated laser eye surgery providers in the UK – you can read their customer reviews below.

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25 Apr 2007
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Welcome to the Lasik Eyes web site from all the team at Lasik Eyes Ltd

29 Apr 2007

I had LASIK carried out two weeks ago at St James's Laser Vision and I can only begin to describe how delighted I am with the results! I really feel like I am seeing the world with new eyes! As an optometrist my eyes are my livelihood and my sight extremely precious to me so for giving me perfect vision I cannot thank Mr Morrell and the team enough. Since the surgery my vision is amazing and my eyes are white, comfortable and healthy without my lenses in every day. After depending on contact lenses and glasses for the past 10 years I decided to finally take the plunge and look into laser eye surgery. I chose to go to St James's Laser Vision because I felt that it was somewhere I would be treated as a person and not just another pair of eyes to make a quick buck from. As an optometrist practicing in the area and hearing numerous glowing reviews from Mr Morrell and Mr Ball's patients, I knew that they were both top corneal consultants with excellent reputations and surgical results and so I felt 100% safe in their hands. And I was not wrong!... Mr Morrell was knowledgeable, informative and extremely thorough and I had complete trust in his 20 years of experience and expertise. Not only this, he is a lovely lovely man who is very friendly and easy to talk to and I felt that he actually cared about me. On the day of the first operation I was quite nervous but Mr Morrell, Trish and the team reassured me and put me at ease. I had one eye lasered at a time which I felt was much safer and really not much of an inconvenience. Mr Morrell had already explained the procedure and shown me what I would have to do so nothing was a shock. It took just 5 minutes for the procedure, which was painless and at most a slightly wierd experience! I noticed the difference immediately even though things were slightly fuzzy for a day and couldn't wait for the second eye to be done! Unbelievably, I did not even get any slight irritation. Now, two weeks later, my vision is 2 lines better that 20/20 in each eye and I have had no problem with haloes, glare or dryness. I could not ask for more. Overall, I would recommend St James's Laser Vision to anyone thinking about laser eye surgey and I will definately tell my patients to go there over anywhere else. If you want the best care, the best surgeons, the best equipment, St James's Laser Vision really is the only choice and worth paying more for.

18 Aug 2007

My advice - do it........... Undertaking any type of surgery is a concern. When you are doing it for 'cosmetic' reasons you therefore have to be as confident as you can be that the outcome will meet your expectations. The treatment at St James met my expectations, the outcome has been excellent - no more glasses or contact lenses, 4 months on I am still suprised how good things are. I felt I was treated as an individual and all my questions were answered. There was no 'hard sell' and I felt the decision to go ahead was mine - but I was clearly told the facts and risks involved (minimal). The fact that this centre is also in the biggest Teaching Hospital in the country gave extra reassurance. From my experiences - I can highly recommend the treatment at the St James's centre and Mr Ball.

16 Dec 2007

I decided to have Eye Surgery because my glasses were starting to resemble milk bottle bottoms. I have a passion for photography and the wearing of glasses with a camera is not at all practical. I thought that my chances of been accepted for Laser Eye Surgery were not too good because I have been wearing glasses for over twenty two years. As the eye-test is free, I thought why not give it a try. St James Laser Vision carried out extensive tests and concluded that I had very healthy Corneas and that it would be fine to have Laser Eye Surgery. I had the surgery on the 28th of September - the surgery was totally pain free. I had both eyes done at the same time and the results were almost instant. Apart from a slight temporary "blurriness" for a few days and a little light sensitivity, there were no other problems resulting from the surgery. Now, I can easily read the whole of the eye chart without glasses and I can also read the very smallest print in a newspaper. I would like to say many thanks to everyone concerned who made it so easy for me and an especially big thanks to James Ball. In conclusion, if you are thinking of having Laser Eye Surgery, try these guys - they really are the best in their field.

19 Feb 2008

Extremely professional service by all the staff involved. Procedure performed by James Ball who was patient, knowlegeable and the most professional individual I have ever dealt with, a true professional.

22 Apr 2008

I would like to use this forum to first of all give a big thank you to Mr James Ball, who was my consultant throughout. He was very patient despite my incessant questioning, very re-assuring and ultimately professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering laser treatment. I would secondly like to review the treatment itself. I had Lasek treatment carried out on both eyes (I was -6 in left and -3 in right) on the same day. First week was tough (I was told it would be!!), but after that my sight went from strength to strength and on having my 3 month check, was told that my eyes are 2 lines better than 20/20 - I have vision better than I ever had wearing glasses or contacts - and it is the same in both eyes despite the difference in my prescriptions. I am needless to say, delighted with the result To sum up, anyone considering having this treatment can do no better than a visit to Mr Ball at St James' laser vision - they have the best surgeons, best equipment (and the initial consultation is free), and judging by Ultralase forum, the best prices as well. Thank you again

10 May 2008

After much research of laser eye surgery the pros, cons, dangers and different procedures etc. I decided to book a consultation at St James Laser Vision after being impressed by their website. I had my consultation in July 2007 with Mr Ball and felt he was very professional, experienced, competent, and able to fully answer my long list of queries and questions. This was just what I was looking for in the surgeon I would entrust my sight to. After more research of other clinics I decided to go ahead and book my surgery at St James. I had Lasek (surface treatment) in October 2007. I felt fully informed of the procedure and risks, what to expect and that all my questions and concerns had been answered before going through with it. I had originally wanted Lasik due to fast healing, virtually no pain but it was recommended I go for Lasek it was fully explained to me the reasons why this was the best treatment option. Mr Ball and team were great and put me right at ease as I was so nervous. The procedure was over quickly and I had both eyes done at the same time. The first week after was hard as expected but on my first check up a few days later my vision was already massively improved. I had originally been above -4 in both eyes pre surgery. Things continued to improve and vision stabilised and evened out in both eyes over the coming weeks (healing process is slower with lasek). The dry eyes and grittiness I had experienced lessened as time progressed. Anyway I had my 6 month check up in April 2008 and everything is great, better than 20/20 vision that is sharp and clear in both eyes. I have had no night vision problems either. I feel so lucky and privileged to have my vision back again without glasses I hated wearing and contact lens which always felt uncomfortable to the point where I stopped wearing them. It has been a truly life changing experience for the better. I wish to thank Mr Ball and his team for their excellent care throughout I couldn't have asked for a better team to entrust my sight to.

26 Aug 2008

I couldn't be more pleased with the result, after nearly 30 years of wearing glasses. No real problems at all - eyes still tend to be a bit dry (4 months after surgery) but this is settling. I'd definitely recommend the procedure & St James's laser vision

21 Oct 2008

My first reason for choosing St James's was the reputation. Taking advantage of the free consultation, I met Mr Morrell who gave a very honest and thorough explanation of the procedure. He did no oversell the potential benefits, especially as being 64 my own expectations were realistic, following the research I carried out on the internet. I chose the Monovision solution whereby I have distance vision in one eye and close vision in the other. This is the same prescription as I had used with my 'daily' contact lenses. The operations went smoothly, the pre and post operative care and attention have been excellent, and I could not have wished for a better outcome. I am absolutely delighted with the results. Having spoken to others who have had the treatment, and had said they experienced pain for a day or two after the operation, I had no such reaction. It is hard to imagine that I could have had better treatment anywhere else, so I would certainly recommend St. James's to everyone.

25 Oct 2008

My work involves extensive use of computers and printed matter and, for some years, I have struggled along with glasses. Eventually, I decided to look into laser eye correction and I booked a consutation with a national company who advertise regularly on TV. Following the consultation I decided not to go ahead with this company, partly because the company's premises seemed to be awash with salespeople but mainly because they told me that I would still need glasses for close-up reading following the surgery. I struggled on for a while longer before doing some more research on the internet, where I found St James Laservision. Their site seemed to address the criticisms I had of the other company so I booked an appointment and had an initial consultation with Mr Ball. I was sufficiently impresssed with Mr Ball and everyone at St James to book in for my surgery on 26th September 2008 and I was particularly pleased to hear that the treatment could be tailor-made for my eyes to give me good distance and close-up vision without glasses. It is now a month since my surgery. Everything went exactly as I had been told - everyone at St James was professional and curteous, the procedure itself was painless and remarkably quick, the post-op consultations were straightforward and, most importantly, my vision is now so much improved that I do not need glasses at all. Many thanks to Mr Ball and everyone at St James Laservision

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