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St. James Laser Vision

St James Laser Vision

82 Reviews

Cannot recommend St James Laser Vision or this surgery enough. Mr Morrel was so kind and reassuring and the surgery itself was very simple and straight forward. It has been life changing and I will never take perfect vision for gr ...Read more

Laser eye surgery directed by surgeons, not corporations, overseen by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

There are many good reasons to choose St. James Laser Vision, including the medical leadership behind the services we provide, the reassurance provided by the high standards within the NHS Trust, and the expertise of our surgeons.

Mr. Andrew Morrell and Mr. James Ball, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons perform laser eye surgery at St James Laser Vision under the governance of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Both Mr. Morrell and Mr. Ball are NHS consultant ophthalmic surgeons with advanced training and experience in laser eye surgery.

Pricing is for all suitable prescriptions, inclusive of all appointments, customised wavefront treatment, medications and the surgeon’s mobile number in case of emergency. The initial consultation costs nothing and there is no obligation to go ahead. All patients are offered 0% financing to cover up to 100% of their investment in treatment, making surgery as affordable as £41.66/eye per month.

St James’ Laser Vision Clinic doesn’t quite make our best-rated laser eye surgery providers in the UK – you can read their customer reviews below.

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22 Sep 2012

Excellent service and after care. My eyesight is now transformed. Mr Ball professional in the extreme and answers all questions.

04 Jul 2013

The care and treatment I received for examinations, lens replacement operation and after checkups have been exemplory. The explanations of the full proceedure have been very reassuring. After wearing glasses for 50 and contact lenses for 33 years it is a fantastic feeling to be free of all the bother. My sight after the operations became good almost within hours and after 4 weeks is 20/20.

24 Apr 2013

Great to finally see long distance without glasses. The treatment was pain free with just a couple of hours discomfort after the laser treatment. I followed the instructions and have had no problems. Professional service from the beginning and I felt I was in safe hands with people who cared. I would recommend St James Laser Vision as you see the consultant from the initial assessment right through to the after checks. Many thanks to Mr Morrell and his team.

26 Mar 2013

Excellent professional service. Very considerate staff who are friendlt and approachable. Fantastic follow up - appointments at 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. Brilliant results one year on my eyesight has settled and remains better than 6/6. No side effects/complications of proceedure despite comprehensive information regarding common problems such as glare and halos. Really really great service and treatment all round, i cannot recommend them highly enough. Many thanks.

24 Mar 2013

I used to be -8.00 on both eyes with some astigmatism, but now, 12 months after surgery, they are -0.25, which for all intents and purposes is perfect vision. My final follow-up showed that I have better than 20/20 vision. The clinic charges a fixed amount regardless of your prescription, and the surgeons would decide exactly what technique/technology to use depending on the patient's conditions. Hence there is no financial incentive for them to persuade the patient into paying for more "sophisticated" technologies which are not necessarily more suitable, or which may not necessarily yield better results. Medical decisions should be made by doctors, not by the patient, and especially not by money. Mr Morrell is highly professional, friendly and patient. He answers questions or doubts thoroughly and sincerely cares about his patients.

05 Mar 2013

I can't praise this clinic enough! I know it's a cliche but, I wish I'd had it done sooner! The team at St James were there for me, all the way... I was in good hands and the results are fab... thank you!

27 Nov 2012

The professionalism and pride which St James Laservision staff take in the treatment of their clients cannot be faulted. After 43 years of putting up with glasses and contact lenses, I now have almost perfect vision, as predicted by Mr Ball. With leading surgeons, superb facitilties,and the backing of the NHS, I have abosolutely no hesitation in recommending St James Laservision to anybody considering laser treatment.

13 Nov 2012

My prescription was quite high (over -7 in both eyes with substantial astigmatism), so I went into the surgery with realistic expectations about what could be achieved. James was very reassuring and utterly professional, and the results were far better than I dared hope for. After 40 years of glasses, I am now spectacle-free…

05 Nov 2012

I cannot recommend Mr Morrell and St James highly enough. Mr Morrell was extremely thorough and patient. I have been extremely shortsighted (-7.00 in both eyes) since the age of 5 and have had a previous operation to correct a squint so was quite anxious about having laser eye surgery. The beauty of having laser eye surgery at St James' was that Mr Morrell was able to fully investigate my eyes and assess the results of surgery using other hospital departments before making his recommendation. He also dealt with my many queries very patiently and was happy to share his knowledge and experiebnce which put me at ease. The surgery was a great success - my vision is now better than 20/20 and was problem free. The rest of the team were very caring and professional and I am thrilled with the results. Several of my friends have now been to St James as a result of my recommendation and non have been disappointed.

01 Oct 2012

I was very impressed with St James' from the beginning to the end of my treatment. All the staff were very supportive and Mr Morrell the surgeon was excellent. I started with a -5 prescription in each eye and I now have 20/20 vision. The staff have provided me with the best information before, during and after the surgery and now I have finished the treatment if I were to have any problems I feel I could call up and know I would be seen immediately. Also one of the advantages over other clinics I have visited - you see the same surgeon for all your appointments so you get continuity and expert advice throughout.

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