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St. James Laser Vision

St James Laser Vision

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At James Laser Vision changed my life. I have been fully dependent on thick glasses and contact lenses my entire life, and had been told By 3 or more surgeons that due to my young age and very high prescription, (+6 along with a s ...Read more

Laser eye surgery directed by surgeons, not corporations, overseen by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

There are many good reasons to choose St. James Laser Vision, including the medical leadership behind the services we provide, the reassurance provided by the high standards within the NHS Trust, and the expertise of our surgeons.

Mr. Andrew Morrell and Mr. James Ball, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons perform laser eye surgery at St James Laser Vision under the governance of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Both Mr. Morrell and Mr. Ball are NHS consultant ophthalmic surgeons with advanced training and experience in laser eye surgery.

Pricing is for all suitable prescriptions, inclusive of all appointments, customised wavefront treatment, medications and the surgeon’s mobile number in case of emergency. The initial consultation costs nothing and there is no obligation to go ahead. All patients are offered 0% financing to cover up to 100% of their investment in treatment, making surgery as affordable as £41.66/eye per month.

St James’ Laser Vision Clinic doesn’t quite make our best-rated laser eye surgery providers in the UK – you can read their customer reviews below.

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22 Dec 2010

I am so happy with my PRK laser treatment that Mr Morrell performed on both of my eyes. Still one year on I have perfect vision- slightly over corrected- but nonetheless PERFECT. I highly recommend this particular operation for anyone who wishes to have laser treatment and is near-sighted. Although it took longer to recover, I believe it is better in the long term than lasik or Lasek and is less likely to give dry eye. I highly recommend this operation for anyone.

16 Apr 2015

Having had laser treatment over 10 years ago and still needing to wear a variety of glasses for different purposes, I decided to find out if my eyes were suitable for multifocal lens implants. I had witnessed the improvement of my wife’s vision following her recent lens implants.
After my consultation with Mr Morrell I was told my eyes were suitable, so decided to proceed with surgery in January this year. The results have been excellent. No glasses or contact lenses after 35 years…. fantastic! A very professional service throughout, with excellent aftercare .

26 Aug 2008

I couldn't be more pleased with the result, after nearly 30 years of wearing glasses. No real problems at all - eyes still tend to be a bit dry (4 months after surgery) but this is settling. I'd definitely recommend the procedure & St James's laser vision

21 May 2016

From the moment I stepped through the door and spoke with the first receptionist on my assessment visit, to saying goodbye to the second receptionist I met at the 1 month check-up, my treatment by the St James Team was, without exception, professional, collaborative and a pleasure.

I have worn contact lenses since I was 18 to correct my short sightedness. I put them in first thing in the morning and taking them out was the last thing I did at night. Even during extensive periods of travelling with work, on long distant flights wearing contact lenses for me was never a problem (I never went out in my glasses, they went hand in hand with pyjamas and chill out days at home)…until, in my late forties, I couldn’t see to do detailed close up things e.g. hand sewing and was finding myself taking my lenses out and putting my glasses on to watch the television at the same time which seemed crazy (and back to front because at this age I should be putting reading glasses on to sew)…I went to St James expecting, if I was suitable, to have both my eyes lasered to correct my short sightedness at the expense of then having to wear reading glasses (which without my contact lenses in, at this point I didn’t actually need). The optometrist was so pleasant and after checking my vision, and taking measurements of my eyes suggested that I may be a candidate for Laser Blend Vision (St James is one of the few UK clinics that offer this technique – the laser algorithm are different to correct the vision). The consultant surgeon Mr James Ball discussed it further with me, including what it would mean as my eyes continue to age.

The surgery was painless (again the nurses and technicians supporting James Ball were so friendly at putting me at my ease), my dominant right eye was corrected for distance and my left eye was left as it was. The next day I went back (19hrs post op) and had 20:20 vision. For 48hrs I had a sensation similar to be light headed. One week later my combined vision took me to the bottom of the chart (better than 20:20 and certainly better than anything my glasses or contact lenses had achieved over the years). I still had a conscious perception that each eye was overlaying a differently focussed image, although clearly the overall vision was excellent. At the one month check, my brain has completely adapted to my left eye seeing close up and right eye distance. I didn’t have the 3 month check as my healing and outcome was without concern at 1 month and I was discharged.

James Ball saw me at every visit, nothing was too much trouble including sending me details and follow up emails should I be concerned about anything. The best outcome for my eyesight was his only concern.

There is no sales team at St. James, and no assumption that I would go there to have the surgery (or even approach to book a second appointment) just a handshake on my way out and a comment to ask the reception for the cost if I was going to consider it, but after my assessment visit experience I wouldn’t have considered going anywhere else.

Don’t expect plush surroundings though…the Unit is in St James Hospital but very close to the entrance of the Chancellor Wing so convenient.

02 Jun 2009

Having eye surgery has quite literally changed my life. Having worn glasses and then contact lenses for 30 years I took the plunge and went for eye surgery following recommendations from friends about St James Clinic. Despite being very squeamish about eyes I was desperate as I quite an active life. I own a horse, looking after him and riding on a daily basis. In windy weather dirt would blow into my eyes, rendering me painfully blind if I was wearing my contact lenses. If I worn my glasses I struggled to see in the rain and also risked the horse potentially knocking them off. Being able to see properly means whatever the weather I can get on with what I am doing. It has also saved time in messing about putting lenses in, trying to find my glasses and swopping between the two. I no longer get dry eyes at night from wearing lenses all day and don't suffer the inconvenience of a lost lens. I also don't rub my eyes as much so the skin around them will not get stretched and age as quickly as if I were still wearing lenses. It is fantastic being able to see!

13 Nov 2012

My prescription was quite high (over -7 in both eyes with substantial astigmatism), so I went into the surgery with realistic expectations about what could be achieved. James was very reassuring and utterly professional, and the results were far better than I dared hope for. After 40 years of glasses, I am now spectacle-free…

21 Jan 2011

I only had my right eye corrected as I had excellent near sight vision and did not want to have to wear glasses for reading. This has worked perfectly for me and I am enjoying distance views with perfect vision. I only wish I had had this done earlier.

16 Apr 2015

I had multifocal lens implants in October 2014 under the supervision of Mr Andrew Morrell, one of the two consultants, at St James Laser Vision. From the initial consultation, to establish if my eyes were suitable, right through to my final follow up appointment earlier this month everything went smoothly and I am delighted with the results. The only glasses I now wear are sunglasses! At each appointment I saw Mr Morrell and on two occasions I also saw the optometrist, Tim Hunter. It was reassuring to have the NHS link and also be able to phone/turn up if there was anything concerning me. The whole procedure was thoroughly explained and at no time was I under any pressure to go ahead with surgery after my initial, no obligation consultation.

21 Oct 2008

My first reason for choosing St James's was the reputation. Taking advantage of the free consultation, I met Mr Morrell who gave a very honest and thorough explanation of the procedure. He did no oversell the potential benefits, especially as being 64 my own expectations were realistic, following the research I carried out on the internet. I chose the Monovision solution whereby I have distance vision in one eye and close vision in the other. This is the same prescription as I had used with my 'daily' contact lenses. The operations went smoothly, the pre and post operative care and attention have been excellent, and I could not have wished for a better outcome. I am absolutely delighted with the results. Having spoken to others who have had the treatment, and had said they experienced pain for a day or two after the operation, I had no such reaction. It is hard to imagine that I could have had better treatment anywhere else, so I would certainly recommend St. James's to everyone.

09 Dec 2011

It was painless with a quick recovery time. Would highly recommend to everyone I know!!

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