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I wouldn't recommend Optimax to anyone, the customer service of the Bristol branch is shocking. They don't keep to their appointment times and don't even apologise for the delay plus they lied every time when we asked them how muc ...Read more

1. Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Review

Optimax is a UK specialist in laser eye treatment, lens replacement surgery, and cataract surgery. Founded in 1991, this clinic has performed over 430,000 vision corrections. It currently has 28 clinics nationwide, including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Belfast.

Here is how nearly 1,000 real customers rate Optimax for its clinic, cost, treatments and surgeons:

Optimax Rating OverallClinic RatingCost RatingSurgeon RatingTreatments Rating

(3.9 out of 5)

(3.6 out of 5)

(3.5 out of 5)

(5 out of 5)

(4.1 out of 5)

These ratings boil down to:

Pros: Fixed prices, free consultation, Wavefront technology, locations nationwide, NHS-trained surgeons

Cons: Poor customer service, lacking communication from surgeons, frequent delays

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2. Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Cost

“I would do this surgery again tomorrow knowing the results I have got. It was worth every penny – the best money I ever spent.” – Stephen Gerrard

(3.5 out of 5)

Laser eye surgery at Optimax costs £1,695 (per eye) for Wavefront LASEK or Wavefront IntraLase LASIK. Cataract surgery costs £2,995 (per eye), while implantable contact lenses will set you back £2,495 (per eye).

These are average prices for eye surgery in the UK – not as cheap as other high street clinics like Optical Express, but less expensive than eye hospitals like Moorfields Private.

Are there any hidden costs? No – Optimax offers free consultations, and transparent prices. Plus, there are finance options, meaning you can pay under £50 for 36 months for laser surgery, or under £70 a month for lens surgery.

Here are the prices of some of Optimax’ popular lens and laser surgery options:

Eye Surgery ProcedurePrice (per eye)Finance Options (per month)
Wavefront LASEK£1,695£42.38
(36 months, 0% APR, £169.50 deposit)
Wavefront IntraLase LASIK£1,695£42.38
(36 months, 0% APR, £169.50 deposit)
Cataract / RLE / CLE Treatment£2,995£64.40
(36 months, 0% APR, £299.50 deposit)
ICL Treatment£2,495£51.49
(36 months, 0% APR, £249.50 deposit)

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3. Optimax Treatments

“I am delighted that the procedure was pain-free, and I didn’t even need any painkillers afterwards. At the weekly check-up, I was amazed to learn I had 20/20 vision – much better than predicted.” – Joan Hassell

(4.1 out of 5)

As well as traditional laser eye surgery, Optimax also offers a range of lens surgery options. Here is the full list:

  1. LASIK
  2. LASEK
  3. Wavefront / IntraLase®Femtosecond
  4. Cataract or refractive lens exchange (RLE) surgery
  5. ICL surgery or keratoconus treatment


Optimax provides a free and comprehensive aftercare program to regularly check and monitor your vision at each stage of the recovery process. All aftercare costs are included in the cost of your eye surgery.

Optimax locations

Optimax offers a range of clinics nationwide. It also hosts open days, where patients are able to have a free assessment, take a tour of the clinic, and speak to specialist consultants. Optimax’s main locations are: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester.

optimax locations

4. The Verdict

laser eye surgery review verdict

I am really happy with the results. Apart from the machine not working and the long wait, the staff at this Optimax were really nice, friendly and helpful, as was Dr Patel. I would recommend this Optimax. – Tina Gibson

(3.9 out of 5)

Optimax has an average overall rating due to hit-and-miss patient care, based on nearly 9,000 independent reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

Most patients we spoke to were happy with the service. However, the long waiting times and poor communication mean this clinic misses the top spots on the list of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK. Still, Optimax makes it into these top lists:

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5. Optimax Surgeon Reviews

6. Optimax Patient Reviews


12 Jul 2002

Had my left eye done with PRK on 24/6/02 at the Edinburgh clinic.Staff very friendly and informative,the surgeon talked me through the whole operation.A little pain for about an hour after the op(a painkiller and an hours sleep took care of that!).Was driving the next morning and could already see an improvement in my sight.Had my first check up on 27/6/02 and optician was surprised to find my eye almost healed and my sight now 6/6!Had second check up on 12/7/02 and eye is fully healed.Get my right eye done on 19/7/02 - hope it is as easy as the left.I would highly recommend the clinic so far.

01 Sep 2003

Had epiflap (LASEK) on both eyes on 26/8/03 at Manchester. Consultation, treatment & aftercare very good. The consultant explained everything to me beforehand and told me I was suitable and that I could go ahead with treatment straight away. I opted to have both eyes done at the same time. I had read up about the treatment and so was aware of what the consultant was doing and he also talked me through it. The treatment was very quick and painless and I was not given bandage lenses. This may be why I suffered terrible pain for 2 days - although my eyes did not water and I felt no grittiness etc. On the 3rd day I awoke and looked over to the alarm clock - I could see the figures as plain as anything. No pain, just really really tired - a bit like getting over a bad dose of flu. It's now day 6 and I am back at work. I can use the VDU but it is very tiring. My mid vision and close vision seems fine and my distance vision is improving everyday. My check up is in 4 days and I hope that I will be given the all clear.

03 Oct 2003

Well I've been in for my checkup today and as expected I was 20/20 in both eyes. The only side effect I've had is a slight haze, but hopefully that will clear in the next couple of weeks. Unlike some other posts, I'm glad I waited until now to have the operation. I always got on well with contact lenses and I suspect the advances of technolgy and experience have been significant with the laser eye surgery over the past few years. This made me very comfortable with the entire procedure and the expected results. The only other point I'd like to mention is the choice between Lasik and PRK. I was suitable for either treatment, but opted for Lasik due to the faster recovery. People in a similar situation need to carefully weigh the pros and cons between the two procedures and make an informed choice. I'll post again after my next check up, but ifn people are suitable for laser eye surgery I would certainly recommend it.

14 Jun 2004

Visited the Birmingham branch last April for an open day after being recommened from a work friend. I chose LASIK after long discussions with the staff. Had my full consulatation last Thursday which was very thorough and surgery Friday pm which lasted about 20 minutes. Friday night I had 20/20 vision. Saturday morning drove back for my check up, went shopping at Bull Ring, went to golf range and went out for a meal and drink on the night. No haze no halos, no pain, no worries. Best £1200 I think I will ever spend.

05 Jul 2005

Early treatment in 1995. Superb treatment although some pain for a couple of days. Truly superb sight ever since.

26 Jul 2005

Excellent. Had surgery at Leeds clinic. My eyes were -1.75 and -2.50 and now have 20/20 vision. It was painful the first few hours, however, my husband does say I am a baby! Staff were very help and I would absolutely recommend Optimax to everyone, in fact I do. Wish I'd had it done years ago! Thank you.

30 Aug 2005

Had epi lasek - mono vision at Leicester clinic. Excellent service/staff. Only slight gritty eyes after op and for 1 day after no pain. 4 Weeks on have 20/20 vision. Best decision ever to have laser treatment cannot describe the feeling of not having to wear glasses or the hassle of contact lenses. Great!

20 Jun 2006

I had bi-lateral epi-lasek 2 weeks ago at the new Optimax clinic in Belfast. This was an enhancement as I had Lasek done in May 2005 with the Advanced Laser Clinic in Belfast. Unfortunately I was one of the 3-4% that needed retreated after Lasek. I was -3.75 in both eyes a year ago and then regressed to -1.25 & -1.00 and needed glasses again. I was really disappointed that it hadn't work the way I'd hoped and felt I'd wasted my money. After the Advanced Laser Clinic agreed that I needed retreated, they went into liquidation a week later and I had to wait 10 months for Optimax to open as they had taken over the clinic. I had my initial consultation in May and Optimax agreed to re-treat me. I have to say that the staff had a lot of time for me and I never felt rushed or hurried and there wasn't any "Sales Pitch" which I had encountered with the previous company the last time. I was very nervous on the day of my procedure as I knew what to expect but everyone was great and totally professional. Dr Qazi explained what he was doing throughout the procedure which helped calm me. Once the anesthetic drops wore off, I was in pain for a few days just like last time but not as severe and I just kept taking the pills that they gave me and virtually slept for 3days!!I got my bandage contacts taken out on day 4 and on day 5 I could see well enough to drive, which was totally amazing, considering last time it was almost 2 weeks before I could drive. I had a bit of double vision in my left eye last week and when I phoned the Clinic and spoke to Dr Qazi, he offered to see me the same day, which was brilliant. Dr Qazi gave my eyes a thorough examination and advised that this was part of the healing process and not to worry. The double vision cleared up 2 days later!! Although my next aftercare appt is not until July I know myself that I have almost perfect vision, its even better than when I had my glasses!! All in all the Belfast Clinic is excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. A BIG Thankyou to Belfast;-))

27 Jan 2007

I had epi lasek on 10th jan and it was the best thing i've ever done!! The clinic were great as was Dr Materman. Procedure was COMPLETELY PAINLESS and quick, not as bad as the dentist. First 24 hours after were fine, just mild gritty sensation then between 24 and 48 hours my eyes were unfortable and had some difficulty opening them. I spent most of this time asleep or listening to radio or audio books. After the pain went each day my sight has been getting better and better!! everyday i wake up and open my eyes and can't believe what i can see! i did a lot of research and was very nervous about having it done but it is amazing ( and as i'm only 2 weeks after my treatment i've still got more improvement to come) and i wish i hadn't waited for so long!!!

26 Aug 2002

I had bilateral LASIK performed on 05 August 2002. The surgeon, Dr Dan Reinstein, was excellent. He explained every step of the procedure which I found most reassuring. On the day everything went very smoothly - the first 24h afterwards spent resting and instilling hourly drops. At my 24h check-up my vision was excellent - 6/6 both eyes. 3 weeks on, for me, things continue to 'look good'. The staff have been most professional and informative and I would recommend their services to anyone considering LASIK treatment.

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