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I wouldn't recommend Optimax to anyone, the customer service of the Bristol branch is shocking. They don't keep to their appointment times and don't even apologise for the delay plus they lied every time when we asked them how muc ... Read more

1. Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Review

Optimax is a UK specialist in laser eye treatment, lens replacement surgery, and cataract surgery. Founded in 1991, this clinic has performed over 430,000 vision corrections. It currently has 28 clinics nationwide, including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Belfast.

Here is how nearly 1,000 real customers rate Optimax for its clinic, cost, treatments and surgeons:

Optimax Rating OverallClinic RatingCost RatingSurgeon RatingTreatments Rating

(3.9 out of 5)

(3.6 out of 5)

(3.5 out of 5)

(5 out of 5)

(4.1 out of 5)

These ratings boil down to:

Pros: Fixed prices, free consultation, Wavefront technology, locations nationwide, NHS-trained surgeons

Cons: Poor customer service, lacking communication from surgeons, frequent delays

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2. Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Cost

“I would do this surgery again tomorrow knowing the results I have got. It was worth every penny – the best money I ever spent.” – Stephen Gerrard

(3.5 out of 5)

Laser eye surgery at Optimax costs £1,695 (per eye) for Wavefront LASEK or Wavefront IntraLase LASIK. Cataract surgery costs £2,995 (per eye), while implantable contact lenses will set you back £2,495 (per eye).

These are average prices for eye surgery in the UK – not as cheap as other high street clinics like Optical Express, but less expensive than eye hospitals like Moorfields Private.

Are there any hidden costs? No – Optimax offers free consultations, and transparent prices. Plus, there are finance options, meaning you can pay under £50 for 36 months for laser surgery, or under £70 a month for lens surgery.

Here are the prices of some of Optimax’ popular lens and laser surgery options:

Eye Surgery ProcedurePrice (per eye)Finance Options (per month)
Wavefront LASEK£1,695£42.38
(36 months, 0% APR, £169.50 deposit)
Wavefront IntraLase LASIK£1,695£42.38
(36 months, 0% APR, £169.50 deposit)
Cataract / RLE / CLE Treatment£2,995£64.40
(36 months, 0% APR, £299.50 deposit)
ICL Treatment£2,495£51.49
(36 months, 0% APR, £249.50 deposit)

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3. Optimax Treatments

“I am delighted that the procedure was pain-free, and I didn’t even need any painkillers afterwards. At the weekly check-up, I was amazed to learn I had 20/20 vision – much better than predicted.” – Joan Hassell

(4.1 out of 5)

As well as traditional laser eye surgery, Optimax also offers a range of lens surgery options. Here is the full list:

  1. LASIK
  2. LASEK
  3. Wavefront / IntraLase®Femtosecond
  4. Cataract or refractive lens exchange (RLE) surgery
  5. ICL surgery or keratoconus treatment


Optimax provides a free and comprehensive aftercare program to regularly check and monitor your vision at each stage of the recovery process. All aftercare costs are included in the cost of your eye surgery.

Optimax locations

Optimax offers a range of clinics nationwide. It also hosts open days, where patients are able to have a free assessment, take a tour of the clinic, and speak to specialist consultants. Optimax’s main locations are: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester.

optimax locations

4. The Verdict

laser eye surgery review verdict

I am really happy with the results. Apart from the machine not working and the long wait, the staff at this Optimax were really nice, friendly and helpful, as was Dr Patel. I would recommend this Optimax. – Tina Gibson

(3.9 out of 5)

Optimax has an average overall rating due to hit-and-miss patient care, based on nearly 9,000 independent reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

Most patients we spoke to were happy with the service. However, the long waiting times and poor communication mean this clinic misses the top spots on the list of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK. Still, Optimax makes it into these top lists:

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5. Optimax Surgeon Reviews

6. Optimax Patient Reviews

Rating Date

13 Oct 2002

Dr Patel performed my LASIK operation and it was excellent. I am extremly pleased with the result

02 Mar 2003

I too had lasik treatment at Birmingham by John Hill on 27 Feb 2003, as did my brother. My prescription was -6.00 and -7.00 and my brother was around -10. We both felt totally reassured by the confidence of John Hill and went ahead with the treatment. It went brilliantly and neither of us experienced any pain. I was reading number plates on the way back to our hotel just 30 mins after treatment. We are both amazed by the results-my brother was out playing in his band on 29 Feb which is quite remarkable. I just keep thinking I have my contact lenses in because it just doesn't seem possible that I can see unaided. Feel free to contact me if I can be of help to anyone that is considering treatment. p.s. Glad your treatment went well, Avril!

31 Aug 2003

Both eyes -2.50 I went to the Leeds branch on the 21st of July for bi-lateral lasek its the best thing I have ever done, Dr Samuel is fantastic he went through everything very slowly and explained all the risks and recovery period making sure I had understood. I have been waiting to post anything on the web site until I had my monthly check up. Just had it on the 26th of Auguts 20/20 vision. I had the contact lenses put in so help ease the pain because I am a wimp you dont have to have these it does mean going back 3 days after surgery but hey anything to lessen what ever the pain might be, the day I had it done I followed the instructions and took the pain killers 1/2 hour after having the treament , I was very sensitive to light on the way home and was glad my partner came with me to drive me home no real pain though just a dull ache. I got home and went straight to bed hwere it was dark and quiet, my eyes started to water quite badly at this stage and continued to do so for the next 36 hours I ensured I took the sleeping tablets and I had an excellent nights sleep. Thursday after I travelled back and had the lenses out and at that stage I had driving standard vision. Still sensitive to light though. But it was sunny so I could use sunglasses without gettiong any strange looks. I got quite a few a week later when it was very overcast and started to rain and I still kept them on. The sensitivity to light went on for a couple of weeks but by the end of the week my eyes in general were fine although for the first 2 weeks I struggled to do to much work on the PC, but I was warned about this. The glare seemed to hurt my eyes they also had a tendancy to feel tired quicker at the end of some days my vision was a bit bulrred but again all these things had been explained so I didn't feel the need to panic. The longer recovery period suited me fine as the risks are less than that of Lasik, would recomend any one to go to the Leeds clinic. Dr Samuel is fantastic I ended up at Leeds because they couldn't fit me at Manchester which was nearer but I am so glad I went there, all the staff are very good and very efficient. All my appointments were on time I just wish I had gone a month later then I could have got it cheaper as I could have gone with some one else and got the 2 for 1 offer.

02 Oct 2003

Well I had lasik treatment about 4 hours ago from Doctor Hynes at the Manchester clinic. My prescription was -4.5 in both eyes. The procedure itself was much as I expected. It was slightly uncomfortable but certainly not painful in any way shape or form. The smell of burning flesh isn't especially unpleasant and you get a fantastic light show. Once the anaesthetic drops wear off it's a bit painful for a couple of hours, but everything seems fine now and I CAN SEE CLEARLY !! I'll post again after the aftercare appointmnets, but I'm confident that I may even be 20/20 by tomrorrow. Another patient in Manchester today had travelled from Milton Keynes specifically to see Doctor Hynes and I would certainly recommend him to anyone else considering treatment.

28 Feb 2004

I had bilateral epi-flap surgery 5 weeks ago at optimax manchester, the surgeon was Dr Steven Doyle. My prescription was -8.5 in both eyes currently my eyesight is 6/5 (better than 20/20 vison). I have a check up in two months time, hopefully things will stay this way. As for the surgeon Steven Doyle I highly recommend him, explained everything thoroughly and was very happy to answer any questions. Ultimately the decision to proceed with surgery is a personal one but for me it was money well spent, I would definatley recommend it.

21 Mar 2005

Had Bi-lateral Epi Lasek on Thursday 17th at Southampton, performed by Dr Ayoubi. Arrived at Optimax 10 mins early for my appointment & was seen immediately for my topography. Was slightly late going in for my consultation but again, no problems (was very worried beforehand that I would be turned down at the last minute). Popped out to West Quay for some lunch & arrived back at 1.50 for treatment. I won't go into detail about the procedure as it's already been done many times in this forum. Anyway, Dr Ayoubi explained everything in detail as he was doing it (including counting down to the laser starting.. it's like something out of James Bond!). I wasn't in the treatment room for more than 10 mins! All went smoothly & I was shown out to the waiting room to make my aftercare appointment. In hindsight, my Stevie Wonder impression probably wasn't a good idea as I entered the waiting room :) . On the way home, sure enough, the anaesthetic drops wore off & my eyes & nose started streaming... The pain really kicked in after an hour & I couldn't open my eyes for the rest of the day. I felt like someone had scratched my eyes with their fingernails. Not nice. The worst of the pain lasted for about 5 hours, but I didn't leave the bedroom for the rest of the day. Really didn't feel like eating either so the KFC earlier in the day was a good idea. Friday was odd. Like someone had smeared vaseline over my eyes. Eyes were very light sensitive all day, but ventured out in the afternoon complete with sunglasses & cap with wife to meet my son from school. Upon leaving school got hit full in the face by a football! Sods law i suppose... No damage done thankfully. Attended first aftercare appointment on Saturday (48 hours later) to have the bandage lenses out. Dr ayoubi informed me that my left eye is already driving standard! Right eye is lagging however, & even today, 4 days later is very blurry. I'm not too worried as I've heard that this is not unusual & will have to be patient I guess. Overall, I'm extremely impressed so far & the pain after the treatment on Thursday is an extremely small price to pay for not having to wear contacts or glasses any more & is easily the best £700 I have ever spent. For some reason I still keep my glasses beside my bed... I have no idea why. Will post follow ups as & when there is any improvement. Feel free to e-mail me any questions. Gary

04 Jul 2005

My wife had the surgery in the Liverpool Branch just over a month ago. It is the best deal I have ever done. The staff were fantastic and the whole process was focussed on customer satisfaction. I highly recommend this treatment and very highly recommend Optimax Liverpool.

25 Jul 2005

Had eye surgery at Croydon after wearing glasses for the past 12 years. I saw an offer from Optimax on ebay and out of curiosity went for it. I paid an amazing £810 for both eyes and the process was so simple and quick. It was difficult for the first 2 days and the vision was getting better for the first week. Now have perfect eye sight, wearing sunglasses when I want to, going swimming etc. Basically doing all the things I couldn't do before. If I'd known about this 12 years ago I would have signed up then!

10 Apr 2007

I had Lasik last October. My contact lens prescription used to be -3.5. Cannot compliment optimax enough - the ONLY problem I had was immediately after the surgery, I was sent back to 'recover' in the waiting room. I'd certainly recommend Optimax to anyone considering laser eye surgery. If you do go for it, I managed to make a significant saving by buying through ebay to the amusement of many of my friends!

09 Oct 2007

I had been thinking about Laser eye surgery for a number of years and did a lot of research on the internet, before finally taking the plunge on 04.10.07 at Optimax in Manchester with Dr Boezaart. My vision was -3.5 in booth eyes. As I had lost the ability to read when wearing glasses, I decided to have just one eye corrected, as I could still read without glasses due to being shortsighted. I wore just one contact lens for about a year before treatment in order to get used to this Monovision and then had laser surgery on just one eye. I made an appointment for consultation (free during October) and the treatment was scheduled for the afternoon of the same day. Everything went like clockwork and I cannot fault Optimax' efficiency. I opted for Wavefront Intralase Lasik as I did not want the pain associated with Lasek. When it was my turn to be treated, I was a bit worried about moving my eyes, but as you look into a rather nice red specled light, I soon relaxed and the first part was over in about 60 seconds, then I was moved over to the actual correcting laser which created a burning flesh smell, which was a bit unpleasant, but again that was over in a very short time. I was a bit worried about the lack of vision I had straight after surgery, as everything was blurred and I did not expect it at all. This lasted for about 4 hours and my eyes went from being boodshot to bright red and watering and stinging very badly.I had been given painkilling drops and they immediately relieved any pain as soon as they were administered. The effect lasted about half an hour, after which another dose had to be applied to make me comfortable. My vision kept improving and on the day after the treatment I could read everything bar the last two lines on the chart. I am very happy with the outcome, as I can see distance clearly (but I cannot read with that eye anymore (Which I was aware of, thus having had only one eye treated))What is not so good yet, is the middle distance vision, say between 2 and 6 foot away, which was clear with glasses. This makes working with a PC a bit difficult, but as my treatment was only a couple of days ago, I am hoping this will improve. All in all I am happy with my decision of having had the treatment, with my choice of Optimax as my clinic and my choice of Dr Boezaart as my surgeon. Oh, I nearly forgot: I paid £1290 for one eye for Wavefront, Intralase Lasik.

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