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I wouldn't recommend Optimax to anyone, the customer service of the Bristol branch is shocking. They don't keep to their appointment times and don't even apologise for the delay plus they lied every time when we asked them how muc ...Read more

1. Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Review

Optimax is a UK specialist in laser eye treatment, lens replacement surgery, and cataract surgery. Founded in 1991, this clinic has performed over 430,000 vision corrections. It currently has 28 clinics nationwide, including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Belfast.

Here is how nearly 1,000 real customers rate Optimax for its clinic, cost, treatments and surgeons:

Optimax Rating OverallClinic RatingCost RatingSurgeon RatingTreatments Rating

(3.9 out of 5)

(3.6 out of 5)

(3.5 out of 5)

(5 out of 5)

(4.1 out of 5)

These ratings boil down to:

Pros: Fixed prices, free consultation, Wavefront technology, locations nationwide, NHS-trained surgeons

Cons: Poor customer service, lacking communication from surgeons, frequent delays

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2. Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Cost

“I would do this surgery again tomorrow knowing the results I have got. It was worth every penny – the best money I ever spent.” – Stephen Gerrard

(3.5 out of 5)

Laser eye surgery at Optimax costs £1,695 (per eye) for Wavefront LASEK or Wavefront IntraLase LASIK. Cataract surgery costs £2,995 (per eye), while implantable contact lenses will set you back £2,495 (per eye).

These are average prices for eye surgery in the UK – not as cheap as other high street clinics like Optical Express, but less expensive than eye hospitals like Moorfields Private.

Are there any hidden costs? No – Optimax offers free consultations, and transparent prices. Plus, there are finance options, meaning you can pay under £50 for 36 months for laser surgery, or under £70 a month for lens surgery.

Here are the prices of some of Optimax’ popular lens and laser surgery options:

Eye Surgery ProcedurePrice (per eye)Finance Options (per month)
Wavefront LASEK£1,695£42.38
(36 months, 0% APR, £169.50 deposit)
Wavefront IntraLase LASIK£1,695£42.38
(36 months, 0% APR, £169.50 deposit)
Cataract / RLE / CLE Treatment£2,995£64.40
(36 months, 0% APR, £299.50 deposit)
ICL Treatment£2,495£51.49
(36 months, 0% APR, £249.50 deposit)

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3. Optimax Treatments

“I am delighted that the procedure was pain-free, and I didn’t even need any painkillers afterwards. At the weekly check-up, I was amazed to learn I had 20/20 vision – much better than predicted.” – Joan Hassell

(4.1 out of 5)

As well as traditional laser eye surgery, Optimax also offers a range of lens surgery options. Here is the full list:

  1. LASIK
  2. LASEK
  3. Wavefront / IntraLase®Femtosecond
  4. Cataract or refractive lens exchange (RLE) surgery
  5. ICL surgery or keratoconus treatment


Optimax provides a free and comprehensive aftercare program to regularly check and monitor your vision at each stage of the recovery process. All aftercare costs are included in the cost of your eye surgery.

Optimax locations

Optimax offers a range of clinics nationwide. It also hosts open days, where patients are able to have a free assessment, take a tour of the clinic, and speak to specialist consultants. Optimax’s main locations are: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester.

optimax locations

4. The Verdict

laser eye surgery review verdict

I am really happy with the results. Apart from the machine not working and the long wait, the staff at this Optimax were really nice, friendly and helpful, as was Dr Patel. I would recommend this Optimax. – Tina Gibson

(3.9 out of 5)

Optimax has an average overall rating due to hit-and-miss patient care, based on nearly 9,000 independent reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

Most patients we spoke to were happy with the service. However, the long waiting times and poor communication mean this clinic misses the top spots on the list of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK. Still, Optimax makes it into these top lists:

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5. Optimax Surgeon Reviews

6. Optimax Patient Reviews


27 Apr 2012

I visited Optical Express, Ultralase and Optimax for consultations prior to going for treatment having been considering laser eye surgery for far too long. I immediately rules out Optical Express as I didn't feel they were at all professional - it just felt like a rather thorough eye test. I would have been happy to go with either of the other two but Ultralase wanted me to travel to Surrey whereas Optimax was much more local and considerably cheaper. I had treatment to both eyes last Friday (exactly 1 week ago) and the results are absolutely astounding. The treatment was painless apart from some pressure during the Intralase flap procedure but Dr Ayoubi talked me through every step of the way. Whilst in recover I started to be able to see and by the time I got home (about an hour or so after surgery) I could see quite well although my eyes were starting to get very sore and runny. I had been given some anaesthetic drops so after using those I went to bed and slept. The next morning I woke to better eyesight than I had ever had with glasses or contact lenses. I was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat and looking out the window reading registration numbers and signs. I had a follow up appointment at 9.20am and was cleared to drive with 20:20 vision in 1 eye and 16:20 in the other - all this only 15 hours after surgery. As the week has gone on my eyesight has got better and better and today I have not really even noticed that I've had anything done. My eyes are no longer sore, not dry and only a little red still. If it wasn't for having to put drops in I'd be totally back to normal except with perfect vision. An incredible journey that I would highly recommend to anyone considering it. Don't just sit there - you're wasting your time - get on with it - it's incredible.

10 Jun 2011

I had my treatment on 14th April at Optimax in Hove. My Surgeon was Dr Wilbert Hoe. Due to my age (mid 40's) I was recommended to have Monovision, my non dominant eye slightly under corrected to allow for Presbyopia, the stiffening of the lens inside your eye as you age. The reason for this, if both eyes are fully corrected, it's likely that you will have good distance vision, but may have to wear glasses to read. My dominant eye was treated to give good distance vision & the other eye left slightly short sighted to allow for close up work. I tried this out first by wearing different strength contact lenses. I am absoloutly delighted with the results, I've had no problems adjusting to this & hopefully it will be a very long time before I need reading glasses. I chose Optimax Hove after a good friend had her surgery there, she was delighted with the results. But what did sway me was the experience of Dr Hoe, he's treated 15318 at Optimax since 2002. He is also an Associate Specialist at the Corneo-Plastic Unit at East Grinstead a specialist Eye Hospital. I have written a blog about my experience, it will give you an idea of what the treatment was really like. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Optimax Hove, the staff are friendly and helpful and I felt in safe hands with Dr Hoe. He also operates in the Croydon branch.

02 Mar 2011

I do wear glasses today to correct my astigmatism and although I decided not to go ahead with my surgery after the free consultation, I rate Optimax, Finchley Road 5* for the following reasons: 1. The customer service was excellent; I was very well taken care of. 2. The reception room was large and airy with all the normal conveniences but it also had a video playing on one of the screens that explained the surgical procedure this I have not found anywhere else 3. They are open about their surgeons qualification and their experience and you might even be able to choose who you want 4. The optometrist was excellent. She gave me realistic expectations of the surgery and told me about Presbyopia which could increase after the surgery as I was already showing early signs and because of my age. 5. They promised to beat any written quotation I had from other providers and they did! 6. There was no hard sell, and I did not feel under any pressure to commit myself. 7. The optometrist and personal adviser who saw me were very patient with me and allowed me to ask all my questions. All in all it was a much more pleasant experience than I had come to get used to. I also feel the eye examination was more thorough and neither Optical Express nor Ultralase ever mentioned to me that because I had the early stages of Presbyopia there was a high possibility I would need glasses soon for close reading or computer work after the surgery. This was a big show stopper for me because I do all my work on the computer. I wonder if that was why it was ‘missed’ by the other providers.

08 Jan 2011


The best part of two years on and I am still in almost constant pain. From the moment I get up until I go to bed I am thinking about my eyes. I cannot watch television for any length of time, being at the computer is painful, reading is a strain, I struggle to concentrate, lights bother me and I can no longer go to the cinema or theatre.

My vision is so much poorer than with my glasses, the term “night and day” does not cover it. I have had to cut back on driving as I do not feel confident with my sight as well as it being a strain.

I am suffering from severe chronic dry eyes which not only causes pain but distorts the vision because of a “wrinkling” on the surface.

After a day at work, I cannot go out in the evening and often go to bed when I come home. I cannot do any of the things I used to enjoy and life is miserable.

Oh, how I miss my days with my glasses- I’d stick them on and I’d see properly and I wasn’t in pain.

My life has been wrecked by this surgery. I was never warned of the severity of the risks. They also keep quiet that 1 in 3 people still need glasses after having the procedure.

The worst thing I ever did. Optimax have completely wreaked my life. I feel I have nothing to ever look forward to again.

09 May 2010

I had treatment in August 2008 at Bristol Clinic. The first month was great, but after, my long vision was very blurred, I was told it was dry eye and would go after treatment with drops ect. but now it's no better and I m finding that they can't do anything for me and they really don't want to see me at the clinic. Glasses will not help and it's not cataract. People should be aware of this.

04 Mar 2010

I was -5 on both eyes and got operated on the 12/02/10. So it's been almost 3 weeks now. My vision was perfect on the first night and seems to be at a constant level. Lights are still a bit hazy at this stage, though I feel this effect is vanishing slowly. Procedure was painless. I wish however that: 1-I had been explained clearly by the surgeon or staff what they were going to do (I didn't even know until the next day they had put me contact lenses to protect the cornea - I should have known that) 2-clinic feels a bit like a fabric. they operate in group of 10 and everything goes so fast. surgeon ok though not particularly talkative (a consultation of 2 minutes at most). However, up until now I do recommend. I have no problems working, driving at night, and dont need anything to read or see from afar. and the price was unbeatable.

12 Dec 2009

From the minute I entered the Surgery the staff were wonderful,I was very nervous about what to expect from the operation. Dr. Manzar Saeed was very patient and answered all my questions and informed me fully on everything that was to be done. The surgery to my right eye was carried out with very little discomfort,less than 24hrs later my husband removed the protective pad and I was able to see clearly for the first time since I was a child without the aid of glasses. One week later I returned for treatment to my left eye this also went very well, I can now see perfectly with both eyes without the need for my heavy "Specs". I would like to thank Dr. Manzer Saeed and his brilliant staff for the way they treated me and made me feel so at ease.I cannot praise them enough and will recommend "Optimax" to all my friends. I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS YEARS AGO! Once again thank you

15 Oct 2009

24 hours after my treatment and its nothing short of a miracle!!!! I simply cannot believe it!!! If you've thought about it, don't hold back and get it done!!!! Done in Optimax, Belfast

26 Aug 2009

I had my eyes lazered some time ago. It was the BEST thing and changed my life from day one. I have recommended it to everyone I know. I was lucky not to have pain, or any problems. I could not recommend Dr Patel at Optimax more highly. I was 50 when I had it done - and I had one eye fully corrected and one eye under corrected and I can read perfectly. I only need magnification for very close work - sewing or putting on make up - easily resolved with a magnifying mirror.

30 Jun 2009

From the minute I stepped in the door, I was treated like a special person. All my concerns were dealt with professionally and I felt comfortable and re-assured. And the after-care is second to none. I have now enjoyed perfect eyesight for 10 years - having been -7.75 in both eyes. It's like a miracle has happened!

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