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I wouldn't recommend Optimax to anyone, the customer service of the Bristol branch is shocking. They don't keep to their appointment times and don't even apologise for the delay plus they lied every time when we asked them how muc ...Read more

1. Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Review

Optimax is a UK specialist in laser eye treatment, lens replacement surgery, and cataract surgery. Founded in 1991, this clinic has performed over 430,000 vision corrections. It currently has 28 clinics nationwide, including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Belfast.

Here is how nearly 1,000 real customers rate Optimax for its clinic, cost, treatments and surgeons:

Optimax Rating OverallClinic RatingCost RatingSurgeon RatingTreatments Rating

(3.9 out of 5)

(3.6 out of 5)

(3.5 out of 5)

(5 out of 5)

(4.1 out of 5)

These ratings boil down to:

Pros: Fixed prices, free consultation, Wavefront technology, locations nationwide, NHS-trained surgeons

Cons: Poor customer service, lacking communication from surgeons, frequent delays

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2. Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Cost

“I would do this surgery again tomorrow knowing the results I have got. It was worth every penny – the best money I ever spent.” – Stephen Gerrard

(3.5 out of 5)

Laser eye surgery at Optimax costs £1,695 (per eye) for Wavefront LASEK or Wavefront IntraLase LASIK. Cataract surgery costs £2,995 (per eye), while implantable contact lenses will set you back £2,495 (per eye).

These are average prices for eye surgery in the UK – not as cheap as other high street clinics like Optical Express, but less expensive than eye hospitals like Moorfields Private.

Are there any hidden costs? No – Optimax offers free consultations, and transparent prices. Plus, there are finance options, meaning you can pay under £50 for 36 months for laser surgery, or under £70 a month for lens surgery.

Here are the prices of some of Optimax’ popular lens and laser surgery options:

Eye Surgery ProcedurePrice (per eye)Finance Options (per month)
Wavefront LASEK£1,695£42.38
(36 months, 0% APR, £169.50 deposit)
Wavefront IntraLase LASIK£1,695£42.38
(36 months, 0% APR, £169.50 deposit)
Cataract / RLE / CLE Treatment£2,995£64.40
(36 months, 0% APR, £299.50 deposit)
ICL Treatment£2,495£51.49
(36 months, 0% APR, £249.50 deposit)

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3. Optimax Treatments

“I am delighted that the procedure was pain-free, and I didn’t even need any painkillers afterwards. At the weekly check-up, I was amazed to learn I had 20/20 vision – much better than predicted.” – Joan Hassell

(4.1 out of 5)

As well as traditional laser eye surgery, Optimax also offers a range of lens surgery options. Here is the full list:

  1. LASIK
  2. LASEK
  3. Wavefront / IntraLase®Femtosecond
  4. Cataract or refractive lens exchange (RLE) surgery
  5. ICL surgery or keratoconus treatment


Optimax provides a free and comprehensive aftercare program to regularly check and monitor your vision at each stage of the recovery process. All aftercare costs are included in the cost of your eye surgery.

Optimax locations

Optimax offers a range of clinics nationwide. It also hosts open days, where patients are able to have a free assessment, take a tour of the clinic, and speak to specialist consultants. Optimax’s main locations are: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester.

optimax locations

4. The Verdict

laser eye surgery review verdict

I am really happy with the results. Apart from the machine not working and the long wait, the staff at this Optimax were really nice, friendly and helpful, as was Dr Patel. I would recommend this Optimax. – Tina Gibson

(3.9 out of 5)

Optimax has an average overall rating due to hit-and-miss patient care, based on nearly 9,000 independent reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

Most patients we spoke to were happy with the service. However, the long waiting times and poor communication mean this clinic misses the top spots on the list of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK. Still, Optimax makes it into these top lists:

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5. Optimax Surgeon Reviews

6. Optimax Patient Reviews


07 Jan 2002

Had my right eye done on 10th December and all seemed to go OK. Surgeon was running late because of traffic but wasn't a problem because I was in the middle of an excellent book!
Went home and pain kicked in whilst in Tesco's getting some lunch. Very embaressing having to stand outside with both eyes shut whilst husband got sandwiches - sure people thought I was a wierdo!! Slept for couple of days but was able to see with the done eye earlier than the previous eye. My mum took me to the supermarket on day 3 and was fine wearing sunglasses - again looked like a wierdo, but never mind!!!
Vision in new eye seemed slightly hazy which was strange because other eye was almost perfect straight away. Wasn't too concerned because different eyes heal differently, and also had some brusising and swelling.
Had check up on 21st December and read the reference number of the eye chart instead of the last line of letters so obviously OK with distance vision! I am apparently slightly long sighted but that will settle down in due course. My previously done eye is excellent - slight astigmastism, but nothing to worry about.
Got my next check up booked for 31st January - previous eye seems perfect but newer eye sometimes gets a bit blurry but I don't not notice it unless I cover the older eye up. I think it's more to do with my eye getting tired at the end of the day after working on PC all day than anything else.

Best part of having my eyes done was going to my optition and handing over my old glasses and sunglasses for him to send to developing countries - someone somewhere will be getting a decent pair of Calvin Klein glasses!!! And of course, the fact that when it rains I can still see!!!!!

Best thing I ever did!! Anyway, I'll post the results of the check up in due course.

14 Feb 2002

I feel that I have to add my comments to this page as I am extremely dissapointed about the treatment and service I have received from optimax.

Having been short-sighted since the age of 7, I decided I was sick of wearing contact lenses and glasses. I decided to have laser eye surgery at the Optimax clinic in Manchester. I had my right eye treated with the PRK method in June 2000. Unfortunatley the surgeon 'over-corrected' my eye, which resulted in me being long-sighted in that eye. After numerous consultations, and various doctors realising that my eyes were not going to correct themselves, they recommended that I have further surgery to correct the long sight in the right eye. However, this time they recommended the LASIK procedure as it is more 'accurate'!! This procedure took place in June 2001 and made no difference to my eye whatsoever.

After further consultations the doctors decided that further surgery would be too risky as my cornea is now too thin. They were supposed to be sending me to a specialist contact lens fitter, however to this date I have still not received an appointment from them. I have been chasing them but it seems they do not care.

I visited an optician myself to try and sort some contact lenses and glasses out. However, they told me that glasses are of no use to me as one eye is longsighted and the other short-sighted and so they don't work together properly, and also there are not many contact lens options available to me as the surface of my eye is so irregular. Basically my eyes are f****d.

I certainley would not recommend optimax to anybody. The service i have received has been terrible, as soon as they realised the surgery wasn't going to work for me they did not want to know.

If you really want laser surgery make sure you research all the options fully before you go for it.

17 Feb 2002

I had my treatment on 31.1.02.

The consultant was Dr Boezaart who explained the treatment thoroughly. I was very nervous but he was so reasurring he really put my mind at rest.

I was shortsighted with a 3.75 right eye and 4.25 left - with a high astigmatism.

I went for my second checkup on 12.2.02 to be told that I am one line off from 20/20 vision but when I go back for my 3 week checkup I should then have 20/20 vision (as I am slightly longsighted at the moment but apparently that will correct itself) but considering my prescription this is better than I ever expected.

I still can't believe I do not have to wear contacts or glasses any longer, it is a wonderful experience and is definitely worth every penny.

21 Feb 2002

Prime consultation excellent No rush; no hard sell.
I had bilateral LASIK on 11th Feb. I was seen nearly 3 hours late, due to several additional emergency procedures. (I don't have a problem with this, and I'm pleased they didn't "speed up" to reduce the wait!) Called in for prep at 16:25, then back in the waiting room with the eyeshields on at 16:55! Eyes light sensitive but clear vision. After 1 hour flaps / vision checked and all OK. I could have got home by tube and bus by myself, although my friend was handy, just in case. I was stunned at how well I could see on the tube station.
My original prescription was -5.5Left, -3.5Right, with some astigmatism. Next day it was +0.5Left, and -0.25Right. A week later it was virtually perfect.
I am absolutely delighted with the treatment and aftercare, and considering it was done on a "special offer" of £999 for both eyes, it was unbelievable value for money. After 40 years of wearing glasses, this has changed my life considerably.

24 Feb 2002

Having considered and reconsidered the pros and cons of laser eye surgery over the last few years I finally decided to take the plunge after checking Optimax's website over the weekend and again seeing that they were offering bilateral LASIK for GBP999. The guy I talked to in the London office made me feel very uneasy. He was very unprofessional and short and I had to prompt him to ask me questions - very worrying. I kept having to ask him 'What details do you need from me?' as there was only silence from the other end of the line. I even had to ask if there was a confirmation number so when I would call back on Monday with my credit card it would be easier to find my bookings! This uneasiness made me browse further on the web. Using a different search engine I came across this website plus one other from a London Hospital offering an unbiased,uncommercial view on LASIK. The following points on LASIK were mentioned which I found very alarming :

** Weakening of the cornea by some 30-40% **
** The flap cut into the cornea NEVER heals as corneal fibres do not re-grow and this flap can be lifted years later **
** Patients are now being seen with bulging corneas, even with those who had low refractive errors beforehand and with the latest equipment having been used. Some of these have needed corneal transplants. **
** 50% of patients have been shown to have lost a significant amount of night vision one year after surgery (Moorfields Hospital study 2001), even in people happy with the result. In Germany, this can legally stop people driving at night and it is possible that this regulation will be adopted in the rest of Europe **
** The eye can become dry and sometimes may need drops EVERY FEW MINUTES (!) for months afterwards. Occasionally the corneal flap can melt, be displaced, or cells may grow under it which need to be removed by lifting and scraping the flap clean. Inflammation under the flap can also be a significant problem **
** A small percentage of patients lose 2 or more lines of their best vision on a test chart **
** Cutting the flap sometimes leads to perforation of the cornea and sometimes to a buttonhole flap **

On reading the above and then finding this website with the comments on Optimax - ok yes - good and bad, I personally at the moment will not take the risks involved with laser eye surgery, and especially not with the LASIK procedure. Tomorrow I'm calling Optimax to cancel my bookings. If I would be convinced at a later date that there are less risks involved I would certainly not have the procedure done via these people. They couldn't even convince me over the phone that they even bothered BEFORE the procedure let alone afterwards. SIGHT IS PRECIOUS and there is too little long-term experience of LASIK. I'm going to wait and SEE and go on holiday instead with the money!

26 Feb 2002

Bi-lateral PRK surgery on 19th December 2001, at Optimax Manchester clinic. Thorough eye examination and consulation prior to surgery - the surgery was painless with only slight discomfort lasting three days - the sensation was like leaving contact lenses in for 'too long'. My vision before the op was very poor, prescription of -2.5 in both eyes plus astigmatism. Returned to work 5 days after op with much improved long distance eyesight - but long sited and unable to read or use PC. At first aftercare appt I was told that this would improve in two weeks - it actually took five days before quite suddenly it got better and I was totally happy with result. Have now been for second aftercare appt - right eye now perfect (dominant eye) and left eye +0.5. Optimax say this long site in left eye should be gone for next appt in two months.
Would I reccomend Optimax? Absolutely without hesitation. I found this company to be professional and competant. Of course it does help that my operation was a complete sucsess.....
I cannot understand why other companies so strongly prefer LASIK to PRK. I was told by two other companies that PRK was no longer a recognised procedure - my own experiences suggest that PRK is very effective and certainly less 'surgically intrusive' than LASIK. If anybody reading this is considering surgery then I would suggest that PRK is given full consideration before a decision is reached.

03 Mar 2002

When I decided to have my eyes treated I wasn't expecting miracles. I just wanted to be able to see the TV properly in the evening, and stop ignoring people in the street!
I went to Optimax in Newcastle to have PRK, and I can't fault the service - or results! I can now see amazingly well and would recommend anyone to go for it. YES I was nervous - in fact I think after reading all the comments on this web page and hearing other horror stories it was probably the bravest thing I've ever done sitting there under that laser. YES there is pain, in fact a lot of pain for a week afterwards, but it's worth it. One tip - make sure you get at least a week off work afterwards if you're getting bi-lateral surgey like me. Expect to spend a lot of time lying in the dark, unable to do anything for a while! Good luck!

18 Mar 2002

I have just had another check-up (Thursday 14th March)and I have been told that I am still zero in my left eye and +0.25 in my right with minimal haze. To be honest, I cannot tell that my right eye is slightly long sighted and have never noticed the haze - it all seems OK to me!
Anyway, everything is fine and I don't need to go back for 6 months!
I went on holiday earlier this month and it was brilliant to not have to fiddle about with prescription sunglasses/normal sunglasses/normal glasses/contact lenses. I went scuba diving with no problems whatsoever and with no worries about my contact lenses popping out whilst 30 metres down!!!
I still belive having PRK surgery is the best thing I ever did.

19 Mar 2002

I has LASIK procedure carried out on both eyes yesterday (18/03/02) at Optimax in Manchester. My prescription was R -5.5 L -4.5.
I attended for the first check up this morning and my vision is now 20/20 (R 0.0, L -0.5) There is still some very slight inflamation in the left eye and my vision is expected to improve further as this subsides.
As you can probably imagine I am absolutely over the moon.
Both the procedure and the initial consultation were carried out by Dr Jean Philippe Colliac. This gentleman is French. His English whilst OK is not brilliant and establishing the necessary reassuring dialogue was not really possible. My final result however is testimony to his expertise.
Six of us were treated on the same morning, all returning together for day 1 aftercare. Apart from one poor guy who had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic drops the other folks experiences were the same as mine.
You can read loads of stuff on this site and elsewhere about the details of the LASIK procedure but my summary would be it's no worse than your average trip to the dentist.
If you are reading this then I can assume you are researching the subject with a view to undergoing the procedure for yourself. My recommendation is that you do research the issues thoroughly but always remember that human nature tends to dictate that the bad news will travel faster than the good. I believe this to be especially true on the net.
Come to you own decision in your own time, if you decide to proceed I wish you the best possible outcome.

23 Mar 2002

Helpline staff inflexible and seemed impatient with basic questions and reluctant to have the most basic conversation. I wrote directly to Optimax in Bristol in early February for them to advise which eye to have treated first and for me to book an appointment as soon as possible. No response received!
Have now had treatment at Boots.

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