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I had worn glasses/contact lenses since my teens and required cataract surgery in both eyes in my early fifties which left my eyesight rather better than it had been for thirty years, but not good enough to live without glasses an ...Read more

Review of Moorfields Eye Surgery

Moorfields Eye Hospital enjoys a global reputation for providing world-class laser eye surgery.

Moorfields Private is the private arm of the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and offers ophthalmic care to patients seeking a vast range of treatments for both common and complex eye health conditions.

Today, Moorfields has a number of clinics around London – located in the City, the West End, Bedford and Croydon – and treats around 400,000 outpatients and 30,000 inpatients each year.

☀ Pros: World-class reputation, highly experienced eye surgeons, central London locations, advanced technology

☂ Cons: No fixed prices (fixed by the surgeons), no monthly payment options, no free consultation

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Our no-nonsense review of Moorfields Private and Moorfields NHS Eye Hospital covers:

  1. Moorfields Private Eye Hospital
  2. Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  3. Moorfields laser eye surgery cost
  4. What laser eye surgeries are offered?
  5. Moorfields’ best consultants
  6. Moorfields laser eye surgery reviews
  7. The Verdict

1. Moorfields Private Eye Hospital

For patients who fail to meet NHS requirements, or for those looking for treatments left off NHS checklists (such as refractive surgery for the average glasses-wearer), Moorfields Private is a viable option.

Private laser eye treatments at Moorfields include the most common surgeries such as PRK, LASEK and LASIK, as well as specialist procedures for more complex conditions. Private patients also benefit from Wavefront guided surgeries, which tend to have higher success rates due to greater laser accuracy.

In addition to providing high quality treatment and aftercare, many patients like to know that the profits from Moorfields Private are used to fund the Moorfields Eye Charity, Friends of Moorfields, which supports critical new research and quality eye care for children and adults.

2. Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

If you happen to suffer from a select range of debilitating eye conditions that cannot be treated by contact lenses or glasses (such as cataracts or glaucoma), you may be one of the few people who qualify for laser eye surgery on the NHS.

Moorfields’ NHS Eye Hospital is there for these patients, but for the vast majority of us, Moorfields Private has its door open.

3. Moorfields Laser Eye Surgery Cost

While NHS treatment is free, at Moorfields Private prices will apply to all consultations and surgeries.

Laser eye surgery costs at Moorfields start at £2,000 per eye for common laser eye surgery such as LASIK or LASEK. These prices rise to between £3,000 and £4,000 per eye for more complex procedures including cataract surgery.

An initial consultation at Moorfields is around £150, and the private prices will depend on the eye surgeon you choose. That’s because the laser eye consultants are employed by Moorfields, and set their own fees.

Consultation costs

  • Consultation: £150 – £200

Patients considering laser eye surgery usually book one to two consultations prior to receiving treatment. You can book your first appointment on the Moorfields Private website.

Treatment costs (per eye)

  • LASIK or LASEK eye surgery: £2,000 – £2,500
  • Refractive lens exchange (RLE) or cataract surgery: £3,000 – £4,000
  • ICL implantation surgery: £3,000 – £4,000

Other costs

In addition to these costs, you may also need to consider covering your potential stay in the hospital for private treatment. Moorfields Private hospital fees tend to range from £900 to £1800, depending on the procedure.

However, recovery times vary, and many eye treatments allow you to leave following the surgery. Naturally, there are no hospital fees for NHS patients.

Other options?

Moorfields Private Hospital offers some of the latest laser and implantable contact lens treatments performed by world-class consultant eye specialists, and these prices reflect the clinic’s high standards.

However, if these costs are outside your budget, or you would like to compare them with other leading laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, click here to fill in a few details, and talk directly to a trusted clinic to compare their quotes and services.

To see how other eye laser surgery clinics compare with Moorfields Private, just click here to use our simple quote tool, and receive a tailored quote from any trusted clinics near you.

Paying for treatment

Opting for laser eye surgery is a financial commitment for most people, and Moorfields offers three ways of paying for your treatment:

  • Private Medical Insurance – If you are covered by private healthcare, Moorfields asks that you try to verify these details before your first appointment, and obtain your pre-authorisation number.
  • Self pay – Many patients pay for their own treatment, with no private insurance needed.
  • Third party sponsorship – If a third party (such as your employer) has agreed to settled your account, make sure you acquire a letter of guarantee along with a deposit.

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4. Laser Eye Surgery Treatments

Moorfields Private Eye Hospital provides over 100 vision correction treatments for adults and children of all ages.

Here are some of the most requested types of laser eye surgery treatments:

  • LASIK: The most common treatment to correct eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
  • LASEK: A surface laser treatment that is suitable for patients with thinner corneas (eye surfaces).
  • Cataract surgery: A refractive lens exchange (RLE), which is an option for those in the “reading glasses” age group.
  • ICL surgery: Implants that work like permanent contact lenses are common for younger people, or patients with medical dry eye conditions.

Moorfields Private Hospital usually performs laser sight correction surgery to both eyes on the same day, but with cataract surgery and ICL implantation, most surgeons prefer to leave a week between operating on each eye for their patients’ comfort.

5. Moorfields’ Top Surgeons

Moorfields Private and Moorfields Eye Hospital claim their ophthalmic surgeons and consultants are some of the best in Britain, and six Moorfields Private surgeons were recently named in the Daily Mail’s top doctors list.

Within the industry, Moorfields is also the go-to for ophthalmic expertise: a recent Moorfields report shows that over half of all registered ophthalmic surgeons in the UK received their training there. Not surprisingly, many Moorfields consultants also completed their training onsite.

Plus, based on hundreds of unfiltered reviews from former patients, Moorfields hosts some of the top-rated laser eye surgeons in the UK.

Here are the five best consultants at Moorfields, as voted by you:

  1. Mr David Gartry: As one of the first surgeons worldwide to perform laser eye surgery, they don’t come more experienced than Mr Gartry.
  2. Mr Julian Stevens: Mr Stevens is an advisor to the British Society for Refractive Surgery, and is recognised globally as an expert opinion leader in laser eye surgery.
  3. Mr Bruce Allan: Mr Allan had been the Service Director for Refractive Surgery at Moorfields since 2012.
  4. Ms Valerie Saw: Ms Saw’s interests lie in inflammation and scarring of the eye, and she regularly treats patients for dry eyes and conjunctivitis.
  5. Mr Alexander C. W. Ionides: Since 1989, Mr Ionides has specialised in cataract and refractive lens surgery for both long and short sighted conditions.

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6. Independent reviews of Moorfields Private Eye Hospital

Moorfields consistently receive fantastic customer reviews, making them one of the highest rated laser eye providers in the UK. Click here to read their customer reviews below.

Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic is also featured as one of Lasik Eye’s best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, as well as shining in our list of the best laser eye surgery in London for partnering with some of the most renowned surgeons.

What makes Moorfields Eye Hospital so popular?

  1. History – Moorfields Eye Hospital first opened in London in 1805, and is now one of the oldest and best reviewed eye hospitals in the world.
  2. Ophthalmic Research – Moorfields has spent over 200 years researching and providing the latest laser eye surgery and implantable contact lens treatments, in partnership with the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.
  3. Cutting-edge technology – Moorfields Private is a flagship location for laser and implant manufacturers. Its surgeons are therefore able to choose from the latest state-of-the-art laser eye equipment and non-invasive techniques like Intralase technology.
  4. Patient care – The Care Quality Commission (CQC) rates Moorfields Eye Hospital as ‘outstanding’ for care in their latest inspection report.

But is Moorfields Eye Hospital right for you?

Not everyone is best suited to Moorfields: as you would expect, world-class laser eye surgery often comes with an eye-watering price tag.

  1. Expensive treatments – Although patients tend to leave rave reviews, LASEK eye surgery costs on average £2,235 per eye at Moorfields Private, but between £595 and £1,595 per eye at other leading high street eye clinics such as Optical Express.
  2. No free consultations – Moorfields Private is one of the few laser eye clinics in the UK not to offer free initial consultations: you can expect to pay between £150 and £200, depending on the surgeon you see.

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Moorfields Surgeons Reviews

Moorfields Eye Hosptial Reviews


21 Mar 2003

had LASIK on Weds 19th March with Miss Linda Ficker. My previous concerns about pain during the operation were needless. the process can be best described as "wierd", with evrything happening quite lierally, in front of your eyes, but with no pain or even discomfort. Miss Ficker was very good in keeping me informed and we talked all the way through the procedure, which takes about 2 minutes in total, for each eye. Laser time was about 12-13 seconds for my prescription of -2.5 per eye. My follow up visit the next day was with her "fellow" Tom Poole, who described Miss Ficker's work as "beautiful". Even with my natural cynicism, I have no pain, no bloodshot eyes, fantastic vision and even under close scrutiny, there are no marks on my eyes whatsoever. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. It won't be the first time that you have ever heard this phrase, but you get what you pay for. Thanks to Linda Ficker and her team.

06 Sep 2011

I felt nervous about having wavefront surgery on both eyes as a long term contact lense wearer but I was in the very capable care of Mr Maurino who put my mind at ease. He was highly recommended to me as one of the best in his profession. The procedure was quick and painless with a brilliant follow up of after care. I now have perfect vision which has transformed my life.

06 Nov 2014

The surgery itself was quick and painless. I was talked through every step of the surgery by Mr Allan. Extremely happy with aftercare and results!

23 Jul 2015

I had both eyes treated with LASIK Eye surgery last August, and it has been fantastic. Having worn contact lens for over 30 years I had considered laser eye surgery many times but had always chickened out as I am very squeamish about my eyes, sight. When my reading vision started to deteriorate as well I took 2 years considering my options, testing out the high street laser clinics, but I had no confidence in the youngsters I saw, my eyesight, even bad eyesight, was too precious to risk losing. Then some more research led us to Mr Maurino. On reading about then meeting him I felt confident that he would do a good job, and he did. Both eyes corrected, one for distance, one for reading, gone are my glasses & lens, gone are itchy eyes from wearing contacts all day. I wake up in a morning & can see the alarm clock without squinting. I can read menu’s in dimly lit restaurants, I can see for miles. So glad I did it. And it didn’t hurt at all. Sore eyes for a week or two but that’s all. What was I so scared of? Thank you Mr Maurino & all your team (especially the lovely nurse who held my hand throughout as I was so so nervous, but it wasn’t anything like as bad as I imagined). Job well done.

05 Jan 2017

Excellent result from surgeon Alexander Ionides. Expensive but I reckoned it’s not worth taking risks with my eyesight so chose Moorfields.

15 Aug 2003

I had LASEK done on both eyes on August 6 by Julian Stevens. I have been looking into laser eye surgery since about 1991, but had been consistently turned away as being in the too hard basket. Twice in 2002 I visited laser eye clinics and did the full basket of tests only to be turned away at the end. The last guy I saw in Harley Street was at least good enough to explain why. I had a difficult right eye with an irregular topography. It was more than the small amount of myopia, and more than the astigmatism, it was a very irregular surface. He went on to tell me that no commercial clinic in the world would be able to treat it with current technology, but there were two guys at Moorfields, Stevens and Gartry I think was the other, who were at the cutting edge globally and they might be able to help. Failing that I would have to contact a top university teaching hospital in the US to have any chance of getting laser correction. It was 6 months from first contacting Mr Stevens office to actually getting an appointment, but thankfully only 6 days later I could have the surgery. Stevens seemed to have no problem with the irregular right eye and even identified the likely cause of it, a droopy right eyelid. Because of the unusual right eye surface, LASEK was to be the operation. The surgery itself was a bit freaky, looking at a red flashing light while you see various instruments scraping across your eye.... it was a bit like I imagine looking up at an ice hockey stick moving across ice to look, as if viewed looking upwards from beneath the ice. I had both eyes done at the same time and the whole show must have taken 20 minutes all up. Results are excellent. 5 days after the op, vision was at least as good as I gould get with contacts or glasses. Make no mistake, Stevens is world class. I read up a bit on Moorfields and on Stevens in the 6 months it took to get my appointment. There are, at best, a mere handful of eye surgeons in the world with the reputation of Stevens. You combine this with the equipment in Moorfields (they quite literally have the cutting-edge, very best wavefront scanners and lasers, which you wont even see in the most expensive private clinics for 2-3 years) and I would have done the business at just about any price. In reality, the price compares favourably with more poorly equipped Harley Street clinics who dont even come close to the reputation of Stevens as a surgeon. The only unpleasant surprise for me came with the removal of the protective contact lens, on the 13th (2 days ago). Immediately prior to that moment my vision was excellent, and all the discomfort had passed, with the exception of feeling like I had dryish contact lenses in my eyes. I wasnt aware that removal of the protective contacts would set of another couple of days of discomfort. All in all, if you can put up with the significant queue ahead of you to see Stevens, the fact that for a lot of the time he is lecturing in Europe and the US on some of the pioneering work that he does, and the fact that when he is around he is invariably seeming rushed, then I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a top class surgeon or who has been put in the 'too hard basket' by commercial clinics.

04 Dec 2004

I had Wavefront surgery with David Gartry on the 1st of November this year. My prescription was +2.25 with 1.5 astigmatism in both eyes. The surgery was a great success. I still have a bit of 'Haloing' but this appears to be getting better and a small amount of 'glare' but to be honest I can't quite remember how much I had before the op. The balance of the 'new' eyes took a while to get used to (a bit like new lenses or glasses) but it seems fine now. I can read the 20/20 line with my left eye which was always my worst and I can read the 20/10 line with my right eye. Combined I can easily read the bottom line. It is great!!! I just can't wait to be in an environment where the difference is immeasurable like on a beach or playing sports. My only regret is not doing it earlier. My advise to everyone though is do your research on your surgeon... you only have one pair of eyes and they are worth the expense!

19 Jun 2013

Mr Allan and his team are excellent from start to finish. I have no hesitation in recommending their services. I was recommended by two friends who had also had eye surgery by Mr Allan, and I am very happy with the experience, and most importantly my new eye-sight.

14 Jan 2015

I have just had my 3 month check up following Lasek eye laser treatment. My eyesight now is perfect.
I went to Moorfields eye hospital and had Dr David Gartry as my consultant.
The treatment and care I received was excellent!
I had Lasek treatment as my corneas were thinner than average and originally I went to another place to have the treatment and they were unable to do the surgery, luckily Dr Gartry was able to do it. I had no problems following the treatment. The first few days are uncomfortable but the drops they give you help all of that.
I recommend going to Moorfield eye hospital and secondly I highly recommend Dr David Gartry.
Thank you all very much, now I get to travel South America with no worries of glasses and contact lenses 🙂

14 Dec 2015

I highly recommend Mr Ionides and his team at Moorfields for laser eye surgery.

My surgery for Wavefront LASEK took place about 5 months ago and I am STILL over the moon with my improved vision. I no longer need any glasses and after contemplating and researching it for years, I wish that I’d had the surgery done sooner!

The whole process was fantastic; Mr Ionides was extremely professional, honest and understanding. He took time to answer all my questions and the options available.

During and after the surgery, the level of discomfort was minimal and not painful (but I did follow the drops schedule and had a few days of rest. Dark sunglasses are also very useful).

I received an excellent standard of care from the whole team and I am hugely appreciative of their wonderful work.

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