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I had worn glasses/contact lenses since my teens and required cataract surgery in both eyes in my early fifties which left my eyesight rather better than it had been for thirty years, but not good enough to live without glasses an ... Read more

Review of Moorfields Eye Surgery

Moorfields Eye Hospital enjoys a global reputation for providing world-class laser eye surgery.

Moorfields Private is the private arm of the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and offers ophthalmic care to patients seeking a vast range of treatments for both common and complex eye health conditions.

Today, Moorfields has a number of clinics around London – located in the City, the West End, Bedford and Croydon – and treats around 400,000 outpatients and 30,000 inpatients each year.

☀ Pros: World-class reputation, highly experienced eye surgeons, central London locations, advanced technology

☂ Cons: No fixed prices (fixed by the surgeons), no monthly payment options, no free consultation

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Our no-nonsense review of Moorfields Private and Moorfields NHS Eye Hospital covers:

  1. Moorfields Private Eye Hospital
  2. Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  3. Moorfields laser eye surgery cost
  4. What laser eye surgeries are offered?
  5. Moorfields’ best consultants
  6. Moorfields laser eye surgery reviews
  7. The Verdict

1. Moorfields Private Eye Hospital

For patients who fail to meet NHS requirements, or for those looking for treatments left off NHS checklists (such as refractive surgery for the average glasses-wearer), Moorfields Private is a viable option.

Private laser eye treatments at Moorfields include the most common surgeries such as PRK, LASEK and LASIK, as well as specialist procedures for more complex conditions. Private patients also benefit from Wavefront guided surgeries, which tend to have higher success rates due to greater laser accuracy.

In addition to providing high quality treatment and aftercare, many patients like to know that the profits from Moorfields Private are used to fund the Moorfields Eye Charity, Friends of Moorfields, which supports critical new research and quality eye care for children and adults.

2. Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

If you happen to suffer from a select range of debilitating eye conditions that cannot be treated by contact lenses or glasses (such as cataracts or glaucoma), you may be one of the few people who qualify for laser eye surgery on the NHS.

Moorfields’ NHS Eye Hospital is there for these patients, but for the vast majority of us, Moorfields Private has its door open.

3. Moorfields Laser Eye Surgery Cost

While NHS treatment is free, at Moorfields Private prices will apply to all consultations and surgeries.

Laser eye surgery costs at Moorfields start at £2,000 per eye for common laser eye surgery such as LASIK or LASEK. These prices rise to between £3,000 and £4,000 per eye for more complex procedures including cataract surgery.

An initial consultation at Moorfields is around £150, and the private prices will depend on the eye surgeon you choose. That’s because the laser eye consultants are employed by Moorfields, and set their own fees.

Consultation costs

  • Consultation: £150 – £200

Patients considering laser eye surgery usually book one to two consultations prior to receiving treatment. You can book your first appointment on the Moorfields Private website.

Treatment costs (per eye)

  • LASIK or LASEK eye surgery: £2,000 – £2,500
  • Refractive lens exchange (RLE) or cataract surgery: £3,000 – £4,000
  • ICL implantation surgery: £3,000 – £4,000

Other costs

In addition to these costs, you may also need to consider covering your potential stay in the hospital for private treatment. Moorfields Private hospital fees tend to range from £900 to £1800, depending on the procedure.

However, recovery times vary, and many eye treatments allow you to leave following the surgery. Naturally, there are no hospital fees for NHS patients.

Other options?

Moorfields Private Hospital offers some of the latest laser and implantable contact lens treatments performed by world-class consultant eye specialists, and these prices reflect the clinic’s high standards.

However, if these costs are outside your budget, or you would like to compare them with other leading laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, click here to fill in a few details, and talk directly to a trusted clinic to compare their quotes and services.

To see how other eye laser surgery clinics compare with Moorfields Private, just click here to use our simple quote tool, and receive a tailored quote from any trusted clinics near you.

Paying for treatment

Opting for laser eye surgery is a financial commitment for most people, and Moorfields offers three ways of paying for your treatment:

  • Private Medical Insurance – If you are covered by private healthcare, Moorfields asks that you try to verify these details before your first appointment, and obtain your pre-authorisation number.
  • Self pay – Many patients pay for their own treatment, with no private insurance needed.
  • Third party sponsorship – If a third party (such as your employer) has agreed to settled your account, make sure you acquire a letter of guarantee along with a deposit.

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4. Laser Eye Surgery Treatments

Moorfields Private Eye Hospital provides over 100 vision correction treatments for adults and children of all ages.

Here are some of the most requested types of laser eye surgery treatments:

  • LASIK: The most common treatment to correct eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
  • LASEK: A surface laser treatment that is suitable for patients with thinner corneas (eye surfaces).
  • Cataract surgery: A refractive lens exchange (RLE), which is an option for those in the “reading glasses” age group.
  • ICL surgery: Implants that work like permanent contact lenses are common for younger people, or patients with medical dry eye conditions.

Moorfields Private Hospital usually performs laser sight correction surgery to both eyes on the same day, but with cataract surgery and ICL implantation, most surgeons prefer to leave a week between operating on each eye for their patients’ comfort.

5. Moorfields’ Top Surgeons

Moorfields Private and Moorfields Eye Hospital claim their ophthalmic surgeons and consultants are some of the best in Britain, and six Moorfields Private surgeons were recently named in the Daily Mail’s top doctors list.

Within the industry, Moorfields is also the go-to for ophthalmic expertise: a recent Moorfields report shows that over half of all registered ophthalmic surgeons in the UK received their training there. Not surprisingly, many Moorfields consultants also completed their training onsite.

Plus, based on hundreds of unfiltered reviews from former patients, Moorfields hosts some of the top-rated laser eye surgeons in the UK.

Here are the five best consultants at Moorfields, as voted by you:

  1. Mr David Gartry: As one of the first surgeons worldwide to perform laser eye surgery, they don’t come more experienced than Mr Gartry.
  2. Mr Julian Stevens: Mr Stevens is an advisor to the British Society for Refractive Surgery, and is recognised globally as an expert opinion leader in laser eye surgery.
  3. Mr Bruce Allan: Mr Allan had been the Service Director for Refractive Surgery at Moorfields since 2012.
  4. Ms Valerie Saw: Ms Saw’s interests lie in inflammation and scarring of the eye, and she regularly treats patients for dry eyes and conjunctivitis.
  5. Mr Alexander C. W. Ionides: Since 1989, Mr Ionides has specialised in cataract and refractive lens surgery for both long and short sighted conditions.

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6. Independent reviews of Moorfields Private Eye Hospital

Moorfields consistently receive fantastic customer reviews, making them one of the highest rated laser eye providers in the UK. Click here to read their customer reviews below.

Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic is also featured as one of Lasik Eye’s best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, as well as shining in our list of the best laser eye surgery in London for partnering with some of the most renowned surgeons.

What makes Moorfields Eye Hospital so popular?

  1. History – Moorfields Eye Hospital first opened in London in 1805, and is now one of the oldest and best reviewed eye hospitals in the world.
  2. Ophthalmic Research – Moorfields has spent over 200 years researching and providing the latest laser eye surgery and implantable contact lens treatments, in partnership with the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.
  3. Cutting-edge technology – Moorfields Private is a flagship location for laser and implant manufacturers. Its surgeons are therefore able to choose from the latest state-of-the-art laser eye equipment and non-invasive techniques like Intralase technology.
  4. Patient care – The Care Quality Commission (CQC) rates Moorfields Eye Hospital as ‘outstanding’ for care in their latest inspection report.

But is Moorfields Eye Hospital right for you?

Not everyone is best suited to Moorfields: as you would expect, world-class laser eye surgery often comes with an eye-watering price tag.

  1. Expensive treatments – Although patients tend to leave rave reviews, LASEK eye surgery costs on average £2,235 per eye at Moorfields Private, but between £595 and £1,595 per eye at other leading high street eye clinics such as Optical Express.
  2. No free consultations – Moorfields Private is one of the few laser eye clinics in the UK not to offer free initial consultations: you can expect to pay between £150 and £200, depending on the surgeon you see.

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Moorfields Surgeons Reviews

Moorfields Eye Hosptial Reviews

Rating Date

14 Dec 2015

I wish I’d had the treatment years ago. It’s transformed my life, stripping out a whole layer of stress, anxiety and upset. I was terrified of the procedure and the recovery process for PRK, and although the actual operation felt a bit like being abducted by aliens, it was over in moments and in retrospect, neither the treatment or recovery felt like a big deal. I can’t recommend Valerie Saw highly enough. She took time to answer my numerous questions in-depth, face-to-face during consultations as well as over the phone and via email. She put me at ease and she has changed my life for the better, and for this I am eternally grateful.

31 Mar 2003

I recently had LASIK surgery performed by Mr Gartry on 22nd March and am extremely pleased with the results. My prescription was -6.5 and -7.5. It is now to very nearly the same as it was corrected with glasses/lenses. Two days after the op I could read the second from bottom line with my right eye and the third from bottom with the left. I am suffering from hazing around any bright lights (especially at night) but I understood this could happen and it will hopefully clear up in the next few weeks. The procedure was really quick and completely painless. I was nervous before surgery but was reassured seeing the person in for surgery before me. He walked out of the theatre with a smile on his face and his eyes only looked slightly red. During the procedure Mr Gartry talked me through exactly what he was doing and how long things would last. I had about 45-50 secs. laser treatment on each eye. Everything was pretty blurred for the rest of the day, although I did manage to watch the rugby on TV! The next day things were much better (probably around 90% of how they are now) and improved slightly every day for the next week. I'm so glad that I've had LASIK surgery, it really has made a huge difference to my life. I just wish I'd had it done it earlier!

25 Jul 2006

I had Wavefront Lasik surgery done by Mr Gartry on 22nd July 2006 and given my experience with another clinic & my relatively high prescription I thought I would share my views here. Around 4 years ago I went to Laservision in Harley Street only to be turned away on the grounds of large pupils and a fluctuating prescription, they suggested I wait for the Wavefront technique to become fully established, so thats what I did. I was all booked in with Laservision again this time around only to be told a couple of weeks before that they had issues with their Medical License which worried me considerably so I switched to Moorfields and in particular Mr Gartry who came highly recommended (by frinds and also by my optician) and who had also performed my mothers cataracts operation some years ago. The consulation was straightforward (dilating the pupils is a little uncomfortable but nothing to worry about) and so I booked in to have the operation on the Saturday morning. It really is just like a trip to the dentist, its a bit surreal but not painful, although I did feel the flap being created each time. Mr Gartry is very reassuring and explains how long each procedure will last. I was worried about not being able to stare at the red light properly but this was not a problem. The suction on each eye feels a little weird but again is not painful, to be fair the whole thing was a bit of an anti-climax and over with very quickly. You can see properly straightaway although things are a little blurred. My eyes were really stinging on the way home and very bloodshot but as soon as the first set of drops went in they cleared up and felt miles better. The 3 sets of drops every 2 hours is a bit of a nuisance and the goggles to sleep in are quite uncomfortable but these are not exactly major problems. I was -7.25 in one eye and -8.25 in the other with astigmatism in both plus very large pupils. The day after the op I was seen by Mr Gartry (on a Sunday!) and he told me I has 20/20 vision in one eye and a little less in the other although things should keep improving over the next few days. My right eye feels better then it ever was and my left not quite where it needs to be yet but I'm hoping it comes in, although even if there was no improvement from here I can see perfectly well, even if a shade of crispness is lacking. It is only 3 days since the op!!! I would recommend Moorfields and Mr Gartry to anyone. It is the most expensive place out there.....for a reason!

27 Jan 2008

It is the day after my Wavefront eye surgery with Mr Gartry and I feel 15 years younger! (I'm 30), since that is when I first started wearing glasses. Apart from some minor difficulty in reading very close up and slightly bloodshot eyes (two things I will discuss with Mr Gartry tomorrow morning during my first follow-up consultation), my vision is extremely sharp and crisp. I can read things so small, so far away (I was short-sighted, -2.5 in each eye) It is like wearing the most perfect pair of glasses imaginable and each set of eye drops seems to make my vision even clearer! I cannot believe how quick and easy the whole process was, from the first 90 minute consultation a couple of weeks ago to the final, 10 minute procedure yesterday. Mr Gartry was fantastic during the surgery, calmly talking you through every small step, which made me very reassured and never uncomfortable. It was at worst like being under water with your eyes open for about a minute (something that I could never do) but since you don't feel anything, it felt perfectly normal. Immediately following the surgery, my vision was slightly blurred, but there was no pain or discomfort, just a little feeling of dryness. Luckily, my girlfriend was able to drive me home so I could just close my eyes until we got there and once two full hours had passed since the op. I could put in the first set of eye drops (three different types, one in each eye) and from then on the dryness had never returned. For the next week I will have to put in the drops every 2 hours, which is already proving quite tedious, but I know it is worth it in the long run. The other minor problem has been sleeping with goggles, which is something I have never done before so I was worried I would push them off at night so I did as they advised and taped them to my face with the masking tape they provided. I guess this will be the most annoying part of the whole thing but I suppose a week of uncomfortable sleeping is a small price to pay.

06 Oct 2011

Like many people, I yearned for the benefits of laser eye surgery but felt apprehensive about undergoing the procedure. However, upon meeting Dr Allan and his team, I had no doubt that I was in the best possible hands and could have complete confidence in them to treat my eyes. The risks and benefits were clearly explained to me, not only in generic terms but also in relation to my specific situation (being treated as an individual in what is obviously a busy and successful practice was something I valued). There were plenty of opportunities for me to ask for further information, and my questions were patiently answered. On the day of the surgery, being talked through the various steps and associated feelings I should anticipate helped minimize any stress, and I was surprised at how relaxed I felt during the actual procedure. I actually enjoyed the sense of amazement that came with the thought of what was being performed (ok, call me weird). I was lucky to experience virtually no discomfort in the hours or weeks that followed, and achieved perfect vision much earlier than I had imagined possible. Today I am able to see 20/20 without having to wear glasses or contact lenses. I am much happier for it and feel immensely grateful to the team of people that made this possible. So a big thank you goes out to them.

01 Dec 2014

I couldn’t be more pleased. I felt very safe in the hands of Mr Bruce Allan and of Moorfields. They are not the cheapest but as far as my eyes are concerned I wanted the best. The advice was professional and there was no sales pressure at all – just like going to your doctor. The procedure was a complete success. The advice that I should have less power in one eye for reading purposes was spot on. My far sight and near vision is probably now the best you can expect at my age. Well done all round.

14 Dec 2015

I am thrilled with the results of my surgery in September 2015. The whole process was very straightforward and professional. Mr. Ionides explained exactly what would happen and he and his team looked after me very well throughout the process. The operation itself was quick and painless and recovery was rapid. After three days no one could even tell that I’d had eye surgery and my new lens was working beautifully. Mr. Ionides operated on my other eye six months earlier in February 2015 and that operation was also a complete success. I knew therefore I was in very safe hands for the second operation. The improvement in my vision has really changed my life and I am so grateful to Mr. Ionides and his team. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

07 Dec 2017

With Mr Stevens at Moorfields you are in great hands, he is the best in his field and really cares about his patients. I had LASEK after Mr Stevens explained that this procedure would be best suited to me. He answered any questions that I had and made me feel confident with my decision. I had LASEK in March of 2017 and I now have better than 20/20 vision. The procedure was painless ,the aftercare was amazing! Couldn’t recommend Mr Stevens and his team more!

25 Mar 2002

This is a really life improving operation. I was operated on last Friday by Julian Stevens. Operation was painless and nothing to worry about. Sunday played 18 holes of golf. Previously very short sighted -7. There is nothing to fault about Moorfields and their team - you are going to the best in the UK and I would recommend them.

22 Aug 2003

I had Lasik with Miss Ficker on Tuesay 20th August. The procedure was brill. No pain or even discomfort. I didn't even get any discomfort afterwards. I was a little confused when having the pre-op tests as being myopic I knew that I would need reading glasses afterwards which I didn't previously. The optician mentioned monovision which under corrects one eye but Miss Ficker advised agains it. It is now 36 hours since the treatment and I have wonderful long vision but I can't read any print and close up is blurry. I am slightly worried about this but I hope that it will clear sufficiently to only necessitiate reading glasses for very small print. It does feel weird without glasses but all in all the procedure was carried out very expertly and worth every extra penny. Don't take risks with yout eyes go to the best and Moorfields is that.

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