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MDA Clinic

mda clinic

42 Reviews

MDA Clinic provided an excellent service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. All of the staff are very professional, helpful, and polite. The surgeon, Mr Khatib, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and seemed to take pride ...Read more

The MDA Clinic was established 6 years ago in Cardiff. Using state of the art technology, the MDA Clinic offers a new life to people with sight problems.

Today, millions of people worldwide have been treated with refractive surgery, and it has been proven to be safe, effective and convenient. Before the MDA Clinic started, the people of Wales had to travel elsewhere in the country and sometimes abroad to have their eyes treated, which was more expensive, inconvenient and less reassuring.

If postoperative problems were encountered, it would be necessary for them to make the journey back to the clinic where treatment had been carried out. Being available in Wales, the MDA Clinic offers a unique opportunity for the people of Wales to have their treatment carried out by an experienced consultant, who is contactable 24 hours a day if people experience problems postoperatively.

The clinic treats people with long sightedness (hyperopia), short sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. People with a high degree of short sightedness, whose corneal thickness is not suitable for the standard LASIK (Laser In-situ Keratomileusis) treatment, may be suitable for an alternative form of treatment called LASEK (Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis), in which the flap is much thinner than LASIK and the results are very favourable.

For people with a very high degree of hyperopia who would not benefit from LASIK surgery, an alternative treatment called Refractive Lens Exchange is available, which is similar to cataract surgery, where the lens inside the eye is replaced with a new multi focal foldable lens, so that the patient will no longer need to wear thick glasses.

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MDA Clinic Reviews


17 Oct 2011

I spent a lot of time debating whether or not to have this treatment before eventually going ahead in October 2010. I obtained consultations from several clinics including a couple of High Street chains before deciding on the MDA clinic. This clinic was recommended to me by a work colleague who had been treated here and was very pleased with the results. My previous prescription was -1 in one eye and -4.5 in the other. I now have better than 20:20 vision. One year on from the surgery I am delighted with the results. I have not experienced any side effects. I was very happy with the service and care which I received and I would happily recommend them.

22 Nov 2009

I am very pleased with my surgery. I have worn glasses since the age of three and have also worn contact lenses occasionally since eighteen. I am now age 48, this is so amazing for me. I went into theatre with a very long sighted prescription unable to focus my vision on anything, when I sat up after surgery my vision was fantastic. I can't believe that I can get up in the mornings not having to reach for my glasses. Eyesight is very precious.

14 Dec 2009

I would like to thank Dr Khatib and his staff for the excellent care I received during my laser eye treatment. As i am only 19 it was a big decision and one i did not take light, however the reassurance and friendliness i received throughout the consultation gave me the courage to go ahead with the treatment. The treatment itself was painless and after only a few days of discomfort i had perfect eyesight for the first time in my life. I luckily had no complications, however if there had been any Dr Khatib was on call 24 hours which gave me and my parents piece of mind. I cannot thank Dr Khatib enough and i would recommend this clinic and treatment to anyone.

04 Oct 2010

Its been ten days since surgery on my first eye and I'm due to have the other one done in two days. I can honestly say that now I know what to expect and im the hands of Dr Katib I really cant wait for Thursday. Dr Katib was absolutely superb. He and his fabulous staff completely put you at your ease with their CARING, profesional manner. I would highly recommend the MDA Clinic. I'm over the moon!

07 Apr 2011

Apart from location, the main reason I chose MDA Clinic was that a family member underwent the same surgery there and had a very positive experience. Another important reason was that MDA Clinic has only one surgeon, Mr Khatib, who sees his patients all the way through the process from initial consultation to after-care. It meant I knew exactly who I was getting from the beginning, which made me feel more secure. As for the actual operation, everything went exactly as I was told by Mr Khatib beforehand. I was particularly impressed by the sense of professional calm at every stage and among all the staff, which made me feel I was in very capable hands throughout. The treatment itself was not at all painful and over very quickly. My after-effects (it is now 4 days after surgery) are very slight - some dryness and a little sensitivity to light. These will pass. For people in or within reach of the South Wales area, I would have no hesitation in recommending MDA Clinic.

21 Apr 2011

MDA clinic was the second laser treatement centre that I attended (I previously went to a High Street Optician). I felt that I was being treated more as an individual, there was no pressure to make a decision on the consultation day, whereas the High Street Optician took £300 immediately they knew I was suitable for eye surgery (this was non-refundable). The eye surgery itself was just slightly uncomfortable, although I was very nervous. I had no pain whatsoever and hardly any discomfort following the surgery. Dr. Khatib, his wife and staff were very friendly and welcoming and I was given his mobile telephone number to call him at any time during the night or day. Although this was not the reason I chose MDA Clinic - the price was much cheaper than High Street Opticians. I would be pleased to recommend MDA Clinic to anyone contemplating laser eye surgery. Thank you Dr. Khatib.

21 Apr 2011

Dr Khatib & his family of workers were wonderful. like many others i was very nervous messing with my sight ,but Dr Khatib and his team did everything to reassure me . especially Kayliegh on the front desk who i rang and changed my mind 4 times in 1 day !!! it is now day 4 ofter my surgery , i had gained 100% vision with in 24hours and surpassed my driving standard of 90%. i have already recommended his work to several of my co workers and friends and i have no problem saying that his work and his professional but caring approach was amazing . THANK YOU ALL XX

30 Jul 2011

The operation changed my life. It is great not to wear my glasses. Thanks to everyone.

17 Aug 2011

Initial phone call with Kayleigh was very helpful, as was the Initial consultation. Mr Khatib was very clear about the procedure and benefits of the surgery. The procedure itself was mildly discomfortable, but the team reasured me throughout. The theatre assistant/nurse gave very detailed instructions of post procedure routine and answered all my questions. Overall a very good experience and I would recommend the clinic and their staff, for a profesional service.

05 Oct 2011

I would highly recommend Dr Khatib. Don't be fooled by cheap advertising prices elsewhere! Dr. Khatib came highly recommended by a number of people who had already undergone vision correction. I had the no obligation consultation with Dr. Khatib and both my Mum and Nan came with me. Dr. Khatib took time to explain not only the procedure, but also what 'short sightedness' was as well as discussing any possible side effects (even though they are very rare). He gave me plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and also for my mum and nan to ask questions. He made me feel at ease throughout and at no point put me under pressure to proceed with the procedure. He even stated that it was a big decision and that he understood the level of concern and trust required. It made me feel at ease when he advised my mum that he had operated on his wife and children to correct their vision. On the day of the procedure Dr Khatib and all his staff made me feel completely at ease, and it did not feel like I was just about to undergo a procedure that would change my life. The procedure itself was painless and over far more quickly than I expected. Throughout Dr Khatib reassured me, and the nurse made me feel very calm and spoke to me to keep me relaxed at all times. Straight after the operation you are advised to keep your eyes closed as much as possible and administer drops at regular intervals. I was pleasantly surprised when Dr Khatib rung me on the evening of the procedure to ensure that I was OK and in no pain. Part of the personal service you receive from Dr Khatib is 24 hour access to support for the first 2 weeks should you have any pain or concerns - but I didn't need this. The day after procedure I had to go back to Dr Khatib for a check up and to have the bandage contacts removed. When he done this my vision was perfect! Within 24 hours my eyesight was 100% in both eyes. I would 100% advise all people considering laser eye surgery to go to Dr Khatib as I had no discomfort or pain during or after the procedure, and also because the service you receive is exceptional.

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