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MDA Clinic

mda clinic

42 Reviews

MDA Clinic provided an excellent service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. All of the staff are very professional, helpful, and polite. The surgeon, Mr Khatib, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and seemed to take pride ...Read more

The MDA Clinic was established 6 years ago in Cardiff. Using state of the art technology, the MDA Clinic offers a new life to people with sight problems.

Today, millions of people worldwide have been treated with refractive surgery, and it has been proven to be safe, effective and convenient. Before the MDA Clinic started, the people of Wales had to travel elsewhere in the country and sometimes abroad to have their eyes treated, which was more expensive, inconvenient and less reassuring.

If postoperative problems were encountered, it would be necessary for them to make the journey back to the clinic where treatment had been carried out. Being available in Wales, the MDA Clinic offers a unique opportunity for the people of Wales to have their treatment carried out by an experienced consultant, who is contactable 24 hours a day if people experience problems postoperatively.

The clinic treats people with long sightedness (hyperopia), short sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. People with a high degree of short sightedness, whose corneal thickness is not suitable for the standard LASIK (Laser In-situ Keratomileusis) treatment, may be suitable for an alternative form of treatment called LASEK (Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis), in which the flap is much thinner than LASIK and the results are very favourable.

For people with a very high degree of hyperopia who would not benefit from LASIK surgery, an alternative treatment called Refractive Lens Exchange is available, which is similar to cataract surgery, where the lens inside the eye is replaced with a new multi focal foldable lens, so that the patient will no longer need to wear thick glasses.

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MDA Clinic Reviews


27 Jan 2003

Excellent service from start to finish in the hands of a very capable and professional team.

11 Mar 2003

I had bilateral Lasik at the MDA clinic a couple of days ago. Prior to the operation my prescription was –2.00 in both eyes. I chose Dr Khatib because I knew that he used to work at a local hospital as a consultant eye surgeon and that other medical staff had chosen him to perform Lasik on them. During the operation Dr Khatib was very professional, explaining each step during the process and giving lots of reassurance. Contrary to my preconceptions, the overall procedure is not one simple automated process, and it clearly requires someone with considerable expertise (e.g. in cleaning the eye and replacing the flap). Nevertheless, the procedure was very straightforward and painless. For the following four hours I kept my eyes closed 99% of the time (as recommended), following which I had excellent vision. At my check-up 24 hours later, one eye was +0.25 and the other was spot on at 0.00, with no side-effects or complications. I was very impressed by the personal care at Dr Khatib’s clinic, which I felt was probably more individual than at some of the ‘chain store’ alternatives.

05 May 2003
No Rating

Why such a low rating then Tim - surely a mistake. Sounds like a good outcome to me

09 Sep 2003

A bat had better eyesight than I had until last week! My expectations were realistic having -5 shortsight and astigmatism of perhaps around driving test standard outtcome - but the high level of skill and professionalism of a modest and charming surgeon resulted in my having 20:20 vision in one eye and 1 cylinder in the poorer eye - Dr are THE MAN!!! If you are thinking of having Lasik surgery done you will be hard pressed to find better.

05 Feb 2004

I had the surgery done in 2 weeks ago. I had visited both the Eye clinic in Cardiff and the MDA clinic and there was no doubt in my mind which one I would be using (also the research I had done on Mr Khatib was all extremely favourable). I had the op less than a week after my first consultation! I had dreadful eyesight -9.75 but had worn contacts for 21 years so was used to being able to see perfectly with them in, so I was slightly apprehensive that I probably wouldn't after the op (it was explained that because of the level of correction needed I probably wouldn't have 20/20). I now have -0.5 and -1 which although isn't perfect is not a problem at all. Although the op was completely painless and quick - I wasn't prepared for how horrid it would be - although now it is just a fab war story, so don't let it put you off but don't expect it to be pleasant either. I had expected a small amount of pain and discomfort afterwards but had none whatsoever - not even grittiness. Mr Khatib and the team were marvellous, both before, during and after.You and your eyes feel like the most important thing in the world while you are there and that is very reassuring. A very personal service by very caring people. Finally, my biggest surprise has been the aftercare - I was under the impression that after the op you just carried on as normal which isn't quite true - for the past 2 weeks I have put 16 drops a day in my eyes, slept with an eyeshield (which has affected my skin), not worn make-up or hair products, had great difficulty in washing my hair, not going out in wind, not drinking alcohol, not touching dirty things, etc etc - mind you I think I have been excessively strict with myself as I read a few horror stories on the web and they all seemed to be from people getting stuff in their eyes after the op. Tip I have worn sunglasses (clear ones) a lot to ensure I don't accidentally get something in my eyes - if you have long hair I would suggest a skull plait before you go as you will want it out of your face and you can't wash it for 3 days! Would I recommend MDA Clinic? - Definitely YES

15 Feb 2004

I have had bilateral lasik surgery performed by Dr Khatib, my prescription was -2.30 and -225 with a lot of astigmatism in one eye. During the consultation i was given all the usual tests plus a test to see if i would benefit from Wavefront, in my case not beneficial, and was told i was suitable and could expect to get to driving standard, however with my level of astigmatism he would not make any promises about not needing top up glasses. I now have "perfect vision" in both eyes ! well done Dr Khatib !! The staff are very friendly and the clinic has a very relaxed atmosphere, highly recommended.

15 Sep 2004

Excellent service, very personal and friendly, and totally professional. First class aftercare treatment and wonderful results with my vision. Mr Khatib is a gem!

27 Oct 2004

excellent service from start to finish. These guys are the tops. I would recommend this surgery to anyone. much better than any of the big names.

13 Sep 2005

Its just 4 days since I had my eyes "fixed" and I can honestly say its like a miracle. I had the lasik wavefront, which I understand is the very latest in laser surgery. The operation was painless and quick. there was a slight burning smell, which is the gases from the laser, and that was probably the only yucky part of the whole experience! The staff at the MDA clinic were fabulous and were so reassuring and kind. The nurse even held my hand going into the operating room! Within 24 hours I was driving (after a checkup with the doctor). I now fighter pilot vision and even my astigmatism has been cured. I really recommend the MDA clinic. Thank you!!

29 Apr 2006

The treatment was amazing - just 30 hours ago I had painless surgery and now have better that 20/20 vision! The Op was painless - just a bit of discomfort. I am amazed with the results - would have the op once a year if it meant having vision this good - and I hate operations!! Dr and all staff were brilliant. Couldn't recommend more. Go for it!!!

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