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London Vision Clinic

london vision clinic

472 Reviews

I was told, by several consultants, that my prescription (-11, with astigmatism) was too high for corrective laser eye surgery. A friend recommended LVC. After researching websites, initial enquiries, receipt of extensive informat ...Read more

Since the London Vision Clinic opened its doors in 2002, it has sought to provide the highest possible standard of clinical and patient care in the field of laser eye surgery.

As you would expect from a Harley Street address, the London Vision Clinic offers advanced laser technology, extensive eye assessments, and a range of treatments, even for very high prescriptions.

What makes the London Vision Clinic different? It provides an expert, personalised service for every patient, including one of the most rigorous and detailed screening processes anywhere in the world.

Is there anything to look out for? The London Vision Clinic is one of the most expensive centres for vision correction in the UK – with LASIK eye surgery prices starting at £2,600, you may end up paying double what you would pay elsewhere.

Based on independent reports from the CQC, objective research, and nearly 500 real customer reviews,, here is how the London Vision Clinic ranks in terms of its clinic, costs, treatments and surgeons:

Overall RatingClinic RatingCost RatingSurgeon RatingTreatments Rating

(4.0 out of 5)

(4.4 out of 5)

(3.7 out of 5)

(4.5 out of 5)

(4.3 out of 5)

Does the treatment justify the costs? To find out if there’s a better rated eye clinic near you, use our free tool here. Or, read on to dig deeper into:

  1. London Vision Clinic Review
  2. Treatments Offered
  3. Prices
  4. London Vision Clinic Surgeons
  5. The Verdict
  6. Surgeon Reviews
  7. 472 Patient Reviews

1. London Vision Clinic Review

(4.0 out of 5)

“I should not have waited so long. The experience of the London Vision Clinic has almost been a pleasure!” – Andrew E.

Based on the hundreds of reviews previous patients have left on our site since 2002, the London Vision Clinic really seems to be providing a five-star laser eye surgery service.

Customers particularly appreciate the professionalism of the staff, as well as the honesty the surgeons show in initial consultations. If surgery is not right for you, you can rely on the London Vision Clinic to tell you straight. Those who opted for ophthalmic correction with the London Vision Clinic did not regret it.

However, you will also be paying a premium with the company’s services. Laser eye surgery costs well above average, and it’s simply not truthful to claim that if you’re not paying top dollar for a Harley Street clinic, you’re not taking your vision seriously. Eye surgery procedures such as LASIK and LASEK are considered low risk, and there are plenty of well-reviewed alternatives that charge much less.

Pros: Specialists in laser eye surgery, reliable assessments, fixed prices, 0% finance options, highly experienced surgeons, comprehensive eye assessments, treatments for high prescriptions

Cons: Extremely high costs (around double competitors)

Compare clinics: See if there are any other top-rated clinics near you, and use our simple tool to receive a personalised quote – as well as free eye tests worth £800!

2. London Vision Clinic Treatments

(4.3 out of 5)

“I had zero discomfort, and an almost immediate return to normal life. Best thing I have ever done – hands down!” – Jakob Aungiers

The London Vision Clinic specialises in laser eye surgery, and 96% of its customers choose either ReLEx SMILE or LASIK surgery. That said, lens replacement surgery (including cataract surgery) is available on a personalised plan.

Here are the main procedures offered by the London Vision Clinic:

  • ReLEx SMILE / LASIK: A minimally invasive laser eye treatment
  • Laser Blended Vision: Laser eye surgery to treat the need for reading glasses
  • PRK / LASEK: Eye surgery for those who are not suitable for LASIK
  • Permanent lens implants: An alternative treatment to Laser Blended Vision, if you have a very high prescription
  • Surgery for astigmatism: Laser surgery to correct the shape of your eye
  • Cataract surgery: Treatment for cloudy lenses

This is a wider range of treatment than in many eye clinics, and the laser eye surgery plans on offer are all tailored to each individual eye.

3. London Vision Clinic Costs

(3.7 out of 5)

Laser eye surgery at the London Vision Clinic costs between £2,600 and £3,250 (per eye), depending on your prescription, and whether you choose the standard or high profile treatment. These prices are head and shoulders above rivals, with £1,789 the average cost of LASIK and LASEK treatments in the UK.

TreatmentCost (both eyes)Finance Plans
Standard ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, PRK / LASEK£5,200£392 / month (12 months, 0% APR) or £196 / month
(24 months, 0% APR)
High profile ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, PRK / LASEK£6,500£500 / month (12 months, 0% APR) or £250 / month (24 months, 0% APR)

Though expensive, the London Vision Clinic’s prices are refreshingly transparent. Consultation is also free, as it is at most other clinics. Sadly, prices for lens replacement surgery (including cataract surgery) aren’t publically available, so you can expect some sweet-talking sales calls to find out what this process will cost you.

So, is it worth paying these prices? How much you are willing to spend will of course be up to you, but given the general safety of laser eye surgery as a procedure (95% of eye surgeries are complication free, according to the RCOphth), you shouldn’t feel pressured into paying through the nose.

What if I can’t afford it? You have two options – pay between £196 and £250 a month over two years interest free on the London Vision Clinic’s finance plan, or select a well-reviewed high street clinic such as Optical Express or Ultralase.

4. Surgeons

(4.5 out of 5)

“Having worn glasses since the age of 8, my life has now changed completely. As I travel frequently, life has become much easier without glasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses. I can’t thank Prof Reinstein and all the staff enough.” – Susanne S.

The London Vision Clinic prides itself on its internationally renowned optometrists, Professor Dan Reinstein and Mr Glenn Carp.

Professor Reinstein is an expert in laser eye surgery, having devoted his life to this practice, while Mr Carp has won awards for clinical research. Both surgeons receive solid five-star ratings on our site.

The clinic strives to remain at the forefront of technological developments. Professor Reinstein even helped to develop the Artemis™, which claims the title of the world’s most accurate corneal scanner.

The clinic is also home to a number of specialists, including Mr Alastair Stuart, who is a member of the General Medical Council and fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

5. The Verdict

(4.0 out of 5)

The London Vision Clinic is the go-to for patients with complicated or unusually high prescriptions, including many people who have been turned away by other clinics. It uses pioneering techniques, such as ReLEx – an innovative ‘flap-less’ treatment for short-sightedness – and Laser Blended Vision, a revolutionary new treatment which can liberate you from reading glasses for a number of years.

But for anyone who is looking for safe and effective laser eye surgery that won’t break the bank, the London Vision Clinic is probably not your best bet.

The main benefits of the London Vision Clinic are:

  • Its surgeons have the most extensive experience of treating presbyopia by laser eye surgery in the world.
  • Its advanced technology is able to safely treat far higher prescriptions than other clinics.
  • It has a very large staff to patient ratio, so you can expect a highly personal service.
  • It has world-renowned surgeons, with particular experience in complication management.
  • You are in safe hands, with a stellar safety record, and the highest level of pre-operative and post-operative testing in the UK.

However, you can find negative reviews on the London Vision Clinic due to its high costs. These uncompetitive prices are what knock it off the top spot of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, which you can read here.

That said, with a reputation for providing excellent attention from staff, the London Vision Clinic still comes in at number 5 in our list of the best laser eye surgery clinics in London.

To see how other eye laser surgery clinics compare with the London Vision Clinic, just click here to use our simple quote tool, and receive a tailored quote from trusted clinics near you.

6. Compare Clinics

laser eye surgery review verdict

So, is the London Vision Clinic right for you? The only way to find out is to see if you’re eligible for 20/20 vision or your money back, and to get a tailored quote. That’s why we make it easy to pop in for a free consultation, have free eye tests (worth £800), and talk through your options with an eye expert.

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7. Surgeon Reviews

8. London Vision Clinic Reviews


12 Aug 2004

Do not be afraid of PRK! At 37 years of age and a contact lens wearer for nearly 20 years i decided that i would treat myself to "new eyes". The moment Professor Reinstein told me my eye shape wasn't suitable for LASIK, and PRK would be the most appropriate procedure, my heart sank. During my research into corrective surgery I had spoken with people who said that PRK was an incredibly painful and "old fashioned" procedure. I thought seriously about sticking with my disposable lenses and glasses. Fortunately, I spoke with Professor Reinstein again and he gave me a measured view on the pros and cons of PRK and why it was the most appropriate procedure. I had no doubt that if I visited a different clinic they would have met my request to have LASIK. All the staff at London Vision Clinic are helpful and friendly making each visit there a real pleasure. One month on from my PRK surgery I am reading the 20:20 line. I suffered NO pain whatsoever thanks to the medication and follow up visits. My night vision is perfect - one of the benefits of PRK over LASIK. I would recommend anyone thinking of having laser surgery to speak to the London Vision Clinic and Professor Dan Reinstein.

20 Oct 2004

After 20 years of short-sightedness and wearing glasses, I decided to bite the bullet and look into getting my eyes 'fixed'. It was vanity that pushed me into getting LASIK, my eyes would no longer tolerate contact lenses. My prescription was right eye: -4.50 Cyl -2.00 Axis 161 and left eye: -5.75 Cyl - 1.25 Axis 17. My first port of call was my local Optical Express clinic in Glasgow (Autumn 2002). They were helpful and friendly and then told me that I was 'borderline', this was due to my large pupils. I was told that I might still have to wear glasses following the procedure. Definitely not the result I wanted. I did some more research, trawling through web-sites; reading conference papers; e-mailing clinics and corresponding with other lasik patients before I stumbled upon London Vision Clinic in summer 2003, thanks to Rebecca Petris. I went for a check with Dr Dan Reinstein who was extremely knowlegeable and immediatley put my mind at ease. It was also good to know that he would be doing the check-ups as well as the procedure. He was confident that following Wavefront LASIK, I should have 20/20 vision. After a few more months of deliberation I decided to book in for April 2004. (Thanks to a little bit of persuasion from Sarah!) I came to London from Glasgow for the treatment and stayed with a good friend who had PRK about 10 years earlier. I had a morning appointment and I don't think I have been as nervous or anxious at any point in my life - going into the 'operating room' was nerve-wracking and I even asked if I could have something to calm my nerves! Once the procedure got underway I was fine and happy to be in Dr Reinstein's capable hands. It was all over so quickly and even though my eyes were very sensitive I was amazed that I could see the clock on the wall! I was advised to keep my eyes closed for the next few hours and keep applying the various drops that Carey, the nurse, had given me. I had also been given painkillers, but I didn't have any pain at all, only a mild stinging, as if you are chopping an onion, for about two hours straight after the procedure. That evening I watched a little TV and was so amazed by the clarity of the vision. I had never been able to see like this. Dr Reinstein called me that evening to ask how I was feeling and if everything was okay. It was more than okay, it was fantastic! It is so hard to believe that a procedure that lasts less than 10 minutes can have such an wonderful results. The followind day on my return to the clinic my eyes were in great shape. I was back at work 3 days afterwards and also back driving. At the one week check-up I could see 20/20 in my left eye and 20/12 in my right. For the first week I suffered quite badly from dry eye. I was up 2-3 times each night to put in the eye drops. I also work with a PC and continued to experienced 'dry eye' for a couple of months afterwards. I also found that when I watched TV my eyes became very dry. I went through the eye drops pretty quickly and was sent a regular supply by Sarah. But it is a minor complaint and I became very experienced at putting in eye drops wherever I was! I am due to go for my 6 month check next month and the 'dry eye' has now gone completely, I will sometimes put the drops in at night if I go out, or if my eyes feel tired. One of the reasons that I chose London Vision Clinic, was the high standard of personal service offered by them. I made a few calls to Dr Reinstein at various times when I was concerned about things and he was never too busy to take my calls. I would like to thank all of the staff at London Vision Clinic, especially Dr Reinstein, Carey and Sarah, who are always happy to help and offer us an endless supply of chocolate biscuits! In all honesty I do not think that I would have received any better treatment at any other UK hospital or clinic. I have no regrets and consider it money well spent. It is still a novelty to wake up in the morning and not reach for my glasses before I get up, and to actually see the alarm clock withut having to bring it up to my face! I can now see other people in the pool when I go swimming and don't have the hassle of wet/ steamed up glasses when I am out in the rain. If you are thinking about it go and see Dr Reinstein, he knows his stuff!

29 Jan 2006

Prior to surgery I visited 3 clinics to try and get a general feel of confidence that I would be undergoing the most appropriate surgery for my vision. The outcomes and clinics visited were Accuvision who suggested I undergo Lasik, Ultralase who suggested Lasek and London Vision Clinic who suggester PRK. This was the worst scenario I had hoped for, 3 clinics and 3 different suggestions. However after all the additional research I undertook I opted for the latter, London Vision Clinic. I would ask anyone who is considering surgery to pay a visit to LVC, even if simply out of curiosity. If you want to know what the best and most professional clinic feels like and what they are doing you must go to LVC. Straight away on entering one feels 100% confidence in the clinic's ability to treat you. Dr Reinstein is experienced beyond words and the whole team actually care and work together well. There are no casual workers just there because it is a job, the feeling I felt in some of the other clinics. Although I realised that PRK was what some people called older technology, I found this not to be the case. The process uses the same laser as Lasik. The simple difference being that there is no flap created as in Lasik. My prescription was approx. -6.00 in both eyes with slight astigmatism. I have my 3 month check up next week but have never seen so well in my life. I have just returned from Thailand and skiing in France and it was liberating to say the least. Some mornings when the air was still, the view in front of me was so crisp and clear I would actually stop and realise how lucky I was to have such good vision. The actual procedure took no longer than 10 minutes per eye and was painless. The after surgery care was faultless. Dr Reinstein called me the night of my surgery once I was home to check everything was OK and gave me his personal mobile number to call any time 24/7. This is unheard of anywhere else as far as I could find. One thing I must stress again with PRK at LVC, there was no pain whatsoever at any stage. In my opinion LVC are undoubtedly the most professional and best clinic money can buy in the UK. Anyone who has done their research properly will go to Dr Reinstein.

03 Dec 2006

I was lucky enough to recieve my laser eye treament courtesy of LIVINGtv's Extreme Makeover programme in October 2005. However I was extrememly impressed with the pre-treatment consultation and the clear paperwork explaining the risks of the Lasik process. I was both shortsighted with astigmatism in one eye, as well as already wearing varifocals to correct age-related long-sightedness. Professor Dan took me through the rather terrifying, though short and painless process wonderfully, and though the first operation was not sucessful, his reassurance was wonderful and the subsequent proceedure in January 2006 was 100% sucessful, and a recent visit to my local optician confirms that I now have 20/20 vision with no need of spectacles or lenses. I am still benfitting from the London Vision Clinic's excellent after care, and am apprciative of all their effors and Prof. Dan's skill every morning then I can see every leaf of the trees outside my bedroom window the secoend I open my eyes... thanks you all!

16 Feb 2007

I had a prescription R -7.00 L -3.5 Two weeks on the only problem a little dry eye. Eye sight perfect what can I say? "Reinstein is probably the best eye surgeon in the world"

22 Mar 2007

I had Lasik surgery yesterday with Dr Dan and as there is not so much feedback on him here I just wanted to reinforce what has been said - he - and equally his team - were amazing. I have been thinking about doing this for about 10 years and have just been too scared ! A colleague finally persuaded me to speak to the London Vision Clinic Clinic and within a week of my first consultation I was in the operating room. Everyone I spoke to in the clinic told me all I needed to know and reassured me to the point that I walked in yesterday in a panic but in control. I didn't really believe that the surgery would not hurt but it didn't - it was a bizarre experience but no pain and Dan told me enough of what he was doing so there were no suprises - but without revealing too much (I have checked all the gory details on the internet since!!) I was a bit uncomfortable for a couple of hours yesterday (a bit like wearing hard lenses for the first time) but within 3 hours I was fine. I am about to go for my 24 hour check up and I am so excited - I can't stop smiling as I walk around and can see without glasses (which I keep looking for!!) If you could afford it, go to Dan - you will never feel safer or receive a more personal service (to the point of being force fed chocolate before the surgery to make me feel better!) I cannot recommend Dan and his team highly enough. If a squeamish wimp like me can do it.... and this afternoon for the first time ever I am going to buy proper (prescription free!) sunglasses!

16 Apr 2007

I cannot thank Professor Dan Reinstein and his entire team at the London Vision Clinic enough for my successful LASIK treatment. On every visit, Paula, Ami, Darren and all of the other staff were friendly, courteous, professional and very knowledgeable. I also appreciated how thoroughly I was evaluated for suitablity for the surgery itself. Meeting Professor Reinstein was an absolute pleasure, he put me totally at ease and I immediately had trust in him, his experience, knowledge and expertise. I knew I had made the right decision regarding my choice of clinic and surgeon. The procedure itself was speedy and painless. Professor Reinstein and his team kept me informed and reassured throughout, which I really appreciated. I could see very well as soon as I was sat up and opened my eyes, despite everything being a little hazy which I was assured was perfectly normal. I had minimal discomfort which was totally manageable and enjoyed a decent nights sleep. Upon awakening, 99% of the haziness and "scratchiness" had cleared and I visited the London Vision Clinic for my post-op checkup. I am so thrilled with the results and have taken great pleasure in throwing away my contact lenses that I have been wearing for the last 12 years. I'm looking forward to getting back on stage within a week. I would recommend laser eye surgery at the London Vision Clinic to anyone.... and once again, a huge thank you to Professor Dan Reinstein!

19 Jun 2007

"A perfect lasik procedure" according to Prof. Dan Reinstein - and he was right. Barring my very low pain threshold which made it more than 'uncomfortable'; being able to see immediately after and 10 minute procedure was worth it all. I could have attended the 'foremost london eye hospital' but the service and care I received there was questionable, highlighted by equipment that failed (and was repaired) whilst testing my eyes. I would certainly recommend paying more for superior service and peace of mind.

07 Aug 2007

You get what you pay for and Dr Dan and his staff provide the highest quiality of service. I had total confidence him and it was not misplaced. Excellent pre operative screening and aftercare. Recommed undreservedly

07 Nov 2007

I had my surgery done 6 months ago (in fact on friday 13th April, nothing like going against the signs). From the moment I walked in for my consultation through the procedure and all subsequent aftercare I have been ecstatic and the professionalism and care shown by LVC. Professor Dan is exemplary in his field- I am only 25 myself and still spend years avoiding the sugery as was scared of things going wrong and went to LVC on the advice of a friend who had thoroughly researched than chosen them herself. I have since recommended a number of people as this is without a doubt the most amazing ongoing experience- I had minimal dry eye, no discomfort, complete and honest dialogue with eberyone in the clinic in the run up to the procedure and than within 4 minutes had no need for glasses. To be given Dan's mobile number so I can call with any questions and to find he answers it is in itself the level of care I can only wish to find anywhere else- no matter how mundane the question it is fielded in good humour and clearly answered. I know that it has been mentioned as being expensive but you do get what you pay for, and for something as fundamental as me not needing to reach for glasses for the next 25 years plus there is no point in bargainig with the quality I have encountered.

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