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Mr Glenn Carp

Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Glenn Carp

9 Reviews

After a lot of research and recommendations I chose to have corrective laser eye surgery (LASIK) done at London Vision Clinic. From the moment I picked up the phone to make the initial enquiry I was extremely impressed. Every memb ...Read more

Mr. Glenn Carp has undergone one of the most rigourous training programs of any laser eye surgeon in the UK. Mr. Carp, who had laser eye surgery with Professor Reinstein in 2006, was born and educated in South Africa. He qualified as a doctor in 1996 in Johannesburg.

In regards to his own experience as a patient, Mr. Carp says:

“I will not lie and say I wasn’t nervous. But I watched over 500 surgeries and was confident having seen the results. The surgery was over and done with before I knew it and the recovery was very quick. I was back at work the next day and operating just three days after surgery. I can now see 20/12.”

He began his career in Ophthalmology as an Ophthalmic Senior House Officer, followed by a year spent as a Research Officer in Ophthalmology at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

In 2000, he commenced his specialist registrar training at the St John Eye Hospital in Johannesburg, Africa’s largest eye hospital. Mr. Carp was the recipient of the Tetski Patterson Award for clinical research and received the Elli Dahan registrar of the year award in recognition of his outstanding performance over the four years of specialist training.

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Mr Glenn Carp Reviews


05 Feb 2015

After a lot of research and recommendations I chose to have corrective laser eye surgery (LASIK) done at London Vision Clinic. From the moment I picked up the phone to make the initial enquiry I was extremely impressed. Every member of staff was very professional and courteous. The initial screening and ophthalmic examination was very comprehensive and the optometrists were superb. My surgeon Mr Glenn Carp was excellent, putting me at ease from the very beginning so that on the day of surgery I had no concerns at all. The aftercare has also been brilliant and I now have excellent vision. I have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending this clinic and Mr Carp.

19 Aug 2011

I was absolutely amazed by the level of customer service that I received. I have never known any level of customer service like this before. Katy was my patient carer and she was fabulous arranging everything from my medical care to even coming to see me on my day of treatment bringing me a coffee and taking me to my taxi. I have thrown away my distance glasses AND reading glasses at age 59! I can't recommend Mr Carp more highly, he put me right at ease. Thank-you.

22 Feb 2011

I have worn glasses since I was 13 and tried to tolerate contacts for the last 15 years. I researched various clinics and spoke to friends who had already had surgery before deciding to go with The London Vision Clinic. I could not be happier with the result! From the moment I arrived for surgery all the staff were great, as they should be! The morning after surgery I had a post op appointment with Mr Carp and already my results were 20/16 in one eye and 20/12.5 in the other. I did have some dryness before surgery which was worse in the immediate weeks after surgery. The discomfort was less than tired eyes with contacts and drops retified completely. I am now 1 year on and have just had my annual check. My current vision is 20/12.5 in both eyes and the odd letter on the 20/10 line! I have a tiny amount of dryness on one eye I am told but not that I am aware. I did not suffer any star-bursts or halos and I have no problems with night vision. If you are staying in a hotel post op check-in before you have the surgery as the bright foyer lights are difficult immediately after surgery!!! Fantastic result - well worth every penny!

04 May 2010

I had my surgery last week.....what a guy - better than 20/20 vision, and he has such a fantastic manner the whole process was even enjoyable. London Vision Clinic is well worth the extra in my (new and fantastic) eyes!! Previously -5 with astigmatism.

10 Oct 2009

I've just had my 1 month follow-up with Mr Glenn Carp, and my eyes have turned out superbly. I have gone from -12d (20/800-ish) to 20/12 overall and 20/16 in each eye.He was very professional, very friendly and I felt very comfortable with him. He has had his eyes corrected, so he knew the process both as a surgeon and as a patient. When it came to the actual surgery, he was reassuring and gave a lot of information so I never wondered what was coming next – I knew what was coming!Mr Carp is typical of the London Vision Clinic - everyone there is absolutely top-calibre and obviously take delight in making people able to see again!Not only would I recommend him, and the London Vision Clinic, but I already have to two people!

09 Oct 2009

My whole experience at the London Vision Clinic was excellent. Mr Carp and all his staff were absolutely fantastic. I was a little apprehensive before my surgery but Mr Carp made me feel completely at ease and talked me through the whole procedure including a large number of tests and a list of outcomes which I could expect. I was short sighted, had one lazy eye, astigmatism and had always had trouble with night driving but all this is now perfect. The actual surgery was just so quick and I can honestly say did not hurt one bit. I could tell straight away that my vision had improved and I must admit I had one or two tears the following morning when I woke and realised that I wouldnt have to wear glasses again (I have worn them my whole life and when I was younger was teased about it, in later life it really affected my confidence). I can't stop telling everyone about how fantastic Mr Carp and all the staff at the London Vision Clinic are and this was honestly the best thing that I have ever done and I wonder why I had been thinking it about for so long. Mr Carp has truly changed my life. If you are thinking about the surgery at least take the time to have a no obligation consultation and you can find out for yourself what Mr Carp can do for you. This sounds like an advert but I honestly just want everyone to have the same experience that I have and give yourself the opportunity to have perfect eyesight.

15 Sep 2009

I first met Glenn Carp on my initial assessment at the London Vision Clinic where he performed lots of tests on me and went through risks and the procedure. There was no pressure to sign up to the surgery and you were given time to make an informed decision. I decided to go ahead and Glenn performed my surgery and was EXCELLENT! He was very calm and told me what he was doing gently and reassured me throughout! I can't believe the difference - I have gone from -8.00 in both eyes to being able to see 3 lines below 20/20 vision. Incredible. I would have NO hesitation recommending the London Vision Clinic and Glenn Carp for laser eye procedures.

06 May 2009

I have never in my life completed any reviews about anything before. Glenn Carp was totally professional and very re-assuring. He explained everything about what was about to happen and why, also what I would be feeling etc.Re-assuring to know he had the treatment himself. The whole staff are a great team, I am not used to getting such treatment from day one to the end.I had lasek for short-sightedness and was very panicky. Glenn was calm and totally understanding.The treatment went well. It was over before I knew it, very quick and totally painless.I immediately could see perfectly. It has got better since the operation 3 months ago and continues to delight me. I do not lose golf balls as I can see where they go now.On the day of the surgery no decision is left to the patient, you are guided through every part and are fully informed as to what is happening. Glenn called me on the night of the surgery and again explained matters fully, he has since called twice to put my mind at rest, once whilst he was on holiday. Unbelievable.I can recommend Glenn and his team to anyone.

12 Feb 2009

Mr Glenn Carp was brilliant. Very impressed with him and all the staff at London Vision Clinic. It certainly helped that both he and many of the other staff had undergone LASIK and consequently understood the procedure from a patients perspective.At first contact with LVC for a suitability assessment, he had an hour's consultation with me where he assessed my suitability and talked through the risks, and conducted multiple tests, and gave me an aggressive regimen for treatment of my mild dry eyes pre-surgery,and he diagnosed blephritis. On the day of surgery he repeated some tests and went through the risks again for 30minutes or so. During surgery he talked through what he was doing through the entire procedure which was extremely comforting.He then phoned up in the evening to check out how I was doing. Which was good as he was able to assure me on a couple of questions I had.I then had another consultation with him the following morning for 30 mins where he reviewed my eyes and how the surgery went.It went well for me (so far as only on day two of recovery).. I was -6.5 on both eyes and on day 1 after surgery I was +0.5 and +0.75. This was a slight over correction on what they had aimed for but may calm down with healing time. I have had very little problems with dry eyes.I definitely recommend Mr Carp for your laser surgery.

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