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London Vision Clinic

london vision clinic

472 Reviews

I was told, by several consultants, that my prescription (-11, with astigmatism) was too high for corrective laser eye surgery. A friend recommended LVC. After researching websites, initial enquiries, receipt of extensive informat ...Read more

Since the London Vision Clinic opened its doors in 2002, it has sought to provide the highest possible standard of clinical and patient care in the field of laser eye surgery.

As you would expect from a Harley Street address, the London Vision Clinic offers advanced laser technology, extensive eye assessments, and a range of treatments, even for very high prescriptions.

What makes the London Vision Clinic different? It provides an expert, personalised service for every patient, including one of the most rigorous and detailed screening processes anywhere in the world.

Is there anything to look out for? The London Vision Clinic is one of the most expensive centres for vision correction in the UK – with LASIK eye surgery prices starting at £2,600, you may end up paying double what you would pay elsewhere.

Based on independent reports from the CQC, objective research, and nearly 500 real customer reviews,, here is how the London Vision Clinic ranks in terms of its clinic, costs, treatments and surgeons:

Overall RatingClinic RatingCost RatingSurgeon RatingTreatments Rating

(4.0 out of 5)

(4.4 out of 5)

(3.7 out of 5)

(4.5 out of 5)

(4.3 out of 5)

Does the treatment justify the costs? To find out if there’s a better rated eye clinic near you, use our free tool here. Or, read on to dig deeper into:

  1. London Vision Clinic Review
  2. Treatments Offered
  3. Prices
  4. London Vision Clinic Surgeons
  5. The Verdict
  6. Surgeon Reviews
  7. 472 Patient Reviews

1. London Vision Clinic Review

(4.0 out of 5)

“I should not have waited so long. The experience of the London Vision Clinic has almost been a pleasure!” – Andrew E.

Based on the hundreds of reviews previous patients have left on our site since 2002, the London Vision Clinic really seems to be providing a five-star laser eye surgery service.

Customers particularly appreciate the professionalism of the staff, as well as the honesty the surgeons show in initial consultations. If surgery is not right for you, you can rely on the London Vision Clinic to tell you straight. Those who opted for ophthalmic correction with the London Vision Clinic did not regret it.

However, you will also be paying a premium with the company’s services. Laser eye surgery costs well above average, and it’s simply not truthful to claim that if you’re not paying top dollar for a Harley Street clinic, you’re not taking your vision seriously. Eye surgery procedures such as LASIK and LASEK are considered low risk, and there are plenty of well-reviewed alternatives that charge much less.

Pros: Specialists in laser eye surgery, reliable assessments, fixed prices, 0% finance options, highly experienced surgeons, comprehensive eye assessments, treatments for high prescriptions

Cons: Extremely high costs (around double competitors)

Compare clinics: See if there are any other top-rated clinics near you, and use our simple tool to receive a personalised quote – as well as free eye tests worth £800!

2. London Vision Clinic Treatments

(4.3 out of 5)

“I had zero discomfort, and an almost immediate return to normal life. Best thing I have ever done – hands down!” – Jakob Aungiers

The London Vision Clinic specialises in laser eye surgery, and 96% of its customers choose either ReLEx SMILE or LASIK surgery. That said, lens replacement surgery (including cataract surgery) is available on a personalised plan.

Here are the main procedures offered by the London Vision Clinic:

  • ReLEx SMILE / LASIK: A minimally invasive laser eye treatment
  • Laser Blended Vision: Laser eye surgery to treat the need for reading glasses
  • PRK / LASEK: Eye surgery for those who are not suitable for LASIK
  • Permanent lens implants: An alternative treatment to Laser Blended Vision, if you have a very high prescription
  • Surgery for astigmatism: Laser surgery to correct the shape of your eye
  • Cataract surgery: Treatment for cloudy lenses

This is a wider range of treatment than in many eye clinics, and the laser eye surgery plans on offer are all tailored to each individual eye.

3. London Vision Clinic Costs

(3.7 out of 5)

Laser eye surgery at the London Vision Clinic costs between £2,600 and £3,250 (per eye), depending on your prescription, and whether you choose the standard or high profile treatment. These prices are head and shoulders above rivals, with £1,789 the average cost of LASIK and LASEK treatments in the UK.

TreatmentCost (both eyes)Finance Plans
Standard ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, PRK / LASEK£5,200£392 / month (12 months, 0% APR) or £196 / month
(24 months, 0% APR)
High profile ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, PRK / LASEK£6,500£500 / month (12 months, 0% APR) or £250 / month (24 months, 0% APR)

Though expensive, the London Vision Clinic’s prices are refreshingly transparent. Consultation is also free, as it is at most other clinics. Sadly, prices for lens replacement surgery (including cataract surgery) aren’t publically available, so you can expect some sweet-talking sales calls to find out what this process will cost you.

So, is it worth paying these prices? How much you are willing to spend will of course be up to you, but given the general safety of laser eye surgery as a procedure (95% of eye surgeries are complication free, according to the RCOphth), you shouldn’t feel pressured into paying through the nose.

What if I can’t afford it? You have two options – pay between £196 and £250 a month over two years interest free on the London Vision Clinic’s finance plan, or select a well-reviewed high street clinic such as Optical Express or Ultralase.

4. Surgeons

(4.5 out of 5)

“Having worn glasses since the age of 8, my life has now changed completely. As I travel frequently, life has become much easier without glasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses. I can’t thank Prof Reinstein and all the staff enough.” – Susanne S.

The London Vision Clinic prides itself on its internationally renowned optometrists, Professor Dan Reinstein and Mr Glenn Carp.

Professor Reinstein is an expert in laser eye surgery, having devoted his life to this practice, while Mr Carp has won awards for clinical research. Both surgeons receive solid five-star ratings on our site.

The clinic strives to remain at the forefront of technological developments. Professor Reinstein even helped to develop the Artemis™, which claims the title of the world’s most accurate corneal scanner.

The clinic is also home to a number of specialists, including Mr Alastair Stuart, who is a member of the General Medical Council and fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

5. The Verdict

(4.0 out of 5)

The London Vision Clinic is the go-to for patients with complicated or unusually high prescriptions, including many people who have been turned away by other clinics. It uses pioneering techniques, such as ReLEx – an innovative ‘flap-less’ treatment for short-sightedness – and Laser Blended Vision, a revolutionary new treatment which can liberate you from reading glasses for a number of years.

But for anyone who is looking for safe and effective laser eye surgery that won’t break the bank, the London Vision Clinic is probably not your best bet.

The main benefits of the London Vision Clinic are:

  • Its surgeons have the most extensive experience of treating presbyopia by laser eye surgery in the world.
  • Its advanced technology is able to safely treat far higher prescriptions than other clinics.
  • It has a very large staff to patient ratio, so you can expect a highly personal service.
  • It has world-renowned surgeons, with particular experience in complication management.
  • You are in safe hands, with a stellar safety record, and the highest level of pre-operative and post-operative testing in the UK.

However, you can find negative reviews on the London Vision Clinic due to its high costs. These uncompetitive prices are what knock it off the top spot of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, which you can read here.

That said, with a reputation for providing excellent attention from staff, the London Vision Clinic still comes in at number 5 in our list of the best laser eye surgery clinics in London.

To see how other eye laser surgery clinics compare with the London Vision Clinic, just click here to use our simple quote tool, and receive a tailored quote from trusted clinics near you.

6. Compare Clinics

laser eye surgery review verdict

So, is the London Vision Clinic right for you? The only way to find out is to see if you’re eligible for 20/20 vision or your money back, and to get a tailored quote. That’s why we make it easy to pop in for a free consultation, have free eye tests (worth £800), and talk through your options with an eye expert.

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7. Surgeon Reviews

8. London Vision Clinic Reviews


15 Jul 2003
No Rating

Go to "Surgeons" for more patient comments regarding Professor Dan Reinstein of London Vision Clinic.

09 Sep 2003
No Rating

Reply to Michelle posting 8/9/03- if you are still unhappy with your vision please visit and view--- especially patient testimonials. I have not yet had eye surgery but my research has favoured this clinic. I hope everything works out for you-keep me posted via lasik-eyes website.

11 Sep 2003
No Rating

Jackie I have been to London Vision Clinic and the consultation was very thorough , approx 2.5-3 hours.

11 Sep 2003
No Rating

Anon-did you go ahead with lasik or have you booked this? why are you anonymous?

15 Sep 2003
No Rating

Jackie Have not decided to go ahead yet

12 Nov 2003
No Rating

I am considering eyesurgery at London Vision Clinic-has anyone been there recently?

12 Mar 2004
No Rating

I visited this clinic and thank God I did as Dan saved me from the archaic techniques at LCRS. I was very impressed with the technology and Dan is very charismatic. However, I opted to not have Lasik. If my eyes were worse than they are, perhaps my decision would have been different, and then I would recommend LVC. I do have 20:20 now though, and without surgery or glasses! I have since been to who offer Ortho-K. This is like a retainer for the eye in the form of a gas permeable lens. You wear it at night and all day long I experience 20:20 vision. It worked from the first night with me experiencing 12 hours 20:20 (and 100% vision quality) on the very next day. There is no problem with hating wearing lenses as I am asleep and pop them out when I wake up. The lenses cannot get lost in your sleep as the eyelid creates a sack. It works by minutely flattening the cornea. The benefits are that my corneas are not subjected to weakening surgery, and it completely halts regression. If I stop wearing the lenses then my eyes return to -2.75 as they are today with no further regression. This is not a new treatment and is less popular because it suits only up to -4.5 with low astigmatism and it has only been recently that the topographers were good enough to make these lenses bespoke and successful. It is also not highly profitable so not surprisingly not many eye specialists are interested in it! It costs £800 or thereabouts at Eye-Spy (the only guys I found in the UK using BE bespoke lenses). If my eyes were worse, as I said, I would be strongly tempted by Dan's clinic. However, current Lasik has simply not been around long enough to guarantee my sight when I'm old. I am not willing to be a sheep and follow everyone else merely because money has caused eye surgery to become a giant human guinea-pig test. It isn't until new techniques come about that the truth of the failings of the old techniques are fully outed. Also, cutting the flap may well adversely effect my nerve endings that tell my brain when my eye is dry - a particular problem for women as they get older is dry eye. Finally, I am not happy about the fact that the flap is replaced onto non-homogenous cornea as it sits flatter and that the cornea never truly reseals below the surface layers. Finally, what really bites is that your eyes will continue on their path and 10 years on I may need those flaps opened again. How traumatic for my poor eyes! O-K is not a forget about your eyes solution as Lasik temporarily offers, but it stops regression and is fully reversible in effect. Check out and the FDA website if you're interested in OK lenses, and your myopia is within the range - they work and are 100% reversible. Dan promotes knowledge dispelling fear, and as such I'm sure would welcome his potential patients to look into this as a safer alternative, before opting for Lasik. So glad sites like this exist.

01 Dec 2008
No Rating

Having been short sighted all my life, words cannot explain the freedom you feel when you don't have to rely on visual aids. I can now see better than I did when I wore lenses, which is vital in photography. Having had my laser surgery, I have so much faith in the expertise of Dan Reinstein and The London Vision Clinic

01 Dec 2008
No Rating

Incredible. Life changing. Not painful at all just a sensation of pressure on your eye. Very reassuring the way Professor talked you through it all. I felt totally certain I was in the hands of an expert. Just been camping in Africa and never had to think at all about glasses/contact lenses eh.

01 Dec 2008
No Rating

Prior to surgery I was totally dependent on my contact lenses. As I found my glasses difficult to cope with in terms of vision, comfort and vanity! Now I can see when I wake up at night - a great bonus on a recent Trans-Siberian railway trip. Also looking forward to doing more rough camping and holidays where I don't have to worry about putting lenses in and out.

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