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Midland Eye Institute

I went to Professor Shah twice for consultations regarding keratoconus and also a gritty feeling in my eye. I found his consultations brief and hurried. In particular when I had the gritty feeling he...

Review By:
Grainne Bermingham


I had Laser treatment in the early 1990's I was pleased with the result as it cured my Myopia and I had clear distance vision something I'd never had before, However when I got to my early 50's I...

Review By:
Paul Tupper

Optical Express

I've been a glasses wearer for over 30 years due to a Astigmatisms, on numerous occasion my opticians suggested Laser surgery would not work for me. However I decided to look into the procedure...

Review By:
Darren Turner

Advanced Vision Care

Pain free operation, follow up excellent. 20-20 vision in eye. Glad I used Ms Saw.

Review By:
Robert Herron

Advanced Vision Care

A 5-star experience with Ms Saw. She is very thorough with pre testing and explaining the procedure. After care was excellent and I obtained a great result. The only regret is not doing it sooner....

Review By:
Michelle Rivers-Brown

Advanced Vision Care

Valerie's care and expertise have been incredibly reassuring right through from the initial consultation until today (one year post-op). I was specifically drawn to Valerie because of her expertise in...

Review By:
Henrietta McCabe

Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic

I am very pleased with the results of my cataract surgery. It has made a huge difference to my quality of life. Julian and his team are fantastic – professional, efficient and caring. Every step of...

Review By:
Lynne Laidlaw

Advanced Vision Care

The treatment was completely successful. Great to be able to drive without glasses and to buy sunglasses without having to get expensive lenses. Wish I'd done it sooner, best money I've ever spent!

Review By:
Niroshini Gallacher

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