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St. James Laser Vision

Cannot recommend St James Laser Vision or this surgery enough. Mr Morrel was so kind and reassuring and the surgery itself was very simple and straight forward. It has been life changing and I will...

Review By:
Rachel Smyth

St. James Laser Vision

I had outstanding service from my consultant Mr. Andrew Morrell. The rest of the staff were also brilliant - very professional, efficient and caring. I went from a vision of -5.75 and -5.25 to almost...

Review By:

Centre For Sight

Before surgery my vision was -8 and therefore I couldn’t read a book, or see facial expressions etc without using my glasses. I would definitely recommend Centre for Sight. I’d dwelt on surgery...

Review By:
Natalie Brodrick

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

I would like to say a huge thank you to Dr Arun Brahma and the rest of the team at The LaserVision Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. Having worn glasses and contact lenses for most of my life (from the...

Review By:
Bushra Hussain

Ms Valerie Saw

Ms Saw has a wonderfully calming personality. She took time to explain the procedure and answered all my questions thoroughly. She communicated clearly during the operation, which alleviated a...

Review By:
Neal Evans


I have waited several months before reviewing my treatment as I wanted to digest the whole treatment. From the beginning until today I feel I had a very positive experience. The team around Ali Mearza...

Review By:
Ingrid Van Wagner

Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic

I had worn glasses/contact lenses since my teens and required cataract surgery in both eyes in my early fifties which left my eyesight rather better than it had been for thirty years, but not good...

Review By:

Optical Express

I went for a consultation at the Optical express in Westfield London, just to see if I was eligible. The consultation was good, nice and easy, it took some time but they managed that expectation from...

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