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Moorfields Private, the private division of the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, leads the way in the provision of high quality refractive surgery in the UK.

We offer the full range of sight correction options for active people of all ages. No compromises: just proven procedures, delivered by top UK surgeons, using the latest technology. Our key ingredient is continuity. At every visit, you will see the surgeon of your choice who will supervise every aspect of your care.

Our Surgeons

The Refractive Surgery Service is staffed exclusively by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons working at the top of their profession in the NHS and privately.

Our Technology

Moorfields Private is a flagship location for laser and implant manufacturers. Our surgeons are therefore able to choose from the best equipment available.

Our Support

Our surgeons can rely on all the support they need to deliver your care with the greatest comfort, the greatest accuracy and the least risk. Experienced nursing, optometric and technical staff, 24-hour emergency backup, and a network of consultant colleagues with expertise in every aspect of your eye health set Moorfields Private apart.

Our Facilities

Our surgical suite is visited by observing surgeons from all over the world. State-of-the-art laser and microsurgical theatres, situated in the main Moorfields NHS hospital, are designed from the ground up to minimise the risk of infection and meet the demands of high technology equipment manufacturers for tight control over environmental conditions. Our dedicated consulting suite offers all the facilities needed to ensure that our surgeons can help you to choose the right procedure for your individual needs.



Rating Date
19 Jan 2015

Great level of care. I felt that they really cared at all stages through the consultancy all the way to the surgery and then the aftercare. I was able to call anytime if I had a problem. Perfect vision. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering laser eye surgery.

19 Jan 2015

As most people would be when thinking about having eye surgery, I was really worried about side effects. however, MS Saw put all my worries to rest while at the same time being very informative and professional. My visits to the clinic were enjoyable and the people who worked there were really friendly. I had a great outcome with my surgery and would recommend Ms Saw to anybody.

14 Jan 2015

I have just had my 3 month check up following Lasek eye laser treatment. My eyesight now is perfect.
I went to Moorfields eye hospital and had Dr David Gartry as my consultant.
The treatment and care I received was excellent!
I had Lasek treatment as my corneas were thinner than average and originally I went to another place to have the treatment and they were unable to do the surgery, luckily Dr Gartry was able to do it. I had no problems following the treatment. The first few days are uncomfortable but the drops they give you help all of that.
I recommend going to Moorfield eye hospital and secondly I highly recommend Dr David Gartry.
Thank you all very much, now I get to travel South America with no worries of glasses and contact lenses :)

17 Dec 2014

The surgery was so quick, easy and pain free. I was extremely nervous about the procedure, just the thought made my stomach turn. Valerie and her team made me feel extremely relaxed and explained the procedure clearly to me. The nurses on the day were really helpful and explained all the aftercare drops to me. I still can’t believe I went through with it but so glad I did and would recommend it to anyone and would highly recommend going to moorfields.

17 Dec 2014

After weeks of research into laser eye surgery companies, I chose Moorfields due to its fantastic reputation and recommendation by my local private optician. From start to finish I felt supported, informed, safe and unpressured. Any concerns were dealt with immediately and I was re-assured at all times. Follow up post op is excellent and more than I had ever expected. Ms Valerie Saw was amazing, so calm, knowledgeable and professional. Moorfields exceeded my expectations and I recommend them to all considering laser surgery. It’s worth spending the extra to know you will have the best!

I have always considered having laser eye surgery. After using contact lenses and glasses for over 10 years, I decided to go ahead with it. After going online to look at reviews on Moorfields website Ms V Saw had very good feedback. Having had a consultation which was brilliant and answered all my questions, I then decided to proceed with surgery. Obviously going in for the surgery can seem quite daunting but everyone, especially Miss Saw, put me at ease and told me what was happening throughout the procedure. It has been the best thing I have ever done and would do it all over again! Miss Saw was fantastic. I would recommend her to anyone considering Lasik Surgery. Thank you!

I approached this with some trepidation as my eyes were fine, except the need for reading glasses. The consultation was excellent. Ms Saw is kind, caring and extremely well informed. She did not attempt to persuade me one way or the other – just told me all the facts leaving the final decision to me. I went ahead with the lens exchanges and can report the skilful operations were in both cases no worse than a dental procedure. I stayed alert throughout and did not use sedation. The degree of professionalism at Moorfields was, as you would expect, superb and after care was excellent. The result is amazing, I can read easily again – even quite small print and my distance vision remains good. Driving, during both day and night, is no problem.I now need no glasses in my daily life and the lenses will last for my lifetime. I could not really have asked for a better outcome or better treatment than that I received from Ms Saw.

Brilliant service. everyone was kind and helpful. Can now see my golf ball after playing my shot. Highly recommended.

While I was initially quite frightened and apprehensive considering eye surgery to correct my short sightedness, I opted to go to Valerie Saw at Moorfields due to the consistency of references I had received about her. This was absolutely the right decision. She worked carefully with me, addressing all my concerns and answering my questions, no matter how unusual! In the end we planned a surgery type that was right for me, and I felt confident on the day that I was being looked after as well as I had ever hoped. Valerie comforted me massively during the surgery, and offered me all sorts of advice and post surgery care as I recovered. I highly recommend her to anyone, and I am very grateful.

I couldn’t be more pleased. I felt very safe in the hands of Mr Bruce Allan and of Moorfields. They are not the cheapest but as far as my eyes are concerned I wanted the best. The advice was professional and there was no sales pressure at all – just like going to your doctor. The procedure was a complete success. The advice that I should have less power in one eye for reading purposes was spot on. My far sight and near vision is probably now the best you can expect at my age. Well done all round.

21 Nov 2014

I researched into choosing the best eye surgeon and what equipment/machine is best for laser eye surgery. I chose Mr Romesh Angunawela as he is rated as one of top ten eye surgeons in the UK.

From various articles Moorefield’s have one of the best laser machines in the world. I went with Romesh at Moorfields due to his expertise and skills and his fee includes a 2 year aftercare package.

I was -9.25 in both eyes prior to surgery in August 2014 and Romesh recommended Trans PRK laser surgery the results are amazing. 3 months on I have better than 20/20 or 6/6. I have 6/4 vision I have perfect vision it’s amazing I can now see the bottom lines of an eye chart.

I have no side effects my eyes are healthy. I am now in my Thirties and I wish I had taken a decision to have the eye surgery done earlier in my life.

I would just like to say a big thank you to Mr Romesh Angunawela and his team who were very professional from start to finish. The Optometrist who checked my vision was very professional and thorough. Mr Angunawela checked my eyes thoroughly and recommended which type of eye surgery would be best suited for me.

The pre and after care service is excellent Mr Angunawela phoned me the next day to make sure everything was o.k which put my mind at rest.

I have now recommended my friends and family to see Mr Angunawela at Moorefield’s.
This guy is a legend !

18 Nov 2014

A super service from Mrs Saw and her team, even better results than I had anticipated after wearing glasses and contact lenses for so long, giving me a fantastic lifestyle change.

I went to a number of eye clinics who all failed to spot my cataracts. Valerie was quick to diagnose and treat my various needs and swiftly achieved great results. If you are worried or in need of advice or quality care I would recommend Valerie.

The surgery itself was quick and painless. I was talked through every step of the surgery by Mr Allan. Extremely happy with aftercare and results!

Having been told I would never see clearly again with glasses or contact lenses (due to severe stigmatism in both eyes and a worsening prescription) I sought out a reliable practice and surgeon to provide some advice and guidance on options for laser surgery.

I knew that Moorfields had a great reputation for excellence and, using this site to compare surgeon reviews, I chose to visit Mr Allan. I was not disappointed.

The clinic is very well managed and communications at all stages of my consultation were clear and concise. Mr Allan is a charming individual who almost immediately put me at rest and provided a clear and helpful explanation of the diagnosis and options. I was suitable for laser surgery which was great news. However Mr Allan warned me that due to my prescription it was likely I would need two operations on each eye.

During the surgery Mr Allan kept me well informed and whilst not entirely relaxing, the first surgery was successful in that I could immediately see more clearly than before. After a three month checkup, further surgery was deemed necessary (as originally suggested) and this was performed shortly afterwards. The second round was far less intrusive and I had fully recovered in a couple of days.

Having now completed my second check up I have been discharged from care with 20/20 vision! I cannot recommend the Moorfield’s team enough and would encourage anyone to visit Mr Allan for guidance and treatment if required.

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