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Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic

237 Reviews

Having worn glasses since the age of 8, it was difficult to explain the decision to undergo surgery to correct my vision. However, how glad I am that I went through with it. Valerie Saw at Moorfields was amazing, patiently explain ... Read more ▾

Moorfields Private, the private division of the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, leads the way in the provision of high quality refractive surgery in the UK.

We offer the full range of sight correction options for active people of all ages. No compromises: just proven procedures, delivered by top UK surgeons, using the latest technology. Our key ingredient is continuity. At every visit, you will see the surgeon of your choice who will supervise every aspect of your care.

Our Surgeons

The Refractive Surgery Service is staffed exclusively by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons working at the top of their profession in the NHS and privately.

Our Technology

Moorfields Private is a flagship location for laser and implant manufacturers. Our surgeons are therefore able to choose from the best equipment available.

Our Support

Our surgeons can rely on all the support they need to deliver your care with the greatest comfort, the greatest accuracy and the least risk. Experienced nursing, optometric and technical staff, 24-hour emergency backup, and a network of consultant colleagues with expertise in every aspect of your eye health set Moorfields Private apart.

Our Facilities

Our surgical suite is visited by observing surgeons from all over the world. State-of-the-art laser and microsurgical theatres, situated in the main Moorfields NHS hospital, are designed from the ground up to minimise the risk of infection and meet the demands of high technology equipment manufacturers for tight control over environmental conditions. Our dedicated consulting suite offers all the facilities needed to ensure that our surgeons can help you to choose the right procedure for your individual needs.



Rating Date
12 May 2015

Having worn glasses since the age of 8, it was difficult to explain the decision to undergo surgery to correct my vision. However, how glad I am that I went through with it. Valerie Saw at Moorfields was amazing, patiently explaining everything and answering questions, even in the run-up to the surgery date. On the day itself, Valerie and her team made the whole experience calm and stress free and it is astounding that such a life changing result can be achieved so easily, and pain/ stress free. I had the surgery in February and have recently returned from an early summer holiday – no glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, comfort drops etc. Just my new eyes and a pair of sunglasses! I would thoroughly recommend the amazing Valerie and Moorfields hospital.

01 May 2015

Mr Maurino throughout the treatment was reassuring and honest about the options available. He fully gave the impression he wanted the best for me as his patient and was not in a hurry to have me in and out the door as quick as possible. The aftermath, whilst uncomfortable was exactly as he had said it would be so I felt prepared for it. He was quick to reply to my queries in the months following and I feel he would extend this service into the future. I can not thank Vincenzo enough for his excellent service throughout. My eyes are better than I ever could have hoped for or imagined.

01 May 2015

I’ve Very recently had laser eye surgery with David gartry and his team, and I am overwhelmingly happy with the results. In under one week my eyesight is better than I could ever have imagined. The team were friendly and calming right from the consultation through to the surgery and after care, I would- and have been-recommending them to everyone, it is life changing!

01 May 2015

Mr Allan was great; very kind, very good at explaining the process clearly and at helping me conquer my nerves. The procedure has totally changed my life for the better and I am really very grateful.

16 Apr 2015

Mr Bruce Allan replaced the lenses in my eyes in August 2014 and it has changed my life.
I have worn spectacles since the age of four and a half years of age. Now in my sixties. My sight changed from contracting measles at the age of four and never ever believed it would be possible for me to be either spectacle or contact lens free ever!
It took me a year to make the decision to go ahead with this procedure as I was extremely nervous about the whole thing. I only wish I had this done years ago, it’s amazing, I don’t even need reading glasses now and can read even the smallest of print. I would not have gone anywhere but Moorfields.
My brother who also has very bad eye sight is as amazed as I am and is planning to have the procedure too. I cannot recommend Bruce Allan highly enough. He is a lovely, patient, personable professional who explains everything clearly. He understood how anxious I was about the procedure and completely reassured me. The procedure was amazingly straightforward and does not hurt!!!!
No more spectacles to carry around, contact lenses or even readers, it’s just wonderful.

16 Apr 2015

I am very grateful to Mr Alexander Ionides and the Moorfields Private clinic staff for my post surgery Lasek results. The service provided was excellent and very professional. The treatment was smooth,quick and painless and the result very satisfactory. I said farewell to my shortsight and my glasses, so delightful!

16 Apr 2015

After much thought and research into laser eye surgery I finally decided to book a consultation at the Moorfields Private clinic with Dr Gartry’s office.

Whilst conducting my research I had become familiar with Dr Gartry as he had come up many times on google searches in relation to laser eye surgery and I was certain that I wanted to go for a consultation at his clinic.

I was quite nervous as expected because the decision to have any type of surgery let alone eye surgery is a big deal and a decision which should be taken wisely.

I booked my appointment and had my consultation. I found the consultation process very straightforward and comfortable, you are asked about your medical history and complete a number of tests in relation to the thickness of your cornea. Once this is complete you get to meet Mr Gartry. On meeting Mr Gartry he informed me that I was not eligible for LASIK surgery which was the one I was hoping I would be eligible for! He informed me that I have a thin cornea and therefore LASEK would be the only option for me. He advised that healing time is longer (1 week) as medical contact lenses are placed in your eye to protect the eyes whilst the cells are rebuilding.

I had a think and decided that this was the best procedure and I decided to book the surgery for 13 December 2014. I was extremely nervous on the day of the surgery and had not had much sleep! On entering the hospital room where Dr Gartry performs the surgery I was greeted by a very friendly nurse. The nurse explained to my partner and I the symptoms and side effects I would experience for the next week and the strict regime of eyedrops that I must adhere to for the first week and the next 2/3 weeks! I was then taken in for the surgery.

The surgery itself lasted about 15 mins. I was not in the operating room for more than about 20 mins in total! Throughout the whole procedure Dr Gatry remained calm and informed me of what he was doing so I was also aware. I was told to focus on a red dot whilst the procedure was performed on each eye. I did not feel a thing as my eyes had been prepared with an anaesthetic.

Post Surgery:

Once the anaesthetic had worn off I could feel my eyes becoming very watery and heavy-but I was prepared for this. I had to keep putting in lubricating eye drops every 15 mins to help with the dryness. I was told if the pain was unbearable I could use the anaesthetic eyedrops however I managed to get through the first day without using these. I used the anesthetic eye drops twice-the 2nd and 3rd day at night before sleeping.

I had m 1 week check up where I had to visit Dr Gartrys clinic and was asked about my recovery. The optician checked my eyes and removed the medical contacts. She informed that my eyes were healing well-and at this point I could read and see everything very clearly-from a distance. I had LASEK to correct my short sightedness. My prescription in lenses was -3.50 in my right eye and -3.75 in my left eye. My left eye had more of an astigmatism in my left eye. I noticed that my left eye was healing slightly slower and the optician advised with LASEK this can take longer and to continue with the eye drops as instructed. Dr Gartry advised the same and on the whole I was very happy with my surgery at this stage as I was able to see clearly!

I have just recently had my 3 month checkup which revealed that my eyes were doing very well but as I had noticed my left eye was still not as sharp as my right eye. The optician advised that this was because I still had a very minor astigmatism in my left eye 0/5. This is very minor and would not need to be corrected. On the whole it does not bother me I only notice the slight difference between the two eyes when I cover my right eye and need to see only with my left eye. However when I use both eyes together (which is almost all the time!) I have no problem with my vision. I have not suffered from dry eyes but I continue to use the drops if I am tired or have not had a good nights sleep as I find this causes dry eyes for me but I had the same issue pre LASEK. I am happy with my procedure and how it has gone and would recommend anyone interested in Laser to visit Dr Gartrys clinic. Compared other clinics I can appreciate that some people may be put off by the price but you are paying for a private service and the after care is excellent. Dr Gartry himself is a very experienced consultant and has treated many people. I felt at ease knowing he was a specialist in this area and this made my decision easier. I would highly recommend the service and if anyone is thinking of going for LASIK but you are advised you are eligible for LASEK only then, please do not be put off by the recovery time or the procedure itself. LASEK itself is recommended for certain individuals who play contact sport for example and is considered the ‘better’ procedure. However I would encourage you to do your own research and read the paperwork and documents provided at the clinic which are very informative and detail all the risks involved very clearly.

I would have given ‘5’ as a overall rating if my left eye astigmatism had been corrected completely, but due to this slight astigmatism I have decided to go for 4/5, although the day to day implications for me are minor and I don’t notice the difference much, I wanted to make the review as honest and reliable!

I hope this review has been useful.

16 Apr 2015

I’ve been considering having corrective surgery on my eyes for a few years now, so when finances became available, I bit the bullet and started doing some serious research online. In terms of the procedure, Lasik was the obvious choice, and I would not certainly not consider anything different. The short recovery times, lack of pain and lower risk factors seemed clear – and all were born out in practice.

Next choice was which company or clinic to choose. Geographic location obviously plays a part, and so does price. However I settled on Moorfields. The key decider for me was a comment by my optician when I mentioned that I was considering it: “Moorfields is the best – it’s where those who do have problems with corrective eye surgery go to have the issues fixed”. Online reviews backed this up with consistently higher review ratings. They did charge more than most, but that was a price I was willing to pay.

I settled with Mr Bruce Allan, and have to say he was superb. The advice, openness to discussion and calm approach were excellent. He also explained and talked through the options I had around splitting the amount of correction applied to the two eyes, to stave off the need for reading glasses. I did choose this option, and while it was disconcerting initially to have one eye perfectly focused with the other remaining short sighted, the results now, 3 months on, are excellent. My brain compensates without me noticing, and switches seamlessly between reading and distance viewing.

So in all, a thoroughly professional, friendly service which has given me exactly the sight I was after – perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Moorfields and Mr Allan.

16 Mar 2015

The whole process was excellent – from my initial enquiry, to first consultation, surgery, and follow-up, every aspect was exemplary.
I am very happy with the results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Moorfields to others.

04 Mar 2015

I cannot recommend Lasek eye surgery at Moorfields private with Dr Ionades highly enough. After 20 years of wearing contact lenses / glasses and several nasty eye infections, it feels amazing to wake-up in the morning and be able to see everything around me.

I would describe myself as a nervous patient with lots of questions, but Dr Ionades did everything to put me at ease by answering those questions and explaining the procedure in detail. My visual recovery was a little slower than most, (though I did not experience any pain), and Dr Ionades was always available to answer questions and reassurance.

I had my full eye test today – 2 months after surgery – and achieved the 20-20 result that we all hope for. This is definitely one of the best things I have done and the after-care is superb.

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