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Moorfields Private, the private division of the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, leads the way in the provision of high quality refractive surgery in the UK.

We offer the full range of sight correction options for active people of all ages. No compromises: just proven procedures, delivered by top UK surgeons, using the latest technology. Our key ingredient is continuity. At every visit, you will see the surgeon of your choice who will supervise every aspect of your care.

Our Surgeons

The Refractive Surgery Service is staffed exclusively by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons working at the top of their profession in the NHS and privately.

Our Technology

Moorfields Private is a flagship location for laser and implant manufacturers. Our surgeons are therefore able to choose from the best equipment available.

Our Support

Our surgeons can rely on all the support they need to deliver your care with the greatest comfort, the greatest accuracy and the least risk. Experienced nursing, optometric and technical staff, 24-hour emergency backup, and a network of consultant colleagues with expertise in every aspect of your eye health set Moorfields Private apart.

Our Facilities

Our surgical suite is visited by observing surgeons from all over the world. State-of-the-art laser and microsurgical theatres, situated in the main Moorfields NHS hospital, are designed from the ground up to minimise the risk of infection and meet the demands of high technology equipment manufacturers for tight control over environmental conditions. Our dedicated consulting suite offers all the facilities needed to ensure that our surgeons can help you to choose the right procedure for your individual needs.



Rating Date


18 Nov 2014

A super service from Mrs Saw and her team, even better results than I had anticipated after wearing glasses and contact lenses for so long, giving me a fantastic lifestyle change.

Nicholas Pollitt

06 Nov 2014

I went to a number of eye clinics who all failed to spot my cataracts. Valerie was quick to diagnose and treat my various needs and swiftly achieved great results. If you are worried or in need of advice or quality care I would recommend Valerie.

The surgery itself was quick and painless. I was talked through every step of the surgery by Mr Allan. Extremely happy with aftercare and results!

Jeremy Rutherford

24 Oct 2014

Having been told I would never see clearly again with glasses or contact lenses (due to severe stigmatism in both eyes and a worsening prescription) I sought out a reliable practice and surgeon to provide some advice and guidance on options for laser surgery.

I knew that Moorfields had a great reputation for excellence and, using this site to compare surgeon reviews, I chose to visit Mr Allan. I was not disappointed.

The clinic is very well managed and communications at all stages of my consultation were clear and concise. Mr Allan is a charming individual who almost immediately put me at rest and provided a clear and helpful explanation of the diagnosis and options. I was suitable for laser surgery which was great news. However Mr Allan warned me that due to my prescription it was likely I would need two operations on each eye.

During the surgery Mr Allan kept me well informed and whilst not entirely relaxing, the first surgery was successful in that I could immediately see more clearly than before. After a three month checkup, further surgery was deemed necessary (as originally suggested) and this was performed shortly afterwards. The second round was far less intrusive and I had fully recovered in a couple of days.

Having now completed my second check up I have been discharged from care with 20/20 vision! I cannot recommend the Moorfield’s team enough and would encourage anyone to visit Mr Allan for guidance and treatment if required.

Great service and professionalism from Mr Allan and his team. I would throughly recommend. My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago.

I\’m very happy to recommend Mr Allan and his team at Moorfields who performed laser surgery to correct my short-sightedness.
The whole process was much more straightforward than I had expected, it was clear from the very start that I was in the hands of an expert. Excellent results.

I have needed glasses since the age of 10 and worn contacts for the last 20 years
I have considered eye surgery for the last 14 years. And been bamboozled by different types, prices, reviews. I have missed the last 14 years of good vision through this confusion.
Find a surgeon you trust, ask questions about success rates and experience, read reviews. But do it.
Surgery was quick. The nurse briefing on the drops took longer. I was in and out within minutes. The initial consultations used machines and analysis of my eyes I had never seen before. I had complete trust in Mr Allan and his team. I could drive the next day. The process was smooth and healing happened before I knew it. My wife pointed out that my brain needed time to catch up with my new eyes! Find a surgeon you trust and do it. If you are looking for a surgeon then I completely trust Mr Allan

Excellent care from beginning to end and am very happy with the result of treatment

I had a fantastic experience with Mr Allan at Moorfields. I was short sighted with a very high prescription and astigmatism and also needed reading glasses, so I was keen to find the best possible treatment. Mr Allan explained everything very carefully and the operation went well. By correcting one eye for close work and the other for distance, I can now do without any glasses. I would highly recommend Mr Allan.

Mr Allan was a fantastic surgeon: confident, competent and without any attempt to “sell” me the surgery prior to my decision. Having worn glasses for 20 years, I now have excellent vision, with no need of glasses at all. I could not recommend the surgery, nor Mr Allan, enough. It has been extremely liberating!

Eric Zijdenbos

10 Oct 2014

I met with Dr Bruce Allan at Moorfields in August and with my -10 far sightedness Lasik was going to be borderline. Dr Allan recommended ICLs instead. He explained the procedure and the cost, ~20% more than Lasik, and the benefits. I decided to go ahead and had the surgery done on two consecutive Friday afternoons.

The procedure itself takes a few minutes but altogether you are in the hospital for a few hours to prepare and ensure that you all ok to go. It is virtually pain free. The most uncomfortable moment is when the very bright light is put on in to the fully dilated pupil. Vision is quite blurred as you leave the hospital but it gets better quickly and within 3 days it is mostly back to normal during day time. Night vision is still slightly affected by minor and decreasing halo’s but it’s not a problem. Dr Allen explained this will go away with time as the brain starts filtering it out (apparently it has nothing to do with eye) and this is already happening.

One eye got corrected for perfect far vision and the other for optimal reading vision. As both eyes work together you essentially end up with best of both all the time.
I work on a trading floor and sit behind 6 large computer screens reading data all day. I have no problems whatsoever. In fact , this is much better than wearing normal contact lenses as the airco can tends to reduce moisture. The other remarkable benefit I noticed is that my eyes don’t dry out anymore after taking a shower in the gym when wearing contacts. After wearing contacts for decades I am still so conditioned to this that is almost weird that this isn’t happening anymore. I do find my eyes a tiny bit more ‘sticky’ in the morning when I wake up but that’s no worry to me. I’m just trying to come up with anything that is somewhat different.

The aftercare is thorough and efficient. I met with Dr Allan today for the final check up and everything has worked out much as I had hoped. I am delighted with the results and the whole routine at Moorfields. The ICL technology has been proven. It is an amazing technology and put in the capable hands of Dr Allan and his team I think you‘ll be happy with the results.

I don’t know if I would have opted for ICLs had my vision been less myopic. I like the non-intrusiveness and the potential reversibility of ICLs. I am sure many people are very happy with the results of Lasik too but if the extra money not a matter of great concern, you should certainly consider both options and ask your specialist about the benefits of ICLs.

I underwent wavefront Lasik on both eyes to correct my short sightedness. I couldn’t recommend Ms Saw and her team enough for the quality of care, the information given to my many questions (I felt very well informed about potential problems etc), and most of all the superb results of my surgery – vision as good as I previously had with my contact lenses. Truly life chaning stuff. Thanks so much!

I underwent wavefront Lasik on both eyes to correct my short sightedness. I couldn’t recommend Ms Saw and her team enough for the quality of care, the information given to my many questions (I felt very well informed about potential problems etc), and most of all the superb results of my surgery – vision as good as I previously had with my contact lenses. Truly life chaning stuff. Thanks so much!

Very satisfied with my treatment. Ms Saw is excellent and the quality of aftercare is fantastic. I would highly recommend treatment here and I am delighted with the results.

An excellent service and can not express how delighted I am with the results. Mr Allan was very helpful and reassuring, as I was nervous. I wish had had seen him years, the surgery have completely changed my life.

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