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Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic

278 Reviews

I should have posted this a long time ago. Professor Gartry gave me the gift of normal vision having worn glasses from the age of two for long sight. I endured years of bullying as glasses were rarely seen on. Girl in the 1960s an ... Read more

Review of Moorfields Eye Surgery

Moorfields Private, the private division of the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, is one of the leading providers of high quality laser eye surgery in the UK.

Moorfields combination of top UK surgeons, industry leading technology and excellent customer service, Moorfields Eye Hospital is a popular choice for people opting for laser eye surgery.

They offer the full range of sight correction options for active people of all ages.


Their Refractive Surgery Service is staffed exclusively by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons working at the top of their profession in the NHS and privately.

Moorfields’ surgeons are consistently some of the top rated laser eye surgeons in the UK based on customer reviews which you can see below.

Technology and facilities

Moorfields Private is a flagship location for laser and implant manufacturers. Their surgeons are therefore able to choose from the latest state-of-the-art laser eye equipment.

What their customers think

Moorfields consistently receive fantastic customer reviews making them one of the highest rated laser eye providers in the UK. Click here to read their customer reviews below. Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic is also featured as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, find more information here.

Moorfields Eye Surgery Prices

An initial consultation at Moorfields is priced at £150, while treatment prices range between £1,200 for LASIK surgery in one eye, to £2,250 for LASEK surgery in both eyes. Despite LASIK being the more advanced option, it is more cost effective than the older style LASEK.


Moorfields Eye Hosptial Reviews

Rating Date

I should have posted this a long time ago. Professor Gartry gave me the gift of normal vision having worn glasses from the age of two for long sight. I endured years of bullying as glasses were rarely seen on. Girl in the 1960s and as for the Elastoplast patch? I thought laser eye surgery could not be done for me but he proved otherwise. Like Amazing Grace I was of limited near sight for over 40 years, but now I can see.

05 Jan 2017

Excellent result from surgeon Alexander Ionides. Expensive but I reckoned it’s not worth taking risks with my eyesight so chose Moorfields.

Excellent service throughout consultation, assessment, treatment and follow up.
I had laser treatment on one eye only and now have better than 20:20 vision.

05 Jan 2017

The whole experience from consultation to surgery to aftercare has been absolutely faultless. Dr Gartry was recommended by a friend and everything you read here is true. Although Lasek takes slightly longer to recover from, my own experience of it was brilliant and pain free. I now have better than 20/20 vision having started with a complex prescription of -0.8 in both eyes. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr Gartry and his team. Life changin

27 Aug 2016

I cannot thank Dr Tuft enough as an older patient I knew I was in professional hands from the start. Dr Tuft took the time to explain the precodure to me and unlike some patients in the waiting room, I wasn’t one of nine patients waiting to have my procedure done by him! So I knew I was a priority. I had very bad myopia but after a few weeks my vision is fantastic and my follow up appointment went smoothly. Dr Tuft is professional and very underated by this site.

02 Aug 2016

Summary – I had LASEK and am extremely pleased (occasionally even smug) about the result. If you’re thinking about corrective eye surgery then I’d encourage you to do it but would strongly suggest going to Prof. Gartry rather than one of the High St. bucket shops.

I’m a 45 year old who’d worn glasses since the age of 8. I used to have fairly severe myopia with an astigmatism in my right eye. I’d also worn soft contact lenses for sports. I chose Prof. Gartry based on a lot of research and recommendations from friends who’d had LASIK – I’d been a little cautious about surgery and didn’t want to run any risks with something as important as my sight.

My reasons for surgery were:-
* With my prescription, glasses were getting to be seriously expensive so surgery made economic sense
* I like to play golf / sail / climb mountains and glasses were a real pain (golf in the rain / dropping glasses in the channel when hanging over the side etc.)
* Mid-life vanity

Key points about the whole experience are:-
* The initial consultation was extremely helpful. With my particular prescription there were a couple of options that might be appropriate and Mr. Gartry talked me through the various possibilities, the pros and cons and what that might mean in the future. It was very helpful to talk with someone able to perform all of these options with no pressure to choose any particular one.
* Communication from all of the staff was extremely swift. It was also very helpful because unlike every other eye specialist I’ve seen the staff are extremely knowledgeable. Based on the initial consultation I decided to ‘mock up’ how my sight might turn out from one of the options using contact lenses and the staff talked me through that. Ultimately though I ended up opting for LASEK (sic) which was the option Mr. Garty had first suggested although I’m glad I at considered and checked out all the other possibilities as it gave me a lot of peace of mind that I was doing the right thing.
* Moorfields is a bit of a maze so allow plenty of time to find the right place. I arrived early despite getting lost downstairs and was greeted by a very cheerful chap who asked me whether I’d like to come down straight away or would prefer a cup of coffee first. Unlike some other healthcare facilities I’ve seen (both in the UK and the US) surgery seems to be properly scheduled so they aren’t rushing and there is plenty of time per patient.
* Drugs – I don’t know what the protocol is for the other types of eye surgery but I got a ‘goody bag’ of assorted drugs / drops for post operative care. I’d seen the instructions for these before and there was a dedicated member of staff to take me through all these / answer any questions but a couple of practical tips:-
i) Do what the instructions tell you. I followed them almost religiously and didn’t have any discomfort at all except when I had to travel and missed a couple of doses drops while being driven. Soon resolved when I started following the instructions again.
ii) Take somebody with you to listen to the briefing. At least for the first few days the protocol changes and there’s quite a lot to remember. You do have comprehensive instructions but for the first few days it’ll be tricky to read these so having somebody else listen to the instructions can help. (Suggestion for improvement – can the instructions be printed in a large font?)
iii) Get yourself a simple timer. For the first few days you’re going to be putting in a lot of drops. For me this got really tedious very quickly (and was probably the worst thing about the whole experience) but having an alarm set for your next dose helps.
iv) I wouldn’t recommend travelling very far for the first 24 hours after your surgery because this could make it tricky to stick to your drops schedule. Taxi / get driven to a London hotel is probably most sensible.
If you’re worried about pain / discomfort you needn’t be. The supply of assorted painkillers is plenty and, in the unlikely event you run out / have problems, you’re given phone numbers to call to resupply / get taken care of. A friend’s family recently had surgery elsewhere and I was horrified at the comparatively primitive aftercare.
* Surgery – I had been slightly apprehensive about this part and had the same hospital type dramas as the rest of you. Basically I wanted the result and the surgery was a necessary evil I was trying not to think about / grin and grit my teeth. What I hadn’t realised is that the surgery itself is nothing like TV documentaries. The most uncomfortable part was the anaesthetic drops at the start – that stung – but that was the last thing I felt. By the time we moved to the second eye I needed a little more anaesthetic because I thought I could feel something but another couple of drops and I couldn’t feel a thing. Visually, you’re not going to see any big scary equipment. Once you’re lying down it’s a bit like doing a glaucoma test (in the sense of looking at what appears to be a bright light-bulb) while lying down except you don’t have the irritating puff of air. You do get a running commentary from Prof. Gartry telling you what he’s about to do and what’s going on but without that you’d be hard pushed to figure out what’s happening because all you can really see is the bright light above you.
* Other comments:-
i) As I had LASEK it did take quite a while before I had perfect vision. I did have to run a conference call the week of my surgery (somebody decided I was indispensable) but to be perfectly frank, if you spend a lot of time reading documents / looking at computer screens you’re not going to be very much use. Even the second week was challenging so I’d suggest taking two weeks out. Possibly a good excuse for a holiday as during the second week the only problem was not being able to drive / read small text for long periods.
* As I’d been warned, my vision was VERY variable initially – ranging from waking up and being able to read the titles of books across the room through to something akin to being without glasses. When I first drove at night I also found I saw a slight double image of headlights but this went away after a few weeks. In my case my vision continued to improve for a couple of months.
* Make sure you get yourself a good pair of sunglasses – I was really quite sensitive to light for the first week or so (even indoors) and ended up wearing my sunglasses most of the time.

Results – I was lucky enough to end up with eyesight good enough to fly a plane / join the space program and I no longer have to wear glasses for anything at all. Apart from all the obvious advantages here are the things I most notice:-
* Colours / the world in general seems much brighter – probably because I always used to view the world through quite a thick layer of optical material with assorted coatings.
* It’s so much more convenient never having to clean glasses. No more stopping to clean them in the gym either. Am convinced this saves me a lot of time in general – little thing but it makes a difference.
* Wider field of vision – I now notice things either side of me – esp. while driving. Probably worth being aware of when you start driving again as I found roadside adverts a distraction.
* I’m quite enjoying being able to choose sunglasses I like (I’m in California for a couple of months). Also feel quite smug seeing upscale opticians in Palo Alto and realising how much I’m saving by not needing frames / lenses any longer.
* I get sunburnt less – suncream, sports and glasses are a tricky combination but it is now comfortable to wear SPF50 and I no longer miss bits round my ears / nose.
* Don’t have to worry about seawater and contact lenses when sailing.
* Still sometimes find myself looking for my glasses / looking over the top of my glasses at people (I wore them for 40 years) but then realise I can see.
* Quite enjoying feeling smug when pointing out small roadsigns while my (fully sighted) girlfriend is still trying to work things out from the satnav. Also quite helpful to be able to stand at the back of a crowd and read airport departure boards (I’m 6′ so can see over the top)
* Now the important stuff – golf! I had hoped that having a complete field of vision rather than only having good vision directly through my glasses (as well as high refractive index I also had smaller lenses to reduce edge thickness / weight) would improve my short game. It may have done a little but the two key changes were:-
i) a little more distance! I definitely wasn’t expecting this but now I’m not trying to keep my eye on the ball while looking through small lenses I suppose I must just be swinging a little faster. This certainly tallies with the advice from Callaway when I got my driver fitted a couple of years ago (‘hit it!’)
ii) Vast improvement in putting. Despite taking putting lessons about five years ago and having my putter tweaked I still used to be very pleased to two-putt and wasn’t that disappointed with three. Frustratingly I even used to miss little one footers / practical gimme’s. Now from within a yard or so I’m pretty confident it’s going in. I’ve also started holing some long putts. Not sure why this should be the case but it’s obvious enough that it’s been noticed by my playing partners.
Apart from anything else, golf in rain or hot sunshine and humidity is now fun!

Many thanks for fixing my eyes, Al Gill / ‘el Bandito’

13 Jul 2016

Mr Allan and his team have been amazing and I cannot thank them enough for the difference it has made in my life so far.
To be able to get up and not reach for my glasses in the morning and to take part in sport without worrying about losing a contact lens is life changing.

I have received the best care both pre and post surgery and everything has gone brilliantly.

Mr Allan is great at explaining the pros and risks to the surgery and throughout the whole relatively quick procedure I felt completely at ease.

If you are thinking about laser surgery I could not recommend any better than Mr Allan and his team.

Amazingly efficient, effortless and secure process, with outstanding outcome.

I had crosslinking done a while ago for my keratoconus, a successful procedure professionally executed by Dr Romesh Angunawela. Unfortunately I was too late as the bulge of the cornea has frozen prior to the crosslinking. I’m considering intacs but will need to pay a return-visit to Moorfields soon. Thanks again!

01 Jun 2016

I could not be any happier since having my laser eye surgery. From being extremely reliant on my contact lenses for 14 hours a day, I now have better than 20/20 vision.

The care I received was beyond excellent, both before and after the treatment.

Thank you

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