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Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic


263 Reviews

Very pleased with the results. The novelty has not worn off yet! Ms Saw is very gentle and calm. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. ... Read more

Moorfields Private, the private division of the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, leads the way in the provision of high quality refractive surgery in the UK.

We offer the full range of sight correction options for active people of all ages. No compromises: just proven procedures, delivered by top UK surgeons, using the latest technology. Our key ingredient is continuity. At every visit, you will see the surgeon of your choice who will supervise every aspect of your care.

Our Surgeons

The Refractive Surgery Service is staffed exclusively by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons working at the top of their profession in the NHS and privately.

Our Technology

Moorfields Private is a flagship location for laser and implant manufacturers. Our surgeons are therefore able to choose from the best equipment available.

Our Support

Our surgeons can rely on all the support they need to deliver your care with the greatest comfort, the greatest accuracy and the least risk. Experienced nursing, optometric and technical staff, 24-hour emergency backup, and a network of consultant colleagues with expertise in every aspect of your eye health set Moorfields Private apart.

Our Facilities

Our surgical suite is visited by observing surgeons from all over the world. State-of-the-art laser and microsurgical theatres, situated in the main Moorfields NHS hospital, are designed from the ground up to minimise the risk of infection and meet the demands of high technology equipment manufacturers for tight control over environmental conditions. Our dedicated consulting suite offers all the facilities needed to ensure that our surgeons can help you to choose the right procedure for your individual needs.


Moorfields Eye Hosptial Reviews

Rating Date

Very pleased with the results. The novelty has not worn off yet! Ms Saw is very gentle and calm. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

14 Dec 2015

I am thrilled with the results of my surgery in September 2015. The whole process was very straightforward and professional. Mr. Ionides explained exactly what would happen and he and his team looked after me very well throughout the process. The operation itself was quick and painless and recovery was rapid. After three days no one could even tell that I’d had eye surgery and my new lens was working beautifully. Mr. Ionides operated on my other eye six months earlier in February 2015 and that operation was also a complete success. I knew therefore I was in very safe hands for the second operation. The improvement in my vision has really changed my life and I am so grateful to Mr. Ionides and his team. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

I’d worn glasses since I was six years old and contacts since I was eleven. Every year I’d gone to the opticians only to be told the same thing – my eyesight was worse. By the time I considered laser eye surgery, I’d ended up with a prescription of -9 in my left eye and -7 in my right, making it unsafe for me to have LASIK. However, Professor Gartry’s clinic at Moorfield’s offered me LASEK – a technique suitable for higher prescriptions like my own. The procedure took about 30 minutes in total. The next few days were a bit uncomfortable, but the pain was easily managed with some special eye drops the clinic provided. Five days after the operation I attended my sister’s graduation with no problems at all. Now I have better than 20/20 vision with no complications whatsoever – and my eyesight’s almost good enough for the air force!

14 Dec 2015

I had the procedure with Julian Stevens last year, and am amazed and delighted with the results. My vision is now perfect even with a -7 prescription and an astigmatism. I cannot recommend him enough.

14 Dec 2015

When walking into Moorfields eye hospital, you are already acutely aware that you’ll be receiving the best patient care and treatment available. This alone makes the process of going through eye surgery infinitely easier.

On the day of my treatment, I was guided through the correct department, promptly taken through all my checks, and reassured by staff. Even though there are other patients waiting outside, I never once felt rushed. After the surgery, I had a number of aftercare options explained to me, along with how I should be using the medical drops (all provided in the overall surgery cost), and given my consultant’s personal card in case of any emergencies.

I would be very happy to recommend the hospital to anyone who is looking to put the quality of the surgeon and patient aftercare at the forefront of their priorities for the surgery. Moorfields is not cheap, but the experience and sense of security is very much worth it.

14 Dec 2015

Excellent treatment – care- advice.

Will definitely recommend to anyone

14 Dec 2015

If you are having eye surgery, go for the very best. Moorfields is a world renowned flagship eye hospital, with cutting edge laser technology. Mr Bruce Allen is a truly exceptional surgeon and it is no wonder he consistently gets fantastic reviews. I couldn’t have been in a better place, and in the safest possible hands. Excellent results. It has been life changing – one very happy patient.

14 Dec 2015

I highly recommend Mr Ionides and his team at Moorfields for laser eye surgery.

My surgery for Wavefront LASEK took place about 5 months ago and I am STILL over the moon with my improved vision. I no longer need any glasses and after contemplating and researching it for years, I wish that I’d had the surgery done sooner!

The whole process was fantastic; Mr Ionides was extremely professional, honest and understanding. He took time to answer all my questions and the options available.

During and after the surgery, the level of discomfort was minimal and not painful (but I did follow the drops schedule and had a few days of rest. Dark sunglasses are also very useful).

I received an excellent standard of care from the whole team and I am hugely appreciative of their wonderful work.

14 Dec 2015

I had my surgery in March, and have just had my three month follow up consultation. My consultant was Mr Bruce Allen … I am very pleased with the result and am now totally glasses free, having previously worn two pairs, for reading and distance. The surgery was pain free and first class. Mr Allen and his team were all very professional and helpful. I would recommend Laser Surgery to anyone .. Many thanks .. Tracey Osborn

14 Dec 2015

As a fairly young sufferer from cataracts, I was recommended to see Mr Maurino to discuss multi-focal lens implants. No doubt, this was one of the best decisions I have made. As a mid forties male having had glasses my entire life, I am delighted that after the procedure my near and distance vision is about as good as it gets. No more glasses required! I would thoroughly recommend Mr Maurino and his team, everything is fully explained, the procedure painless and the end result FANTASTIC!

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