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Moorfields Eye Hospital Private Clinic

245 Reviews

The service provided by the team at Moorfields was fantastic and I am very pleased with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to any of my friends or family. ... Read more ▾

Moorfields Private, the private division of the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, leads the way in the provision of high quality refractive surgery in the UK.

We offer the full range of sight correction options for active people of all ages. No compromises: just proven procedures, delivered by top UK surgeons, using the latest technology. Our key ingredient is continuity. At every visit, you will see the surgeon of your choice who will supervise every aspect of your care.

Our Surgeons

The Refractive Surgery Service is staffed exclusively by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons working at the top of their profession in the NHS and privately.

Our Technology

Moorfields Private is a flagship location for laser and implant manufacturers. Our surgeons are therefore able to choose from the best equipment available.

Our Support

Our surgeons can rely on all the support they need to deliver your care with the greatest comfort, the greatest accuracy and the least risk. Experienced nursing, optometric and technical staff, 24-hour emergency backup, and a network of consultant colleagues with expertise in every aspect of your eye health set Moorfields Private apart.

Our Facilities

Our surgical suite is visited by observing surgeons from all over the world. State-of-the-art laser and microsurgical theatres, situated in the main Moorfields NHS hospital, are designed from the ground up to minimise the risk of infection and meet the demands of high technology equipment manufacturers for tight control over environmental conditions. Our dedicated consulting suite offers all the facilities needed to ensure that our surgeons can help you to choose the right procedure for your individual needs.


Moorfields Eye Hosptial Reviews

Rating Date
23 Jul 2015

The service provided by the team at Moorfields was fantastic and I am very pleased with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to any of my friends or family.

23 Jul 2015

I had both eyes treated with LASIK Eye surgery last August, and it has been fantastic. Having worn contact lens for over 30 years I had considered laser eye surgery many times but had always chickened out as I am very squeamish about my eyes, sight. When my reading vision started to deteriorate as well I took 2 years considering my options, testing out the high street laser clinics, but I had no confidence in the youngsters I saw, my eyesight, even bad eyesight, was too precious to risk losing. Then some more research led us to Mr Maurino. On reading about then meeting him I felt confident that he would do a good job, and he did. Both eyes corrected, one for distance, one for reading, gone are my glasses & lens, gone are itchy eyes from wearing contacts all day. I wake up in a morning & can see the alarm clock without squinting. I can read menu’s in dimly lit restaurants, I can see for miles. So glad I did it. And it didn’t hurt at all. Sore eyes for a week or two but that’s all. What was I so scared of? Thank you Mr Maurino & all your team (especially the lovely nurse who held my hand throughout as I was so so nervous, but it wasn’t anything like as bad as I imagined). Job well done.

02 Jul 2015

I had strong stigmatism in both eyes and was sceptical of how I could be corrected by laser surgery. 3-months on I have near perfect unaided vision. The clinic was outstanding – explaining everything before and during surgery. Post surgery care is second to none. Recommended without hesitation.

18 Jun 2015

LASEK: From -7 And -7.50 → Better than 20/20 Vision!

Having worn glasses from the age of 7, short sightedness had been a lifelong problem. Throughout my teenage years, my prescription kept increasing (as did the thickness of the lenses on my glasses!) and my eyes became increasingly sore from wearing contact lenses for the majority of the time. It was then that I decided to proceed with laser eye surgery. I decided that even if I could not achieve perfect vision, anything would be better than the very blurry world that I was currently experiencing.

At the age of 21 my eyes had stabilized enough for laser eye surgery. I mentioned to my local optician that I would like to have laser eye surgery and without hesitation he recommended Professor David Gartry at Moorfields Eye Hospital. I swiftly booked a consultation and haven’t looked back since!
On arrival at the consultation they conduct many different optical tests to determine whether you are suitable for laser eye surgery (some of which were rather new and exciting!) before Professor Gartry then looks at the results and makes a decision. I was initially disappointed to be told that due to my age and high prescription (-7 and -7.50), LASIK (the most common and quicker healing procedure) was not suitable. Instead Professor Gartry recommended LASEK and explained the procedure and recovery time. After some thought, I decided to proceed with LASEK.

5 weeks later in August 2014 and I was back at Moorfields Eye Hospital for my surgery. It was a strange mix of emotions– excited but apprehensive all at the same time. However I was quickly greeted and reassured by the nurses. I was then taken into the room for the surgery. What happened next was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my surgery. Before the surgery, Professor Gartry told me to look at the clock on the wall without my glasses on. It has to be said that I couldn’t even see the clock on the wall, just a blob of white!
The surgery itself flew past in a bit of a blur. It was completely painless and I was in the operating room for only 15 minutes. On completion, Professor Gartry then asked me to look at the clock and tell him what time it was. WOW! It was crystal clear and I could tell the time for the first time in my life without wearing glasses!
I was then taken into a side room and administered with a rather large bag of eyedrops to use for the next 4 weeks to help with the healing process. The first day involved putting in lubricating eye drops every 15 minutes to cope with the dryness. However this was extended to every hour from the second day onwards. I had prepared myself for the worst after reading many blogs and reviews prior to surgery. However the healing process was nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated! My eyes were a little heavy for the first few days but I had very little pain. My vision was incredibly blurry but that was to be expected. I had numerous eye drops administered and had to sleep with a pair of goggles on my face to stop me from accidentally poking my eyes whilst asleep.

On Day 5 I headed back to Moorfields for my first check-up. The bandage contact lenses were removed and my eyes were tested. I was initially a little disappointed that the eyesight chart was still rather blurry but I was reassured that this was completely normal and that my eyes were healing well. 2-3 weeks after surgery and I started to notice that my eyesight was beginning to improve. I could read road signs as a passenger in a car and the blurriness was beginning to subside.
I went back to Moorfields for a check-up 1 month after surgery. This was an optional check up but I thought it best to attend as I was concerned that my eyesight was fluctuating throughout the day. However I was informed that this was normal and that my eyes were now driving standard which reassured me a lot! From there my eyes kept improving and I noticed that they were getting better by the day – it was incredibly exciting to open my eyes in the morning and see every detail or just to see what shampoo I was using in the shower! I continued to use lubricating eye drops (Carmellose Sodium) for 3 months post-surgery as I found that my eyes would often get quite sore when removing eye make up. By Christmas, this had decreased and I rarely had to use the eye drops.

In March 2015, I went back for my final check-up at Moorfields. Usually most people have this at 3 months post-surgery but due to other circumstances, I could not attend before then. I knew that I had good eyesight, but I was completely thrilled to find out that I now had better than 20/20 vision! Especially after being told by Professor Gartry that it can be unusual to have a perfect prescription after LASEK.

It is safe to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the results from my LASEK surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend Professor Gartry and Moorfields to anyone interested in undergoing laser eye surgery. Although it took some time for my eyes to settle after surgery, the end result has definitely been worth it! I now have (hopefully!) many years to enjoy my new eyesight. I have been informed that I may need reading glasses in many years time like most people do. However for now I will make the most of waking up every morning with crystal clear vision, rather than rummaging around for the pair of thick glasses next to my bed!

18 Jun 2015

As I got older my eyes deteriorated! I had glasses throughout the house and it irritated me. It even influenced my sports, this operation has given me perfect vision. I could not be happier!
Thank you, Ms Valerie Saw adn the team for the perfect treatment, Highly recommended.

18 Jun 2015

From start to finish service spot on, Professional, informative and end result
amazing!! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Ms Valerie Saw and team to Family friends and colleagues.

18 Jun 2015

I had been refused laser eye surgery for many years due to the high level of my astigmatism and complex prescription. My optician was unable to correct my vision with glasses and I was struggling to see the computer, TV and to read by the end of the day. I was refered to Bruce Allan but was not expecting him to able to help. I was completley wrong! Mr Allan explained to me that he could help my vision with laser surgery, but that it may take two attempts and, although it would improve my vision considerably, I may still need glasses for driving and reading but at a much lower prescription. I have now had both lots of surgery (six months apart) and my vision is amazing. The surgery was quick and completely painless. It took a while for my vision to settle (I was warned this would happen due to the complexity of my astigmatism)but even during that time my sight was so much better. My eyes are now above the level required for driving and I can read without glasses. This is way above my expectation and I am thrilled. If you have a complicated prescription, please go and see Mr Allan. I cannot belive that after all these years I can see better than I have ever been able to. I would like to thank Mr Allan and all his team.

18 Jun 2015

The best recommendation I can say is that I am really happy for the outcome of the treatment.
The result is perfect!
I think it’s probably one of the best things I’ve done, Mr Maurino and his team are professionals and friendly.
Fast, efficient, very little pain (almost negligible), perfect service, and I could come back to drive the bike in a week!
I would recommend anyone with severe myopia to have this surgery done.

12 May 2015

Having worn glasses since the age of 8, it was difficult to explain the decision to undergo surgery to correct my vision. However, how glad I am that I went through with it. Valerie Saw at Moorfields was amazing, patiently explaining everything and answering questions, even in the run-up to the surgery date. On the day itself, Valerie and her team made the whole experience calm and stress free and it is astounding that such a life changing result can be achieved so easily, and pain/ stress free. I had the surgery in February and have recently returned from an early summer holiday – no glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, comfort drops etc. Just my new eyes and a pair of sunglasses! I would thoroughly recommend the amazing Valerie and Moorfields hospital.

01 May 2015

Mr Maurino throughout the treatment was reassuring and honest about the options available. He fully gave the impression he wanted the best for me as his patient and was not in a hurry to have me in and out the door as quick as possible. The aftermath, whilst uncomfortable was exactly as he had said it would be so I felt prepared for it. He was quick to reply to my queries in the months following and I feel he would extend this service into the future. I can not thank Vincenzo enough for his excellent service throughout. My eyes are better than I ever could have hoped for or imagined.

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