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Can You Have Laser Eye Surgery Twice?

Is It Possible?

Many people who have undergone laser eye surgery but are still facing issues with their vision may wonder if it is possible to get a second eye surgery done. In fact, there is no definitive answer to this question as it completely depends on each individual case. Every patient runs a slight risk of complications occurring, but a repeated treatment largely depends on the amount of tissue left in the eye that the surgeon can work upon.

Repeated Treatment Soon After Surgery

If you are facing blurred and distorted vision after your first surgery, you would possibly be eligible for a second treatment, but there are certain risk factors and important details that need to be kept in mind.

First and foremost, any patient who would like to get a second laser eye surgery done must have a healthy cornea and adequate amount of tissue left. During the first laser surgery, tissue from the eye is removed in small amounts to ensure the eye stays healthy and strong. During the procedure of enhancement and touching up, surgeons may choose to use a different method but this completely depends on the tissue remaining, the health of the cornea and the technology available.

A second Treatment Later in Life

Although most initial laser eye surgeries are successful, you may find that over time your vision may change – this is usually due to the onset of age. Again, proper laser technology would allow doctors and surgeons to enhance and improve vision but only if the cornea is variably thick and all other important factors are met. In this case a second laser eye surgery would be extremely safe and appropriate, but before going for any surgery, one must always consult a professional to ensure a second surgery is the best option.

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