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Prof Dan Reinstein

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Dan Reinstein

12 Reviews

Dr Reinstein was recommended to me by a friend who had already had surgery at this clinic and he lived up to the recommendation! He is very personable and made me feel comfortable asking questions and about the entire procedure. A ...Read more

Professor Dan Reinstein is the Medical Director of the London Vision Clinic, and a world-renowned laser eye surgeon, with over 25 years under his belt.

He also adds to his accolades a status as one of the 10 best eye surgeons in the UK, based on thousands of patient reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

So is he right for you? Every one of the top-rated surgeons on Lasik Eyes has ample surgical experience and bedside manner. But your best match will need to be within a price range you feel comfortable with.

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1. Qualifications and Training

Training doesn’t come much more impressive than with Professor Reinstein. He’s a Cambridge graduate with a raft of professorships in New York and Paris, and ophthalmological certification in the USA and Canada. His specialist training includes:

  • 1991: Research Fellowship in Ophthalmic Epidemiology (Institute of Ophthalmology, London).
  • 1994: Fellowship in Ophthalmology (The Weill Medical College, Cornell University, New York).
  • 1996: Residency in Ophthalmology (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York).
  • 1997: Refractive Surgical Fellowship under laser eye surgeons Zaldivar, Arbelaez, Chacon, and Barraquer.
  • 1999: Fellowship in Cornea, External Disease and Refractive Surgery (University of British Columbia, Canada).

2. Innovations

Pioneering the Artemis scanner

It was at Cornell University in New York than Professor Reinstein identified the importance of ultrasound in scanning the eye surface (cornea) to within 1/1000 of a millimetre. He then paved the way for even safer eye surgery by building the the Artemis™ scanner, which he claims is now the most accurate eye scanner worldwide.

Working to the highest possible standards

Professor Reinstein next took up post as the Chief Medical Officer, leading 58 laser eye surgeons in 28 clinics across the USA. Together this team helped correct the vision of over 100,000 people every year. Ever the innovator, Dan Reinstein created a culture where each surgeon shared their experiences, so that the group could continue to improve, and strive for the best possible outcomes.

Making the patents for laser eye surgery

But Dan Reinstein’s contribution to laser eye surgery did not stop there. He went on to join the specialist ophthalmic team at Meditec, where he co-developed the MEL 80 laser. This piece of tech redefined the industry, setting a new precedent for what laser eye surgery could achieve.

Areas of expertise

Today, Professor Reinstein works closely with his colleague at the London Vision Clinic, Mr Glenn Carp, where they treat patients using the latest equipment and highest standard of care. He has specialised in laser eye surgery for over a decade, including LASIK, LASEK and SMILE treatment.

3. Prices

Dan Reinstein’s prices for laser eye surgery are between £2,600 and £3,250 per eye, depending on whether you receive standard or high profile refractive eve surgery. Customers with higher eye prescriptions will tend to prefer the more advanced – and costlier – options, which can cater for more complex needs.

TreatmentCost (both eyes)Finance Plans
Standard ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, PRK / LASEK£5,200£392 / month (12 months, 0% APR) or £196 / month
(24 months, 0% APR)
High profile ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, PRK / LASEK£6,500£500 / month (12 months, 0% APR) or £250 / month (24 months, 0% APR)

There are also interest-free finance plans on offer, starting at £196 a month for two years. Whilst providing 0% interest for 24 months is generous, it’s worth noting that rival clinics such as Optical Express and Optegra offer pay monthly options from around £50 a month for two years.

And how do these prices compare? Actually, not so well. The average cost of laser eye surgery in the UK is between £1,000 and £3,000 per eye – so you can see these prices are on the high end. That said, given that few laser eye surgeons are more experienced than Professor Reinstein, his costs are no less than what your would expect.

In general, laser eye surgery is cheaper compared to the costs of lens replacement surgery because it is a less risky procedure, and you spare the costs of implantable contact lenses. That means there’s less reason to feel obliged to pay through the nose – and you should never pay more than you are comfortable with.

4. Dan Reinstein Review: The Verdict

So, is Professor Reinstein the right eye surgeon for you? Of course, that all depends on where you live, and what you’re looking for.

If you are on the hunt for laser eye surgery, he is a pioneering and highly qualified eye surgeon. But as you might expect, such expertise will cost you, and in this case it’ll be around twice what other well-reviewed clinics are charging.

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08 Dec 2015

Dr Reinstein was recommended to me by a friend who had already had surgery at this clinic and he lived up to the recommendation! He is very personable and made me feel comfortable asking questions and about the entire procedure. As well, I was put at ease over having voluntary surgery in large part due to Dr. Reinstein’s obvious experience and professionalism.

10 Jun 2015

Using keyboard without glasses yea,
Had surgery yesterday 8thj june 2015′
Dr Dan even sends you a text to check that
Your ok in the evening of your surgery.
Thank you all at the London vision clinic.

30 Aug 2012

I've been wanting eye surgery for years but been to scared but wearing contact lenses was getting harder for me as my eyes were always so dry that i just couldnt wear them all that often. Professor Reinstein was highly recommended to me and having now had the surgery I can see why - the service was amazing so thorough and the b4 and aftercare has been amazing! My vision is better than 20-20 and my original prescription was -5 in both eyes! My life has changed dramatically since the operation (which didn't hurt in the slightest) i cannot recommend it enough and would say yes it's expensive but I wouldn't go anywhere else as know lots of people who paid less who have had lots of vision and eye problems. I was told that as I had very dry eyes and to have key hole laser surgery as the after effects are much less drying and that has honestly been the case - my eyes are not too dry and I can see perfectly! I would highly recommend the London vision clinic

17 Apr 2012
No Rating

My scoring is based on my Consultation onlyInitially I was very impressed by this clinic (hence my good scores)and all my questions were answered well – However at the end of my consultion, my patient care co-ordinator started talking about their high profile treatment – No indication of price was mentioned at the time – It wasnt until I requested a confirmation of the price that they revealed it was going to be £6,300.00I was shocked, so I queried the increase in cost. Why its £1700 more for extra programming,I just dont buy it. So i’ll be going somewhere else.

07 Jun 2011

I am so happy with every aspect of the treatment I have received from London Vision Clinic, really glad I chose to go there. After 3 years deliberating and comparing surgeons and clinics I definitely made the right choice. I have had blended vision treatment which took about 2 months to adjust to as one eye is adjusted for distance and the other for reading. The first few weeks after treatment were totally pain free but I was very aware of having one blurred eye all the time. Now 4 months down the line I can honestly say that I rarely notice it is only in low light situations that I am ever aware of the difference between eyes. This procedure is genius as it means I (at the age of 47) need neither reading or distance glasses. The operation itself was totally pain free and I had no problems post- surgery either. I felt so relaxed on the day of the op because after all the checks and procedures and the meeting with Prof. Reinstein I was certain I was in really safe hands. Although it may cost more than some other providers I would advise it is absolutely worth it. I am so glad I chose the best! Brilliant

20 Aug 2010

Since undergoing laser eye surgery with Professor Reinstein in June 2010, I have attempted to write a testimonial that would truly reflect my respect and gratitude to him for my care and the frankly miraculous results. I fail in this completely but will attempt to articulate this as best I can. Please do not under estimate the care and skill that this incredible gentleman offers.As a business consultant in the private healthcare sector I must make it very clear I am an extremely demanding patient, both in terms of non-clinical and clinical patient experience. There wasn’t ever a point in my experience that did not achieve my high expectations.I would not in a million years ever contemplate going to the High Street for such an important procedure. At London Vision Clinic everything is outstanding – the equipment; the customer care; the environment; the staff training, systems and processes; the culture and of course the results. I now use the London Vision Clinic as an example to my clients of what they could achieve.The results were literally life changing for me. For nearly 40 years my life had been dictated by extreme myopia (my prescription was -12.5!) I now have 20/20 vision. I can see as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. I no longer struggle with water sports, driving, travelling, trying to follow a golf ball, putting eye make up on, reading laundry instructions, or find some specs that wouldn’t reduce my eyes to almost slits due to the prescription – awful!What did it mean to me? Comfort, convenience and confidence and I needed to have absolute trust and confidence in the surgeon operating. I was so thrilled with the care and results, I recently paid for my youngest daughter to undergo surgery, as I didn’t want her to miss out on opportunities as I did, due to being so short sighted.I guess you could now class me as a raving fan of London Vision Clinic and Professor Reinstein. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the London Vision Clinic to you.

29 Apr 2009

Excellent service and an equally excellent surgeon. before I went to London Vision Clinic, I went to one of the High Street firms and I was told that I could not have the laser corrective surgery and was offered intra ocular lens implants. I suffered from miopia and astigmatism, however, I ended up doing the laser op at the London Vision Clinic and my vision is 20/20 now. I have had no complications and I am now very happy. If one is looking for a top notch clinic, than this is one of the very best.

30 Mar 2009

I would recommend Professor Reinstein to anyone who considers laser eye surgery, or is experiencing complications as a result of previous eye surgery. My brother had RK (micro surgery) performed on one of his eyes in 2004 and suffered severe halos, starbursts and blurring as a result. The halos and starbursts made it impossible for him to drive at night time.I contacted all eye clinics/surgeons I could come across in the hope that something could be done and the only surgeon I could find who was able to assist (or was willing to operate on an eye where RK had previously been performed for that matter) was Professor Reinstein.It took a couple of procedures to correct the eye where RK (micro surgery) had previously been performed and the eye which had not been operated on was perfect after one procedure.My brother's initial prescription was -6.0 on the right and -5.75 on the left eye and thanks to Professor Reinstein and his team he now enjoys better than 20/20 vision on both eyes and is no longer experiencing problems with halos or starbursts.The service at the London Vision Clinic is very professional and friendly. Professor Reinstein is exceptionally qualified, experienced and dedicated and he personally followed up with calls after each operation to monitor my brother's condition.

19 Nov 2003

I thought I'd share my experience of laser eye surgery performed by Professor Reinstein back in July this year. I'm a mother of 4 and used to be a practising barrister before I took early retirement!What prompted me to have my eyesight corrected - well, the reason was quite personal - I felt I needed to improve my appearance and feel better about myself after I discovered that my husband of 16 years was about to leave me for a 27 year old! Having decided it was better to spend serious money on this rather than say a holiday or a car or diamonds, I checked out every outlet offering this service. I did my research thoroughly and I must say that even from the outset, the London Vision Clinic had always been at the top of my list. What really swung it was the professionalism from my first tentative enquiry - the person who I spoke to was very knowledgeable about the procedure and all the different stages I would encounter.The service was faultless and the result is that I have better than 20/20 vision. The immediate after care service was also superb - right down to the personal phone call from Professor Reinstein 4 hours after the surgery about my condition. So I definitely recommend him and his team to anyone considering having this done!

27 May 2003

Dr Reinstein is exceptionally qualified and compassionate in dealing with patients who suffer from complications of laser eye surgeries or problematic visual outcomes. I have been seeing him for about a year and a half and feel that he is both better informed technically, and more understanding practically, of optical problems induced by laser vision correction. Additionally, he has the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment (including VHF digital ultrasound) available today.I am a finance professional by day but as a hobby I do some low-key patient advocacy work for people in the UK with problems from laser eye surgeries (my website is at I often consult Dr Reinstein on technical matters and when I meet patients who need a detailed assessment or second opinion, he is the one I most trust to look after them.

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