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Ms Valerie Saw

Ophthalmic Consultant Surgeon Ms Valerie Saw

61 Reviews

Ms Saw has a wonderfully calming personality. She took time to explain the procedure and answered all my questions thoroughly. She communicated clearly during the operation, which alleviated a potentially very stressful situation. ...Read more

Ms Valerie Saw has been a longstanding full time consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital (2007-2015). She specialises in laser refractive surgery, cataract and implant surgery, dry eye and corneal transplantation. She is currently a visiting surgeon at Advanced Vision Care, London.

Ms Valerie Saw features as one of the best laser eye surgeons in the UK, the only female to make it. Recognised by her peers for her expertise and experience, she is an Examiner and Committee Member for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists’ Certification in Laser Refractive Surgery.

She did her medical training at the University of Sydney, where she received the University Medal for coming first place on the Honours list. She has been trained at the highest level in complex corneal and cataract surgery, having spent 4 years in advanced specialisation at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Due to her experience she is able to offer a choice of treatments and customise these to the patient’s individual situation.

Being expert in managing medical conditions of the front of the eye like blepharitis, dry eye and contact lens problems means that Ms Saw is able to optimise the condition of the eyes for an excellent result in laser surgery, and also in cataract and implant surgery.

Ms Saw is a longstanding Council Member of the British Society of Refractive Surgery (BSRS) and a member of the American, European and UK and Ireland Societies of Refractive Surgery (ASCRS, ESCRS, UKISCRS) and the European Corneal Society (EuCornea). She is a member of International Sjogren’s Syndrome Registry Review Panel (SICCA) and medical advisor for the Dry Eyes Medical website. She is a regular invited speaker at conferences and teaching courses both in the UK and abroad.

Ms Saw’s PhD thesis on ocular surface scarring was awarded the Research Medal at Moorfields Eye Hospital and an Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Travel Grant. This work has led to ongoing research and potential new treatment for patients.

Ms Saw has been performing eye surgery for over 10 years and specialises in:

  • Wavefront laser surgery for long and short-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (Femtosecond LASIK, LASEK, PRK)
  • Cataract surgery using standard, Toric and Multifocal lenses and Femtosecond laser Cataract surgery
  • Lens implant surgery including Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)
  • Corneal grafts including DMEK, DSAEK, Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK) for keratoconus, Femtosecond laser corneal transplantation
  • Keratoconus Surgery including Collagen Cross-linking and Kerarings/Intacs
  • Contact Lens-related Eye Conditions

Ms Saw no longer treats patients at Moorfields Private, and her private practice has moved to Harley Street.

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Ms Valerie Saw Reviews


14 Dec 2011

Valerie Saw carried out cataract surgery on me as a private patient in April of 2011 at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome and can't praise her skills enough.

06 Feb 2012

Ms Valerie Saw is a friendly and very professional eye surgeon. She is very thorough during the examination. Valerie is courteous and immediately put me at ease providing just the right amount of information to enable me to make the right decision about having laser eye surgery(after over 45 years of wearing glasses for astigmatism and myopia the idea was a bit scary!)On the day of the surgery itself Valerie and her team were on time and walked me through exactly what was going to happen. During the surgery when I was quite nervous Valerie was reassuring, efficient and kept me fully informed.After surgery I received complete care and attention. Valerie made sure I understood exactly what I needed to do to take the best care of my eyes. The check-up after 3 months went well and the surgery had given me great vision even though I am 52 years old and should need reading glasses even after surgery (a fact which Valerie explained at the consultation) I have great vision with no glasses at all even reading a computer screen all day. When, ten months after treatment I had a slight concern over the dryness of my eyes, I was able to contact Valerie and she made time to see me within a few days and explained my eyes were fine but as I had been on over 40 hours of flights over a short period and in air conditioned offices for long periods this might have caused the dryness and I should continue to use the eye drops she recommended.I would highly recommend Valerie Saw to anyone considering eye surgery.

01 May 2012

I could not be happier with my decision to have laser eye surgery to correct short-sightedness/astygmatism performed by Miss Saw. Miss Saw is professional, calm and reassuring. She talked me through the procedure which took around 10-15 minutes one afternoon. I woke up the next morning and could see without glasses or lenses for the first time in 30 years. A year on I have 20/20 vision, no problems driving at night or otherwise. Brilliant!

18 Jan 2013

What a lovely lady! What a fantasitic surgeon......My husband has only had one good eye since birth, and that was getting worse and worse. He had to wear glasses all the time and it makes things like wearing goggles for skiing and workshop tasks difficult.He went to a couple of lazer surgeons to find out if he could have something done to this one eye, but, they wouldn't even consider it in case something went wrong.However, we went to see Miss Saw at Moorfields and she didnt see any problems, she only saw solutions. He now has 20/20 vision in that eye and sees better than he has since his 20's. It was easy, friendly and a comfortable experience for both of us. Can't praise her enough. Wonderful, she has changed his life.

27 Mar 2013

Absolutely delighted with result and service, couldn't be happier!

19 Apr 2013

I had absolutely no idea of what to expect when I discovered cataracts in my eyes. And I was living abroad. On my first visit, during my initial consultation Valerie explained in very simple but concise terms what to expect and was able to put my mind at ease. She also fully outlined what type of resulting vision to expect including all the main side effects. I came back to London 3 months later and we were able to operate on both eyes, and I left London a week later, fully armed with instructions and eye drops. Due to being abroad I called once just to discuss over the phone how I felt my vision was and to ensure that I was on track. Once again even from afar Valerie was spot on with advice and suggestions. 6 months on and I have had my follow up visit. My eye-sight is perfect, the side effects are minimal and what little side effect there is, is worth having for the results. I would highly recommend Valerie Saw to anyone considering eye surgery; you can be certain of being in good, professional hands with optimum results.

14 May 2013

Having laser eye surgery was the best decision I have ever made and, given the serious nature of the surgery, I researched the procedure and the best surgeon for me before commiting to it.The whole experience was excellent - professional, caring and I was kept completely informed throughout the process.Having just had my 3 month check up today, i am now finished in relation to check ups but have already, and will continue to recommend both the procedure and Ms Saw.

23 May 2013

Having suffered the burden of wearing spectacles for in excess of 15 years and of late becoming increasingly dependent upon them for close work, I consulted Valerie Saw with a view to corrective surgery.The initial examination was thorough beyond all previous experience and her advice complete, informative and very reassuring. Taking the plunge I elected lasik surgery and the procedure was duly completed without pain in a calm and comforting environment by a scrupulously professional team led by Valerie. Despite the recent surgery there was an immediate and staggering improvement in my vision and within 12 hours I could read newsprint without the aid spectacles. It is now 4 months since the procedure and having undergone 3 equally thorough post operative checks the result continues to improve. I am now free to pursue my passion for wildlife photography and bird watching without the constant annoyance of spectacles hanging around my neck and the only regret is that I didn't have the procedure carried out years ago! If you are in any doubt forget it, make an appointment to see Valerie, put your trust in her abilities and enjoy a life changing experience.

29 Jan 2014

I was considering having laser eye surgery on my right eye. I consulted Valerie who diagnosed me with keratoconus. Valerie recommended inserting a Keraring in my eye instead of laser treatment. The results are amazing, 20/20 vision achieved. I cannot thank Valerie enough.

19 Mar 2014

I’m very happy with my diagnosis and treatment. I elected for laser surgery in my right eye to improve short sightedness. Ms Saw diagnosed Blepharitis, a condition I had suffered with for some time unknowingly. The vision in both eyes is far healthier since seeing Ms Saw

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