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Mr Saj Khan

112 Reviews

Extremely pleased with the kindness and friendliness of all staff. Especially the personal and professionalism of Saj Khan. ...Read more

Mr. Saj Khan has been a member of the London Eye Hospital since November 2007. Prior to this Mr. Khan was closely involved with the Centre during his 2 year fellowship (specialized further training) in Cornea, Anterior Segment and Keratorefractive surgery. Trained at the nationally and internationally renownded CorneoPlastic Unit and Eye Bank at the Queen Vicotria Hospital, East Grinstead and under the directorship of Sheraz Daya, Mr. Khan has developed special interests in Laser refractive surgery as well as the application of the Intralase femtosecond laser in corneal surgery including transplantation and implantation of intracorneal rings.

Mr Khan has also completed fellowship training in Paediatric Ophthalmology at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Mr Khan was also Locum NHS Consultant at the Corneoplastic Unit until June 2009.

Experienced in the diagnosis and management of complex corneal problems, including those following refractive surgery, Mr Khan is actively involved in the teaching of other ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses and other healthcare providers, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to cataract surgery, intraocular lenses and laser vision correction, Mr Khan has a particular interest in dry eyes and visual problems related to driving. Unlike many ophthalmologists Mr. Khan has himself undergone laser vision correction and you can learn more about his experience here and by reading his article in CRSToday- Europe.

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Mr Saj Khan Reviews


09 Dec 2015

Extremely pleased with the kindness and friendliness of all staff. Especially the personal and professionalism of Saj Khan.

08 Dec 2015

I have been so pleased with my treatment by Mr. Khan that now my wife has made an appointment to see him. The improvement in my sight is amazing and I never believed I would be able to spend the rest of my life without wearing glasses. I would recommend Mr. Khan to anyone.

08 Dec 2015

Very professional, caring and thorough service. Well organised. Surgery done by Mr Khan

08 Dec 2015

Mr Khan fantastic from start to finish!

01 Dec 2012

I was extremely nervous about having this surgery, it had taken me 5 years to work up to even having a consultation but as soon as I met Dr Khan I knew I was in good hands. The tests beforehand were extremely thorough, the surgery was straightforward and the aftercare has been second to none. I can't rate the centre, Dr Khan and all the staff highly enough, I just wish I'd had it done years ago.

05 Sep 2012

Everyone at the Clinic made me feel welcome and comfortable. I was given in-depth information regarding treatment and procedure options by Mr Khan. I did not feel under any pressure to make a choice or decision.Both my operations went smoothly and were painless. I felt supported throughout. Full postoperative instructions were given and I felt reassured that I could contact the clinic at any time if I needed to (not that I did).In my experience I feel that the whole team at Centre for Sight are excellent. It is amazing that I can now be without glasses for the first time over 35years. I highly recommend the clinic.

17 Aug 2012

My sight is now amazing. Mr Saj Khan has changed my life. He has performed a miracle considering the dryness I have suffered with my eyes. Since I first came to the Centre for Sight I have been treated with the utmost care and professionalism from all the staff here. I want to tell the world please have laser eye surgery at the Centre for Sight. Mr Saj Khan you are a magician with a laser.Recommendation from a lady I met on Holiday, who could not praise the Centre for Sight enough.

30 Jul 2012

A number of friends had had laser treatment and raved about the results, so I approached Centre for Sight to see if this was the right treatment for me. Unfortunately it was not but I was suitable for intraocular lens treatment. After studying the literature and weighing up the pro and cons I decided to go ahead with Mr Khan as my surgeon. One cannot understate the leap of faith required to have open eye surgery. This is life changing and also frightening so one has to be bold. From the start I knew I was in good hands and everything was very professional. Now the good part - the results have been better than expected and I have better than 20/20 vision. Now, months on I am still surprised just how good my vision is. From the moment I wake up and see the whole room clearly to seeing the sun go down, I can enjoy vision without aids but not just now - for the rest of my life - AMAZING!If you are reading this testimonial and wondering 'should I' the answer is 'YES'.

30 Jul 2012

The service and efficiency of Centre for Sight was excellent. I woke up this morning and couldn't stop smiling - my sight was so clear and sharp, amazing! The surgery was incredible. Probably the most extraordinary and amazing experience I have ever have (albeit a little scary). Mr Khan continuously reassured me and has shown a great deal of care towards me and the service provided - I will be forever grateful, thank you!

30 Jul 2012

All staff were extremely friendly and made me feel very at ease, making the whole experience a lot less worrying than it could have been.Recommendation from previous client.

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