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Mr Saj Khan

112 Reviews

Extremely pleased with the kindness and friendliness of all staff. Especially the personal and professionalism of Saj Khan. ...Read more

Mr. Saj Khan has been a member of the London Eye Hospital since November 2007. Prior to this Mr. Khan was closely involved with the Centre during his 2 year fellowship (specialized further training) in Cornea, Anterior Segment and Keratorefractive surgery. Trained at the nationally and internationally renownded CorneoPlastic Unit and Eye Bank at the Queen Vicotria Hospital, East Grinstead and under the directorship of Sheraz Daya, Mr. Khan has developed special interests in Laser refractive surgery as well as the application of the Intralase femtosecond laser in corneal surgery including transplantation and implantation of intracorneal rings.

Mr Khan has also completed fellowship training in Paediatric Ophthalmology at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Mr Khan was also Locum NHS Consultant at the Corneoplastic Unit until June 2009.

Experienced in the diagnosis and management of complex corneal problems, including those following refractive surgery, Mr Khan is actively involved in the teaching of other ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses and other healthcare providers, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to cataract surgery, intraocular lenses and laser vision correction, Mr Khan has a particular interest in dry eyes and visual problems related to driving. Unlike many ophthalmologists Mr. Khan has himself undergone laser vision correction and you can learn more about his experience here and by reading his article in CRSToday- Europe.

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Mr Saj Khan Reviews


19 May 2010

I found the treatment before and after surgery fantastic, very thorough. The surgeon, Mr Khan, talked through all of my concerns before surgery and answered any question I had. The surgery itself was so quick and Mr Khan explained each step as we went along which helped alot! After the surgery, the result was blurry but instant. The day of surgery I couldn't open my eyes without them feeling stingy. However the day after was amazing and I could see everything. It is still so amazing to me thats ometimes I still wake up thinking I left my contacts in! I would definitely recommend Centre For Sight and Mr Khan!

30 Nov 2010

Mr Khan provided excellent advice/care + attention. Especially on the day of surgery I heard about a new laser that could improve short and long sightedness. Mr Khan gave me all the facts and recommendations needed for me to make my decision to go ahead with the laser surgery that day.

25 Jan 2012

I have been extremely impresses by the whole package- friendly staff, tasteful décor, professional attitude, clear information and consummate skill. Many congratulations and thanks to all concerned.

29 Oct 2009

Felt reassured and well looked afte from the moment I walked into the clinic for my initial consultation. The initial consultation felt thorough and it addressed all my concerns. I left feeling well informed and aware of the risks involved.Dr Khan is an amazing consultant who demonstrates great interpersonal and empathetic skills and who made me feel safe and in good hands. I was terrified on the day of the actual surgery, but calmed down the moment I laid on the table and Dr Khan talked me through everything happening and kept me reassured throughout.Definitely made the right choice to come to Centre for Sight. A big thank you to Dr Khan and his staff for their work, care and attention give to my needs.

26 Jul 2010

I received excellent support from all staff and Mr. Khan himself. Both before and during the treatment I felt in safe hands, and afterwards I was very pleased to receive a follow-up call and a very fast response, even on a Sunday morning when I asked a questions about my eyes

03 Mar 2011

Excellent, friendly, professional and re-assuring care.

30 Apr 2012

I was very impresses with the attention and care I received from my first consultation all the way through the procedure. Mr Khan answered all my questions and during the procedure made me feel calm and reassured.

24 Mar 2010

Mr Khan and the entire team were amazing. I couldn’t have hoped for a higher level of treatment of better results. I was kept well informed and reassured throughout the whole process, I can’t recommend Mr Khan highly enough!

13 Oct 2010

I have been so pleased with my treatment by Mr. Khan that now my wife has made an appointment to see him. The improvement in my sight is amazing and I never believed I would be able to spend the rest of my life without wearing glasses. I would recommend Mr. Khan to anyone.

21 Oct 2011

All the treatment I have received has been excellent. The receptionists are always friendly & efficient, nothing is too much trouble. Everything was explained so I knew the expected outcomes and also any problems I might experience. The treatment itself was the easiest thing I have ever done and I had confidence in the surgeon and nurses so I was not the least bit nervous. I have recommended the centre to anyone who asks about my eyes and cannot rate it highly enough.

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